Falling into the Abyss


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Ethan, the former secretary working for the Energy Bureau of Earth Union, was detained in a place called ‘Forbidden City’ after being deprived of his moral value points for committing treason. Everyone in the city is tr*sh among humans. They have to continually go on specified hazardous and terrifying missions for the sake of atonement and to exchange moral values points. If their moral value points reach 100 one day, they would obtain a chance to be released from the Forbidden City and return to the world of the humans to restart their lives as a human. But it was said that once someone enters the Forbidden City, no one can come out alive.

Ethan just wanted to live, but from his first mission, he felt like he had descended into a whirlpool of terror. In front of these huge monsters that could devour the entire universe, he can only keep falling.

This novel is inspired by Lovecraftian horror.

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New Sleepy_sheepy rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: c76
Highly recommend! I could really gush on and on about how fantastic this is.

Unique and eclectic mix of Lovecraftian horror, ABO dynamics, and sci-fi elements. Super thrilling to read with the plot leaping in unpredictable directions, great world-building and a well-paced plot.


  • Brilliant world-building. MC lives in a dystopian Earthian society that rules with an iron-fist. He is demoted to a nonhuman after committing a crime and losing morality points. As a nonhuman, he is tasked with dangerous experimental interstellar missions. It’s gradually revealed that there are complex political and religious factions running in the background. What is amazing is that this information is smoothly incorporated and hinted inside the story without being an info-dump
  • No plot holes in sight. Author has done her research - even the heavier sci-fi concepts (e.g. space-time rips, antimatter experiments, parallel dimensions etc) and pseudoscience seem to make sense and doesn’t seem far-fetched
  • MC is well-developed and realistic. He acts his age (30) and feels very real - he isn’t OP and he particularly clever or strong. He acts very reasonably in the countless life-death scenarios. He can be cowardly, selfish and fearful, other times courageous and righteous... His character and personality is well-fleshed out,

    *spoilers which makes his descent into madness/alien transformation super interesting*...

    ... there is definitely character growth.
  • ML is a mysterious alien priest. MC and ML’s relationship is really interesting, it isn’t particularly romantic (at least, not at this stage) - rather, it makes me uneasy. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the ML.
  • The overall mystery is super exciting and grand - mysteries surrounding the Lovecraftian gods, what happened in the past, MC’s inexplicable connection to these mysteries..,
  • Horror is genuinely scary - there’s gore of course (people dying in cruel and unusual ways and a lot of body horror) but there is also intense psychological horror. The deeply unsettling horror of the unknown permeates throughout the entire story. The allusions to giant and unfathomable alien civilisations, chaotic gods, space-time holes is so unsettling. The author cleverly weaves psychological horror into the story. Small things going off-kilter can be quite creepy... like

    looking out to space and seeing the planets are not spherical, or seeing an extra moon in the sky that should not be there, or finding a child’s handprint in an abandoned town but the fingers are all the same length.

  • Interesting side characters
  • The missions are unique and intense. Mission 1 - investigate space/time rip in a strange world. Mission 2 - partake as experimental rats to monitor the effects of entering a parallel world. Mission 3 - foil the rebellion of horned-aliens.

  • Heavy sci-fi elements. If you don’t like that, then I’d say skip this one
  • MC is not OP. He is pretty ordinary and can be spineless and is generally a diplomatic and mild-mannered guy. Though, he is NOT a flat character. His mellowness is not a weakness, but people might not like that.
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New Nyaa.23 rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Pros :

The MC deserves all the love in the world. Imma cry for this cinnamon bun. I think we all agree that at first, we want MC to lose his mind and go cray. But after everything that MC has went through, he deserves so much more.

The ML is sus, still is. I don't rlly like him. Sure he's hot and has 3 eyes and an alien priest, just more reasons to make him hot. But I don't like how he see MC as a goal?? Like everything about him... more>> is dangerous. Kinda made it up at the end tho.

The side characters left long lasting impression. The omega x omega pairing is unexpected, I never see that pairing where both of them are aggressive and loveable at the same time.

The author likes to make us suffer with the characters. Doesn't hesitate to un alive the characters. The ending is an open one but I cried. There's so much emotions and I just want my bby to live happily and let go of the past. I am officially a mom fan.

The world building is nice, coupled with the abo dynamics. It's a nice setting. The mtl is surprisingly easy. Translations by CG are top notch.

Cons :

The ending like whyyy but it kinda fits the vibe the novel is giving. Kinda hope the author make some extras or maybe a sequel. <<less
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TamedFox rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: Completed
It's heart breaking. I need comfort. I've been hit too hard.

I only read this for 1 1/2 days but it feels like an eternity.

My heart hurts. I need to read my comfort novel.

... more>> Bruh in the first half of the book I really really want the MC to blacken and when he did blacken I regret. I REGRET. I'm sad now.

Everything is ssooooo goood I'm crying

Whether it's BE or HE. For me, it's HE. But it's still sad. It's a sad happy ending. It's kinda open ended if you think about it. There's still many things that haven't been wrapped up.

I hope the worms didn't die



This could've been a 1000 chapter novel telling about how they conquered the universe. Anyways it's kinda open ended. I'll just imagine them becoming overpowered and defeated the tyrannical reign (lol) of the God of Chaos and Order



I'm still wondering wtf is the purpose of the God of Order


Really disturbing at first. It's supposed to be disturbing but I slowly got used to it. Probably because I read the first half of the novel during night time and the later parts during the day. I had nightmares.

I really really like the lore.

about the God of Chaos and the God of Order


The world building is really good and the characters and their development.

The setting is in the future, omegaverse. And the MC is in a utopian society

that he's about to ruin himself lol


It's omegaverse so there are bound to be people hiding their gender.

Jonathan Samuel and Rafael Shneider ;-; I'm still crying for these two. I hope the little Rafael and little Samuel didn't die


Btw MC is a beta and ML is an Alpha. An interesting match.

Bro I was like there's no way they're gonna f*ck so early in the book. Guess what??they did. With no details : ( ((


The background of the characters are so sad : ( ((

Just read the novel lmao I can't explain this novel in words. I might just write a hundred page essay but I'm lazy so no.

No one told me spoilers so I was anxious the whole time I was reading. I don't like (though I don't really hate it either) reading sci-fi novels because it gives me an existencial crisis. Most sci-fi novels get references from actual stuff in reality and thats why it feels so real. And I like reading fantasy novels more because they're unreal. Fantasy novels makes me feel stable because there's a distinct boundary between reality and fantasy BUT reading this novel made me realize that this unsettling feeling feels wonderful. This novel made me see a new world :) hehehe

I still hope the worms didn't die even though they might cause another apocalypse

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bane3000 rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: c132
I really liked this book that I had to MTL it after reading the first chapter and it was worth it I really loved the main character, he wasn't exactly evil but he alsi wasn't the traditional good person trying to save people if only I could find more books with MCs like this thank you to the translator for picking this up.
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someonewithemptyhands rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: --
okay here ww have one of the best ABO novels in term of plot. first the main couple are Alpha X beta and you'll never see the cliche of pheromones matching suddenly heat etc... second the story is very amazing and scary, its kinda like darren shan novels with describing with horrible details. I had goosebumps all of my body when I reading it and now I have little truma with insects, so if you dont like disgusting things like insect layed egg in human body etc dont read it..

the... more>> good points

first the plot, its really attract my attention and I like it. scary and disgusting novels arent my cup of tea, especially bl, I like to read light and fluffy bl but this novel is very good and I cant stop myself for reading it, , I like the ending too, its best ending for this novel, second the events...i cried so much that my eyes became red, MC and ML are really pitifull, its like all of the world wanted them to lost their every things, their hope their family and... MC is more pitifull, all of the novel I think how poor he is, everyone wanted to hurt him and take his special persons, his power growing and the progress of his body change is intresting too, I like the romanse for main and side couple too, their really pitiful and in their tribble world heal their Wounds, its not like other fast born omegaverse story ot love at first they fell in love after many interaction

at first I think its love at first but when I read ML's intent I find the true


the bad point

i like the mystery of the book but some events arent clear at all, like MC mother's behavior or what happend to his father in the end or why some races wanted other god even though all of the world when he'll appear are going to be distroyed, or about worm race in other planet, what happend to them in the end, the two worm I mean, I cant find another bad point other than this, maybe the lack of hot scene? LOL.


poorest MC I have ever seen, he is really miserable,

at first he lost his mother in young age then his father didnt like him at all then his love betrayed him then he sufferd very much in that f*cking city then his lover and his friend dead and all of the people around him hit him and tortured him

I think author really doesnt like our MC, even villains in novels hadn such dog blood life, but for the ending I can forgive author


okay ML has more complicated personality than MC, we see him as gentle and carrying person who loved MC in any sittuaion but suddenly

we realised about his contract and I myself can only say f*ckk, , , even you didnt like our baby, then who are going to be his lover and treat him kindly, all of the people around him are b*tchs you should at least... at that time I really felt disappointment and think author what the f*ck do you want ??!!at least kill our baby so he wouldnt have sufferd more but ML suprise all of us and I felt pity for him too, he was a child after all and similar to MC

here we havent so cliche story that ML is very possessive alpha etc, yes he sometimes felt jalous but thats all, he used all of his abilty to protect our MC,


f*ckkkkkk.... the side characters of this story are really special, and their miserable life, you know the environment is that f*cking city and this is dark novel so you should be prepeard to cryed like a bit*h and eat dog blood and see many person have killed,

i really feel pity for our two omegas... I wish they'll live in that worms and going to live together... how miserable their lifeeeee T T even thinking about it my eyes become teary


so yes its f*cking good story, if you want something heavy, scary, full of gorn and violence, make you cry like a bit*h and charming plot and good romance, I think you should try it, <<less
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October 21, 2020
Status: c10
4/5. Would recommend a read. It's quite MTL-able. Futuristic sci-fi novel gradually turning into a more doomsday-type deal. Tons of action with alien monsters and whatnot. Tons of disturbing gore and violence. Tons of angst and depression. It feels like you're reading about how the MC slowly becomes insane. The only ray of light in the midst of the author's brutal onslaught of negativity is a sweet romance between the main couple.

The summary says that the author was inspired by Lovecraftian horror, and it definitely feels that way. We have... more>> the standard sci-fi intergalactic setting. There are multiple races living on unique planets and ecosystems and political friction. And then there's a whole lot of talk about gods, supernatural otherworldly beings beyond the scope of human understanding, etc.

The story was solidly written. No real loose ends. Not exactly a HE but not really a BE.

For weaknesses, the novel is a little flat with characters. The MC is very well fleshed out, and the ML is okay. One other character is detailed. Everyone else comes off as monotone, but they are also largely unimportant. It just makes the novel feel a bit less immersive. <<less
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July 23, 2021
Status: --
Cause I saw the reviews on how the ending is open ended and kinda sad I read it. And imo:


it wasn't a sad ending, it was an open ending for sure but the implications were positive so it's actually sort of a HE that wasn't so openly conclusive. It ended in a positive note so give it a try if you're interested.

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Sytjen rated it
October 31, 2020
Status: Completed
SF, Lovecraft's monsters, love and hopelessness. Awesome combination. Usually I'm not into ABO, but this one has inters*x and trans characters and that makes this whole dynamic much more bearable.

Little bit depressing if you are optimistic about humans as a species
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