Fleeing to the Grassland


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Mi Niang was swept along with the flood of refugees in a daze, fleeing to a place beyond the borders.

She thought she would be a lonely soul, destined to die as a stranger in a foreign land.

No one to care, no one to love. When she fell ill, her death would be marked by a simple straw mat thrown to feed the wild wolves.

Until the day a taciturn shepherd boy appeared. He helped heal a sick lamb for her and chased a major flood that swept away her hometown, causing her family’s ruin and the loss of lives.

As the sun set, she suddenly noticed the unusually tall figure of this silent and reserved young man. The bruise on his face stirred her once lifeless heart.

From the perspective of the male protagonist:

Bahu was someone who avoided trouble at all costs. To escape the chaos of his family, he separated from them with his servants and livestock before reaching adulthood. He was especially cautious about getting married.

One day, while grazing his animals, he encountered a cart carrying refugees. A silent girl walking with a dog caught his attention. She moved mechanically, and the dog was vigilant. His heart skipped a beat, and as fate would have it, he found someone with a similar disposition.

But Bahu never imagined that he had misjudged the situation. The dog was the one who liked to meddle in affairs, and the girl was not someone who enjoyed tranquility.

However, this time, misjudgment turned out to be the stroke of luck in his life.

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