For Older Brother, I Will Seduce the Male Lead


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Trapped in a bleak novel, Raphine’s world is turned upside down. She becomes the unsung hero, silently pining for the leading lady engaged to the prince. Desperate to alter the narrative, Raphine hatches a daring plan: brainwash the prince to consider her for a contractual marriage. But as she succeeds, she’s unprepared for the prince’s response and the unforeseen consequences. Now, in a twist of fate, Raphine must navigate the blurred lines between love, duty, and the power of choice in a world where every decision can lead to an unexpected ending.

Will her unconventional methods lead to a happy ending, or will they unravel the fabric of their fated story?

Associated Names
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I Will Seduce the Male Lead for My Older Brother
Raffine's Plan: Save My Favorite Character
오빠를 위해 남주를 꼬셔 보겠습니다
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New Kyosnobu
June 28, 2024
Status: --
I’m actually disappointed that this light novel isn’t continuing??? I mean I know it isn’t awesome, but it isn’t terrible either! It’s a cute and simple light read. Don’t have to read too much into anything. There isn’t any deep plot but that’s also fine. Isn’t it fine to just sit back and chill, reading something light hearted? Kinda sad cos I wanted to at least complete this. Oh wells...
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Pabsss rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: Completed
The one commenter who said that this is a mediocre novel and voted 3 stars probably only read the spoilers. 😭 I literally thought the novel is really bad because I read that one review. Thank god I tried to read it and I didn't regret it.

This novel isn't actually bad and not really amazing either. It's just a cute and simple light novel. I actually have fun reading it. I never got bored. To debunk the words the person said:


-First of all the MC doesn't stan her brother. She finds him pitiful coz in the original work his brother took his own life because of the OG FL. In short, she don't want him to die.

- The whole war is all about closing the rift to stop the monsters. The timeskip is not actually about the war. It's random like MC planning for her marriage, visiting her business, villains planning something, ML acquiring new spirit. Also, MC went to journey because she needs to find the holy relics for her spirits. It's part of the spirit contract.

- "What's the point of the prince? I don't know" You serious with this bruh? Lmao. I admit ML don't appeal for me that much. As a reader he feels very bland. 2nd ML is more attractiveu to read everytime he have a scene with FL. But there's literally a lot of cute moments between the MC and the ML. He is very naive about his own feelings for the FL and it's not annoying but cute.

- Some of the characters have character development not only the main characters. The emperor repent about what he did to his son and to the empress. He passed the throne to his own son and want to live peacefully with the empress. The 2nd prince asked for excommunication and trying to change his own life. The saint changed and help the FL. His brother never get depression and became happy. OG FL realized her own feelings towards the MC brother.


Don't let the webtoon promo and introduction fool you coz I thought the ML is obsessive but nah. He is so sweet towards the FL. He respect her without crossing the line.
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36nugget rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: dropped
Overwhelmingly mediocre

This series just feels like a list of events rather than anything substantial imo.

TLDR: it’s MC’s world and we’re just living in it

... more>>

-MC “loves” her brother bc she stanned him in her past but they barely interact? Her interactions with her family are also few and far between, and they’re usually lukewarm

-no elaboration on anything important LOL there’s literally an 11 year timeskip, a whole WAR, MC’s journey around the continent, etc. But no deets.

-like the previous review said, what was the point of the prince? I don’t know

-honestly none of the characters or events were necessary. MC and ML are the only “developed” characters and all events just serve to spur on their inevitable happy ending lol

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Akioh rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Actually, is a novel that I enjoyed a lot. It has very nice interactions and all, but there are things that despite the fact that I don't usually notice much, I couldn't help but realize.

  • The villains don't really hurt MC, they spend their time fighting each other and they don't really have much relevance.
  • At the beginning it was fine, but later in the novel the chapters felt rushed, there was not much detail in the scenes and some were difficult to understand.
The novel for me is mediocre, neither good nor... more>> bad. It's not a novel that I would personally recommend, but if you're interested, read it.

I felt that there are many things that the author could write about.

There are things that I would like to see more of, like Raphine's spirits or the Prince who doesn't have a single use in the story. <<less
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December 19, 2022
Status: --
We're up to chapter 6 for official translations, and the sweet child Raph has not yet warmed up to the family, it's really a 1%. Something which is very realistic considering what she went through compared to most stories where by the fifth chapter the progress usually would be around 5%. Still, It's truly saddening and the fact that the author did not just skim through her past is something I appreciate a lot.

I think this story has been dropped considering how long it's been since it updated, but it... more>> would be wonderful if it was picked up again! This story seems to have potential and while I'm sure there are bound to be plot holes and time gaps to be filled, almost every story is like this too. However, I truly am invested in Raph's future and development in the family and I hope to be able to go on this journey. <<less
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