Falling to Paradise


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“I am Lady Glasster, treat me accordingly!”

Aiden Fitzroy, the illegitimate child of the former emperor bearing the scars of war, and Anje Glasster, forced into an unwanted marriage,

“Now, aren’t you Mrs Fitzroy? Moreover, I’m not spending time with you because I like it.”

A farm surrounded by nature, a quaint rural village, and everything that doesn’t suit her taste. Among them, the worst is Aiden, who treats her like a pest.

“Just wait, I’ll deceive you and escape from this farm!”

But at some point, both his attitude and her feelings begin to change.


“So what you’re saying is that you didn’t think I was beautiful before, but you do now?”

“Ah……No, even before.”

With an embarrassed voice, Aiden mumbled like he had a thorn in his throat, but eventually, he managed to finish his sentence; though he had to squeeze his words out.

“Even before, I thought you were beautiful.”

“………Sir, your ears are red.”

Everyone thought this marriage marked the downfall of Princess Glasster, but was that really true? Was she really falling?

Associated Names
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Fallen to Paradise
Falling to Paradise: A Marvelous Morganatic Marriage
추락한 곳은 낙원
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Breakthewall rated it
February 2, 2024
Status: c32
Super funny, ML's and FL's POV are realistic, they aren't like any typical forcibly married couples (that hate each other on the first day and boom the other day they're in love), it's a slow burn, a cute funny one.

Highly recommend!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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