Experiencing a Happy Ending With a Scum Shou


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Out of boredom, Li Dong one day read through a whole list of books about scumbags male leads and their abusive possession of the submissive male protagonists.

His thoughts: Damn it, all the protagonists are so lowly! I want to hit someone! How can this kind of book have a happy ending! Actually, every book has HE!

Why is the male lead always so easy, being practically disabled by his male partner yet still staying deeply in love with the scumbag who gave him away!

Li Dong was so frustrated, but then, he suddenly transmigrated as the evil male partner in every book!

Male lead: “Second Young Master, please have me, or the Young Master will be angry.”

Li Dong: “You are really cheap.” But you shouldn’t be like this, you should respect yourself, understand?!

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What is the Experience of a Scumbag Receiving HE
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New Strictly_nsfw_Business rated it
May 8, 2024
Status: c25
I dropped in the first arc since it wasn't my style, felt like a crumbling dark world.

It seemed interesting since MC was hella patient and sought to reform this kid who lost himself with reckless 'love', the method MC chose was good in my opinion... honestly MC has crazy patience, I'd have to visit the gym daily to burn off the stress from that... haaah it's so broken and ugly.

That first arc protagonist has talent in stalking, if it weren't for being the abuse smut protagonist he would definitely be... more>> thrown in jail for his disgusting behavior that completely ignores the other's opinions and respect... Again, MC has hella patience for tackling that blob and trying to reform it into something human. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c11
Good quality translation and a story that pokes at some of the more brainless tropes of certain BL novels.

The MC appears to want to teach the protagonist to respect himself more and to not go after scum male leads.

He doesn't really give the protagonist detailed lessons on self-respect, exactly, which is what the summary would have you expect. Instead he keeps an eye on the protagonist and scolds him if he behaves in ways he shouldn't, like blowing tons of money on expensive perfume and lip balm to attract a... more>> guy, and other such things.

The protagonist doesn't change immediately — he continues making mistakes and going after toxic and/or abusive males, but with every chapter the MC's teachings slowly make the protagonist change and learn how he should expect to be treated respectfully and how he should not continue going after someone who hits him just because he 'loves' them and 'doesn't mind'.

The evolution is slow, but realistic. <<less
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EatKiwis rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the first novel I actually finished reading in mtl. It was difficult but the novel was that great. I posted a pick up request and it was picked up. Thank you dear translator!

The book is refreshing, the plot is great and really well written. It has a seme MC and a strong possessive shou. The characters have depth and I didn’t get bored at all. An all time favorite!! I finished the whole book in one sitting. Definitely one of the best novels out there.

... more>>

The MC transmigrates into side characters and helps the ML (shou) stay away from the scumbags. The ML has different (yet similar) personalities in different worlds and is very clingy towards the end in all arcs. He's a likeable weirdo. In one arc he's an assassin, and in another The Leader of Demon sect. In the first one he's a cheap shou. The MC's thoughts are really funny as he is often weirded out by the ML. The worlds have variety and are not overly similar or cliche like other novels. The main characters are believable and well rounded.


For people who like to know beforehand


All arcs have a happy ending and so does the novel. 1v1. The first arc is good but the rest of the arcs are even better.

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Catastrophe3905 rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: --
There are way too many people who judge this novel based on the first arc. So I'm giving this an extra star. But it's a pretty decent read. The only angst is in the first arc, the remaining are relatively smooth. The whole idea of the novel is to change the ML who has some kind of problem with love (mostly the lack of self esteem and self respect). And for the people who are wondering if you should still read it, just give it a shot.
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srrrahim rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5/5 for me

This is the first world hopping with seme protagonist that I read. And I didn't regret it
This is so good
First of all the character development of MC. He is an ordinary and unambitious men. A salted fish gong/seme. This is actually pretty rare to read this kind of seme MC. He is also a realist and always speak plainly. But. He actually has a really kind heart
I'll give some not major spoiler about each world

1st world : Modern World. Wealthy 2nd young master x dog blooded romance novel shou

MC is the 2nd young master, and his eldest brother is the original gong. This is a dog blooded story about a shou who is in love with the gong, and willing to be a shoe, a dog, or even a btch for his loved one. The shou is in love with the gong for 3 years, and end up being thrown to the gong's younger brother (MC). And so, , , that's the start of the original script. Even if he is kicked, slapped, r!ped, etc, the shou will still persist and in love with the gong. He was a cheap shou, until MC transmigrate and teach him to not be so cheap, love yourself first, and have dignity
I love how the shou slowly change, and grown up. And their relationship dynamic is also unique. MC is a salted fish. Not an overbearing president or I'll f!ck you from morning to the next morning gong, or the 3 days 3 nights's gong. No. It is actually the shou that has a high s!x drive, and act like a person in estrus 24/7 😂. I love mc's inner monologue when he curses this protagonist shou for being too active 🤣
The ending before MC transmigrate to another world is also satisfactory, and will leave you with another deeper plot. Who are those people that send MC to this world? What is their purpose, etc


2nd world : Modern world. Undercover agent x Underworld boss gang

I love the shou's identity here. He is such a lunatic and violent person here, but still a scum
He pedal two boats (MC and protagonist gong)
So, protagonist gong's father died because of protagonist shou's father, so, he get closer to protagonist shou for ravage. MC is undercover agent, and he get closer to them because his job
The plot is more interesting and spicy than the 1st world. In this world, MC teach protagonist shou how to love someone properly, and teach him how to be loved
And we get to see a glimpse of the mastermind behind mc's quick transmigration too


3rd world : ABO world (Male omega x infertile beta)

MC transmigrate into a male omega!!! 🤣🤣. The protagonist shou is an infertile male beta and the ex fiance of protagonist gong. The current fiance of protagonist gong is mc! 😂

Protagonist shou is lonely and low esteem person. So, MC is here to accompany him, and teach him about love
The scum protagonist gong at the end of this arc is : F!ck. My ex and my ex got together


4th world : Modern world

MC is the illegitimate child of protagonist gong. Protagonist shou is the several generation of rich guy + the protagonist gong's miserable ex boyfriend
So, MC and the shou has 15 years age gap. If you can't accept this kind of age gap, than don't read this arc and just skip it


5th world : Wuxia (Orthodox disciple x leader of demon sect)

MC identity is the no 1 beauty! 😂. He is the 3rd disciple of orthodox sect. The protagonist gong is his martial brother, and the protagonist shou is the leader of demonic sect. The protagonist gong and shou are pen pal, but when protagonist gong realize that his penpal is the despicable leader of demon sect, then he tried to hide it
The plot is quite chaotic and dog blooded because some accident, protagonis shou thought that his pen pal is actually MC, and MC now stuck in situation where he was supposed to get amnesia (MC is just acting, of course 🤣). Of course the shameless protagonist shou won't let that opportunity passed. He shamelessly said that MC is his husband 🤣
From then, the plot is going wild!


6th world : Modern World

Protagonist shou asked MC to be his pretend lovers
I think this is the sweetest world. The original scrip is the gong and shou hurt each other, you cheat-I can also cheat etc. But, MC turn it into a sweet story
This is the most normal world i've ever read in this novel


7th world (wealthy noble son x hire killer/ assassin)

WoW. Protagonist shou is a hired killer and MC is his target. The protagonist gong is the one who hired him, and want to kill MC, and promised protagonist shou that he will be with him when this is over


I won't spoil more, because this last arc fused with the reality arc. Author will explain about all the protagonist shou identity, who is MC, who is the mad scientist and why he did that to MC, what's really happen in real world, etc

Not the most satisfactory real world arc ending, but, it is still acceptable

This novel is around 4 - 4.5 stars for me. It is good, but because I already read a lot of novel, it is just good enough to spend time, but not that good to re read

But I still recommend it. The MC is the sweetest seme MC ever 💕
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June 16, 2021
Status: --
The only thing that's keeping me is the fact the MC is calm and relatively unattached (for now) because warning the ml/protag (s?) is eye-openingly h**ny (fine but then) & CLINGY. WOW.

The level of cling. The level of not caring about your life beyond the person you like type of ml. In real life I would choke. But uh fiction exists to open our minds to the other side as people like this and people who like ppl like this exists. So I guess there's meaning??
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June 12, 2021
Status: v2c3
There are good reviews and some likes but, honest to gawd, this is one of the worst novels I've read. The shou acts and thinks like an attention-starved child that has grown up to be the most unhealthy masochist there is.

... more>>

He gets slapped by his crush and seems happy for the attention and will do anything still to see the douche again. Like "serving" his crush's younger look-a-like brother. The gong actually lets him even though he seems to find his actions abhorrent. And, ditches the shou like dirty garbage on the side of the road.


I'm getting some Black Lotus vibes here, though, instead of crying this shou is even happy to be abused. <<less
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February 4, 2022
Status: v13c1
Holding off on rating as all the other reviews say it gets better after the first arc. But holy hell this ML.

He's probably the most selfish, mind numbingly dumb and unlikable character that any novel has ever expected me to root for. He literally only thinks about himself and how this affects him and how he isn't getting what he wants. And at the same time he apparently has the mental capacity and financial acumen of a 2 year old. The most unrealistic thing about this whole arc is the... more>> concept that he can hold down any kind of job that requires skill.

Somehow in an arc filled with really terrible people, he stands out. <<less
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Souschef rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: Completed
9/10. Utterly fantastic! I had read the raws and was hoping for someone to translate it, and just a month later it got picked up! Thank you so much translator!

A 1v1 Quick Transmigration featuring a Gong MC, it is generally a sweet and fluffy novel with the MC protecting and doting on his ML in all worlds.

... more>>

Except for the first world, where he was solely trying to complete the mission at first. The first arc was quite unique and a little saddening, as the MC dallied so much that he inadvertently pushed the ML away.

However, other than that, all of the other worlds were quite sweet and HE.


Summary of Arcs:

2nd arc: Modern setting, MC is the CEO of an entertainment company and ML is a newbie actor.

3rd arc: Interstellar ABO setting.

4th arc: Modern setting, older ML x younger MC.

Also to note, MC or ML can be considered to have loved someone else in the beginning, before the MC came to occupy the body.


It was also quite a fun and relaxing read. Also, ML is a s*x addict and quite possessive of the MC. He could even be considered as demented in certain worlds.

Overall, I cannot wait to re-read the translated version! Big ups to the translator for picking this gem up! <<less
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cocoajuppie rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: Completed
MTL'd. Overall, not bad.

The novel description is a bit misleading because it mostly refers to the first arc, which is the most abusive and has the most character development for the MC/gong.

... more>>

MC is kind of an as*hole with how he tries to teach the ML/shou how to respect himself, but by the end, he learns to accept the ML for being a love brain. This is reflected in how he acts in the following arcs.


The following arcs are SUPER SWEET.


Each ML/shou has their own quirks, and combined with MC's compounding experience, each little world has its own type of fun. On the flip side, MC sometimes reads like a whole new character. It might just be an issue of the ML's POV, which shows less of the MC's thoughts, but anyway, it wasn't jarring enough where I couldn't roll with it.


The end, to me, is sad.


In every previous arc, the author spent time showing how the MC and ML fall in love with each other/get together. However, for the real world 'counterpart'... he doesn't get that treatment. After the sort-of-smooth ending to all the virtual and real world stuff, MC is kind of broken and ML arrives as a crutch. It's very cold. Maybe the nice things happen off-screen/later, but to me, it's sad that the real world end didn't have the sweetness of the other arcs.


Nonetheless, I think this novel is written well. The cause and effects flow and exposition doesn't read like info dumping. After getting past the first arc, there's lots of sweetness. Opinions on the 'happy end' aside, I really enjoyed it. <<less
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Da_An77 rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel needs to have more attention. Every arc keeps getting better and better so don't be put off with the first arc. While the first arc is my least favorite, it is necessary to have as it became the turn point of the MC's resolve to love and care for ML as a real person with feelings rather than fictional character. What's more, MC is not some lovesick fools who is ready to put up with unreasonable situations. He knows when he needs to be logical in certain situation... more>> and ready to let go of ML if their relationship would be disoriented (the problem can be with ML's bearings or with the pinning that ML has with the original protagonist). His only wish is that ML can fall in love with the right person who deserves ML's love and devotion. When they got together, MC will spoil rotten ML, which will make him feels so blessed he only has MC in his eyes. <<less
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cannon fodder reader
cannon fodder reader rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: v6c2
I usually don't write reviews but this story incensed me so badly that I'm actually reviewing it. I gave this a rating of 1 but I'd give it a 0 if I could. This story was either written by a straight person with zero sense of reality (which I suspect is the case) or a queer person with a serious case of internalised h*mophobia. Despite trying to come of as caring and understanding and having the perspective of a 'real queer person', the MC is ignorant, hypocritical, homophobic (especially with... more>> the aids/hiv part, which was truly vile), misogynistic, and god the amount of slu* shaming was insane. Which really reflects poorly on the author. Seriously, they tried to portray the MC as this voice of reason/logical, but in actuality he was no different from the scum tops in the novels he hated, treating the ML like sh*t, being paternalistic with the whole "changing him for better" while abusing him all the same, along with all the other issues I mentioned earlier. And somehow he ends up with the ML and it's seen as an improvement, a happy ending, while in actuality, the ML is ending up in the exact situation as he did in the novel, except the scum top is now the MC. You can argue that the MC is the lesser of two evils, or that he's vaguely self-aware but that doesn't mean he isn't scum.

But the MC treating the ML terribly wasn't what incensed me, after all it's a common trope in novels and nothing new. And sometimes, I like the trope, depending on how it's done. What I really couldn't stand about the novel was the way they treated gay people like a joke. Even if it's supposed to be a light-hearted no brainer sort of story, you shouldn't do this. <<less
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Shelse rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: undefined
The first arc is really hard to swallow. I read a lot of people criticizing the ML, and he really is a brainless nightmare, but the MC is a nasty bastard too. It's not that he's supposed to be a good person, but that he thinks that just not raping someone makes him better is pretty laughable.

There is no system attached to him in this story, there is no one telling him to mess with ML, be his friend or like him, he just decided to do it because he... more>> wanted to. Even without clearly not having any experience with relationships or people with "extreme dependence" like ML. Taking advantage of his character to have s*x with ML as much as he wanted, humiliate, push and more abusive things after he got tired of the scabies he himself sought.

He read the book. He knew how twisted the goddamn character was, so he acted like he was a savior while at the same time brushing off the excuse of being abusive with an "I'm not a good person, but at least I have a conscience." WTF.

Some people might justify their actions because of ML's behavior by saying he deserves it, but MC knows that ML is a character from a book. He knows he was made to act this way and be obsessed with that brother. Again, he had the option of just walking away from the beginning, of not having entered into a s*xual relationship, of stalling until he found real help for this type of ML.

And the icing on the cake was the difference in his treatment with the ML and the treatment given to his brother. The guy does drugs and has someone else r*ped, but he never said a single word to the criticizing "brother" because he was too busy thinking he needed his support and money to live. Haha.

I talked a lot about the first arc because it really left me with a thorn stuck in my throat. The other arcs are actually better, which is a relief. I'll keep it on my list to finish as I like initiative and sticky shou. <<less
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June 10, 2022
Status: --
The first arc (the only one that was translated at the time of this review) really is too irritating which is pretty much in line with what a lot a people said. It's a shame too since the arcs just get sweeter and cuter as the novel continues. I feel like the first arc really has the capability to turn a lot of people off of the book, which is sad. It really is better to skip it and dive into the second if you feel like it's too unreadable.

I... more>> was stuck on not being sure if I liked the MC or not sometimes because I found some of his personality quirks a bit grating... but I also think that having some character flaws gives the character some depth and stops him from being mary sue in temperament. Despite the flaws and because the first arc ended well I'd say 4.5 stars rounded up to 5. <<less
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Bbken rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: v10c1
What I don’t understand why everyone like poor MC no he choses to do it he knows the story in its entirety no. So he doesn’t like the ML ok but why are you degrading him like you are doing what the original gong is doing without the physical abuse calling him cheap and what with be a man using this phrase like okay he talk like that and he likes it and you don’t so you shut up about it no it his personality it’s irritating to be like... more>> I will help him but not by talking to him no I will sleep with him and after that I will bring up the man that he loves wich by the way I forbidden him to talk about with me and then he doesn’t respond I will degrade him and shame him and I will give him money to make it hurt more then he will understand his situation eventually that how I will help him he is such a hypocrite What I don’t understand what he si doing what are you ‘teaching ’ him right non hmmm that every man he will be with will degrade him and not let him be himself so he must deserved what the hell let’s not forget that you read the books yourself nobody forced you too so you must have like them no so stop being hypocritical <<less
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devils_dont_fly rated it
December 13, 2021
Status: --
I gave a 4 cause of the ML shou who I love for some unfathomable reason.

This novel seems to have been dropped which is so disappointing cause the premise is so interesting. I read through MTL which is so so terrible it put me off reading for a while.

As the summary states, the shou is cheap. He literally has no dignity at all. Sometimes it's irritating, but I also feel so bad for him.

The arcs all seem interesting. My only problem right now is with the MC in the first... more>> arc. Like... what is he trying to do? The way he talks to the ML.... geez. He doesn't like the MLs personality, which is okay, understandable. But tf why did he sleep with him then? And he talks to the ML in a very degrading manner, always calling him cheap or whatever. I understand his anger, but his approach is so questionable? Like you obviously know something is wrong with the MLs brain, but you will still talk to him in the same insulting manner that the scum gong does? Is that the way you are planning to increase the self esteem of the ML? The only thing which he succeeded in doing is making the shou dependent and devoted to him instead of the scum gong. Very disappointed in him currently. His indifferent behaviour irritates me. I hope he becomes better with time. <<less
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Bears111 rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: --
So far the first arc is all I've read and I've seen other reviews state that it gets better on subsequent arcs. But so far the first arc is all that has been translated and I've tried mtl ing further but mtl through the first arc but I just couldn't do it.... more>>

The ML in the first arc is a super clingy super desperate ML that is willing to sleep with the MC bc the MCs brother in the arc said to and the ML had a crush on said brother. Even when he got slapped the ML was super happy because he got some kind of attention and I just couldn't enjoy the novel due to the ML just being so desperate.


I get (and like) stories where the MC meets an unfortunate ML and pampers the heck out of them. Just in this one the ML is a bit too much in the first arc. The next arcs sounds promising, though, so I'll certainly stick around since it seems like a case of bad starts. But so far I'll review it with what I have and that is the translation for the first arc. <<less
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nuyanata rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I love every world, except the last world /the ending

Give this novel a chance. It's very sweet and pampered with well develop. I like 2 world the most lol.

But the ending a bit... Don't know I think it's cruel and bitter.

... more>>

author tell that all of mls's create from the same guy so it just the same person but different personalities.

In the last world system give all memories and emotional back to MC (imagine how much it hurt) then meet with ml. ML try to convince MC that they're all him, create from him then MC try to find the part of his lover from ml...

I want another reader help to interpret this... I not sure about it.

And I don't think they are the same person at all so in the end I feel like

ML be like "If you can love with all of them then you can love me too"

When MC be like "I can't being alone anymore so do you want to be my next boyfriend?" something like that. For me it's bitter sweet... Leave me a bitter taste.

I hope I didn't spoil too much.

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June 14, 2021
Status: c27
Just finished the first arc and it's not really my cup of tea... but it might be yours? xD

... more>>

The 1st world's shou is a cheap, submissive shou who has no self-respect and will even sleep with his crush's brother just because the crush told him to. I'm honestly disgusted and couldn't stand reading this arc, my god.

It was mostly sweet text of MC and ML (shou) getting together but then the system takes MC out of the loop and gives him a choice of staying or moving on, and ogMC comes back in........


I wanted to tear up these dogbloody pages ⚆ɞ⚆) !

It ends in HE though as per title lol since MC is a person with a conscience and returns into the world


MC so far is very patient and I applaud him for his perseverance! Thrown into a scum novel for no reason and doing his best to fix this extremely crooked shou... I admire him lol He's quite indifferent to ML because he views everything from a neutral standpoint and he is trying to help ML have a better life not depending on other men...

It's an interesting read but might not fit everyone's taste <<less
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November 2, 2023
Status: --
Honestly I can't rate this...

It's just too painfully realistic so I think imma stick to fantasy fiction myself..

I'm really indulge myself in OTP so 1v1 is a must..

... more>> Altho spoiler and synopsis does say that it's 1v1.. seeing him being with other and not suspecting anything in the least that all of them is the same.. welp

He also doesn't have the "love" that I know of.. the most feeling I get from Li Dong is sympathies..

Well maybe cause I'm stopped in 3rd arcs.. the ABO one..

What a --brake-- to me is the part where


ML a beta, licking omega MC's seemingly c*itoris.

I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry

I'm so sorry


Anyway, I'm also a hardcore black fan of seke / reverse couple, even if it just seemingly implicit... Not hating per se just if I don't have to read then I won't..

Anyway, they say it's a good read. I can't see that.

Or maybe cause I read this MTL as in I search the Chinese name on browser and automatic translated page. I often do this so I do have much experience reading translated danmei.

It's just..

The way it written is not to my liking.

The MC personality is so realistic, too realistically ordinary like us to the point that I think "he can make better judgement". But unfortunately, he is as s*upid as us.

There is or are other unrated comment that also talk about shortcoming of this novel. I hope I read that first before opening this. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Must read if you like a thirsty clingy shou and a pampering semi-resistant gong. It's pretty standard QT fare. The first arc is the hardest to get through due to the seeming lack of sincerity and how quickly they fall into bed together without feelings.


... more>>

1: Spoiled Second Generation Gong x Older Brother's Discarded Plaything ignore White Moonlight Shou

2: Undercover Agent/Small Artist Gong x Investigation Target/Golden Owner have an affair and away the original bad intentioned lover

3: Cannon Fodder Omega Gong x Infertile Beta Military General ignore shared scum Alpha Ex

4: Second Generation College Gong x (unrelated) Rich Uncle discard unrequited love for Gong's Scum Father (only life with kids)

5: (Fake) Amnesia Righteous Sect Gong x Evil Sect Leader elope throwing away their original sects and the original scum gong

6: Rich Fake Husband Gong x Cleanliness Obsession Business Leader make it real

7/7.5: Targeted by Vicious Competitor Businessman x Thirsty Hired Assassin hook up and escape to a barren zombie world

X: Real World -> Veteran virg*n Soldier Gong x Imprisoned Scientist run away to get married and start a casual business to spread daily dogfood


Something I liked about the real world reveal


The first arc is interrupted partway through to let the MC know that the world is virtual, purely to test his feelings and relationship. It's clear by the third or fourth arc that the MC's test has a different significance than the others for the scientist involved. The earliest discrepancy between reality and MC's memories I noticed was the emphasis on age. His OG memories went to 30, but his body was revealed to be 28. The author writes it casually enough to be written off as a mistake, but it's a major clue that his memories are false. As for why they are false, the scientist was softhearted and wanted to remember good things despite the risk to both their lives. The initial sympathy may not have been stronger than for the remaining subjects, but grew into more very quickly. The pure scientist ran a trust exercise instead of the instructed experiment. The very real risk is that the failures were disposed of by the bad guys. It would have been nice if there was an extra showing that no. 11 got rescued during the crackdown and became a good politician who made sure it never happened again.


The most triggering thing


Definitely the affairs. The protagonists hypocrisy over the affairs isn't much better. I don't mind judging people who have affairs at all UNLESS the people judging others did things just as bad. There is an arc where the ML had an affair with the 'fresh meat' MC because his lover of three years wouldn't sleep with him (arc 2). In another arc, the ML was the lover of three years being cheated on for not putting out (arc 6). The MCs righteously disliked the scums attitude of wanting both the bowl and the pot, yet felt no guilt when they were the ones to act out that scenario?? Many of ML's lines and his attitude directly overlapped with those of the scum in the other world. Tbf, the MC knew that the corner he was prying was already rotten and his goal in each world is to spoil the 'protagonists' relationship and the ML doesn't share anything between worlds.

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