For The Flower Road Of My Idol


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I, who was an idol’s fanboy.
Was life the cost of being a successful fan.

When I barely survived, I’m debuting together with ‘our kids’?
My breathtaking life, moving between a successful fan and an unlucky fan.
I try my best today again to become a truly successful fan.

“Guys, please wake up!”

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nae aidol ui kkochgil eul wihae
내 아이돌 의 꽃길 을 위해
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08/18/22 Maroon Maru c4
08/18/22 Maroon Maru c3
08/18/22 Maroon Maru c2
08/18/22 Maroon Maru c1
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Honefuusen rated it
August 28, 2022
Status: --
It's pretty good so far. I'm currently hooked on korean idol novel and this one is pretty nice IMO.

Plus there's a bonus of a cat fairy which is just too cute.

I just hope it won't go through the same boring korean drama troupe.
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KentheTraveler rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: c11
It’s an interesting read so far.

It’s about a fan who had the chance to be in the same group with his idols after ‘dying’ and possessed a body with the same name. Bonus points for the cute cat fairy~

I just hoped a group picks this up cause I tried reading the MTL, though readable it’s still headache inducing and there’s so much to be missed through MTL.
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