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Yan Zhi was just a normal boy. In class, he was a nobody. But one day, Wu Yuting, a sweet-looking girl in his class, claimed to be his girlfriend to escape the pursuit of Xu Guiming. Because of that, Yan Zhi was beaten badly.

When he felt extremely depressed, he was chosen by Favor Repayment System. The more he got bullied, the more Favor Point he would gain, and the more thing he could ask for!

The first thing he wanted to do was to get the bully’s mother pregnant…

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New Ixcez rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: Completed
So decided to read some smut and picked this one for some reason. It's fairly short at 10 chapters and 2 bonus chapters though each chapter is fairly long.

The setting is kinda weird in that basically a poor student bully target is chosen by the favor repayment system from a higher dimension. Usually the system isn't that powerful in that higher dimension since everyone has it and mostly just exchange the earned points between each other but in this lower dimension since only the MC has the system it becomes... more>> all powerful and can easily brainwash anyone into doing whatever the MC wants as long as enough points are available.

Points are earned by pretty much someone either doing or trying to do something bad to the MC or by simply feeling remorseful or sorry to the MC. What this mostly means is that in the story the other highschool kids bully the MC and gives him points towards them then for some reason the mothers turns up to apologize and by doing so the points are added to the mothers as well as a seperate pool on them then the more the mothers wants to make it up to the MC or the MC denies their way to make it up to him the more points he get's.

The overall story then starts with him targeting his main bully's mom and making her apologize by carrying his baby, then become his lover and then later on even more.

Some spoilers on how the world setting/plot is just kinda weird.


The story overall is just weird like how there is no reason for the MC being at the school since it's super prestige so you have to pay a ton to be there or be the best at studying. However the MC was someone who followed the crown prince of his country to the school so he could be an exchange student there for a short while but then the crown prince was caught cheating so he was kicked out and then for some reason the MC was granted a full education at the school. Later on when the MC also meets up with the main bully's sister who has gotten into a fight with her on/off bf for 5 years cause he cheated on her cause she will only have s*x after marriage. She almost instantly becomes his gf but then decides to marry him cause she's not getting any younger being already 25ish but the family will only agree to the marriage if they do a shotgun marriage. So she then is all for s*x (no points needed) to get her pregnant but then when they've done the deed she regrets it and becomes remorseful since she's now carrying a commoners child, yeah the MC is a commoner and most of the ppl at school are all nobles, so the child will be s*upid cause all commoners are s*upid. Since why else would they just work for the nobles and make money for them, so since she doesn't want "her"/their child to be s*upid it has to be a noble. But since he's a commoner it's impossible for the child to be a noble, but she doesn't wanna carry another mans child so she will therefore marry her ex-bf so that the child will also be a noble so win-win cause the child will therefore be smart since it's a noble.... but the MC doesn't have to worry since she will never let her ex-bf touch her and he will happily be a cuck to marry her since it's his life-long wish.

So yeah the story is kinda weird but it's smut so why not I guess?


Each chapter is for the most part about the MC meeting a new girl and getting her pregnant only for someone else marrying the girl to cover the pregnancy or they think their the father, some of the women will have s*x with other men to cover this up at first but then later on the men all turn into cucks by the system that don't touch the women and only provide the MC with money and benefits while having their wives impregnated by the MC.

The s*x parts are overall not that great to be honest since most of the text is focused around the introduction and plot around the girl in focus while not focusing so much on the s*x part, though some of the later chapters does increase a bit on it there are better smut stories out there, though it is a short story so you can probably read through it all quite easily. <<less
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