Five Immortal Sects


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Distant green mountains, a remote village, an ordinary boy struggling to survive, whose mundane life transforms into the path of cultivation. Who is real, and who is fake? Who can accompany the bright moon to the end? The world of immortal begins from here.

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June 15, 2024
Status: c9
It appears to be a martial cultivation novel (at least at the start). The MC appears to be an ordinary villager in an ancient China style setting. He goes to join the army and is recruited as a disciple by a wandering martial artist from a hidden sect who is serving as a military advisor.

No hints of immortal cultivation being part of the world setting so far, but based on the novel description it seems likely that it exists.

Didn't really interest me but doesn't seem bad.
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Aho Translation
Aho Translation rated it
June 19, 2024
Status: c27
At the start of the novel we get to see a family struggling to meet their needs due to a plague. To meet their demands they decide to send their child, out protagonist, to the army so that they can receive stipends. Later our protagonist goes to army thinking of joining the army as an guard and provide his family with money so that they can live soundly. But fate has it's twist as he was chosen by the military advisor as his sects successor. Our protagonist is excited as... more>> he embarked on the journey of Immortality but whole notion of immortality is gauge to him at the moment.


But who could have thought that there was deception at play. He later found that he wasn't an success but a pig to be farmed.


The story is similar to Record of Mortal Journey To Immortality. The characters portrayal is vivid. The cultivation description is also vivid. When our MC finds his golden opportunity it will cover 3 to 4 chapters to describe about the cultivation methods. In other novels it is easily covered up in 2-3 paragraphs, in this novels it talks about struggles of the method. It is a highly recommended novel who wants to read about a naive mortal boy cultivating to Immortality where every steps he took is filled with struggle, deception and wonders. <<less
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