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Those summer afternoons were spent in isolation, in my own space, with the green of the season deepening and the heaviest thing in the world. For me, solitude was no longer an option. A life without Woonwoo heralded only loneliness.

I’ve experienced the loneliness of losing family members and being left behind by their absence, and I’ve lived my life alone, in a solitude holding no one close to my heart. Loneliness and solitude cannot coexist. Only those who have chosen solitude know that.

Solitude is a gap to be emptied, and loneliness is a lack to be filled. For solitude is not resignation, but closer to non-possession, and loneliness is like a jar with a leaky bottom. My imperfectly solid void, built up by running away from loneliness, became desperate to contain a whole being.

Stretching his arms out over the eaves and feeling the rain on his fingertips, Woonwoo suddenly straightened his knees and tilted his upper body.

“Huh? A green frog!”

“Where? Didn’t you see wrong?”

“There, over there! Oh, oh–it’s hopping!”

“It really is.”

“Where did it come from? Did it always live here?”

I stared at the side of his face, open-mouthed and smiling brightly.

Where did you come from? Where did you come from for it to feel like you’ve always been here?

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orcinuss rated it
June 5, 2023
Status: Completed
A sweet and angsty novel! The MC is the gong.

... more>>

I will keep referring to him as just 'MC' since his name itself isn't revealed until near the end of the novel. It is narrated from his point of view, and it is purposefully hidden from the readers.


The novel is beautifully written, probably one of my favourite writing styles out of all the novels I've read. The author has such a way with their words, and I found myself highlighting almost the entire book. The characters are lovely and human, they are flawed and they have their good and bad sides.

The MC has a quick temper, he misunderstands easily, and he knows he always speaks too sharply towards Woonwoo, our ML. Woonwoo, on the other hand, is sweet, kind, and naive. Although he is naive, Woonwoo is not s*upid (the fool in the title is said in an affectionate way!). He knows how the world works, but the reason why he gets taken advantaged of isn't because he's an idiot, but because he is naive. He knows there are people who have bad intentions, but he chooses to trust them because he likes seeing the good in others.

MC suffers from depression and seizures after his family died in an accident. He's scared of crowds, scared of interacting with others, and prefers to isolate himself until he met Woonwoo, who showed him the beauty of living again. His emotions are so raw and beautifully presented, and I really enjoyed seeing him come out of his shell slowly.

They argue, they misunderstand each other, and they have their differences, but they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Though, I really do think the selling point is the writing lol <<less
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