Fake Young Master Acts Weak and Attacks the Disabled Tycoon


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Yu He was a famous beautiful fool among the rich and powerful, relying on his good background to live a life of ease and make a living without working. Unfortunately, he was a fake young master, and when the real young master returned to the Yu family, he was not only kicked out by his foster parents but also had to serve a big shot with special interests.

Yu He shrugged and said, “Whatever.”

In a secluded and eerie castle, the big shot, dressed in a sharp suit and with a handsome and gloomy face, sat in a wheelchair, looking coldly at Yu He with hidden sharpness that was intimidating.

After one night passed…

Yu He: You know, I’ve been here for a while knowing that the big shot’s special hobby is to be a bottom.

From that day on, Yu He became the golden crane that the big shot kept in the castle.

When the real young master came crying to “retrieve” Yu He, he discovered that Yu He was actually living in the private residence of Fu Yunzheng, the head of a top-notch wealthy family.

Even the head of the Yu family couldn’t curry favour with the terrifying presence of Fu Yunzheng, who could make the entire capital world tremble with a frown. It was rumoured that he was capricious and cruel, and after being disabled in a car accident, he became even more sinister and terrifying. His injured leg was his sore spot, and anyone who dared to look at it a little longer would suffer a catastrophe.

But the true young master saw something different. In the depths of the garden, he saw Yu He sitting on Fu Yunzheng’s lap, kissing him while squeezed into his wheelchair.

The fact that Fu Yunzheng was supporting Yu He spread like wildfire, and everyone criticised Yu He for being shameless and superficial. Yu He took it as a compliment and used the attention to make money through live-streaming.

At first, the live-streaming room was full of insults, but when the haters saw the luxurious and dazzling mansion, luxury cars, branded watches, and jewellery, they began to waver. After seeing dozens of servants bowing to Yu He in unison, the haters exclaimed, “I only hate myself for being ugly.”

Later on, all the wealthy and influential people who wanted to get in good with Fu Yunzheng began flooding into Yu He’s live streaming room, frantically showering him with gifts and asking him to pass along a message.

Yu He made an incredible comeback, reaching new heights!

Fu Yunzheng: Don’t stare at your broken live stream all day, look at me.

Yu He: You’re the best thing to look at.

Everyone was waiting for Fu Yunzheng to get tired of playing with Yu He and dump him, but they waited and waited until the engagement banquet of Yu He and Fu Yunzheng.

At the engagement banquet, the true young master’s lover sneered at Yu He, “Yu He, how can serving others with your body last long? People will get tired of it.”

Fu Yunzheng replied, “You better pray that little He won’t get tired of me. If little He doesn’t love me anymore, your family will go bankrupt.”

The people who once looked down on Yu He: !!! Yu He, please love him for a long time, we’ll kowtow to you!!!

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Hell rated it
March 11, 2023
Status: c67
I usually don’t go for ongoing novels but this one is going surprisingly well!

Although I want to break the necks of every parent from (both) the Yu families, the story is satisfying and the progression (apart from love at first sight/f*ck) is very realistic and sweet.

Fu Yunzheng and Yu He make a very good couple, and there’s little drama in their whole process of getting together (which they already did by this point in the novel!). Above all, they support each other and put each other above anything else, which... more>> works greatly for them. Their preoccupation with the other’s well being and health (each have their own health problems after all, even if Yu He’s are exclusively of psychological/psychiatric nature)

Also, the portrayal of health problems and diseases is very well researched (Yu He is studying to be a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor after all), at least in terms of symptoms, progression and physiological basis, which is particularly nice to see. I can’t say much about the treatments (since they focus on TCM after all, and my expertise stops at Western Medicine), but author jiejie seems to have put a great deal of care on the research and setting of their health problems, and I’m quite interested in how it will progress!

Overall, the novel focuses a lot about FYZ and YH’s relationship and how they overcome their difficulties, and the fact YH is shamelessly shameless is also quite funny. Definitely recommend!

(Also, the MTL is quite understandable but I particularly liked Divine’s translation, the style of the novel is particularly well portrayed). <<less
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_dreamlesscloud_ rated it
May 24, 2023
Status: c111
What is a truly happy and most fortunate moment in one's life? It is not when we reach the peak of success and fame surrounded by everybody like the stars adoring the moon, but it is when we find ourselves at rock bottom deep in the valley of suffering with the people who never gave up on us.

We are still under the torturous pain of the abyss but we find that it's bearable. We can have the courage to face it and persevere because of them.

... more>>

Caution: Potentially inaccurate and rushed review!

When I saw it is still ongoing, I hesitated to give this one a try. The thing about ongoing novels, for me, is that you can't know in advance if it has a happy or tragic ending. I prefer seeing the end first and preparing my heart for heartbreak if it was the latter. I read the summary, thought it might be similar to the fluffy novels I tend to read, and decided to just jump into the story without reading the reviews.




Two people at the lowest point of their lives, one humbled by the circumstances and the other abandoned by everyone around him, reunite after a short yet memorable first meeting years ago. Like a drowning man to a branch of wood, their souls grab on and seek solace in each other's warm embrace.


What I liked:


There are still a lot of good things but these are the ones I immediately thought of--

    • Not sure if the MTL gave it justice but I found the author's writing style has a thoughtful, pondering quality. It focuses a lot on the character's psyche and mental state. (I like the quality of the 10 chapters of translation available at the time of writing this review, keep up the good work translator-san!)
    • I like the ML. He's older than the MC so he has a lot more to consider and think about before making a decision. I liked him even better because we both have the same philosophy/way of loving: love is restraint. ML prioritized giving the MC a sense of peace and security over his own feelings. (Although that is also a double-edged sword that caused the push-and-pull before they got together later on.) Actually, if they got together when they first met, the likelihood of him being the gong is really high. I felt that, because he likes the MC first and thought he wasn't bent, he gave the initiative to him and became the shou. Since, you know, most 'straight' characters in Danmei find it easier to bend when they assume (or think they will have (> w < =) the role of being a gong. And I was right. I like how he and MC care more about being with each other than being preoccupied with who holds who.
    • I relate with the MC, especially at the start of the story. He stopped caring about what he might suffer when he got tricked into working at Jinsetai, even if he might be tortured to death at the hands of people who throw stones at someone already down. When you lose hope and feel dead inside, you numb yourself with apathy because nothing scares you anymore. You get a little hint here and there about the precarious state of his psyche at the start, then it will be explored later on. I knew in my gut that there was a reason why he faints at the sight of needles (trypophobic people should take caution reading about the story behind his trauma).
    • I like how they encouraged and never gave up on each other even when they gave up on themselves. ML told MC something along the lines of, 'I love you and I hope you don't stop loving yourself.'
    • MC didn't stop massaging and administering treatments for ML's legs, he learned how to do it himself when he noticed that the latter was averse to other people. MC wasn't good at serving ML at first, but he didn't give up on trying and got better later on.
    • ML didn't force MC on what he should do because he also noticed his rebellious streak and dislike of being dictated to do what he should do. He patiently supported MC after giving him the space to do whatever he wanted and secretly helped him when he could.
    • You'll find how much they love each other in the little things they do, and it melts my heart. Their dynamic reminds me a lot of the Korean novel Stranger (where a lawyer picks up a stray youth).
    • I find the author's choice of TCM and acupuncture unique. I don't come across it when I read novels going this type of route unless it's a genius doctor who transmigrated into ancient times or something.
    • I like how the treatment for ML's legs took time. I read a lot of feel-good novels starring main characters who have disabilities that were later rehabilitated, and they go through the rehabilitation phase vaguely and relatively quickly so reading about a more detailed process is nice.

Additional comments


I still haven't finished reading this in its entirety but I wanted to write a review about it even if I have yet to finish digesting and forming coherent thoughts about the novel as a whole. I don't know if the part about the MC's disorder was accurate and I don't actually want to know more about it because it reminds me of my childhood abuser who was diagnosed with that same disorder. I don't want to talk about the novel's weaknesses or shortcomings because there will always be a reviewer who'll address it so I'll leave it to them.


If you like stories of fluff with hidden needles (no pun intended hahaha), couple dynamics where they encourage and support each other (they are each other's anchor, reason, and harbor), and don't mind sudden dog blood where the author tortures the main characters and pokes your heart with a thousand needles ever so slightly, you can give this one a try. <<less
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CabbageSpaceship rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: --
Barely start this one but oh my god the real!young master side is sooooo hateful. I mean if you want to take revenge, take it to the dumb nurse! It's not the child's fault!!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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