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After all the effort of climbing from a mere daughter of a concubine to the Crown Prince’s consort, before the veil was even lifted, I had become a “flower vase” actress!

Su Shen: “What? Acting?”

The people in the entertainment industry discovered something strange. The “flower vase” girl with the terrible acting suddenly improved! She was also proficient in all of the four arts (zither, Go, calligraphy, painting)!???

—— ——

Host: Miss Su, there have been rumours that Film Emperor Xie refused to act in this drama because your acting skills are not up to par. Do these rumours reflect your real-life relationship with him? Do you two not get along?

Su Shen: These rumours are all groundless, made up by netizens. He is a very good senior of mine and has given me many suggestions to improve on my acting. We do get along (smile).

Host: Then let’s contact Xie Yan on site.

The phone connected with a “beep”, and a lazy male voice suddenly came through, “When are you coming home, I’m hungry.”

Host: ???!!!

Audience: !!!!!!!!

Su Shen: ╮(╯_╰)╭

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Ảnh Hậu Đối Mặt Hàng Ngày
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40 Reviews

Sep 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Read the first 20 chapters from the fan translation and then MTL'ed the rest. I feel like my neurons are fried and my eyes are still bleeding. I cant believe how fast I got used to this nonsense and was actually able to finish the series.

Oh well, what to say about this one?

It's great, cute, fluffy, main couple rocks and OMG their intimate moments are so cute. Hence the 3 stars.

... more>> Why only 3 stars?

Let me tell you ㋡㋡㋡

ッ FL transmigrates from the past but has all of the original host's memories so... whats the point really? Plus, she rarely uses what she's learned from her first life and when she does it's not enough.

ッ The original host was a terrible actress but our FL is amazing at acting because... MAGIC? Apparently living in ancient times makes you a good actress because...I guess everyone used to be a two faced snake there?

ッ ML falls in love with the FL because of the way she looks and her cooking. INSTA LOVE HERE WE COME. However, I liked that it takes some time for FL lead to fall in love with ML but then they suddenly got together and she started to act like a 'blushing bride' in every scene they are in which totally ruined the character for me. I mean, FL never had a strong presence but at least in the beginning she felt like a 3 dimensional character. When she gets together with ML however, all of the points that make her such a interesting character goes away and the story suddenly becomes as a dull one.

ッ FL is described as an peerless beauty and I'm so sick of reading how beautiful she is.

ッ With a title ''Film Empress's Daily Face Slapping'' you'd think the MC would go; here I come b*tches BUT NOPE. There was barely any face slapping and when it was done it was only thanks to people around her such as the male lead or her agent. She f*cking did nothing so what's up with the title?

ッ ML is a really cold blooded person but when it comes to FL his personality completely changes because... BECAUSE.

ッ All of the villains are actresses and they are all 'bad' because everyone in the celeb's world is two faced except ML and FL. But no real face slapping and no real drama. The story keeps repeating itself with FL stealing or winning roles thanks to the ML's influence and it's the other actresses are the bad ones because they are oh so jealous of the FL.

ッ Except ML and FL nearly every celeb character here acts like the same, talks like the same. I had a hard time with keeping who was who and the fact that I was MTL'ing the story didnt help at all.

ッ FL has no FRIENDS!!! And all of her life revolves around either acting (every damn scene) or ML.

Overall; not too good, not too bad just... mediocre at best. At least the romance between ML and FL was kinda cute, I think that was the thing made the story bearable for me. <<less
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Jan 02, 2020
Status: Completed
Oh gooooodness gracious this is just too perfect. One at the top lists of best romance and fluffy novels in my list.

So I read the mtl, it was very easy to understand. Let's start with the storyline, the storyline is actually great, it was simple cliche but it's differeng, here's the reason why :

first of all, Su Shi (our female lead) is not the usual perfect actor after transmigrating to the body. The author made it even better when situations such as people blackening her then the ML would protect... more>> her, even thou it happens the blackening doesnt totally stop which is better because it is realistic that way. Second! The antagonists are not the typical one, when I say tupical one, the author didn't focus on ruining the image of other artists that much. I think that it'svery inrealistic when people ways used arists characters that always do unspoken rules.

And here's my review about all the characters.

They aren't perfect, of course there were never was and will be a perfect character out there. The characters here are great, no one was suddenly left behind from the beginning to the end, it was done properly.

Female protagonists


okay, the best thing about bere is that she never wore something revealing. Even with her shoulders, she never liked showing too much skin. That's what I like the most here in the novel, you can feel the historical character that she was. And despite knowing a lot, she knows that its not enough, she's also not a seductress because she'svery conservative which is better (there are pa pa pa that happened no worries guys). The author also showed her flaws by making her not too attentive to the ML that much


Male lead


so our male was also made wonderfully, just like the MC despite situations where she has rejected him, it shows the emotions of sadness in his character. He's overbearing sometimes but not that it makes you not like him, he's very likable and great!!

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Jan 08, 2020
Status: c29
ML likes MC and falls head over heels like the speed of light because of her face and her cooking. He's what (?) vegetarian, but when MC cooks meat pie, he wnats to eat it too, basically he can eat meat when it's MC cooking/in front of MC. ML who nevver deviates from profesionalism now will use his influence to have a chance to work with MC. All of those are just too OOC. I was confused with ML character. If I didnt know, I'd say ML gets brainwashed by... more>> MC protagonist's halo.

MC always said she only wants to live in this life time so she will do her job, not finding romance, and rejects potential suitors, also doesnt want to have connection to ML coz she will get attack by his fans. But, whenevver ML approaches her and try to flirt with her, eventho she thinks it's not alright coz their status as celeb different target yet she will accept it. Which is very confusing for me.

I'm guessing all the enemies will be actress/female celeb, and the author wrote them......... they all seemed to have the same characteristics! *facepalm

Surprisingly, the 2nd ML/suitors are all very 'herbivore', and will lose to ML unsurprisingly. <<less
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Nov 17, 2020
Status: Completed
i'd say it's so-so, the whole rebirth thing in my opinion was so useless apart from her using it too cook n just once or twice play her skills on the show. I was actually disappointed with the MC's character- her being so shy and all. as someone from ancient times even that a concubine who had to climb up and survive the palace fights for her to be so shy and timid was unpleasant. apart from this there is also the fact that there is never a mention of... more>> her dignified presence or aura-the feeling she gives people around her you know of elegance and what not after all, from the times she came from how strict the etiquette is.... overall these are small matters and can be said to be nit-picking but I truly think beauty lies in details...

when it comes to the romance issue between the two the ML dissatisfies me in that he fell for her too quickly, no reason. it felt a bit off for him to like her so quickly without knowing much about her but the rumors.... well if you ignore that then he's been a great ML.

the story itself is okay, nothing memorable but something to pass time. <<less
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Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover S
Oct 23, 2022
Status: c52
It's a so so so novel. Is a good read for time pass. Can't read the mtl as it's making me lose my brain cells. I also agree with Badrura's review. What I wanna say, she already said. The FL does no face slapping, that's why I cut 1 star out! Another was cut for poor main leads and racism.

Like the ML is chanting on every chapter how white MC skin is, she's so beautiful as she's white like a vampire and how good cook she was.

I hate that even in this era people are judging based of skin colors. As an Asian I absolutely hate this. Anyway, recommended if you like novels with no face slapping. But remember this novel is nothing like the summary or title. But felt good as there were no major dramas.
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Nov 07, 2021
Status: c40
DNF. Oh, I don’t think I’ll finish this one. It started out promising, I read the translated version up until c27 from here, and decided to continue the MTL...

The FL is one of those calm strong protagonists. I actually really liked her... that is up until she and the ML officially get together. I just can’t for the life of me understand WHY THESE TWO STARTED DATING?! You need to understand that there has been no buildup of chemistry or flirting. But one day out of the blue the... more>> ML kisses the FL and she just accepts him 😵‍💫.

Up until this point you know that the ML likes the FL. What you don’t know is what made him suddenly have ‘love at first sight’ as this isn’t explained (super weird), but this is just something you have to go along with. It’s said that the ML looks like her husband from her past life, however, he doesn’t have any past memories and they never loved each other in that life anyways. Therefore, his sudden interest in her is very random and nonsensical.

On the day they get together, the ML forcefully kisses FL (eww 😖) and our strong FL turns into a weak lamb who for some random reason accepts him as her bf, even though she:

1) doesn’t actually like him romantically (like seriously zero interest 🙃) ;

2) doesn’t want a relationship with anyone, most of which him because of his crazy fans;

3) wants to focus on her career;

4) has parents who aren’t really keen on her dating an actor.

She has legitimate reasons as to why she doesn’t want to date him, but then still says yes! Why? Heaven only knows. The whole situation just boggles my mind 🤯. I’m disappointed that the FL has no strength when it comes to the ML, and I hate the fact that he kissed her when she really wasn’t into it. I mostly dislike why she randomly decided to date him just because the author decided to?

I feel no chemistry between them (he likes her and their relationship is bland 40 chapters in) and I think the way they started dating was too rushed. The whole confession scene upset me too much 😤. I tried to read further but I’ve reached my limit. Good idea for a book but it ultimately falls flat. <<less
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Sep 01, 2022
Status: c46 part1
Mediocre at best sadly.

I decided to give the story a try despite the bad reviews but while reading halfway through I can see where everyone else is coming from.

There’s no explanation whatsoever how FL (Su Shen aka Su Su) suddenly reincarnated with her memories from the last in tact. Which is fine, it’s whatever at this point. The author only goes as far as stating that our FL died ‘mistakenly’ right before she was officially wed to the Crown Prince.

One of the complaints I have is that FL is supposedly... more>> proficient in the 4 Arts (Qin/Guzheng, Go, Painting, Calligraphy) but like everyone said... she barely showcases her talent when she needs to.

I guess author’s reason for FL was to keep her low key without raising suspicions but honestly, I’m sure author could’ve written some other kind of reason around it. If you wanted her to be this talented why even bother giving her this kind of skill if you don’t even plan on doing anything with it. She played a little bit of flute too like twice, played the guzheng once, she was asked about any other talents she’s like ‘nope I have nothing else’ when she clearly knows as an actress you have to do whatever you can to promote yourself...

Author, it’s like casting pearls before a swine... orz

Oh, of course she’s also talented in cooking too. Her dishes are unbelievably delicious to the point of turning our ML (Xie Yan) from eating only veggies to eating meat. That’s great and all, but I think that was the only reason why author gave her that talent. There was no other use afterwards, her skills were basically non-existent after like chapter 20 or so.

Another thing I find frustrating was that she’s somehow able to be casted into all these drama, movies, and variety shows all within a certain time frame BUT SOMEHOW everyone stills gives her crap and leaves negative views. Where’s the face-slapping? Where’s the dramatic scenes of her proving her worth and talent? Not even that, it’s as if none of these drama/movie/variety shows are being played on any TV programs/websites at all! It’s no where to be seen! So far the audience have only seen promotional posters and trailers! Wtf?!

Her acting is mediocre at best, the only scene I really liked was when she was acting out her smoking scene. I can try to MTL ahead and maybe try to see if anything else exciting will happen but at this point I’m not even gonna bother because I lost interest. It became boring chapter after chapter, I don’t even know why I kept my hopes up expecting something to happen.

The story didn’t really bother going in details with her acting either, there were some here and there but they all really just ended in a few sentences and paragraphs. And even after those small acting scene parts to prove her worth, the author decides to just skim through everything vaguely and expects you to just accept the fact that she’s good at acting and everyone else sucks.

Why she wanted to be an actress still is something I still don’t understand. It’s not like she’s in love with it nor is she passionately interested in it. It just sounds like she’s just doing it since the OG Su Su did it.

Honestly, author had two choices they could’ve made. First choice, make the story more about her past life and her skills. The story would’ve been so much better if they made FL go towards the path of a teacher/tutor/businesswoman/etc or becoming a famous celebrity going live showcasing her talents. Second choice, throw all that past life bullsh*t away and just focus on her solely on acting, the story would’ve been more on the realistic side in this case (tbh if you were to omit those past life stuff I don’t think there would be much of a difference).

I suppose the only good thing I liked was the way ML was trying to pursue FL, it was cute. And I’m glad they didn’t make her a dumb naive one that couldn’t tell he was interested in her.

Would I recommend it? Eh, no. Save yourself the trouble from getting dissatisfied and disappointed. <<less
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Jan 31, 2021
Status: c40
Man am I the only who feels like chapter 1 is actually chapter 7? And that's how it feels for this entire book?

You're just plopped into the middle of something and you're never truly explained the MC's past life, why the ML is attracted to her... I mean not really explained or described ver well, and why does the MC accept him while she seemed like she had no feelings for him...

Yo I think this writing is really bad? Am I the only one??
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Jan 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I just finished the MTL. It's sweet, fluffy and doesn't have any serious drama or angst. The heroine isn't perfect, although she is talented in acting (considering that's a basic survival skill coming from an ancient, palace intrigue setting). But she acknowledges her own skills and improves herself. Also, she's very sensible and clever, but she can also show childlike innocence (especially in romance). In contrast, the male leads — who was originally quiet, cold and taciturn — is actually a sly and shameless (thick-faced) man. Their chemistry is sooo... more>> cute! I love them ♡ <<less
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Aug 07, 2023
Status: c66
This story has so much potential but.... it's like instant noodles without any seasoning.

Translation is quite good, although it seems like the original author's writing is repetitive and bland.

I don't even know where to begin tbh. The main characters are so painfully boring, and their dynamics are so. out of tune? I don't know how to explain it but I really can't find a SINGLE reason why XY would like SS, not that she isn't likeable but why he specifically would like her. Sure, she can cook meat so good... more>> that he's willing to eat, but honestly that's not something in my opinion, someone like XY would fall in love head over heels immediately after the first bite. Maybe that would get his interest then, he finds her more interesting over time, and some things that she does feels different to him and he ends up liking her and pursues her. The way they met and he was pretty cold and she didn't mind him being so felt very in character, and suddenly when he starts showing interest it was just ??? where did that come from? suddenly you wanted to eat her food? why? what interested you? I recall there being one of her acting scenes that made him vaguely interested that she didnt tend to her face after being slapped (which I call bs because an actor's face is their livelihood WTF) but I still don't think it's enough to make him show pity on a female coworker after avoiding any positive contact with any other, I'm sure there are some good natured actresses that didn't want to chase him for love or clout and just wanted to make a strong work friend but he just avoids all of them like the plague


Also she rejects him first on the basis of wanting to pursue her career, and then he says he wouldn't get in the way, and then he gets in the way by blocking romantic scenes in her work with other guys and not letting her try action scenes without using a body double... like dude let her try lmao you're an actor too let her experience her job as well??? not to mention she wanted to keep their relationship under wraps and immediately he starts acting like her bf in front of staff, simply disrespecting her wishes zzz


XY apparently has never had a single romantic scene on screen which I find pretty hard to believe, because unless you actively avoid acting in romance themed scripts I don't think you can get away with not having kiss scenes and what not. Like even Skip Beat's Tsuruga Ren's is believable bc he literally avoided taking up any scripts that involved romance since he was not confident in doing it. We also don't get enough info about XY's achievements or how he gained respect in the circle to even get away with this. Then again I have no idea how the entertainment industry works exactly so take this rant with a grain of salt.

personally I think the ML should've either been a puppy guy who calls her jie left and right and melts her cold heart and makes her loosen up and happy (from what I read about her past, she had literally no one on her side and she had to always flatter her elders to get to a somewhat good position) or continued from the crown prince connection and she starts adapting to the modern world with her family's help.

also her family is not in it much but their parts were very fun to read except the mum being like WHEN I WAS UR AGE I HAD HALF A DOZEN KIDS and the little nephew is so cute I think she would've also start feeling more relaxed in this new world when she finds her family being loving toward her, and she could let go of her guard some more.

sorry for the messy review but I'm trying very hard to finish this novel because I like to finish whatever I started and it's getting harder the further I go in. too many plots/information that don't really connect and the romance is like me trying to put two of my dolls together and making them kiss. I don't dislike cliche plots, I actually enjoy them, but even tho the character settings were quite cliche here, it was still too messy

also a lot of commentary on skin colour and dieting and weight and body shape, but I'm not going to talk about it because that's unfortunately the general mindset of asian cultures + them being in the entertainment industry makes it even worse <<less
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Mar 09, 2021
Status: Completed
I like how not everything is convenient for the FL unlike other transmigrators in other novels. And she actually have a brain to think to not be caught as a transmigrator. But it seemed that the way she was written, as the story progressed, she slowly became out of character?

Also, is it just me or the author is really obsessed over skin complexion and being fat/thin that they kept on going on about it again and again to the point that it's so distracting. I'm an asian too and from... more>> my country, that's almost the same beauty standard but it looks like this is a personal problem now.

Edit: After reading further, it gets worse. "... she didn't want to be as dark as those people." 😐 <<less
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Jan 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This was...a bit underwhelming. It is truly slice of life but not the kind where I felt excited to read the next chapter. For me, it felt like you can drop the novel any time and pick it up after a few days and not miss it at all.
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Jun 15, 2020
Status: c22
Stone cold ML suddenly feels like pampering MC, whom he meets for the first time. Again and again he goes OOC at the drop of a hat when it comes to MC, for no apparent reason...

Transmigrated MC has no trouble navigating the modern world as the original-owner conveniently left all memories to MC... She can use smart phones, browse on weibo, use emoticons etc with no difficulties... She learnt the ancient arts, and is wowing people (ML) with her imperial-palace-style cooking skills and flute playing... And apparently, living in ancient... more>> times, in a prime minister's household, makes everyone an actor, MC has barely any difficulties in acting...

Rest is the usual showbiz storyline, minus any face slapping... Story so far, is nothing amazing, but nothing too bad - an ok read. <<less
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Oct 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Despite the title, the face slapping is minimalistic. There are one occasion that the pay back to FL's rival is so bland, the one that FL ask ML's manager for help.

The premise of transmigration is only interesting for the half of the story, after FL and ML got together, it's even more bland. Fluffy, but flat.

If one likes light story, try read this one.
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Sep 05, 2023
Status: --
The translators did a great job.

As for the story, personally, until the last 2 chapters I felt like he was in lust with her, no love. Also, when they “made love” it always felt like she didn’t want to, but since she didn’t want him to “suffer” she forced herself. In real life please, please never feel obligated to do anything.

Despite the title, not much face slapping at all.
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Eustoma White
Eustoma Whit
Jul 24, 2023
Status: c13
This.. What should I even say? I know dropped it very early and I shouldn't judge early but what could I do when the pacing and narration was boring as hell (͡° ʖ̯ ͡°).

Like bruhh, it was to the extent that it effected my whole mood. And lemme tell you, I woke up happy okay? I was in a good mood since I got money from my mom as it was my birthday. Yet everything seemed so sombre, boring, sad, annoying that I couldn't brighten myself up even if... more>> I tried. Yes, it was that boring and I swear I'm not lying.

So surprise(。>‿‿<。 )! I dropped it~~~~~~~ I will go read another novel to freshen myself up. All in all, it wasn't a pleasant experience for me. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 24, 2020
Status: --
the premise was good but it just became boring later on. The antagonists were boring, and her prowess as an actress and in the 4 arts arent really explored well as much as I hoped. Its like taping here and there, done.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 17, 2020
Status: Completed
A good casual read but is not very substantial. Full of fluffs and funny comments.

I'd say it's one of a few novels that started off really good. The plot is intriguing and the characters are well-thought-out. However, while the premise is nice, in the end, it didn't deliver.

By the time the two leads got together, the plot became pretty boring. The chapters were repetitive. Besides her acting skills, the MC didn't use her knowledge from her previous life in her daily life at all. Plus, with the exception of the... more>> male lead, she always seemed distant/indifferent to everyone else. Going through each day with a rather nonchalant attitude.


I was kinda expecting the reincarnation plot to play a more important part in the story. It's said the MC is proficient in all 4 arts but she barely portrayed any. She's also become accustomed to the modern world wayyy too quickly, even going as far as moving in together with the male lead not long after they started dating.

The plot basically switched between the MC working on TV-Movie projects, people being aw-struck by her acting skills, and the two lovebirds being lovey-dovey, until the very end.

I'd even say the title of the novel "Film Empress Daily Face Slapping" is kinda misleading. The MC has never really put anyone in their place or confront them for their misbehaviors. She just asked someone or use someone else's influence (usually male lead's) to attack them behind the scene. She also didn't really become a film empress until the very last chapter (if winning one big award can be called so).

However, the fluffs between the two were nicely done. It hit all the right tunes. The male lead turned out to be a really thick-skinned and possessive guy. He even went as far as blocking the agents from offering the MC any intimate drama scripts and warned off his friend who was co-starring the MC from kissing or hugging her. LOL


If the author stretched out a bit more. Let the MC be more active in other areas of life. Allow her to experience the modern world as someone reincarnated from the ancient era. It would have been much more fulfilling.

But at the least, it was a fun read. Good for killing time and for bedtime xD <<less
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Not Today
Not Today
Mar 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTLed the entire story, I'd describe this book as a simple and light read with a cute main pairing. The main story itself is an angst-free fluffy journey of the main leads getting together while the FL quickly works her way up the ladder in the entertainment industry, from a relative unknown with a bad acting reputation to a film empress-level starlet (thus the title).

There were plenty of things that I liked about this novel, but there's was one "negative" that's preventing me from giving this a perfect 5/5... more>> stars review.

My biggest issue with this story was that I felt that the face slapping (mentioned in the title) barely happened and the few times it did it wasn't exciting or well thought out. The FL's method of "getting back" at someone that had disrespected her in any way was to ask the ML's agent to expose their dirt to the press thus ruining that person's reputation/career. Because of the title, I had higher expectations for the frequency & intensity of the face slapping.


But more importantly than any negative, this main pairing was so freaking cute to read about!! There wasn't any forcefulness in their relationship, the MC was rather conservative (due to her being from the past), and although the ML was shameless & would tease her, he'd always made sure to be respectful towards her wishes! They were truly a dedicated and loving couple, and definitely one of the healthier relationships that I've read on this site! Overall, maaaaybe I would've preferred that everything wasn't so picture-perfect, but regardless this was a light and enjoyable read. <<less
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Jan 06, 2020
Status: Completed
The FL and ML are very likeable characters. Their love story is very sweet but also practical.

... more>>

It wasn't instant love on the FL's side in that she's very practical and tried to deflect the ML several times. The assistants are hilarious and the family relationship for both characters is wonderful. The ML's persistence pays off in the end. It's just that the author made the 2nd male lead very weak in that he had no chance at all with FL and no character development at all. The female antagonists were all pretty 2 dimensional and not interesting at all.

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