Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You


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Beyond the earthly realm were Buddha and the Dharma. In the earthly realm were feelings of love. Camel bells rang the song of the West, about a love story that journeyed along the Silk Road over a thousand years ago…

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Đức Phật và nàng
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New acetylcoa rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c52
A beautifully written novel, that stays true to the course of history, yet brings up new intriguing nuances and perspectives. 100% different from all other transmigration novels out there, because this one is so thoughtfully written, and is almost educational as it literally brings the reader to actual historical scenes. Beautifully written romance as well, I'm not even done with the novel but I'm already so in love with it.
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maiha-sama rated it
February 4, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a beautifully written book. There are a lot of complicated emotions at play here. The longing and surrender, the courage of the characters, their choices are all captivating. I loved how the time travel elements drove the plot and how the consequences were woven into the story. They made the character interactions feel more fragile and therefore, meaningful. It wont fail to warm your heart and make you teary at the same time. Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You could have gone wrong on so many levels considering... more>> the religious connotations and what the author is setting out to establish; but the book shines - and how! The choices made by the characters never felt illogical or over dramatic. Particularly refreshing to have have a love story depicting problems that were not caused by inaction, lack of communication and needless contriving. Absolute pleasure to read. The time travel book of all time travel books. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
January 27, 2016
Status: --
Reviewed at 12 chapters, rated 4.

It’s a complicated and charming novel at the same time. The story follows a modern post-grad student who time traveled to thousands year past and met with a major figure in Buddhism and history. The plot was definitely a one-of-a-kind, especially because apparently the author wrote it with the purpose to introduce a Buddhism figure to wider public. Not at all a common reason for someone to write romance novel. But that uncommon reason didn't turn this novel into endless preaching; just try read a... more>> few of the first chapters, and romance/historical addicts will love it.

I’m not a Buddhist and have no intention to change religion, but this novel has definitely made me interested to know more, because although there are some points where things may become hard to understand, but there are also many points where the complication may charm us. I'm not exactly sure how to say it, but it's probably the charm of the exalted (?)

On the downside, there were some inconsistencies with the characterization, like when the MC in one chapter said don’t know much about Buddhism but in later chapter preached about it. Nevertheless, the characters are intriguing; in this novel, the author has succeeded to make people want to know more about that certain major personage. <<less
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BeeShelf rated it
August 7, 2016
Status: c20
I've read till chapter 20. And the story is well thought. This novel differs from other light novel you've read so far on novelupdates. com. The difference can be explained on writing style and what the author is trying to tell you. Most light novel I've read so far had something common, they gave the same feeling, e.g. time travel stories with super cheat skills, or unique skills or romance with female protagonist who knows martial arts and etc... This light novels give you a thrill, excitement and anticipation,... more>> as for "Faithful for Buddha, faithful to you" it's more in-depth, to be more precise author really concentrates on characters and personal development. I feel really close with main characters so much that I feel melancholic. I hope you'll read this light novel, and give high score. And thumps up for Translators who are doing great work :) <<less
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NzmAnhDee rated it
May 21, 2016
Status: c1
This story is exquisite and is the quintessential epitome of a historical fiction; it tells us of a life of a girl, who through the usage of technology, manages to travel back to the age of the Han Dynasty (200-400 A.D.) and meets a significant figure in the history of Buddhism. I've only read the first chater LOL.
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UnknownPB rated it
December 5, 2018
Status: c41
I have read many time travelling/time slip novels. THIS NOVEL is one of a kind! I never read such novel unlike those typical novel where MC are op or cliche. I love how writing style and the melancholy feeling of the story. I hope the author continues to update this novel. I literally cried for both Rajiva and AQ. I hope they will be happily be together.
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acatone rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c24
the "random novels" section threw this at me and I was like... why not (shrug emoji)

Okay, i'll be honest, the premise weirded me out a bit for a few reasons:

  1. romance with a historical figure in a (relatively) historically accurate setting.
  2. said historical figure is a monk...................
I was a bit ????? at first but I guess that shock I got when reading the summary was what actually made me click to read it lol, and surprisingly, somehow??? it works??? I really need to bow down to the author lmfao

So far, from... more>> what I have read, the entire story seems to be very soft and calming, it's not overly dramatic with loads of drama of the sort, it feels like a slice of life story.... with time travel...? The whole story felt very comforting and domestic and while it's not everyone's cup of tea, I personally found it very enjoyable.

Regarding the whole monk thing that I found odd at first, the author seems to use the ML's identity as a source of dilemma which was quite interesting if not heart-wrenching at times. The little foreshadowing here and there, little reflections of the ML's thoughts through his actions and surrounding are all visible but not spelled out for you.

One example being when the brought the main character to the cave with the drawings of hell. The things he shows, his reactions as written by the author, all tell you how he feels without the ML personally saying it.


The clash and harmony of ideology between the MC and ML was also very interesting to me. Their inner thoughts and the things they can't share are all written down beautifully within the story. Their reactions to one or the other's beliefs is believable (haha) and realistic, even causing them to clash several times. The contrast between modern and ancient beliefs just shows how much effort both the author and translator put into the story. In regards to the cultural references, etc, the translator has also put a lot of helpful annotations as well as pictures to help us readers to immerse ourselves in the story, which I really, really appreciate.

As a whole, the whole thing is very philosophical and is heavy on both history and religion/philosophy which I personally enjoy but I realize many will find boring. (a few times when I read a particularly enjoyable chapter I found that other readers found it too philosophical and or boring """orz,)

While I feel that this will be a hit or miss thing, I personally love the whole thing about ideology and religion in here, and how the author put down her thoughts regarding sensitive matters such as faith, as well as the different point of views regarding it. I realize not many find these parts interesting, but I feel that their little chats about ideology, religion, etc plays a big role in the story, and the conflict between the MC, ML and within themselves, as well as creating the foundations to their personality and beliefs that will be ingrained in your mind. With this in mind, I was honestly a bit sad that a lot of the philosophical debates were cut out in the translation but I realize most readers would find it boring that the translator will have one hell of a time trying to translate it T v T (maybe I'm just a massive history and philosophy nerd OTL) <<less
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Risiris rated it
June 26, 2016
Status: --
For a written piece steeped with facts and research, I find this novel a richly inventive and enthralling one. I am drawn to the two main characters who are both interesting, complex, yet, simple and real. While it involves religion, history and time travel, it remains exciting without being too ambitious or overcomplicated. Looking forward to the release of the next chapters in the near future.
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May 15, 2019
Status: c44
First of, let me just say I NEVER read Chinese novels. I know they exists but C-drama portrayals of C-novels was never my cup of tea. They usually turns into a mess or the plots become too predictable. This is the first novel that I read that made me change my mind.

Where to even begin? The writing for this story is superb. The characters did not devolve into complete cliche mess. The details - down to the cultures, clothings, and history - are meticulously portrayed. The author obviously put a... more>> lot of time and effort into their research and writing. This story was created with a lot of love and care and it shows! After reading chapter 44 in English, I couldn’t wait for the next chapter to be released so I quickly scanned over the vietnamese translations. That’s how good it is. I wish I could wipe it from my memory so I can read it again. And again. And again.

Unrelated, but some Buddhist fans are a bit hesitated about reading this novel because they believe the nature of this novel infringes on their religious belief. If that is the case, I wonder how the live-action adaptation will portray the next chapters of FBFU since it will undoubtly deals with some controversial themes.

Tl;dr: please read this novel, it is amazing. <<less
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