Feigned Pity


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An ‘unwanted child’ appeared at Gu’s household; well-behaved, good-looking, and she looked weak and easy to bully.

On the first day of her arrival, the notorious Young Master Gu knocked over the bowl she brought to him, leaving a faint red blemish on her hand.

She whimpered with tears in her eyes looking very pitiful as Gu Jing Yuan pretended to be tough and aloof.

Gu Jing Yuan skipped classes, missed examinations, and engaged in fights… He became the first person to repeat a grade in Fu Middle School. He was without scruples and no one could control him; except for Tao Yi Xi.

Her red blemished slender hand delivered a set of test papers, “Ge-ge, your homework.”

“Get lost.”

“If you don’t accept it, the teacher will scold me,” she cried. Her tears were like raindrops on a pear blossom, so pitiful.

“…” f*ck. His heart inexplicably softened.

Later on, as long as Tao Yi Xi cried, he could not help but compromise.

The impression of a weak baby chick was deeply engraved into his heart. Until one day, she took on five strong men alone. Covered in bruises and bleeding but she did not shed a single tear. She looked incredibly ferocious.

Gu Jing Yuan, “…” Did he get cheated?!

The first time they met:

She tenderly called, “Ge-ge.”

But he sneered, “I don’t have a sister.”

Who would have expected that later on, he would trap her in his arms, bite her ear, and mutter, “call me Ge-ge.”

Tao Yi Xi: Did she act so well that everything went out of her control?…

When Tao Yi Xi just arrived, he chided in disgust: “Don’t touch me!”

After that, when Tao Yi Xi wanted to leave, he hugged her tightly and begged her in a low voice, “please don’t go.”

When they met again, he had already matured into a business big shot, donned in a western suit. When he saw her, his gaze just lightly swept over her, like the past events never happened.

If he did not want to acknowledge her, then so be it!

Yet, in the middle of the night, smelling of alcohol, he pressed her against the wall, with red-rimmed eyes.

“I like you so much, why must you leave?”

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Stripes rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: Completed

This is definitely a 2.5 star novel. It's a pity because the story was actually quite promising at the beginning during the high school parts. Even though the MC and ML were stereotypically gorgeous and smart, the pressures they were under were realistically written. The MC was calculating, but you get why from her backstory. It was touching how their relationship evolved. Anyway that first bit feels almost slice-of-life, with the class environment and tangled friendship groups. It would have been a much better story if the author had stuck... more>> to writing slightly more realistically instead of sticking to genre stereotypes. There was some genuine warmth beneath all the clichés.


The parents were one-dimensional villains who did not change at all and the ending really sucked with the time-skip. Company business blah blah with a few obligatory Westerners and ML in full-blown Overbearing President mode. Happy ending, but the reader probably doesn't care by the time they get to it.

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