Female Protagonist is a Blackened Villainess


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After nine years of traveling with her parents, Long Shiyan’s family encountered a group of bandits. Although her parents died, Long Shiyan was able to escape from them with the help of a system. From it, she learned that she was stuck inside the world of a harem novel! In order to revive her parents, Long Shiyan must prevent the protagonist of the original novel, Long Aotian, from capturing wives and attaining a harem. Otherwise, the world would end!

But, after saving a future harem member from Long Aotian’s clutches, why did this girl obtain a more terrifying characteristic than blackening into a villainess…

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女主不好当 (gl)
女主不好當 (gl)
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Chichi rated it
October 16, 2019
Status: c64
It's impressive how a GL novel that started out so interesting could so quickly devolve into the world's slowest, most boring trainwreck.

There's 15 chapters left and I've yet to see any damn romantic development between the MC and FL apart from creepy one-sided and unrecognized pining on the FL's part. The first 24 chapters were decent, but the following 40 chapters have felt like a giant waste of time with nothing happening. Allow me to explain:

    1. It starts off awkward in the writing department, and no, it's not the translator's fault at all. Things are explained once, then twice, then another time one chapter later, then randomly brought up later in an unrelated context if not completely forgotten and not utilized to their full potential.

      (Ex. MC has 'dark douqi', which is hated by a lot of the continent for being, well, dark, and the FL has an uncontrollable berserk-mode due to a special body constitution. However, the MC dies and gets a new body without dark douqi in it without anything ever coming of it in the end, and the FL gains control over her berserk state. Off-screen. And during a time-skip. Good Lord, the wasted potential!)

    2. It has the dreaded "tell, don't show" writing style. Instead of portraying how cold, calm, and collected the MC is supposed to be, we're just... told about it. The novel's almost done and I honestly couldn't even tell you what the MC's personality is beyond 'generic martyr protag', nor could I tell what the FL's character is beyond 'poorly-written, clingy yandere', nor if the antagonist's personality goes past 'tr*sh'. I'm sure the narrative told me directly what it was, but I didn't commit it to memory.
    3. There are way too many characters, 99% of which are simply tossed around and out and randomly brought back up, if they're even ever named. You won't care about a single one of them and none of them matter.
    4. Shitty time-skips! Two of them! One occurs on chapter 25, which skips all the fun of the school and goes straight to some magic beast forest... that the school regularly sends the students to... fully knowing it's dangerous and that some of them always die. What?? The second one...

      ... is slightly after the first, where the protagonist's body gets destroyed, and the new one now has cat ears (wow how original), and a bunch of stuff happens off-screen again where all the powerful people in this prestigious school suddenly piss off without even ONE of them thinking to stay behind and hold down the fort. What??????

    5. The world itself doesn't work according to common sense. That's supposed to be on purpose... partially, anyways. There's talk of the 'will of the world' trying to enforce the 'protagonist's success and getting in the MC's way on purpose, but that doesn't excuse the fact that everyone has an IQ of 2, and it's obviously just an excuse for the narrative to throw random garbage at the MC. Seriously, all the people running the 'Holy Magic School' are the greatest degree of morons.
    6. The xianxia-speak. Never. Ends. Eighth-level fighters! Fifth-level magicians! Double-ability cultivation! Screw the rules, just randomly level up between scenes! Wind magic! Douqi! What's the difference? Saints are legendary beings, except they're actually just tenth-level whatevers, and literally half the cast is ninth-level whatevers when they're barely 20. What is consistency? What is good writing? What is all this crap?
    7. People call out their attacks like a goddamn Japanese anime. Auto F minus.
    8. The protagonist is in a permanent 10-ish-year-old's body and the narrative won't stop making her naked or talking about her body or doing weird things with it. It's... just so f*cking uncomfortable. Oh, except sometimes she can randomly age up...

      but when she gets her new body, it's still permanently childlike! For no reason! WHY.

I read up to this point because I like GL and other people said it was good, but that was a mass lie. This is a dumpster fire of boring exposition, fan (dis) service, and zero character development. Your GL (or even xianxia) fix is best gotten pretty much anywhere else.
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nothingisit4me rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm the translator for this series and I'll give a good word for it. It's not a reverse harem, but in fact, it's closer to an anti-harem novel. I hope you don't mind the errors since this is my first time translating.

... more>>

The story is about Long Shiyan who entered the world of a novel and has to prevent the original protagonist from attaining a harem. Up until the female lead appears, which is around chapter 7, it's all boring exposition. I won't say that it's a perfect novel, but it does have some share of cute and fluffy yuri moments.

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hawlol rated it
October 6, 2019
Status: c35
I hate it when there's too many overpraising reviews for a poorly written novel tricking me into reading it. I'd find it hard to give this a 3 stars, being 2.5 at best. I don't know how some ppl can see this as a perfect novel no matter how much you love the characters and plot.

The reasons are common and can be seen in the first chapters: Overly expository, too much tell too little show, snail-like pacing with almost nothing happening in each chapter.

The writing is abysmal even though the... more>> premise was interesting. It's the ancient Chinese skill of streching a simple idea into several paragraphs and sometimes even a full chapter for word padding purposes, added to unecessary repetition and continuous out of place exposition.

The first 14 chapters were long rants about what the world was, who the characters of the previous novel were, how she must stop the old MC and who are all her family members (there's a lot of them). Then after the first scene with some tension, the pace looked like it was finally going to pick up... but the Author spits in our face and shoves a time skip of 6 years while making most of her family expositions in all these chapters absolutely meaningless.


15 chapters, most of it talking about her family, only to kill them off from nowhere and in the background even (not shown). She was at the city, suddenly assassins and everyone's dead. Makes you wonder, why spend so much time telling us about their members, then? I mean, the reader couldn't get sad since it was all expository details about all the members in the family and all at once, while nothing was shown, so what was the point?


6 years later she's in another city with a whole set of new characters and interactions. Instead of showing how she achieved the power and position, now we'll have another giant set of expositions and telling of how she got here. About chapter 32 I was already completely exausted and bored from all the telling and not showing.

By the way, you'd think there would be a well flushed out power system among all these out of place expositions... there isn't. It's a generic cultivation setting with mages and warriors but nothing is spoken of why or how their powers grow or work.

It's a shame since the characters and story sounded interesting. Breaking the Stallion's harem by a Loli yuri MC sounded fun, but the bad writing makes it hard to like this. <<less
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Lynkaster rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: c26
I was so glad to find a completely translated yuri/shoujo-ai novel with great reviews... shame it was a bait T_T

to begin with, the only interesting thing here is the explanation for the setting. The author put a tid-bit of many other novels in this one like the many tropes a male protagonist would got. The only interesting thing is that our MC, a girl, need to stop the world's protagonist to get his harem dooming the world because of in-fighting from the harem members... yep... I really was intrigued by... more>> the explanation about how the world accommodate the protagonist.

Other than that... it's really, really poorly written. The pace is all over the place, the expositions are random, the descriptions and details are almost non-existent, making this tasteless. The characters' development... really badly done too. The setting was good, it's such a shame the way the author wrote his novel makes it a really pain to read. At chapter 26 I was wondering why I was wasting my time reading a novel I'm stopping to read every 2 minutes because it makes me lose interest...

I won't say there's only garbage here, but definitely not a good read IMO. The translation is good I'd say. I don't understand the good reviews but you should try to have you own opinion I guess. If you agreed with my opinions on other novel, this one isn't for you.

2.5/5, not recommended <<less
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Syntheticspirit rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: Completed
Utter rubbish. It's one of "those novels". Interesting start, seems likely to be an interesting story but yet; declines like the stock market during the Great Depression as you go along. The translation team though, does an amazing job. Only redeeming quality about this novel.
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Sora-chi rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c8

At first I don't think I would read this one because of the synopsis were confusing (?) and it looks like it gonna have a bad translation goin on.

But, nope. The translation are good despite the synopsis thingy. And the story going at a good pace, not too rushing for the plot to set in. The plit itself are intriguing and interesting. I'm glad that I let myself the chance to take a leap of faith (lol) to give this novel a chance and read it before I judged... more>> it to be, well ya know ;).

Good job for the translator and hopefully, it goes with the pace they set of 3 times a week to be updated. <<less
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Crowthorne rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: c79
I personally liked it. I don't know if I would necessarily recommend it, but I'm happy that I got a chance to read it. The interactions between the protagonist and the heroine were cute, and most of the various issues others have already brought up (barrages of xianxia-speak, loli protagonist, the world operating in nonsensical ways later on) didn't bother me that much personally. I came for the yuri and was not disappointed. I consider any other parts I enjoyed (and there were some) to be mostly a bonus. That... more>> should give you some idea of my personal biases.

That said, I think criticisms about missed potential are reasonable; the pacing is all over the place and the story really does have a problem with abrupt shifts in plot direction and location, either as a result of major events coming out of nowhere where they didn't in the 'original' plot, or because the story skips past long periods of time and then recounts what happened in that time, rather than just showing the events. In some cases it works, but the author definitely overuses time skips.

It feels a bit like the author had a grand vision for how events should unfold, and ideas for a few vignettes, but lacked the time, skill and/or patience to write the entire story in detail and connect all their ideas together in a way that flows naturally. Instead, they just filled in their favorite parts and bridged the gaps with time skips, sudden catastrophes, and narration. Some of the time skips cover a pretty significant amount of time and skip over some material that could have easily been expanded into side stories or even entire arcs.

That all sounds bad, so I'll repeat: I really did enjoy reading it. I just think the same exact story concept could have been executed much better, both from a planning and execution perspective. Specifically, I'd have preferred it to show more, tell less, and go in a different direction some time between chapters 12-13 and 25-30. I can't talk about what I would have wanted without talking about some of what actually happened, though (no ending spoilers, just early to mid chapters) :


I'd have liked to see Long Shiyan continuing to directly interfere with Long Aotian's plans, using her foreknowledge to prevent Long Aotian from collecting a harem and subtly undermining his protagonist halo by making him look like a villain. Kinda like the anti-harem version of an otome game akuyaku reijou reincarnator. Long Shiyan did at one point do exactly what I described: the entire event when she picked up Zi Linglong. I thought that part was actually quite interesting and was hoping that more of the story would be like that.

But then not long after that, everything went so far off the rails that she only had one or two more chances to use her foreknowledge to mess with things at all (even then I think it was Qian Qian telling her that something was happening rather than actual foreknowledge coming into play), and spent most of her time reacting to random immediate problems. I'd have much preferred to see a story where she followed (or preceded) Long Aotian on his journey around the world, pretending to be his innocent little sister while secretly sabotaging his romantic efforts and setting up his potential love interests with each other. (The finale could even have been basically the same.) But that's not really what we got; the first school arc was just kind of a random xianxia arc with way too many side characters and little direct relevance to the original plot, just Long Shiyan collecting resources for later.


It wasn't that bad. I'm just disappointed by the missed potential.

The translation quality is not amazing (you can tell it's a translation), but it's very solid; I don't think it negatively affected my enjoyment of the story. There were probably things I didn't quite understand, but I've definitely seen much worse. <<less
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ExtremeRampage rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Anti-Harem, Yuri Novel with an interesting premise. The author really makes you hate the Harem Protagonist (not the MC). No ecchi (only very roughly described at the end) but has its fair share of cute and fluffy Yuri moments.

The Story and Plot, I'll be honest here, are quite a mess. I feel like this is such a shame since the premise sounded so promising but in the end, it becomes a convoluted mess about Gods and their plots and grudges between each other.

Another thing I didn't like is all the... more>> countless side characters that get introduced but never really do anything, same with the potential Harem Members of the Protagonist. They are just there. Also, the author builds this huge world with many countries and forces but never really explores them.

I feel like the low chapter count really hurt this Novel and things just seem rushed in some places while in other parts nothing really happens.

The best parts of this Novel are definitely the fluffy and cute yuri parts. <<less
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Meloonseed rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: c6
Huh. I put this novel on my reading list before I joined the WordRain server. Hmmmmmmm. The world sure is small.

First. I was drawn to this by the yuri tag, hohoh. I love yuri. Yuri yuri yuri is the cutest cutest cutest.

This one is a xianxia, also. Transmigration, reincarnation, xianxia. In case you didn't read the tags.

Btw, the protagonist is a loli. And will be for the whole series, most likely. Was slightly confused by the first half of the synopsis, is it the POV of the system? Should be.... more>> (I thought the love interest was going to be a loli at first, hmmmmm....)

Who will the love interest be? Who will she be? I'm personally rooting for Yuqing, but it seems like the mysterious woman in chapter 6 who will most likely witness her black bellied side is probably going to be it... *Edit-Nope. I think. welp. So be it. Hohohohoho.

A fluffy yuri novel, course Ill follow. Translated yuri novels are always pretty good- yuri novels almost always never get translated, and so translators get to pick out of the very best.

I've got high hopes. <<less
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StrawberryStrallod rated it
September 27, 2019
Status: c10
Review Date: Chapter 10

lmao this translators a man of culture

Story is cute so far. Interesting seeing the novel of this universe be brought up to explain the plot and the world that the protagonist is basing her judgment off of. Definetly interested to see where this goes
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Keerith rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: c79
Hard to know where to begin here. The story has an interesting premise, and the overall plot is also pretty neat. Unfortunately, there are some places where the pacing just drags out, and there were some pretty questionable plot contrivances that degraded the story from "good" to "it's OK". The slow romance tag is also very appropriate - that particular plot thread takes the entire story to develop.
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Dotawolf rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: --
Review Date: Chapter 75

Before I start, know that I am horrible at writing reviews all together.
I loved this novel, the end was particularly a bit heart-wrenching,

as I thought that Long Shiyan was going resurrect the Long family and then leave with a broken heart or something like that. Thankfully it ended with Yan Yan finally giving in to her feelings towards Zi Linglong.

The ending of Ch. 75 feels a bit lack luster but it seems fine for me.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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