Flying Whale’s Wonderful Life – I who has fused with an Invincible Weapon from the Age of Gods will build a city on my back –


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Adventurer Kaito, in a stroke of misfortune, fell to his death due to the accident in the dungeon causing the crust to split and diverge. However to his luck, the place where he fell was a resting location of a Titanic Ship from the age of gods. Kaito who was left with only a soul, fused with the titanic ship in a form of a whale, gained an immense power strong enough to destroy even a country in instant.

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The Flying Whale builds a city
空飛ぶクジラの幸せ生活 ~神代の無敵艦と融合した俺は、背中に獣人たちの街をつくる~
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Spiritsong rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: c11
Storytelling is barebones. It tells what it needs to tell without garnishing details.

At least for the first 10-11 chapters, the pace is overwhelming because of the fact that author skips certain events. E.G, how our MC acquired knowledge, how he learns to use certain weapons, functions, etc. You'll need to remember certain details (which aren't given any length).

If you've got no more stories to read, this is a good stop gap in between.
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