Fire Girl


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I think you’ve lost if you fall in love.

—Hinooka Homura. Seiran High School 1st year.

She likes to talk with friends. She dislikes essays. She’s the type that gets sleepy after thinking for too long. Basically, she has the air of someone who had failed her high school debut. Her classmate Touya Takumi surprised her one day by asking, “Why don’t you try becoming a mage?”

Without fully understanding what she was getting herself into, Homura soon finds herself and Touya joining up with the Exploration Club president, a Yamato Nadeshiko named Misasagi Mayo, and a magically powered golem/android named Ameno in order to explore a recently discovered sister planet to Earth named Nutella. Nutella is enormous in size, easily dwarfing Jupiter, and yet somehow it is mysteriously and magically linked with Earth.

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Aoitenshi rated it
April 16, 2016
Status: --
Slow-pacing. Almost like a slice of life, but that's why this novel is adorable. I am looking forward to more.
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Kyself rated it
December 13, 2016
Status: v1c24
The writing started with a very sarcastic charm but suffers from an overly descriptive second half as every action and reaction by the characters become clogged with emotional tells. Even worse, our protagonist Homura's feelings become borderline bipolar, throwing the usual jabs and literal jabs at our punching bag Touya and then suddenly being on the verge of tears. Another thing that really bothered me is ... more>>

the superhuman physical ability she initially displays within Nutella that is completely forgotten.

Without these melodramatic lulls, Homura's wit and humor are a driving force in my enjoyment of this series. On a final note, Nutella has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate hazelnut spread. This is simply a quirk of the translation. <<less
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