Fakes Don’t Want To Be Real


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I lived my whole life as a substitute for the lost princess.

But the moment the real princess came back,

“Let’s be thankful that it ends like this.”

I was sorrowfully abandoned.

….. No, the ending would have been the same even if the real princess had not returned.

“I think my usefulness is up to here, so I’ll leave now.”

“If you come back, I’ll acknowledge you as a real daughter.”

“I don’t need it.”

I wouldn’t be loved by anyone, but it didn’t matter. I decided to live my own life completely.

“It goes up high enough for everyone to look up to.”

“I’ll make it like that for you.”

“Don’t leave me. Do you get it?

Whispering that he loves me, and even asking me if I knew it.

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가짜는 진짜가 되기를 바라지 않는다
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BumBumBakudan rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: c33
Story would have been good, but it's so forced and unreasonable that it's frustrating to read.

Why story is good? It's not classical "evil girl cries and everyone is turned against MC and now MC has to argue and obliterate them with fact", this time MC's enemies are actually evil/corrupt people with ill intentions and they are not doing it because of classical petty reason of MC being pretty or smart. There is an actual mystery why is MC adopted, why is her family acting strangely, what's the reason for good... more>> people to hide their identities and whats the story/reason behind all of the shady people. After regressing MC acts mostly emotionless and just want to avoid all people so story isn't oversaturated with "word battles".

Why it's so bad? Author does whatever he wants, even if it doesn't make any sense.

  1. Forced story. I hoped that at one point it will stop (sometimes authors like to start in a wonky way to lay out an unique story), but not this time. Even on chapter 31 she want to do a dumb thing for no reason at all. Why? She herself says it because of brainwashing what her family has done for years, it doesnt make sense because she already multiple times argued with them and uncovered a lot of dark things, then why wasn't she affected by this mystical brainwashing before?
  2. It's constantly told by author that MC is smart, but all of her actions are dumb. Few examples: 1) She was drinking tea for 10+ years what gave her massive headaches but she never investigated it, when she started to suspect something, what did she do? Did she inspect tea leaves? no. Did she take a sample to doctor? no. Did she... asked the maid who has been giving it to her for all of these years and the one who framed her in previous life what resulted in MC death? YES! 2) tr*sh foster dad asks MC to go to real daughters welcome party, MC doesnt want to and once again remembers past life, how horrible it was and how much she hates it, tr*sh dad starts to smile and act sweetly, MC "oh wow, I have no idea why he is nice but it's not so hard to attend the party! Let's go!" 3)

    She knows that Silkisia familys talant is unmelting ice, yet nobody in family has ice abilities, except for her... buuut her ice abilities are curse not Silkisia abilities. Why? Because the people who killed her in past life said so!

  3. At first I was excited that it was a story where ML stated that he doesnt care about MC and it's only political engagement. The engagement ring what shares emotions always showed that MC is sad and scared, but he never investigate her situation, he just brushed it off as worrysome but not worth checking. Great! But... he doesnt want to break off the engagement? He interprets everything what MC does as something to cach his attention and at the same time he is worried that she's emotionless with empty eyes of dying soldier? There are many more dumb reasons for example like MC wearing plain dress and no accesories totally not because she's mistreated by maids, but it's to get his attention! Knights love cold plain ladies even tho he's a wealthy duke, she's such a sneaky fox!

    Oh and he always avoids her because he can't take his mind off her. If he is so obsessed then why he never cared about her situation? He himself said that he wont marry anyone else but her. It doesn't make sense, right? But wait, it's because they both are actually reincarnation of past lovers, yayy!

  4. MC somehow is well informed about all kinds of things but she has no friends or connections... then how did she even get that information? It's just written that she deals with information much better than her brothers but nothing else is explained.
  5. MC is also best swordsman in existence, that even ML (who constantly hunts beasts) is shocked, yet she has no practical experiance and always trains alone withouta sparring buddy. It's so obious that author just wanted to make her smart and cool and did it in most cheapest way by just writing it without any suppoting information.
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flqr34 rated it
April 15, 2023
Status: c27
The translation is so bad it is killing the story. You'll often have no idea of who is speaking, or if it is even someone speaking or a third person narration, you'll get more or less the gist of what's happening because everything is so cliched you don't actually need to read more than a few key words to understand.

Which brings up my second point: a story can use clichés and still be good, but this story is not good. The heroine is so strong the author has to use... more>> the most awkwardly dumb plot devices to avoid writing in chapter 2 "Psyche got up, punched her maid in the face, wrecked her siblings, then walked out of the estate never to return". She's also of course prevented to ever communicate by random happenstances, and is force paired by the world building with a ML, a jerk who in other, better series would get deservedly dumped for treating the FL like tr*sh for years (as if chasing someone was a mortal sin, and saying "no" earnestly was seduction)

Well, maybe if better translated it would have been ok, but storywise it does not hold a candle to "the real daughter is back" or "your throne" or "actually I was the real one" (and I'm not claiming all those are masterpieces) <<less
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Annchor08 rated it
June 24, 2022
Status: c28
I honestly like the story from the start and would have given it a higher score but as the story goes, it feels like its losing the quality?

I like the MC when she ... more>>

decided to leave that tr*sh family when she returned back in time after she died but as she progress with her plan she's becoming quite dumb about her own powers. I do understand that it was already ingrated she was still a child that it was like a curse to her but as a reader knowing that the MC already has some knowledge about the family's background who took her in doesn't even bother to fully understand it when she went back in time. That was just really frustating enough not included that a knight (who I think knows about it and has a lot more knowledge) and her fiancé who discovered it by connecting the dots where always being interupted in telling her.


Of course those events are needed to make the story longer lol. But for me it just makes the MC who is supposed to be smart and she really was, but needed to be dumb in some area. I guess we cant have her be too smart to connect the dots like her fiancé did. I didnt say the fiancé is also too smart coz we really cant have that as well. *sigh* The MC just frustrates me overall. I'm still contemplating if I'm going to continue reading it. Lol

The translation was okay from the start but it gets worse and in dire need of good proofreading. I'm really thankful with the TLs effort in translating it and I understand how hard to get the same essence of the words used from the OG language to a different one but it still needs a lot of work. And it seriously really needs to be proofread, it will make the quality much much better. <<less
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April 15, 2023
Status: c25
When I read "Once again the peac*ck struck the desk with his fist." The translation went from 4/10 to 1/10. The premises of the novel was interesting enough for me to keep reading if the translators didn't have the evil intention of killing the readers braincells. I'm a M for terrible cliché plots, not horribly sadistically translated literature.
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kawaii12345 rated it
January 1, 2022
Status: c2
Provisional 5 stars.

As I write this there's only 2 chapters and the story is incomplete. What is there is very very good though. First though it doesn't count it should, the translation is exceptional. The story is written obliquely and in places almost poetically, so it must have been very difficult to bring it over from the Korean. I can only give a round of applause to the translator.

The story itself, has hooked me in. I now have it on my read as updated list because I just want to... more>> know what is going on. I already like the MC. She is very decisive and intriguing. I definitely want to know more about her. The world so far has just been hinted at, and may be a big flaw. We are given that it's a very different world than ours, and it has magic, but that's it. Everything else is left blank which may give us the situation where the author just pulls things out of that undefined void to move the plot along. I am hoping that, that won't be the case.

Bottom line, it's definitely worth the time to take a look. <<less
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shugu8rena rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: c14
I'm really not good with originally strong characters with smart minds but acts dumb and let's people trample on them for years for whatever s*upid reason. A year or 2 is not enough but 10 years and death is what wakes them up before they try to change/take a different path. This has really become a pet peeve that it's hard for me to appreciate such characters.

The story itself is not bad with this few chapters and even if I'm not into the FL, I can still read it fine... more>> for now (even with the translation). Lol <<less
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Nepenthe rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: c9
Honestly, I have taken some stars from my rating because the translation is in dire need of some editing and proofreading. There are a lot of pronoun errors and not much has been done to the basic translation to help readers understand who’s actually talking when there’s dialogue. The story would be a lot stronger if some time was put in to bring the grammar above its current barely-acceptable level.

As far as the story itself is concerned, I do really like the MC. She’s very strong and capable. It’s still... more>> a little early to comment on the overall plot, but I will say that the idiot ball is getting passed around. Outside of the MC, I guess there aren’t a lot of brain cells to spare, god bless their hearts. I really want to like this, but it’s not at that level yet. <<less
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Astarlly rated it
May 5, 2023
Status: c79
The story is quite bad and cliché but I cant help myself to read all of it.

There are some words that are too random that it caught me off guard when I was invested with it, the novel really need some grammar edits and the pronounce edit, it's so frustating to get confused who and who are talking. I did tried my best to keep up with it but I ended up skipping most of it.

I still feel like the story is good, if the translator fix the errors and... more>> make the story more understandable. Even thought the story might be clichè or with some characters that are quite bad, but at the same time, the story just keeps on holding onto me so tight that I can't stop reading it. <<less
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Nucifera rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: --

I'm will to overlook most of the stuff mentioned by the other reviews here tbh, but you know what really grinds my gears? No one of willing to just talk to the MC.

Everyone who's seems to have any idea about who she is or what her powers are like hints to her that something up... and then promptly drops it without actually speaking to her.

As frustrating as that is, what really did this book in for me is the ML. I do not like this man.

He's full of himself, shows no redeeming qualities whatsoever and only shows interest in the MC because who could possibly *not* want him? Oh, and then he gets really excited about forcing her to be tied to him when he finds out she can help solve his magic problem. Great, right? From one as*hole family who treats her like shir to another as*hole who wants to own her like a possession.

The MC is just, unfortunately to f*cking s*upid to tell that he's a shallow pos and she should have just cut her finger off to get rid of the ring and been done with it.

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