Flower of Azure


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The swaying of lakes; the pleasures of life.

One is a master of martial arts who sees through the world’s emotions with a heart like a clear mirror.

Transcendent, pure and reclusive, born for the good of all, yet understands the truth of life.

As if everything is nothing, all but a vast emptiness.

A level of martial arts so great that it is in an other-worldly state. One could even consider him a god.

As the saying goes — perfection needs no decoration.

A unique and charming appearance.

A heart of ingenuity that kills all quarters.

However, Luo Xuan, who was like a pool of deep, still water, was injured by Liu Li’s emotional entanglement.

A love that drove one insane, even hate itself was a crazed feeling.

A fight between water and fire.

In the end, it was nothing but a loss for both sides.

A mere cloud of steam blown away by the breeze.

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