Forced Estrus


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From alpha to omega, from a soldier galloping on the battlefield to a canary kept at home, Major General Augus of the Union was captured as a war prisoner by the enemy Empire. Under torture, Augus was forced to undergo an illegal s*x change turning him into an omega. Once an Alpha, Augus struggles after being forced to endure an omega’s estrus. The only one he can rely on in such a time is the Empire’s General, Ed.

Ed thought the third prince of the Empire was going to do something s*upid in his life, but he didn’t realize the prince would force his rival to become an omega. Standing over his once strong, independent rival, Ed’s alpha pheromones kick in and demand that he mark this once proud man as his.

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Forced Estrus (ABO)
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New Dio85 rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Totally would recommend this novel! It was an awesome read! I really liked the relationship between the MC and ML. I enjoyed how their relationship developed, it was a slow progress as expected. Although what was done to the MC was not right, in the end he was able to adapt and find someone who understood him, had patience and showed him how to trust again. The ML clearly dots on the MC and understands the MC's line of thinking because he was at some point an Alpha. The ML,... more>> although it would seem he is lax, but is actually a rather astute individual. He thought of the future with his partner and paved the way to make sure that they would be okay in the future.

The adoption of the children was beautiful because the MC although it would be difficult for him to conceive was willing to have children with the ML even after what he went through.

I liked after all those years happened they are enjoying their lives and traveling, and love one another! Super awesome read! Thank you for the translation! <<less
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New Shrike1978 rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Well to start, this is a lovely spicy, sexy story which is very nice. :) But even better, it comes with a plot, characters and other things!

For a start, we have our main characters Ed and Augus who are both being forced into an awkward situation by leaders who should be thrown in a volcano and sacrificed to the goddess with wishes for decent governments.

The story wouldn't be worth reading if the author hadn't made Ed a person who is sensitive enough to understand Augus, give him space (except when... more>> the hormones make for some spicy scenes). He never pushes him to become a 'real' omega and likes him just as he is. He does a lot of arm twisting and hard work to get Augus a future where they can be free of said useless governments and crooked people and just have a happy family. Very nice. Enjoyable read all around. <<less
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dona rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: --
ahh when will the day come and we finally get a worthy omegaverse novel with a proper plot and good characterization? Clearly not this time either.

I read 8 chapters and I'm done. Weak MC's make me barf. What's the point of giving him a strong background of an Alpha general if the author is just gonna strip him of it all immediately for the sake of satisfying ML's desires by turning him into a female panting in heat? Why couldn't we have a wonderful romance story about two powerful alphas... more>> who are enemies but fall in love with each other in a normal way without the other one needing to submit in defeat and having his dignity trapped on? Isn't this too pitiful? I can't stand reading this. <<less
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amruta rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: Completed
3.5 stars

Good translation and standard ABO setting. Augus really becomes mellow after the operation which is a bit abrupt. But full marks to ED (the ML) for being so sweet and protective. He never forgot that Augus was alpha once and has his own opinions. Would have given 5 stars if Felix had suffered more and Augus was more alpha like in his behaviour.

Good enough for a short story.
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Melange rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I knew full well what I was getting myself into when I read the summary. This is an ABO world with two opposing generals and illegal s*x change. What could possibly happen?

Therefore, it's not because of noncon or dubcon that this novel deserves a low rating, but because the characters are just, well... s*upid.

I mean either one of the characters had the potential to be good characters, but that flew out the window as soon as they opened their mouths. Or sniffed pheromones. Whatever. It's like one of those poorly... more>> written harlequin novels where the couple lock eyes and immediately lose all intelligence. In this case, they turned into real dicks-for-brains. You could be the world's strongest man, but as soon as you gaze deeply into his eyes, your knees get weak, your brain turns into mush, yada yada, the whole shebang.

Plot? Haha, what is that. Whatever circumstances the characters find themselves in are just reasons the author made up for them to shag.

However, there is a lot of smut, which is probably what anyone who is reading this novel is looking for, so I will give this a 3/5 because at least you get what expect. <<less
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Blubeagle rated it
January 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Augus is collateral damage when he is captured, tortured and genetically altered from an in charge alpha general to an omega, the lowest of the low on the social/economic /genetic strata. Ed, a general from the victorious side, is curious and repulsed when he discovers that Augus is a pawn to the Third Prince's nefarious schemes and deals. Disgusted at what the once proud Augus has become and unwilling to watch Augus become more of a pawn, Ed realizes the safest bet the general has is to become his... more>> personal canary (wife.)

During the months and years to come, we see Ed and Augus adjust to life together. Through thick and thin, through conflict and peace, their love is a thing of bittersweet beauty at times, highlighted by an unwavering affection and understanding. These two are truly equals. <<less
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ZeyFletcher rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I like how this is surprisingly consensual? I mean, we don't have the right to judge but based on Augus' reaction he really doesn't blame Ed and we read Ed's point of view and he does respect Augus. The only reason there was force was because of their omegaverse world where not doing it is a lot more dangerous than doing it. It was a healthy relationship and I think that they both deserve each other, , I know that Augus may have been forced to live like that but... more>> as someone who hasn't had anyone take care of him, it's pleasing and nice to know that he got a person who takes really good care for him. Ed was practically just doing what he thinks he has to do before he met Augus and just started really doing what he wants when he imagined a life with Augus. I love them both. Came here for the smexy things but got more hehehe <<less
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Chuki Yuuki
Chuki Yuuki rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is nice. It is paced gently- which is kinda surprising since the story has a heavy genre and have dramatic overtones at first glance- and there really was no heavy plot twists that happened. At most, the story will carry you softly up and down like you're in the sea being gently rocked by the waves and then boom! It is finished nicely! I kinda wish the extra were a bit longer too but all in all, it was really good!
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Mespinosa01 rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Translation is good. Story, its ok. Well it can be polish but overall its alright. MC is a bit weak even though he has a strong background being an enemy major general. ML hmmm. He's a pervert as usual. Hahaha
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Axvii rated it
February 27, 2020
Status: Completed
So many words that I have to say....

First of all, the start of the novel was uncomfortable to me but because that is the premise of what the author wanted to go for then I'll just have to bite the bullet and chew broken glass.

Now as I progress through the story I started to feel slightly less uncomfortable because a lot of things were changing and the main characters were starting to admit to each other that they didn't have a good start.

Though I still really feel conflicted cause I... more>> wanted to like appreciate the story but there just really a lot of things going on that I really would have liked the author to expand on the novel.

Over-all the cast of characters were sligthy flat-rounded except for the MC who went through a lot, but still got a happy ending. <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
January 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I really like how comfortable the characters became as the story progress. This one is really simple and short, and (kinky xD). I gave it 5 stats because there's no too much angst and everything. I highly recommend it
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karoshiSama rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: c9
really like every novel or manga that Exiled Rebels Scanlations translate. It is always a nice job. As everyone can read, it is smut so you can't ask a big plot or a grandiose story but sometimes, to read this kind of story is cool. Especially when you reach the end of a chinese bl with more than 200 chapters.

thank you for your hard work !
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Adelina92 rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: Completed
if you want a smut story with good plot and not easily disturbed by r*pe. Then this story is for you.

I actually like the r*pe parts due to the angst and savagery.. Well their really like animals driven by pheromones. And I dont feel disgusted at all..

really love it for a smut story.
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November 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Ahem, I don't how to review but yeah as the tag said it will be some r*pe happening but please clear your mind before stepping into the story. This story is beautiful and I don't see Uke as weak at all. The seme respect him and try his best, what do you expect from abo anyway 🥺 their first encounter too, you can see that seme also involved in this mess forcefully... Please read until the end so you can see how their relationship improved from then. I've read more... more>> worst than that. I don't think seme dismissed uke feeling and seme even give him chances to choose.

Please clear your mind and read this story ❤️ <<less
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leviii rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: Completed

As you can see, its a short novel but the roller coaster of emotions are there. It is true that this is paced gently, not really rushed and there is also a subtle character development. Our MC and ML have their past backgrounds explained nicely but not too deep which is actually good. Several smut scenes are present– steamy and hot details are HERE! This is such an easy read that you don't know you're done and you are in the last chapter already but you want more.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ooreeee rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I like it, I really like it, I like that the author just threw away any semblance of a decent plot and focused on the smut instead. I read for the smut and I liked it for the smut. That's it. No in depth plot analysis needed because it sucked, and it shouldn't be the reason why you read this because the author didn't care much about it either. Five stars.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cherryblossomsinsummer rated it
February 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I love everything in this story except for the Third Prince, he was such a brainless a**hole. Ah, and also Chris, MC and ML's adopted daughter :) she was. So. Rude. My asian ass can never tolerate that.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nuyanata rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c13
thank you for translator hard work! 1 chapter/day really blessing. And I come to like this novel.

the Novel setting's shit, really really like shit. I hate it even now.
But ML1 (Alpha) smooth thing out and try to make it better. It have r*pe scene but most of it later he always ask for consent (not just only s*x when he do something he ask partner opinion) and leave omega space and try not (too) forceful.
but omega is prisoner. His action was limited. But not get abused.
Augus is... more>> lovable he don't play victim, really calm and reasonable, in my point of view.
Smut is good.
if you read ABO, I think this one isn't that bad.

I give spoiler the scene I like the most now, you shouldn't read it, it really spoil the mood.


I leave the comment because in Ch 13. Ed know the news about he might send Augus back to Augus's country. So he said to Augus "you are still mine" but Augus denied that, when I read that I think Ed will get angry and they must have angry s*x but it's not. Ed smooth thing out and make me like him very much LOL. That line he told Augus is very nice. Love that

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November 11, 2021
Status: Completed
These past few weeks, I'm into light, sweet, hot, and entertaining yaoi, and this novel didn't disappoint me. Given this criteria, my rating is 4.5

Common as it is in this kind of genre, or more like in lots of yaoi, the first chapters were uncomfortable but afterwards, it was satisfying. Although the plot could have been explored more, but imo the story focused on the way they accepted and nurture their feelings towards each other, and their hot scenes to boot. *Cough* I did come for the smut tho *cough*

An... more>> entertaining and fast read! <<less
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BLinMonsoon rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: Completed
A simple but dark love story with forced “sex” change + relationship initiation through r*pe + smut.

Personally, I able to look past the TW. However the story was largely boring in my opinion.

I was not able to successfully like or identify with any of the characters. The two lead characters were very 1D and unexpressive apart from in the matters of the genitalia.

All in all, it has left me with a strong desire to begin reading something else quickly in order wash away the taste that this has left in... more>> my mouth.


Before I go — I want to express the one point of brilliance in this novel.

“You are mine”

“I have never belonged to anyone”

“Then I am yours. I will be yours... until we need to separate.”

Or something along those lines. The only thing that made me feel something for this novel. <<less
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BanniNotBunny rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Detailed; A lot of sex

Read the tags; r*pe; Typical ABO setting where pheromones control the desire

Other than r*pe part, it could be called as healthy relationship in the sense that the ML respects the MC, doesn't humiliate him. What happened to MC was not his (ML) fault, even MC admitted this and that's why continued his personal relationship.

So if you can bear the tags you can read it. I read it because I have read much more toxicity.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yorokobiaaii rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: Completed

  • This novel didn't disappoint me.
  • Oneof the perfect definition of a "Bl/Yaoi" novel. LoL.
  • Goodread, so take this novel seriously and have fun. :))
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