Experiencing a Happy Ending With a Scum Shou


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Out of boredom, Li Dong one day read through a whole list of books about scumbags male leads and their abusive possession of the submissive male protagonists.

His thoughts: Damn it, all the protagonists are so lowly! I want to hit someone! How can this kind of book have a happy ending! Actually, every book has HE!

Why is the male lead always so easy, being practically disabled by his male partner yet still staying deeply in love with the scumbag who gave him away!

Li Dong was so frustrated, but then, he suddenly transmigrated as the evil male partner in every book!

Male lead: “Second Young Master, please have me, or the Young Master will be angry.”

Li Dong: “You are really cheap.” But you shouldn’t be like this, you should respect yourself, understand?!

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What is the Experience of a Scumbag Receiving HE
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7 Reviews

New Catastrophe3
Jun 14, 2021
Status: --
There are way too many people who judge this novel based on the first arc. So I'm giving this an extra star. But it's a pretty decent read. The only angst is in the first arc, the remaining are relatively smooth. And I saw a comment absolutely tr*shing the ml. I just have one thing to say there really are people who are extremely submissive and have an inferiority complex. If you don't like the character then skip the arc or skip the novel. No need to be malicious about... more>> it. The whole idea of the novel is to change the ML who has some kind of problem with love (mostly the lack of self esteem and self respect) which can be seen clearly in the summary. You might think that a character in al book doesn't really care about my comment. That's true, but some people reading the comments do. The negativity you put out effects others. Nothing wrong in saying you don't like a character but it crosses a line when you curse and wish them to die in every single line of your comment, reminds of those black fans in chinese novels. And for the people who are wondering if you should still read it, just give it a shot. <<less
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New judeiiro
Jun 14, 2021
Status: c27
Just finished the first arc and it's not really my cup of tea... but it might be yours? xD

... more>>

The 1st world's shou is a cheap, submissive shou who has no self-respect and will even sleep with his crush's brother just because the crush told him to. I'm honestly disgusted and couldn't stand reading this arc, my god.

It was mostly sweet text of MC and ML (shou) getting together but then the system takes MC out of the loop and gives him a choice of staying or moving on, and ogMC comes back in........


I wanted to tear up these dogbloody pages ⚆ɞ⚆) !

It ends in HE though as per title lol since MC is a person with a conscience and returns into the world


MC so far is very patient and I applaud him for his perseverance! Thrown into a scum novel for no reason and doing his best to fix this extremely crooked shou... I admire him lol He's quite indifferent to ML because he views everything from a neutral standpoint and he is trying to help ML have a better life not depending on other men...

It's an interesting read but might not fit everyone's taste <<less
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May 28, 2021
Status: c11
Good quality translation and a story that pokes at some of the more brainless tropes of certain BL novels.

The MC appears to want to teach the protagonist to respect himself more and to not go after scum male leads.

He doesn't really give the protagonist detailed lessons on self-respect, exactly, which is what the summary would have you expect. Instead he keeps an eye on the protagonist and scolds him if he behaves in ways he shouldn't, like blowing tons of money on expensive perfume and lip balm to attract a... more>> guy, and other such things.

The protagonist doesn't change immediately — he continues making mistakes and going after toxic and/or abusive males, but with every chapter the MC's teachings slowly make the protagonist change and learn how he should expect to be treated respectfully and how he should not continue going after someone who hits him just because he 'loves' them and 'doesn't mind'.

The evolution is slow, but realistic. <<less
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May 28, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the first novel I actually finished reading in mtl. It was difficult but the novel was that great. I posted a pick up request and it was picked up. Thank you dear translator!

The book is refreshing, the plot is great and really well written. It has a seme MC and a strong possessive shou. The characters have depth and I didn’t get bored at all. An all time favorite!! I finished the whole book in one sitting. Definitely one of the best novels out there.

... more>>

The MC transmigrates into side characters and helps the ML (shou) stay away from the scumbags. The ML has different (yet similar) personalities in different worlds and is very clingy towards the end in all arcs. He's a likeable weirdo. In one arc he's an assassin, and in another The Leader of Demon sect. In the first one he's a cheap shou. The MC's thoughts are really funny as he is often weirded out by the ML. The worlds have variety and are not overly similar or cliche like other novels. The main characters are believable and well rounded.


For people who like to know beforehand


All arcs have a happy ending and so does the novel. 1v1. The first arc is good but the rest of the arcs are even better.

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Jun 01, 2021
Status: Completed
9/10. Utterly fantastic! I had read the raws and was hoping for someone to translate it, and just a month later it got picked up! Thank you so much translator!

A 1v1 Quick Transmigration featuring a Gong MC, it is generally a sweet and fluffy novel with the MC protecting and doting on his ML in all worlds.

... more>>

Except for the first world, where he was solely trying to complete the mission at first. The first arc was quite unique and a little saddening, as the MC dallied so much that he inadvertently pushed the ML away.

However, other than that, all of the other worlds were quite sweet and HE.


Summary of Arcs:

2nd arc: Modern setting, MC is the CEO of an entertainment company and ML is a newbie actor.

3rd arc: Interstellar ABO setting.

4th arc: Modern setting, older ML x younger MC.

Also to note, MC or ML can be considered to have loved someone else in the beginning, before the MC came to occupy the body.


It was also quite a fun and relaxing read. Also, ML is a s*x addict and quite possessive of the MC. He could even be considered as demented in certain worlds.

Overall, I cannot wait to re-read the translated version! Big ups to the translator for picking this gem up! <<less
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Jun 12, 2021
Status: v2c3
There are good reviews and some likes but, honest to gawd, this is one of the worst novels I've read. The shou acts and thinks like an attention-starved child that has grown up to be the most unhealthy masochist there is.

... more>>

He gets slapped by his crush and seems happy for the attention and will do anything still to see the douche again. Like "serving" his crush's younger look-a-like brother. The gong actually lets him even though he seems to find his actions abhorrent. And, ditches the shou like dirty garbage on the side of the road.


I'm getting some Black Lotus vibes here, though, instead of crying this shou is even happy to be abused. <<less
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Jun 13, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel needs to have more attention. Every arc keeps getting better and better so don't be put off with the first arc. While the first arc is my least favorite, it is necessary to have as it became the turn point of the MC's resolve to love and care for ML as a real person with feelings rather than fictional character. What's more, MC is not some lovesick fools who is ready to put up with unreasonable situations. He knows to be logical in certain situation and ready to... more>> let go of ML if their relationship would be disoriented (the problem can be with ML's bearings or with the pinning that ML has with the original protagonist). His only wish is that ML can fall in love with the right person who deserves ML's love and devotion. When they got together, MC will spoil rotten ML, which will make him feels so blessed he only has MC in his eyes. <<less
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