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Once, there was a large war. The war ended, and the world became peaceful. Now, anyone has a “Holy Grail” and summons a Servant bound to their fate. There is only one girl, Utsumi Erice who doesn’t have one. This girl encounters the last Servant summoned into the world, a boy. But, she has no idea what her fate shall be.

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Date Group Release
04/29/20 Brokastel v1c8
04/29/20 Brokastel v1c7
04/12/20 Brokastel v1c6
04/01/20 Brokastel v1c5
02/20/20 Brokastel v1c4
02/20/20 Brokastel v1c3
04/21/19 Brokastel v1c2
03/10/19 Brokastel v1c1
05/02/20 Brokastel v1 prologue
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