Fairy Tale Chronicles


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Azuma Hiroshi, a good-for-nothing man, and Toudou Haruna, a beautiful woman are caught up in a malicious game bug.

They are stuck inside a VRMMO game world and left penniless, starting without a bag and only their beginners kit.

「What is happening……?」「What should I do……?」

Hiroshi has a phobia with women and whilst he was thrown into this game-like world, it was most definitely a completely different world.

This is a story of their adventure, looking for a way to return to his original world.

Associated Names
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Fairy Tale Chronicle: Kuuki Yomanai Isekai Life
フェアリーテイル・クロニクル ~空気読まない異世界ライフ~
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06/12/22 Light Novels Translations v5c8 part1
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03/24/22 Light Novels Translations v5c6 part3
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BigBadBoi rated it
October 18, 2019
Status: c16 part3
This is an OP+Slice of Life so I honestly didn't expect much of this. We have a pathetic beta MC and the perfect waifu being isekai'ed and the beta crafts uselessly OP sh*t while the perfect waifu cooks n shit. What could go wrong? Everything. Only after the MC and his crew of Japanese (that they met after a while) gets stuck in some s*upid conflict after being acquainted with the royalty did it go absolute shit. From the foodgasm superior nihon dishes to the bullsh*t conspiracy of some nobles.... more>> The explanation and even the fight scene was so sh*t that even after reading it word by word a few times I still got confused because of the sh*t explanation.

The gynophobia was interesting at first but it became stale instantly just like the other twists you see in webnovels to make it seem that they are unique but quickly go to sh*t because that is the only thing that got you interested. Heck, even I got interested purely because of the gynophobia. But remove that twist and you only get an empty shell. The MC's problem and backstory might be pitiful at first but is just pathetic after you think about it for a while. The gynophobia is just a poor excuse to make the MC a walking v*gina (aka a f*cking p**sy). It is probably in order to f*ck with the readers who ship them with the perfect waifu by creating bullsh*t conflict and drama for them to further their relationship that will develop in a slower pace than a highschool romcom <<less
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reliczexide rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: c14 part1
It started good but turned to sh*t pretty fast, after he got involved with the royals it became normal tr*sh jp MC.

At first, his gynophobia was pretty interesting then it disappeared into thin air like it never was and he became thrash.
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eristo rated it
November 20, 2020
Status: v1c7
the story progress very slowly like any slice-of-life, and that's would be fine if filled with interesting or funny content, but unfortunately it's filled with world building tids and bits about inconsequential game details.

It feels like reading a rule book about a game that doesn't exists
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Jargien rated it
April 24, 2019
Status: c5 part1
First time writing a review but this time the damn thing got me...

The first part seemed good and the story began interesting but by the last part released (ch5part1) the male MC had turned so pathetic that it was just painful to read and in my eyes there was no character development.

Give it a read yourselves and form your own opinion but this is mine and I do not recommend this novel.
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sal880612m rated it
September 13, 2020
Status: c17pt2
The biggest issue I have with this story is that it’s just not interesting for the vast majority of it that I’ve read.

The main characters are described as having the personality of being sidetracked and following into useless activities and that describes this novel pretty well. Whatever value or interest I can muster is almost always either worn away by another interlude of cooking or otherwise repeating the same “Haha, silly us, we go at our own tempo.” conversation or just completely blown over with a “This happened, but it’s... more>> not going to be explored.”

And when that isn’t what happens it’s like the author goes out of their way to make any possible plot or progression as dry and uninteresting as the rest.

The worst part is even as cliche as some developments and conventions are I know from other stories I’m not inherently unable to enjoy them anyway, they are just presented in such a way that they are wholly bland regardless.

So in terms of my personal ranking one indicates absolute garbage that I’ll judge people for writing or enjoying. This is mostly reserved for stuff that’s irredeemable in some way or fails in a spectacular manner to be even a decent example of whatever it’s trying to be. Three, four, and five are more random and influenced by general enjoyment, appreciation and circumstances. Two generally means I don’t like the novel but someone else might. This is absolutely a two. <<less
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Queball rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: c8 part2
Honestly I would disregard the previous review. The point in question in the story is typically used as a plot device for character development in the future as it contained background trauma with the male MC. That is if the author chooses to make use of said plot device, but it seems to be a extremely large part of the male MC profile that if they don't it would be a large failure for character development.

the case in point was the exact reveal of his trauma and only affected the only part of the translation where MC had a hard exposure to his trauma


The story is still early in its development and seems to still be building the world as sometimes overly technical information is provided that seems excessive to the world building. Which if you are into can be a good thing.

My biggest problem with the novel so far is the lack of distinction between who is speaking. From comments of the translator it is an issue from the author not making it clear. It can sometimes be deferred based on character speech patterns but other times is loss in translation.

Personally I enjoy the novel so far and the development is turning into an interesting arc. The translation for the most part is done well and has shows to have a steady release rate
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January 22, 2022
Status: v4 extra2.1
I wanted to put a review out there from someone that has read almost everything translated (through end of volume 4, in the extra chapters). The bottom line is that it was an enjoyable read. Over-powered isekai main character, crafting, adventures, slice of life, with a bit of romance sub-plot.

Another review said the MC was a beta male, and that's not quite wrong, I can see that. The MC is flawed with a significant phobia that holds him back, plot wise and romance wise.

My personal issues are that I would... more>> have liked to see more movement on the romance / phobia, but through 4 volumes there's only been a little movement. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing real happened until near the end of the main story, several volumes from now.

The polygamy tag is just wrong; it exists in the story, but no marriage so far for the protagonist, let alone polygamy.


Expect constant cooking/food references. The fact that it's partially a slice of life story with meals/cooking is fine, but after 4 volumes it got tiring. It's literally in almost every chapter, in a LOT of detail.

But, going back to my top line, it was very enjoyable and a good story, worth a try. <<less
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Aho555 rated it
May 22, 2023
Status: c20
I really like this concept of MC getting transmigrated together with a girl he knows but is not close with, and the story is about how their relationship develops as they explore life in a new world, just the two of them (mostly). Since Syosetsu authors mostly lack originality and like regurgitate isekai themes, I wonder why they didn't pick up on this.

Unfortunately author is terrible at exposition and the narration (? I'm not sure how to explain - how a scene is depicted and how it flows?). Narration is... more>> all over the place. The exposition - author loves to suddenly go off on tangents - two characters will be talking and suddenly the author will interrupt it to explain some mechanic or process and go on and on, for more than 1 paragraph sometimes.

Sure the story has its good points but I just couldn't take more of the excessive and unnecessary exposition. At least make a character do the explaining!

If you like stories about surviving in another world, while building connections with people, at the same time a heavy (and fun) inclination towards culinary development, I recommend reading "Ihoujin, Dungeon ni Moguru" instead. <<less
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Stompound rated it
January 10, 2020
Status: v2c3 part3
While the overall story is fairly interesting and this is a decent slice of life... There are too many characters for my taste. I have a tough time keeping track of all the characters and their personalities and the story becomes somewhat complicated and hard for me to read because of that. The crafting system in their world seems strangely under-studied and ignored and NPCs seem weaker than makes sense. And the combat system is not very well designed or interesting. If you're looking for something with clever, or detailed,... more>> game design you have come to the wrong place.

The character development is quite slow, but it is present, and the plot seems to be present but nothing really stands out. The translation is pretty good, but it can also be hard to read the main character's sentences because of his thick accent. (This is not a problem with the translators work, per se, but it reduces my personal enjoyment.) That being said, all of the characters are definitely somewhat interesting and each sorta stands out a bit from each other. And there is a decent mix of personalities in their group.

Overall it's a decent read with a light hearted feel. <<less
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