First of All, Marriage


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The weather is always gloomy, criminals are rampant, and depression is the norm – the East, a cursed land where the sun never rises. And the monster who rules there, Duke Ecard. Hethel, who was on the verge of marrying her cousin, receives a marriage proposal from the monster duke. Although everyone tries to stop her and opposes her, Hethel has no choice but to accept the duke’s marriage proposal… …

“This is my first time eating food like this!”

“Ever since you came, I can always see the sun… … !”

“The East can no longer live without you, Madam.”

Have you tamed the eastern people better than you thought?
The story of Hethel, starting with marriage and conquering the East.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Let's Get Married First
Let's Start With Marriage
Once Married
Una vez casados
Начнем с брака
일단 결혼부터
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