Flying Gulls Never Land


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“I went to prison for ten years for him, and not once did he come to see me.”

While he was explaining the questions to me, I always admired the view of his side profile, seeing how the sunlight would hit his fluttering eyelashes, casting faint shadows just beneath his irises.

Every time I was entranced by his good looks, I would marvel at whether his biological parents were fools, because how could a normal person abandon such a handsome and healthy boy.

From then on, I believed the deep affection I couldn’t push aside for him was just the attachment I felt for an older brother, a dependency born from the lack of a father figure in my life.

Until the appearance of Qi Yang.

“The only difference between me and Sheng Min Ou’s harasser, is probably the fact that I call Sheng Min Ou ‘Older brother’”

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8 Reviews

New toleroid
Apr 03, 2021
Status: c28
This book is truly dumb. Also, the MC is so ridiculously s*upid, even for a yandere character type.

I don't understand why everyone is hating all the ML for being cold to the MC. It's possible that he's done a lot of things wrong, but let's just look at the relationship between the MC and the ML.

The MC is no different from a crazy stalker. There's literally no reason for the ML to treat him well or even talk to him. If someone you didn't like repeatedly showed up to your... more>> workplace to harass you, literally killed someone to try to get your attention, and also isn't capable of controlling their emotions, then it would be normal to get a restraining order against them!

Why does everyone think the MC "deserves" the ML's attention? Even if they were brothers, clearly the MC wasn't a good brother to the ML and sided with their mom in abusing him. <<less
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jiang ying yue
jiang ying y
Nov 07, 2020
Status: Completed
This story, wow.

I would give this a good 4.5 rating, rounding it to 5 stars. I am a big lover of angst and things that make me suffer.

I love each character, you may hate the ML at first due to how he treats the MC, but later you would come to understand his character. To be honest, I enjoyed the ML's character very much, he felt complicated to deal with, his character could've became wayward if he wasn't took care of. I honestly would really like his POV but sadly... more>> the author didn't write one. I would love to see how his mind works and thinks.


he has antisocial disorder


Now the MC, he was quite cute. He's stubborn, but in a good way. I can't really say much about his character but his character wasn't hate able. He's kind, but he's more morally gray more than good. I really liked his character too.

The plot was amazing! I love the court scenes and cases, it was very interesting. Qi yang too, so glad he's dead! I'm so grateful to the author who started the story after he was dead.

Especially the side characters! Wei Shi, Shen Xiao Shi, Yi Da Zhuang, Wu Yi, etc, they were endearing, I loved the relationship between the four of them.


wei shi ends up with shen xiaoshi, noice


Honestly, it was quite realistic some parts. It felt quite sombre and solemn. I would definitely recommend this to people. Overall, it's a great story, it didn't feel cliché, it of course was a bit heavy, but enjoyable. The author wrapped and weaved the plot beautifully. Even after days I can't help but think about this novel, it's one of my favorites.

It may not be for everyone as this story has many triggering themes, but the author wrote everything so cleverly. It feels original, a breath of fresh air from many novels with recycled tropes.

Please read it! It's amazing. <<less
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Dec 13, 2020
Status: Completed
4.5 stars rounded up to 5

I wasn't sure what to expect in this story, it wasn't one of the usual stories that's for sure. Both MC and ML are definitely not very normal but they are suited for each other, almost like ... more>>

their psych are not normal? I'm even inclined to say they have psychological issues hahaha but the story and how the two are intertwined is exhilarating. The summary ain't wrong, MC is obsessed and so is ML. And they are both utterly devoted.


Plot wise, it's just a series of events leading to how they get together and an unravelling of their past and I'm a bit mind blown at what happened. It's not a long read but it's one rollercoaster ride. I wasn't expecting that mystery. It's an uncommon first perspective read as well from MC's POV.

Just want to add in that I don't like

MC's mother who, to a certain extent, was super biased against ML. She loved MC for sure but she saw ML as an unwanted burden. Poor thing. And I really liked MC's father who was like the good side that prevented ML from spiraling downwards.


I liked the side characters too, it's a plot driven story so they were intertwined to the plot and cases. And as mentioned for the main couple, as the past gets more unraveled, it can be seen that

MC genuinely understands ML and is probably the only one that can see and accept him so they are probably a match made in heaven.


Why the minus 0.5:

For all the good things, the sudden jump in getting together and the fluff felt a tad abrupt at the end. It went from negative 50 to 180. Under the circumstances, in life and death, it was probably understandable but I still felt it to be a little too abrupt since for 90% of the time, ML was actively pushing MC away.


Overall, a unique read in the genre that's a good HE! <<less
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Jan 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Great novel, very psychological tho and can kinda get suuuuuppper dark but its like poison, once u start reading u can't stop torturing yourself to see if their relationship gets better
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Feb 01, 2021
Status: c28
Ya'll there is a radio drama of this novel available. I am so grateful for coming across it and finally using my Chinese skills to listen. Let's just say that the drama enhanced the amazingness of this novel and enriched my experience. Upon finishing the completed radio drama, I had to come here and read it. I am also grateful for the translators <3 Will be sending kofi soon!

It was a very difficult read due to the dark themes and non-consensual/dub-consensual s*x scenes. I really applaud the author pursuing themes... more>> that are not often highlighted and addressed such as r*pe, suicide, mental health, legal processing, grief and loss, and conflicts within family. At first, I was about to drop the novel because I was not too excited about the whole brother falling in love with his adoptive brother plot; and I was not happy about the non-consensual sex/r*pe scenes between characters. It really pissed me off. But I was so intrigued by the fact that the author directed the story into finding justice and unveiling many truths... layer by layer. It did not fall into the stereotypical tropes of BL novels. It took some time for me to warm up to this.

I'll just bullet point some things I enjoyed as a reader:
- The plot is great. It doesn't focus on just the romance, angst... you can tell there is meaning behind everything and every character.

  • The mystery and secret behind the family and their relationship is such a thriller. I can't wait for readers to finally know what it is all about.
  • Characters are relatable. Thankful that the protagonists and most of the characters aren't such annoying and naive idiots. I mean no one is perfect but that is what you love about them (except for the evil ones.... like I am glad they got what they deserved). SMO can come off as a tsundere but he really has his reasoning for doing what he is doing and yeah... we all just hate him until more is revealed towards the end. Everything is such a mystery! We get to put all these missing pieces together. You get to play detective.
  • You actually care about the side characters. They don't play a huge part of the story but they add meaning to it and it really fosters the development of the main characters which I love. Additionally, they add this human element to the story and the transformations that happen.
  • Theres a lot that humans can relate to in this story. The case about the r*pe and suicide was so relevant. I appreciate stories that give light to such hard topics and don't sugar coat it. The r*pe case was intense. I was not expecting for the ending that happened.
I would encourage folks to go listen to the radio drama as it will really heighten and enrich your reading experience. The soundtrack is f*cking amazing and the voice actors are phenomenal. <<less
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Feb 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Woah if you are looking for a real deal psychological novel then please read this!!!

Sheng minou ah... I still cant understand whyyyyy??? Omg this novel isnt THAT angsty but Im crying reading this!!! Both of them (MC and ML) suffered a lot but also why need to be like that 💔

... more>>

Dont trust anyone even if its the MC or the ML. Both of them hold something in them, if you are used to think novel MC must be a "good" person, nah not here, honey



side couple: wei shi x shen xiaoshi has their own story in the extras!


Remember to read the cws tho (I read it in the carrd flyinggulls. carrd. co) cz this novel contains so much dark themes and you may be uncomfortable with it.

Oh right, I highly recommend to listen to the audio drama! They have so many nice songs

Kudos to the translator!!!


Despite so many bad vibes in the story, it has HAPPY ENDING!

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Raven Tan
Raven Tan
Feb 09, 2021
Status: Completed
It's good and creative. But I will advise you to strengthen your heart. Quite painful to read. And ML, hehe sorry I cant empathize with him despite his so called childhood suffering. Did his foster mother torture him? Did MC torture him? NO! MC was annoying and bratty but he didnt deserve what ML did to him. And will ML get his karma? Hehe noppe... dont expect that. most comments said that we all have to understand that he's literally sick and no empathy. so basically this is one sided... more>> abuse. I dont like this, but this is great, especially the court story. <<less
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Mar 14, 2021
Status: --
This novel is tr*sh just simply a tr*sh. I don't want to know if there is anything good going to happen any further. I just simply don't care at this point. I just want to bash the ML's head with something sturdy. In these years I have read countless bl novels but never found this level of scum, worthless, shitty ml. At this point I want him to die. Omg! I'm so angry.

As for the MC.. I can't really hate him but for god's sake can't he find someone else.... more>> Just find another man bro, the ML is just pathetic.

If you want to cough blood because of rag, you can go ahead and read this novel.


I'm currently on chapter 33, and I can't read any more because of how ML treats MC. I mean there is a limit to how bad you can treat a human being, even in fiction. The ML and are adopted brothes. ML is a pure phsyco. MC went to jail cuz of him. And the way he treats MC.... like I can't anymore. MC loves ML or he is totally obsessed with him, but he never harmed the ml. He is just clingy. And ML hates MC, so if he hates MC that much to not even respect MC like an human being, then why did he r*pe him??

And ML did that when MC was under the controls of drugs. So this novel is just waste of time.


I'm giving it two stars just to appreciate the translator's hard work and because the translation is really good.

Otherwise this novel doesn't deserve even one glance from someone. Even if one is masochist, this ML's attitude is too much to digest. <<less
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