Female Protagonist is a Blackened Villainess


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Crossing into the world of the male harem protagonist, Long Aotian, really isn’t a good thing.

I kindly seized a blackening cute lolita from that man’s dastardly clutches. I thought that if I protected her, the girl would not blacken into a villain. But instead, the girl had formed a more terrible characteristic than blackening…

After nine years of traveling with her parents, Long Shiyan’s family encountered a group of bandits. Although her parents died, Long Shiyan was able to escape from them with the help of a system. From it, she learned that she was stuck inside the world of a harem novel! In order to revive her parents, Long Shiyan must prevent the protagonist of the original novel, Long Aotian, from capturing wives and attaining a harem. Otherwise, the world would end!

But, after saving a future harem member from Long Aotian’s clutches, why did this girl obtain a more terrifying characteristic than blackening into a villainess…

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女主不好当 (gl), 女主不好當 (gl)
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07/15/19 Wordrain c9
07/12/19 Wordrain c8
07/10/19 Wordrain c7
07/08/19 Wordrain c6
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New Sora-chi rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c8

At first I don't think I would read this one because of the synopsis were confusing (?) and it looks like it gonna have a bad translation goin on.

But, nope. The translation are good despite the synopsis thingy. And the story going at a good pace, not too rushing for the plot to set in. The plit itself are intriguing and interesting. I'm glad that I let myself the chance to take a leap of faith (lol) to give this novel a chance and read it before I judged... more>> it to be, well ya know ;).

Good job for the translator and hopefully, it goes with the pace they set of 3 times a week to be updated. <<less
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New OmnisNihil rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: c6
Huh. I put this novel on my reading list before I joined the WordRain server. Hmmmmmmm. The world sure is small.

First. I was drawn to this by the yuri tag, hohoh. I love yuri. Yuri yuri yuri is the cutest cutest cutest.

This one is a xianxia, also. Transmigration, reincarnation, xianxia. In case you didn't read the tags.

Btw, the protagonist is a loli. And will be for the whole series, most likely. Was slightly confused by the first half of the synopsis, is it the POV of the system? Should be.... more>> (I thought the love interest was going to be a loli at first, hmmmmm....)

Who will the love interest be? Who will she be? I'm personally rooting for Yuqing, but it seems like the mysterious woman in chapter 6 who will most likely witness her black bellied side is probably going to be it... *Edit-Nope. I think. welp. So be it. Hohohohoho.

A fluffy yuri novel, course Ill follow. Translated yuri novels are always pretty good- yuri novels almost always never get translated, and so translators get to pick out of the very best.

I've got high hopes. <<less
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nothingisit4me rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm the translator for this series and I'll give a good word for it. It's not a reverse harem, but in fact, it's closer to an anti-harem novel. I hope you don't mind the errors since this is my first time translating.

... more>>

The story is about Long Shiyan who entered the world of a novel and has to prevent the original protagonist from attaining a harem. Up until the female lead appears, which is around chapter 7, it's all boring exposition. I won't say that it's a perfect novel, but it does have some share of cute and fluffy yuri moments.

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