First Love Never Dies


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My husband is going to love another woman. Because it is the destiny of a male protagonist to love a female protagonist.

And I became the ex-wife of my husband who had to die before that. It was the first love that hurt his heart, but in the end, I was just an extra that would become a forgotten memory.

It would be terrible to die according to the original story.

I hate married life and the thought of being thrown out by my husband in the future.

Then the only answer is a quick divorce…

“An application for divorce without a cause is not permitted.”

The problem is that it doesn’t work my way!

A marriage arranged by the emperor, so divorce requires justification?

So maybe I can make a reason?


“I don’t know why you keep talking about divorce. Was it so lonely?” Rashid hugged me naturally, like water flowing down my waist. I was held in his arms.

Rashid’s body temperature gently passed through the thin chemise dress. The warmth from his body spread quickly.

“Now what…”

The moment I tried to speak…

Rashid turned his head and tried to meet my lips. His face drew closer. They got closer as if they would touch each other very soon.


I quickly raised my hands and blocked his lips.

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첫사랑은 죽지 않는다
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YielDtier rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: c12
Soooo good so far! Very interesting characters and the translation is very clear and the grammar is great!

Very excited to see how it develops 😍
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