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While Shen Huai was still acting in the entertainment industry…

Anti-fans all over the internet: Flower-vase actors should just get out from the entertainment industry!

Later, he switched tracks to play e-sports instead, and his team’s fan club collectively protested

―― “E-sports do not need flower vases!”

Before the game, Shen Huai said calmly, “This match is mine.”

The audience: Bah! If you win, we’ll eat our keyboards!

After the game, Shen Huai won the award for MVP.

The audience: Keyboards are really tasty! Boss, when will you reactivate your Weibo?

The fans from the fan club: E-sports don’t need flower vases, but husbands are welcome! Hubby, please be sure to come at me from the front!

This is the story of a small movie star who had his career in e-sports delayed by acting, who finally became a big shot in his own right.

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Chiaroscuro rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: --
Oh my Gawd this novel is too 666 alright. The romance and the battle is sooooo ugh *chefs kiss*

Also, a good looking/strong antagonist? Unheard of. Good looking and strong rival in different country without overly xenophobic remarks? Impossibru. So MC is an introverted genius gaming guy. He was an actor with bad acting skills but finally after series of events become a professional player. He's really really good, cute, quiet but ambitious. Not arrogant yet not a doormat either. EVERYONE DESERVE A CAPTAIN AND LOVER LIKE ML who love you spoils you support everything you do and take you fly higher. He's a genius little mind reader. His mom is a psychologist and his dad psychiatrist LMAO so you can guess how black bellied he is

Their relationship


ML basically conned MC to come to his team LMAO but ML admitted it to MC and MC also knows it to some extent. Their relationship feels fast because they've been friends for 3-4 years outside the story and when they met Sparks happens

Also their first time was fairly quick, although I have no complaints since the setting is basically very honeymoon ish LMAO


Game is like ML/LOL and every other genre mashed up (because it also have mmoRPG style stuffs at the beginning but it's more like ML)

This one is very heavy on battles so it can get boring for some people but the flashes of romances are really written well I feel like screaming everytime they're so cute OMG.

This novel is basically rainbow farts for MC and ML but it's so good!! The side characters have their own stories and growth! The novel is long because it covers the side character and after retirement too.

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June 18, 2022
Status: c26
Dropped Sorry ML really pissed me off with the way he tricked MC to join his team. He's also very manipulative and grooming him.

I can already see poor cabbage MC in the future letting ML having his ways with him

Sigh.. I had high hopes in the beginning. The stuns that the ML pull ruined it for me. Its a shame I really like the MC, this Mother here do not wish how ML will groom him slowly

I don't know if people just pretend not to see it but ML clearly... more>> psychologically manipulating MC into all sort of things during those years.

What so sweet about someone using psychology to manipulate a innocent youth Puke! <<less
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December 22, 2021
Status: c245

  • Untranslated - 245th Chapter (75 extras not yet read)
  • English Translated - 23*** (Gonna go back when it's all doneee :>)
Thank you translator for picking this gem! If not for you, I wouldn't have discovered the novel.

You know what's a hook? Tacit understanding. I'm already on the edge of my seat. Brr, brr!

... more>> All spoilers below

Y'all, I'm freaking excited with the push and pull- yo' our man

got a background on psychology. This would be gonna be amazing, hopefully he would not strain Shen Huai. I'm looking forward to him finding what makes him happy! (I just found out Zhou Ning has them tooo!!!"

Oh so help me stop myself from cursing the heck out of this Ares and Sun guy. I feel so sorry for his group. :< Seriously, I hope he grow up.

!!! Broooo, I'm so excited for a translation on chapter 71. WTH, WTH, WTH!!! So awesomeee. So funny and aaaah, I want to scream when I read it. I can't stop grinning ah!!! Amazing interview and dog food festival!

Brr, brr!!! New envy-worthy couple: WG!!! Get you a partner and teammates who's supportive of your hobbies.

!!! How many potential CPs are there??? So many sprouting up and about ah. (

) ASDFGHJKL, so many side couples with BG!!!

??? I don't understand. How can they know Shen Huai is bad at English just by saying these three words: I am Chinese???

Nevermind, they're talking about the snitch, Sun

Asdfghjkl. Poor Luo Jie. I know that those Englishmen didn't know it and misunderstood the situation but ayy, throwing away the card is so rude.


Dissing black bellied strategists are my favorite tropeee.

After witnessing Luo Lie's new strategy, Song Xueyan joked about trying his best so that everyone who can see that boy will remember him for this move after he stop playing.

Loong (Dragon) Team:... If you want to retire, just quit. No one in the circle wants to think of you!


Gotta say, those who wanted to grab down the whole team for the sake of ego never fails to make me feel so engraged. WOW, XIAO ZHANG YOU BIG BABY. I know someone gonna save the game but this makes my blood boil so bad! THIS IS TWICE! Flower Chairman, gotta say your supervising skills is A+ poop, better give the slot to Hu rather than Xiao. Atleast the team would not be having a additional mental baggage. Idk which one is worse, Sun or Xiao. Two traitors, two poops.


Song Xueyang smiled, "What kind of person am I in your eyes?"

Shen Huai did not conceal his appreciation, "You are a person who knows what you want, and you are very self-control, very smart, and you know that you can stop with what you like, and you won't be overly addicted."



Loong team worried about the long revenge serving.

Team: It would take that long???? (Before they release the mud)

Song Xueyang: If you can trust me, leave this job (putting the reveng into works) to me.

Team:... That's too trustworthy (feeling assured)


Yah, the gal in Korea's chaotic energy to create mischievous chaos is on a similar level with SX.

Huh- I'm seeing a trend here but it might just be me. Why are Koreans

and Americans (more koreans especially) the strongest and meanest in e-circle? The goal is always to defeat those teams??? I know that there's supposedly a antagonist but eh- out of the 9 esport novels I had read, I think 6 or 7 of them have this. I don't know about the real life e-sports (if there's a global competition or something) is their goal Americans and Koreans? Like are they always the champion so they got the inspiration from this?

Anyways- !!! Y'all I know our protagonists are OP but AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! IT'S SO FREAKING AMAZING- I'M FEELING THE TENSION. Let me breaaaath!!! (Our strategist always finding ways to blow dog food ah)




AAAAAAHHHHH Maple Moon knows abou them nowwww.


we know that Shen Huai's face is thin, going to wait for your announcement!

After being fed dog food in car:...

MM: woof, woof, woof


HAHAHAHAH - I'mma Writing this a response eh? Free time is so coool. :>


Haixing: Who do you like better Ge Huan or Green?


Song "Vinegar" Xueyang: (smiles)

Shen Huai:... I like captain better

"..." This desire to survive is so strong that it makes people sad!

WORRRRRRDDDSSSS!!! HAHAHAHAHHA I CAN'T!!! This is very common in C-Novels but the satisfaction and fulfillment never seems to make me sick! I want more of this!!!


Oh wa wa. Was redeemed in my eyes ah. Without the participation of fellows, their evaluation became objective. No kidding!!! So trueee, have more bias beneficial to our community

compared to other countries. UwU I know this is sometimes kind of toxic but

this solidarity!!! Chinese Commentors still vocal with their team but we haven't seen any games without the Chinese player playing still.

Is IT wEird I'm feeling kind of satisfied seeing the skill growth of these cuties???

Nevermind about being mean. I think arrogance is a key point in these players. I still don't accept the treachery certain people did tho. I really hoped they would be like Sun Xiang but eh- they're no good. I hope Captain Hu will have a good team for the next match.

So weird, I'm feeling weirdly antagonistic. 66666 I'm so invested na.

Boo- I want to hate Jin Chengjun but he's too principled! Asdfghjkl, characters who are smug (who're not protagonists) usually makes me grit my teeth but this guy! Aaaaaaaah. He's basically Song Xueyan of Korea. Adhdjsjb Lover boy, black belly, with integrity.

6666. Our Korean Card Boy Jin "Spade" Chengjun managed to get her acceptance as lovers. Sasuga- BY THE WAY, AAAAHH WHYY SO COMPOSED, SO RATIONAL, asgdjsnsjm I likeeeee.

Our Cui Baozhen so brav in front of those reporters!!! So strongggggg. I wish you well in your journey in C Country!!!

Ge Huan-ge, we don't recognize you anymore. 6666 no more facade ah? Unfamiliar

then you call him Ningning next? Captain YAn getting confused by you captain Huan!

I apologize for being prejudiced to Chairman Hua!

Skskskskksksks the main opponents of our babies is very skilled and freaking Xiao Zhang got served with a cold revenge.

Sskskdk Jade Sisters, jiayou!!!

75 Extras? Am I seeing it right? I want, I want!!! Had just finished the main storyyy. I took a glimpse and we're gonna see more stories regarding WG couple, Swordman couple, JingXing Couple, FangShi couplee and our very own ShenSongggggg

I agree with Chia on all points!!!

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YukiShiiro rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: c1
Honestly, I'm a huge fan of the translator and I believe that any projects she picks is a huge hit! Recommend this to anyone who loves e-sports and handsome hubbies to read, read, and readddddd!!

P.s: Goddess samaaaaa I'm hereeee ❤
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
everydaybooyaaa rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: Completed
The relationship between the main characters is kinda fast-paced because they had known each other outside of the plot for quite a while. But don't worry, the novel is still full of dogfood.

The interaction between the other characters are good too. There's a lot of side cp and the description of the game are great. Some of it are worth 10+ chapters.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aubruh rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: c10
Ive only read 10 chapters and I already love it! The translation here is quite nice and the characters are well-developed. MC is loveable :)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
starkaster rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: c22
The translation is phenomenal and the set-up had so much promise. But I find it impossible to enjoy the interaction between the MC and the ML in this story.

The ML manipulates and deceives the MC, even going so far as sabotaging his attempt to join another team and then shamelessly pretends like he's the MC's friend. It's revolting.

Reading this story just makes my blood boil. I had to get off at chapter 22.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 28, 2022
Status: c28
This novel is indeed really good. I like how the build up of the plot. I mean at times it seems to be a little rushed but other than that it is beautifully written. Thank You translator for you hardwork to translate again! I personally really enjoyed this novel. Im giving it a 5/5. It's really straightforward as well! Really worth it to read.
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