Flower Master in the City


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This is a story about a legend, a legend of one that should never be forgotten.

Summer, first time down the mountains in 16 years, after being raised by his 3 masters and Fairy sister.

‘Why won’t you follow the Rules of society?’

[The rules are the tool made by the strong, so I follow my own rules.]

‘Why won’t you just use your brain instead of your brawn?’

[Idiot! Have you ever seen anyone use their brain, to get back at an ant that bites them!? No, they just casually step on it.]

‘Everyone says I’m a first-class beauty!’

[Ugly, You’re not even qualified to be my maid. Only a ‘Summer certified beauty’ is worthy enough!]

‘I may be your enemy, but I’ve heard you don’t beat the sick.’

[Oh, don’t worry, even if you’re on your last breath and I feel it’s beneath me to slap shot you dead. I’ll just fix you up and then beat you!]

‘Just who the hell are you?’

[You don’t know who I am!? Then listen carefully]

“I am Summer in the spring, the autumn, and the winter, I am the world’s first above the heavens!”

Follow me, Summer Day as I step by step become formally known as the world’s first master, the world’s first doctor, the world’s richest man…… a lot of other world’s number one, but most importantly, The worlds happiest man.

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Master of Flower Protection in the City
Your Modern White Knight (Manhua)
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fable242 rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: c1973
(First part is about why I choose to translate this book second part is the review and who and why I recommend this book to)

So, this is a book I've read years ago back in 2013, back then it was hard to find Chinese to English translated novels and after reading stellar transformation I was hungry for more Chinese Novels so instead of waiting for proper translation I satisfy myself with machine and begin reading many novels all that I find interesting. From novels such as Martial world,... more>> Chaos Sword God, Desolate era, My wife is a beautiful CEO and many others (I've read at least over 70 Chinese novels). Out of all of them, I always had a soft spot for city genera and this one here became my number 1 novel. I always looked forward to the day when this book will get translated but after more than 5 years of waiting despite the fact that this is a widely popular and award-winning book in China literature network and is even known as a father figure in city novels (similar to DB is too new Shounen manga) it still hasn't been picked up by any translator. I was sad about this and felt that it's time I take up action and try to get others to learn about this so I first try to reach out to other translators but that prove futile, I later try to get the manga adaption translated and when it did get translated I was truly upset the manga adaption is a complete knock-off version that's not even worthy of having the same name it's a completely different story with just the same character names. They took away what made the novel stand out so much! So I decided to take matters into my own hands by machine translating the chapters then fixing many of the errors then post it for others.

Alright, let's get on to the review. First I should warn some people to save them the trouble, If you dislike Harem base story, lawless protagonist, a story that doesn't focus mainly on fights or well detail fights, not about trying to achieve the highest level in the universe, etc. Then it's best that you leave now since this won't be for you.

Okay now about the book and its purpose.

The book is named [Flower master in the city] the name already should give any experience CN reader a hint that its harem heavy.

If you didn't get this hint then let me point it out to you Flower is usually used to refer a women's virginity and a Flower master is an old tale use as a reference in some CN books about a guy that's called 'Flower master' and goes around stealing woman virginity.

So basically, the title is telling you a Flower master is coming to the city. Which in this situation means the MC who came down from the mountain is coming to the city to steal woman virginity.

The main focus in the story is to follow Summer as he solves problems here and there and looks for the most beautiful women to be his wives no matter what their background is as long as they're beautiful and a virgin he will claim them as his wife. So, it's filled with comedy and then action

The order of the story focus is Harem

> Comedy

> Cultivation.

Cultivation is there but isn't overly focused on and due to the main character's ability, he doesn't have to place too much attention on it to advance in realm.

The story has a good balance between comedy and action there is a good amount of serious time. But what makes this stand out the most is the characters!

The main character, for example, is unique there are many novels that later try to copy this unique character and I'm sure some of you might have read one or two but honestly, no one was able to truly copy his style. His uniqueness is a big part why many people felt this book was successful another part of it goes to the other main characters that are the harem.

We all know that since Chinese novels got popular and more and more translation came about we first felt the

badass main character who either out for revenge or suffer some misfortune and decides he wont let this ever happen again and has a wide view of who he sees as enemy and kills anyone in his part whiles saving some random beauty in distress who either at first dislike that main character or look down on him

but after saving or witness the main character


becomes infatuated and overly obsessive with the main character. And due to it being a harem ether at first this beauty may have had a personality of some form but after falling for the most basic reason and being known to never fall for anyone and days arrogant woman etc she falls easily for the m.c and loses any little bit of character she at least had. Later she is thrown into a pile of sh*t known as his harem and later the m.c goes and rinse and repeat this process and keep on collection many types of beauty who later lose not only there character even their names or not use anymore and or just known as his woman or wives. At first, we enjoy books like these since it was fresh and it was nice to see main characters that actually grab multiple women as his, unlike the usually weak Japanese main character that's scared to even hold a girl's hand. But with more and more stories being translated and constantly seeing the same usual trouper we started to get tired and demand that the harem at least have character!

When I read this book that's what it had a harem with character. They don't all share the same reason or process of falling in love with the main character nor do they share the same length of time it takes or the level of love for the main character each has its own life story and background that influence why and how they ended up falling for the main character.

The Harem in this story is bigger than most stories you may had read it has the 3rd biggest harem I ever read (the biggest was a book with over 100) the harem is 34. But what makes this good is that these 34 women are all unique and not a carbon copy of each other nor will they all just be the same once they fall for the M.C. For example, the way each one of them goes about fallen for the M.C and the time and effort he has to take will be different some he may need as little as a week other he may need a decade. We also see where the main character openly shows he has favorites versus the usual main character that claims he treats and loves them all equally but still gives more attention to one of the other whiles ignore the other. There will be a good amount of them that we get to watch character progress take place with it will be truly entertaining to watch them go from completely hating the M.C and against harem and slowly due to certain situation accept him but still not easily give in. Then step by step begin to be integrated into his wife.

for example, one will develop a favorable interest for the m.c quickly just because he just so happens to stand out when she needed it most if you look into her family situation and what she went through you can understand why. While others no matter how good the main character treats or save her etc she still won't fall easily for the main character but only through his thick skin, uncanny skills and constant stalker nature of always being there for her will she slowly starts to change her view and even consider a relationship.

take note of what I say above the first example I said she develops interest she didn't fall in love at first sight but he did enter as a high candidate the second one I say consider to be in a relationship but even when entering a relationship with him she didn't change all of a sudden and become all " he's my everything I'll do anything for him" brain dead type of woman. Their feelings for the main character or nurture and increase in time and their characters evolve in time and it's natural and feels like that's how it should be.

The Comedy part is a lot. You will see the funny interactions between the main character and the way he goes about chasing after a woman he claim as his wife or the way he treats enemies. The M.c unique personality is what makes it really full of laughter he's truly a one of a kind type and feels fresh vs the usual M.C's.

the harem in this story is really well done and deserve the title with the unique characters, well-done comedy quick fix fights and straight to the point. Makes this a truly enjoyable read and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys harem, comedy, action or romance. Trust me you won't regret it. My advice is to read at least up to 300 chapters before deciding if this is not for you.

Bonus part I'll list out the pros and cons here


The main character isn't a wimp

He's a natural-born genius

He isn't the usual handsome main character

his character is truly unique and feels like the type that can be called a catchy character.

you can see the difference in how much each woman feelings are for the main character also vice verse.

Comedy is great.

A quick fix when dealing with most villains.

there weren't any loose ends left over to wrap up.


Lackluster last boss ending

Underuse potential plotline place in the story

Some women get more screen time than others

While there were a few women that story didn't get wrapped up but didn't have to much of an impact.

[Edit well since the book is re serialize that means the cons above or void such as lackluster last boss is no longer valid since the book isn't over and women who did not finalize as his woman are getting their story wrap up in the continuation.]

As a bonus here's info on our main character.

Only read if you're curious. Barley any spoiler.

[M.C] Summer (Xia Tian)

Our main character debuted in the story at the age of 19. The story takes place just after he came down from a secluded mountant after staying away from society for 16 years. He has a special physic known as 'Fire and Ice spirit body' which allow him to cast 'Eight Heaven defying needles' this along with his normal skills in acupuncture allows him to claim the spot of the world's number one doctor. He's skill in basically everything thanks to having 3 masters who were the top in their respective fields. He can also claim to be the world's best killer or best agent and even the number one genius.

He has a habit to not mince his words and state things as they are versus the usual way for example if someone is going to die in a family and no one knows but he notice he won't pull them to the side or tell them it in a way where it doesn't bring to much shock but he would just directly say "Oh wow your about to die ha it's best if you pay me before you do and your wife spends your money to give you a green hat"

he's very narcissistic and never wish to be seen as a good man even if he does something that's viewed as a good

deed since good man never lives long. He's filled with self-confidence and believes that all things can be solved with violence. Since at the end of the day no matter how much planning and scheming someone does once there dead it all goes to naught. Though he feels this is the quickest and most efficient way (and it's been proven so on more than one occasion) due to his wives trying to integrate society commonsense into him he tones it down a bit and uses his head instead of his fist at times but this showed even more of how big of a genius he is. The reason he chooses to use violence to solve problems that he views as 'not worth mentioning' but others view as life-threatening is due to the fact that to him these people are no different from ants. Would a human plot of ways to secretly step on an ant? No, they would just unconsciously step on it. The only time he would use his brain is if he faces off against an existence ether equal to him or stronger where he can't use pure violence since he doesn't have the overwhelming power advantage. He has a really sharp tongue and no one can beat him in an argument. Many people first impression of him is that he's a crazy lunatic with all brawns and no brains but they will soon come to realize that he isn't anywhere close to the fool they take him as. His greatest weakness is technology and hacker's other's might think women would be his greatest weakness but honestly, it isn't

he views just about everyone else as an idiot, which is why his most used word is "Idiot" he has a habit to give most of his wives' nicknames and believes that any woman that's not his wife is ugly and anyone that reach his standards of beauty is his wife. His favorite hobby is spending time with his wives.

I remember when I first read Emperor domination and thought to myself how the main character Li Qiye reminds me of Summer the only biggest difference is, I could never gauge Li Qiye limits at least with Summer I can better gauge his limits.

(Nicknames given to him: Little Rascal, Little Styre, husband, Little husband, Summer doctor, head, heaven brother, Small day, Little bastard)

Intro "My name is Summer in spring, autumn and winter the world's first above the heavens!"

Summer Self rules:

  • Never kill or hurt your wives only spank them on the ass if they do something that deserves it.
  • The only wife he fully listing to is his first wife others he half listing to and take their words into consideration though some can persuade him more than the others.
  • Always try to avoid making trouble for your wives
  • If someone tries to court my wife either kill them or turn them into a eunuch.
  • Violence is the quickest way to solve all things if you don't have enough strength to overpower them with violence then use your brain.
  • The 4th needle of Heaven defying needle and above can only be used for my wives the only exception is my children and possible wife candidates)
List of things Summer hate:

  • All other males!
  • Being thank by a man
  • Ugly's
  • Idiot's
  • Refer to as a good person
  • Adding the word little when referring to him such as 'little man' or little husband
  • Doing anything for other people other than his wives
  • Snipers
  • Hackers
  • Being threating.
This is the realms used in the story:

  • Refining gas (Qi Refining/ Qi Gathering)
  • Building the base (Building the Foundation)
  • Savar (Jiedan/Jindan/Gold Core/Core Formation)
  • Yuan Ying (Nascent Soul/Origin Infant
  • Distraction (God)
  • Fit
  • Mahayana
  • Crossing the robbery
  • Immortal
the book originally started in 2010 and ended at chapter 1470 and had 4 epilogue chapters making it end at 1474 in 2013 but in 2018 the creator re serialized the book currently adding over 470 chapters bringing it pass 1900 chapters. The continuation will help to wrap up a few loose ends, for example, there were a handful of women that were either a wife of the main character in name only or had the potential to officially become his wife but were never able to get finalized. But the continuation focuses on these women and takes place 12 years after the end of chapter 1470 a few months after the very last chapter. The book won many awards and has a comic and tv series that spawn off it but they are both completely different and don't follow the story except for names and some plot.

Anyways I hope you were able to read all of this I just want to give everyone a basic understanding of the story and its M.C since I really want whoever read this to enjoy it as much as I did :). <<less
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12azor97 rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: c23
I actually remember reading a novel very very similar to this... and it was definitely a while back. However, I cannot read any language other than English, so I do not understand how I know the plot for this novel front and back. The one key difference to this plot and the previous novel is that the girl Fang Xiaoru is Sun Xinxin's daughter.. that, and I think they owned a food shop, not a flower shop, even though I remember c23 event with the flowers happening in the other... more>> story as well. I can't tell if the one I read was a knockoff of this one or not, but if anyone can find the one I read previously, please message me. If the plotline is somewhat similar, this series should be pretty decent, and has been decent so far. For machine translation, it is still readable. I look forward to more, and thank the translator for reminding me of the previous novel I read as well. <<less
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You-Know-Who rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: c500
MC : Happy Go lucky guy, an OP idiot MC.
Heroine: Harem with women always say yes to MC, basically zero Romance.
Plot : 10% Main Story, 90% Filler,

This novel is basically just an Over Power MC thats looking for harem, and this MC is an idiot. This story doesnt even have a bit logic about human nature. When MC like that girl, he basically already in his Harem.
if someone wanna read a novel that make you speechless then read this one
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MondoX rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: c1553
Best way to describe the story is an op MC building a harem. The are other parts of the story, like putting arrogant young masters in their place, and fighting with some organizations, but mostly harem building. I enjoy it, because I take it for what it is and do not have any expectations for the story. Plus, the mc's idocy is funny at times.
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Sai47s rated it
February 25, 2020
Status: c550
Flower master in the city-a novel that is based on two pillars: a Comedy harem and, in addition, there is nothing here. The author did not think about the plot or the characters very much, so this is frankly bad. MS barbarian descended from the mountains, a narcissist with a brain of an idiot (you know, in some works there are villains who shout the hero -you're tr*sh and this phrase is repeated various villains of the entire novel, and then MS behaves this way), limited vocabulary, ... more>> (he usually says : don't look at my wife or I will beat you, you tried to kill my wife or you are dead or a eunuch) the world is boring to him and he doesn't care about consequences or other people's feelings. He wins a bet or pursues them without giving them the opportunity to refuse his advances, in fact forcing them to become his wives. The so-called character of the harem is not noticed, it manifests itself only for one reason-MS pesky idiot causing rage and powerlessness in them. When dealing with summer, women even degrade morally and practically discard their ideals. Character development does not occur, there are almost no strong opponents or smart enemies. (Apparently on this Leto still alive). <<less
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