Farmer Lady of Fortune, Imperial Concubine, Don’t Be Too Sweet


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A blessed baby was born out of Xinghua Village, the family pampered her, the villagers boasted of her, and her blessings were boundless.

The emphatic biased grandma: I’m biased towards my granddaughter, if you’re unhappy about it, suck it up!

The wild devil grandpa boasting his granddaughter: What’s this, you ask? My granddaughter has made ginseng Ganoderma tea for me!

The gentle and doting mother: A baby girl should be coddled, don’t move, let your brother do it!

The dad striving for favor: Little darling, dad will take you flying, want to ride a horse, come to dad quickly!

Liu Yusheng bloomed like a flower behind her family. With a golden needle, she became a renowned doctor, the spiritual spring in her space healed diseases, her family was flourishing, but there’s this man who always slipped into her boudoir.

“Sheng Sheng, I haven’t been treated yet today.”

“… My lord, although I am a divine doctor, I really don’t know how to treat mental illness.”

“I’m not mentally ill.”

“You are.”

“I’m not.”


He is the majestic Nanling Prince. The world says that Nanling Prince is a man of outstanding looks and modesty, and as holy as the moon in the sky.

But before Liu Yusheng, he turned into a lunatic. For her, no madness means death.

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13 Reviews

New StrongFemale
Apr 23, 2021
Status: c180
Okay I literally created an account just to vent out that the male lead is not up to standard. I get he has a mental illness or something and I've been holding myself back from judging him but it's not working. The story is realy good but the romance part is just plain creepy. Yes, some scenes were cute but considering she's a grown-up in a young body and blushing towards the ML is uncomfortable and weird.

It might have been very awesome to read if it was just about her... more>> life in the village with her family. And of course the hate between the other village was a nice touch. I really liked it because I've been looking for a novel where the FL has a nice family with a little bit of face slapping other people. Maybe just meeting people along the way as she grows up and touching people's hearts. But this story's romance killed it for me.

The ML is creepy and even got jealous when the mother of the FL was hugging her. Like wtf!? I couldn't stand it.

So if you like possessive ML then this is for you. But for me it's very uncomfortable to read specially since he's just a child in the beginning and already showing those signs.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks he's creepy and the yandere type.

I hope someone can recommend a novel for me that's similar but without romance because I've had it with all this possessive ml. <<less
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May 28, 2020
Status: c28.1
Interesting beginning where the MC transmigrates as she’s being born. Family dynamics reminds me of Xiaocao in Fields of Gold but without the family drama. So far, it’s a very easy, chill read. Not much as happened in terms of plot as she’s only three years old (as of Chapter 28). The ML is introduced early and their interactions are sweet. Hope this novel continues to stay minimal in angst since I personally do not need the stress from leisure reading.

As far as translation quality, I would give it... more>> a solid 4. Could use some polishing but not headache inducing. The translation flows smoothly. <<less
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Oct 28, 2020
Status: --
More of a 4* but the low rating making me round it up.

This is really good. It's common to see scheming characters and white lotus bit ches. But this story doesn't focus on that.

The few chapters is our MC to acclimate herself to this new environment. After being fuvked over in her previous life, she was skeptical over how nice this family was, and even

... more>>

refused to open her eyes for the first week of her birth because she doesn't want to get disappointed if the warm atmosphere turned out to be a hoax


And for these fluff stories, what you're really afraid is the warmth being tainted or taken away. But this story really sells unconditional love. The family and village even welcomes the side characters with no qualms.

Of course MC always remains cautious, but it was really heart warming to see her instead of being cold and aloof, is willing to give benefit of the doubt


MC asked her grandfather why the village was so selfless, and he replied that kindness begets kindness and even people that used to be evil can honor kindness given to them when surround by kind people.

Later on in the story when a side character asks her why she trusts her villagers so much, she says something similar.

Honestly it warmed my heart, instead of seeing a cold hearted MC, we see someone that just wants to not lose the love in her life, and wouldn't want to hold grudges


ML is yandere but not black bellied, he wants the best for MC and knows that the dark thoughts he sometimes has are not what MC wants.


Honestly I feel pretty bad for the ML, he's not invicible like the other CN novels, but he can just never catch a break unless with MC.

He is powerful is martial arts but the story acknowledges how kids, cause they're like 13, sometimes just can't handle a situation


I especially like the side characters and honestly this is just a warm novel. MC is OP in her own right, and there is a over arching plot for the ML, but it never felt out of place. We don't get people's tongues cut off cause they said shi t and it's just very warm hearted. <<less
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Mar 07, 2021
Status: c170
An easy, enjoyable read.

The first 100+ chapters are all focused on the MC's childhood. Her relationship with her family is endearing and I love how close-knit the village is. Her friendship with the ML is also quite cute.

However, I have several problems with some of the things mentioned in the novel:

  1. My biggest gripe is that the ML "gets" autism after becoming traumatized by the death of his mother. The text explicitly says this. You cannot "get" autism. I also really dislike the author's portrayal of autism as a mental illness. I'm not sure if the fault lies with the translation or the original text, but this really bothered me.
  2. The romantic relationship between the ML and MC when they are reunited happens too quickly. She's just figured out his real identity and is upset with him, and in the next minute, they're being all lovey-dovey and kissing. This is problematic because from the MC's POV, we never see her romantically like the ML. She obviously cares for him and is always on the lookout for news about him when he leaves, but it didn't feel as if she liked him as a woman. So for her to suddenly accept all of ML's advances feels a bit jarring.
  3. There's really not much conflict to the story so far. Other than the ML, nothing happens to the MC or her family. Her grandfather gets injured? MC is a divine doctor and has a hidden secret space with precious medical herbs. Not a problem. Family is poor? MC is knowledgeable and knows of a million different ways to earn money. Not a problem. MC gets kidnapped by jealous people from neighbouring village? We all know nothing will happen to her. I'm currently at chapter 170 and I've sort of lost interest. ML is now regent and the kid emperor loves her. I don't foresee any problems where they can't be together. ML has been devoted to the MC since he was like 6. I don't see any problems in their marriage either. I might pick this up again once there are more chapters and when I'm feeling bored.
Overall, very lighthearted story. Read it if you're bored.
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Mar 29, 2020
Status: c5
A rollercoaster type, which can be relaxing yet heart pounding. A lot of surprises that may happen, so excited to read the next chapter, thank you for translating this
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Oct 08, 2020
Status: c32
All family characters are nice and cute, but I think there are too many, and sometimes that made things confusing, in the beggining was hard to tell them apart.
The writting is not the best, but also not the worst, Very crude and simple. The translation I found it to be good, didin't notice many mistakes, untranslated words, or out of context parts.
The only other thing that bothered me, was how possessive the Male lead is, really extreme, I guess some people find it cute, I myself, found him... more>> creepy. He is always on the verge of beating people up over jealousy, even the MC's father in some point. I'll not continue reading this novel, just because this kind of romance is really not my thing, and I guess will get worst from here on, as in the point that I'm at, they're only children and he already are this bad, so I'm guessing that as an adult, he will annoy the sh*t out of me.

(Also, sorry if I made grammatical mistakes, english it is not my prime language and sometimes fails me, :) <<less
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Jul 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This a very enjoyable read for me. The main and side characters are very likeable and very well developed. Each chapter can be very tense and can be very amusing, or you can be setting on the edge of you seat then in the next few sentences you could be laughing your head off while holding your stomach. I am reading most of it through google translate, but regardless it is a very easy read as the chapters are not very long. Saying that I am on my second week... more>> on trying to read this book as unfortunately have other more important tasks/ responsibilities, but I find this story highly entertaining that I cannot helped to go back to continue reading the next chapters whenever possible. Update review. Finally done with reading the story in mtld version through google. There are several couples in this story and they are all very enjoyable read. I have not read such a long novel for awhile so I was not used to it and did thought of giving it up when it got to over 1200chapters then after a few hours later had to carry on as it is really such a very entertaining read. I am glad that I did otherwise I would have miss a lot. <<less
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Mar 07, 2021
Status: c80
It was actually ok at first but really hard to read (maybe because I'm a guy).

I didn't get to read too much before giving up. The male lead is a yandere at such a young age that it is disturbing, it just wasn't developed in a good way. If only author just made him be a little possessive first when he was young then make him a yandere when he grew up maybe then it will be better. But a full blown kid yandere, nope he's just a creepy brat,... more>> btw never really liked his character one bit from start to ch80.

As for the female MC, she was good at first but because of male lead her character was ruined, I just couldn't bear it anymore so I stopped reading due to the current events in ch80.

I actually decided to read this because this was tagged as comedy but nothing really funny happens & finally tragedy occurs, wow. I'm going to stick with Fields of Gold, at least the MC there is much better than MC here. &Amp; Although male MC in FoG is a psychopath he is still much better than MC here. <<less
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Feb 15, 2021
Status: c129
I shed many tears of happiness, this novel is so soothing and heartwarming. It will be so much better it it's shorter, I think.

Solid 4.
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Oct 20, 2020
Status: c109.2
This is so sweet most of the time but when they throw curveballs at you, you'd be too shookdt. The story is about a reincarnated doctor who also has a space that has all the medicine stuff she needs. Her past life's family wasn't so good but her current family (and little town) is the sweetest and cutest town ever. People are super nice to each other. If you want something sweet and heartwarming, you can read this. However, some parts just triggeredt me so bad.

... more>>

When the ML's mom died, and his mental state just broke, my mental state also broke. My gahd. My depression was kind of triggeredt because while I know it's just a story, I get how his mental state was anchored to his mom or the MC. So his mom dying like that just made him snap. It triggered me too much I had to stop reading for a bit. But I'm back from the brink and I still enjoy the story. I think just goes to show how good the author is. The psychological effects of a trauma is so well written.

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Aug 15, 2020
Status: c635
Ok, this novel just won't get a 5 because the main protagonists separating all the time frustrates me a lot.

But i'll read it til' the end, and I do recommend this novel for anyone looking for a lighthearted novel to read. Although there are some dramas and and some dog blood going around, it's still an excelent read. I really like the way the romance between every single important character is developed in the story, and every single member of the Liu family is eventually talked about. The Liu family... more>> is the sweetest thing (i think this family stole every other single story parent's love and put it in here).


So now, let me talk about the particulars. The story is set around a transmigrator, her development as a character is interesting. She is a person who learns to love and trust, and she's keen on giving it back to society. She and Feng Qingbai are such a cute couple, it breaks my heart to see them separating and reuniting all the time. But it is also understandeable, since this novel is mostly a SLICE OF LIFE novel, not a pure romance. Which is a shame. hahaha

Next, we have the other couples, and I swear I love them all (and that basically never happened to me in a novel. I normally have one couple or other I either don't care about or can't stand. But here the author captivates us by taking out the unecessary "everybody loves me" syndrome and just make it that everyone has their other half somewhere.


And I really want to talk and expose the couplings, so it'll be a separate spoiler tag below. haha.


First with Liu Zhixia and Fu Yuzheng, then with Qian Wanjin (whose name choice made me laugh really hard) and Shi Xianrong (one of my favorite characters, really. Her straightforward personality is just so my cup of tea. So refreshing), Li junyue (later, Liu Muqiu) and Liu Zhiqiu's romance almost made me shed some tears, but in the end some decisions are just so... and I'm sure there'll be more couples in the future.


And I pray there are more scenes with our lil' shota - the Emperor. In my opinion he's one of the characters that deserves most happiness, and I can't help but just grow simpathetic for him, even though I do understand many of the decisions of why people act that way around him ~

Ayah. I want moooooooooooore romance sniff. But still love you, dear novel.

Sorry for my ramblings, thank you for those who read through it all >D <<less
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Nov 15, 2020
Status: c24
very lighthearted novel from what I read so far, however, the chapters themselves are honestly really frustrating. It seems to be mixed up and sometimes and the links do not work??
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Jul 20, 2020
Status: c40
Amazing story!!! The family love between all the family members were too sweet!!! Loved it!!! Truly!!! And the possessive ML was also really cute!!

The translation is good as well. Thanks for translating this book!!! Eagerly waiting for the next update!!!
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