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She transmigrated into the body of a little girl from a fishing village! Her father is honest and foolishly filial, while her mother is weak and ill. Moreover, her siblings are still young children.

Her father was the best fisher in the village and breadwinner of the entire family. However, when he got injured and was on the verge of death, her cruel grandparents and uncle kicked her whole family out. They were hungry and cold with nothing but an empty house…

But that’s ok! She has a multicolored stone that can accelerate the growth of crops. She was also an expert at preparing braised meat in her previous life.

Just watch as she, an eight year-old girl, challenges the taste buds of people who lived during ancient times. With improved high-yielding crops, she’s going to become the most famous farming expert in the world!

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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship rated it
June 28, 2020
Status: c353
Warning: spoilers ahead.

There are a few points that made me dislike this story.

First, Yu Xiaocao's (the MCs) terrible family are really obnoxious. Madam Zhang and Madam Li work as effective antagonists for the first hundred or so chapters but as time goes by they become less and less effectual while maintaining the same level of obnoxiousness. Eventually, they reach a point where (because of differing wealth / social status) they are just completely unable to touch the MC and you sort of wonder why they are still in the story... more>> at all.

Second, the male lead. Like Edward from Twilight, the male lead instantly falls in love with the (10 or 11 year old) MC because she's the One Girl Ever who is immune to his mind reading powers. I personally don't like this sort of 'magical' romance that is predicated on one side having magical powers that compels them to love the other. It just feels cheap. On top of that, the male lead Zhu Junyang is a terrible person objectively speaking. Because of his magic powers he's been prone to fits of violent rage all throughout his life where he would lash out and randomly kill people. There's a laughable line at one point that explains that he only killed people 'who deserved it' and it was a pity how his powerful family had to spend a lot of effort covering up for him after the fact each time. Remember, his power is reading minds so killing people who 'deserved it' means he was killing people who were thinking mean things about him - i.e. literally executing people for thoughtcrime lol.

Also, besides being a violent lunatic with a hair-trigger temper, he has many of the other common failings of Chinese romance novel male leads. He's possessive in the extreme. He doesn't respect boundaries. He does that thing where, entirely because of his own actions, he hurts himself and then forces the MC to 'take responsibility' by serving him like a s*ave for an indeterminate amount of time.... and oh boy, he sure loves making the MC serve him like a s*ave - he often uses the power disparity between his status as a prince and her status as a commoner to make her do things that she clearly doesn't want to do. In another story, it might come off as flirty and playful but in this one, because of the fact that he wasn't in the story at all until like chapter 250 or something, it doesn't. Because he never had any time to build up any repertoire with the MC or help her at all in any way before he starts pulling his 'serve me s*ave' routine - it just comes off like a rich person bullying a poor person. By the time he finally starts 'helping her' it's always just doing something she could have done herself anyway. Like one time he buys her a house in town because she wants a place for her brother to live for his studies... after it has been repeatedly emphasized that MC is literally richer than god. She easily could have bought the house herself!

Third, and maybe most damningly, there doesn't seem to be much of a goal in this story? Like long before the male lead even shows up the MC has already completely cast off her evil peasant relatives, she's closely tied herself to the most prestigious family in her hometown, she's made more money than she'll be able to spend in her lifetime, she's become the 'adoptive' daughter of some general from the capital... and after doing all that she doesn't really seem to have anything she wants to do? In the first hundred or so chapters there was a clear goal (separate from the evil relatives) and a clear antagonist working against that goal (the evil relatives) but then after she casts them off there's just... nothing? She just spends the next 250 chapters getting increasingly richer but not really doing anything with her wealth (around c300 she finally buys some more farmland and a shop or something) and it really feels like the story is just spinning its wheels in a cycle of 'MC creates some money-making method > some sub-industry is created that allows her nice relatives or fellow villagers to benefit > her evil relatives curse her under their breath but 'there's no medicine for regret in this world' > repeat ad nauseam'. By the third or fourth time she 'made more money than she could spend in ten lifetimes' I, the reader, am left just sort of wondering what the hell is going on.

So yeah, in conclusion, if the story spinning its wheels for hundreds of chapters while the MC makes more and more money (but never does anything with it or seems to have any plan for it) until the violent, cold-faced, and impulsive ML shows up 250~ chapters in so the beautiful relationship of 'one ordering, and one serving' can finally begin sounds like your cup of tea then... this is the story for you. <<less
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winterprison rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: --
Interesting settings but sadly the writer doesn't know how to write characters.

All of them are one dimensional and as the story progresses and the author adds more character, she completely forgot some of the earlier character's existence. The girl's biological family is forgotten and her biological mother became nonexistent. Her godparents replaced them.

The romance is also forced, there's no characterization to the ML other than being clingy to the point it's almost creepy.
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AtnShadid rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: 99
Mediocre at best. Yeah it was interesting at first, but the novel is progressing very slowly. Furthermore I hate this s*upidly blind filial piety. It's really s*upid and makes no sense. And lastly, I have the fact she can make much more money by many different means yet remains poor till chapter 77.

Many people are kind for no reason, which makes no sense to me based on their circumstances.
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zaim9999 rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: c352
This story had a great start where the MC uses her knowedge, experience, cooking skills and her cheat to barely survive in a difficult family situation.

In all honesty, I really enjoyed the first 100 chapters or so. However the things that bothered me, kept growing as the story progressed till eventually I just couldn't stand it anymore.
... more>>

1. The weakass beta father. There hasn't been a single instance where the kind, loving father who is also quite strong physically saves the day. When it comes to a brain problem, it's the MC who finds a solution and when it's physical danger it's the ML who always saves the day. Not only that, the father with his filial piety and forgiveness actually puts his actual family through a lot of trouble and even life-threatening danger.

2. The MC mental age slowly regresses as the story flows. Around 300 chapters later, she actually becomes this little girl who pouts, rolls eyes, pointlessly bickers and so on.

3. The romance is completely forced. I thought since she is only 7 at the beginning of the story, I wouldn't need to experiece cringy romance but the 13 year old MLs keep appearing. The last one which is a Royal Prince and 17 yo, basically starts flirting with her openly, sometimes in front of her useless father (who does nothing of course) while she is only 11 (mentally and physically). Everyone around get it btw, so it's not subtle or anything. He literally jokes that he will take her as a concubine and she says only the main wife will do. Just gross.

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Ninz rated it
April 6, 2020
Status: c437
This story is an absolute gem.I am following the updates of the translators but since the story is so good I MTLed ahead of the chapters; though not that easy since you need concentration to understand the MTL version. LOL

What I really love about this book is their family itself, I love that everyone is working hard for the good of the family. Thanks for the translators for their hard work and everyday releases.
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theeeargonauts rated it
December 2, 2019
Status: c195
I love this novel so much ughhhh I wanna melt in it. So MC finds herself in a fishing village, way back in the past in the Ming Dynasty born in a sickly 8 year old's body. In her new society, family is very important but sadly she's born with an extremely frugal grandmother who hates her branch of the family, a greedy yet lazy aunt-in-law, and soft-willed blood relatives. She tries to navigate through her new reality and tries to help her immediate family live a better life.

So we... more>> know this is a transmigration story

and MC has a weakened mystic stone as her cheat

but MC isn't too OP. Instead of relying on her cheat, what she uses more is her proficiency in cooking and farming. Her family is so lovely they all deserve the best. It's a little more slice of life, annoying villains (Madam Zhang pls CHOKE), and business management. I love all the smaller characters especially Little Grey. We're still at a point where she's 8 or 9 so we dont don't really have romance yet (thank god) but there are already a lot of potential men and we already know who it will be. I just like where the story is going currently, she's still establishing herself and her business, earning some money, and making very good investments. The story is very wholesome, we love to see it! <<less
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Piggychan rated it
October 17, 2019
Status: c149
A relaxing story, which never fails to make me feel hungry everytime an update comes.
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Hundred Lilies
Hundred Lilies rated it
October 13, 2019
Status: c146
While it's a great novel, I've got a belly full of anger from practically every chapter the MC is wronged and has to be the guardian angel of not just her siblings, but her parents as well. She should enjoy being a child again.

Anyway, as always I find great joy in novels about cooking and the MC is really likeable.
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Rileanda rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: c144
I have read this novel for months now and it is something I look forward to every day when Volare Novels updates a new chapter. The story is not too heavy and has a light happy theme which makes you smile. It has just enough drama to make you wrapped into the story and feel an emotional connection to the characters. Would recommend this novel to anyone that enjoys a good balance of drama, happiness and fun. Love it and will continue to love it for chapters to come.
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seawaterwitch rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: c117
Not bad. Everyday life. "The cheat" is very high. MC is OP 😄. I don't mind. She just like Kaguya Goddess send on mortal realm and help her poor family. The father and mother protected her and trusted her "reason" why she come back alive 😉

Good translation. As I expect from Volare team. Their team is awesome.

I am curious who is the Male Lead. Is it the Emperor, brother six, Qiao Wen, Zhao Han, Third Master or even the Prince ? So many handsome male were surrounding her 😍

So many... more>> food porns too. Thank you for the foods pictures 😍😍😍 <<less
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Chisaki rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: c400
This novel is alright, good to pass the time. The grandma is really annoying and keeps bothering MC longer than I think is necessary (even until c400). The magical cat appears pretty frequently at the start of the novel, but suddenly disappears for long periods of time. I often forget about it's existence until the next time MC needs its powers/healing water. I'm also not interested in the romance aspect of the story. I'd rather MC and ML stay as good friends, as the MC has the body of a... more>> 9-year-old child. I know that this is set in ancient China where girls marry young, but I can't help but think the ML is really creepy for wanting to marry a 4th grader, no matter her mental age. ML also keeps doing things like holding her hands and hugging her, which is considered very inappropriate (tl;dr he's a pervert).


I didn't realize it right away, but the MC is really too OP. She's already ahead of everyone with her magical cat and healing water, but she also has plot convenience at her beck and call. I try and try to suspend my disbelief but I'm just.. She even found a goddamn ancient house with a bed, running water, and fruit trees to let her live comfortably when she's hiding from murderous pirates wtf??

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Ainslee rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: c347
Rating 7 out of 10

The plot is very straightforward, a single line without any foreshadowing.

Sometimes author clearly forgot the previous scenes or characters details and build another one or of the blue.

A purely Mary-Sue female lead. Pass time reading recommended, not much brain power needed to guess anything.

Not going to re-read this
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Halo-halo rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: --
If you are reading this beware of exaggerated good reviews.

Okay, so I saw a several 5-star review which compelled me to read the novel and here is my opinion.

  • reading from the early chapters you will find a headache for identifying the charaters.
  • tbh I only read less than 10 chapters but I think it is enough coz of the whole contradiction BS of the author (first, the father of MC who dotes his children and love his wife but the situation of the MC is way worse than the author describe, literally, they are all bag of bones (I'm surprised they are not dead) and the father is effin oblivious to this even though they live in the same house, the house-s*ave mother who just just takes a beating but no resistance, like honestly, the parents projects that they love their family but literally, you could just feel their uncared nature surrounding this whole BS.
I know I just read a few chapters but I just can't I already read f*cked up dark genres, but this is not dark this is twisted, fully contradictory, illogical ****.

Trust me, only read 2-4 star review.
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GingerMessiah rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: --
First thing first the translators are great. Familial names and ties can be very confusing to translate from Chinese.

The slice of life is always a pleasure to read and it's a lot different from other novels where the female lead always find cruel ways to get revenge on her enemies. It is more realistic here but can be infuriating to read sometimes when she need to take into opinions and feelings of her family.

Now onto the bad. Everything is far too smooth sailing for her. If it is not for... more>> the over abundance of good natured characters in the novel. Our female lead would have a horrible end.

Personality conflict - our female lead is a 30 year old woman who had transmigrated into the body of an 8 year old girl. She professed that she is old enough to be her siblings mother. I can understand her acting childish because of doting love from her family but her gradual change from an adult like little girl to a real innocent little girl is just weird.

My biggest issue will always be the Male lead for every Josei novel. Why on Earth their personality and backstory is always typically the same. How could a mental age of a 30 year old woman fall for an immature brat who has not even reached puberty yet? Our male lead is doted on by his parents. Yet still develop a crappy cold personality in order to protect himself. How on Earth you could still have a negative attitude and have to close your heart to the world after being loved by your parents, born wealthy and powerful in a safe environment. Being treated with love by his second brother but only for our Male lead to still steal all their mother's love for himself. I would find the second brother deserving of love more than him being unloved by his parents.

There are more worthy male characters in the novel. But every girl always dream of the "Prince on the white horse."

Author even made a mistake that contradicted the Male lead's backstory in

Chapter 177

. <<less
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janinazation rated it
January 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Highly recommend🤩

Great transmigration story! The plot and love story progression is so on point. It kept me excited and looked forward to when they finally get married. I’m not really familiar with the food but who cares, as long as I know that it made the protagonist OP and rich 🤑

I like the heartwarming story and family/romantic love. I also love how the author gave endings to each character (big and small, villains and friends)

I was so hooked that I really looked for a raw version then google translate... more>> just for me to see the ending (which leads to headache and a gallon of nose blood 🤪)

And now I’m happy because the writer ended it so well, also sad because now I want more. 😅 Oh writer, I so love you. Thank you translator. Thank you author. 🤟 <<less
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grenfunkel rated it
November 20, 2019
Status: c183
The first 50 chapters was a torture but after that you can finally taste the sweetness of the novel. There are many obnoxious characters but this was able to emphasize the goodness of other people. This novel also has an MC who transmigrated in a world where a previous transmigator has already been successful so the story is in a parallel timeline in history wherein life for women is better.
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Krais rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: c143
it's a really good reading for me, I like the story of the daily life of the family while there is still the excitement from trouble coming in from outside, but what making me frustrated is that the MC parent is too softhearted and too filial to borderline extreme and its making me really want to smack parent rather than the one who is causing the problem.

anyway if you want find a daily life of a heart warming family then I really recommend it even though some time a bit... more>> annoying. <<less
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MysticDreams rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: c118
Excellent translation, great food, and a non-OP female lead! Sure she has a cheat, but she still has to work for what she has, still has to think up of recipes and make business-smart decisions.
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elliemoran rated it
February 14, 2020
Status: c287
This is SUCH a good story, with such fun characters and interactions.

One of the reasons I enjoy this story so much is because of the way it flows - there are exciting, intense sections where I just can’t wait to read the next chapter, and then softer, more slice-of-life sections which are lovely but not at the same high level intensity,

I see some comments complaining about those slow parts, but I love the combination. Long stories full of cliffhangers and major action all the time are great, but can... more>> be tiring after a while, and slice-of-life on its own can get dull. In this story just about the time you might feel it dragging a bit, you can be sure some action is not more than a few chapters away.

It really is a good combo - and the translators are so consistent with their releases it makes this story even more enjoyable. <<less
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expensivepeanuts rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: c131
Now that I've read 400+ of this novel, I decided to rewrite my old review. I initially rated this 4 stars but I'll have to finish this with a 3 star at best because of the main character. During the first hundred chapter, I can still believe whenever she pulls a skill or knowledge out of nowhere but now it has become kind of ridiculous. The MC literally has an answer to almost every problem that pops out because of her experience in her old life, except she did not... more>> die that old in her previous life so I don't know how she could accomplish so many things in such a short lifespan. The author also has a problem of remembering their own characters and has a tendency to change the names, which doesn't help the very large ensemble of cast this novel has. The author writes a lot of things in details but has a real problem with consistency. Ie;


The MC initially had problems riding carts whenever travelling to and fro their home to the town, she would always feel sick sitting on carts/carriage because of the terrain and she even later ends up receiving rubber wheels from her friend to help with motion-sickness. Few chapters later, she rides the carriage of a noble lady, doesn't have rubber wheels and was incredibly shaky to the point that the spoiled noble maiden riding it hits her head with all the shaking. The MC isn't fazed by the rocky terrain/motion sickness just to show how amazing she is compared to a spoiled noble lady. This kind of thing doesn't happen once or twice, the author loves to rub it in how amazing, incredible and more interesting the MC is compared to other rich noble ladies.

Male characters who are rich and powerful with lofty status would often think of how much more interesting the MC is compared to rich noble ladies (literally happens with the 2nd prince, her godfather, etc). On the other hand, female characters who are rich and powerful with lofty statuses would often find her annoying, a little peasant girl. Unless they're some auntie.


The description of the MC's appearance would also change from time to time. Sometimes, she is described as built, small but strong or just not as beautiful as other girls. Sometimes she is beautiful, frail and like a porcelain doll or some sht. Basically the author would write whatever would make things more beneficial to MC. The MC also attracts men left and right because of her aura or whatever. It was okay the first 200 or so chapters but after 400 chapters it has become irksome.

I'm giving it 3 stars but this is still a really solid novel with regular updates and an excellent translation job. I would have to say that it is impeded only by the author's inconsistency, the MC being too mary sue, and the ML being the typical ML (you know what I mean). I find that the best parts of this novel is with the background characters (even if you can't remember all of them) who are in my honest opinion are more interesting than the bland magic hands MC and her aggressive murder machine ML. <<less
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