Excruciating Deep Love with You


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He said I was the most despicable woman he ever met…

In order to love him, I lost my family, and become an imprisoned tool used for his vengeance from a noble lady. Everyone said I was the daughter of a rapist… I cautiously maintained the excruciating deep love for him and suffered from mental and physical exhaustion…

I thought someday my love would touch him and then I would live a happy life just as a fairy tale, but in fact I fell into an eternal nightmare…

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New Mangafreakspark
October 25, 2019
Status: --
This book is such a terrible book, it is a very sorry excuse of a tragedy because there is a difference between stupidity and tragedy, the MC is not Worth anything, she obsesses over a man at the extent of destroying her family, herself and also the death of the second ml.

This book is not Worth it, it had the potential to be something else not to portray a foolish woman who was glad and grateful that a man who physically and psychologically abused her for more than five years... more>> said he loved her

The rating is for the translator's efforts <<less
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Cryarc rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: Completed
This is torture porn, period. It's another thing if it's a good tragic story, but unfortunately it's not. The MC is way too dumb that all the tragedy is just because she lacked any brain cells. The other characters behaves illogically and the author tried to justify it right before the end with asspulls. The only one seemingly have somewhat normal human thinking capacity is the stalking horse which I pitied since the author obviously hates normalcy so he always got the short end of the stick.
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