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He is very cold and passionate, Mu Yanwang, who means what he says. He has always regarded women as dirt but she, he has only spoiled her.

At first, he said with overbearing arrogance – “Even you are mine.” Afterwards, he gradually fell for the enemy – “Mine is yours.” Finally, he surrendered obediently, – “Ning Xiaofei, I’m also yours.”

Ning Xiaofei, his little wife. He just wants to put her in the palms of his hand, to love.

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Mu Xian Sheng Chong Bu Ting
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Cyberlina rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: c48
Translator library collection are all almost the same genre of CEO drama rom com. BUT! There are some notable differences in quality and execution of story.

i like this WN 10 times more than the translators other ongoing Favorite Baby story [which was already giving me a headache at chapter 55) simply because :

1. The writing quality is and story telling is way above favorite baby. Favorite baby writing quality reminds me of my 13 year old self writing fan fiction. It's flat and tasteless. The writer is incapable of detailed... more>> descriptions and development of feelings or situations. Basically in favorite Baby author writes like this : she ate an apple. She was tossed all night. She ran. She is sad. That's it.

here the writer is more mature intellectually and is capable of more in-depth writing and describes mood feelings with nice details such that characters feel more rounded.

2. Although the FL might seem stupid she is not brainless. She is just a very insecure isolated bunny and I found it adorable how she latches on that thick thigh she suddenly found to protect her pitiful self. And it's pretty funny.

FL, is no struggling student. She has a job and does it well. But domestic wise she is just pretty helpless because she is lonely and has no backing and is always acting like a cornered scaredy cat. But put her in her professional field she will bare her tiny fangs and draws out her tiny claws and can analyse people and situations pretty sharply. just because she isn't consyantly face slapping her family members like other aunty genres doesn't mean she is stupid. I found FL pretty realistic and very feminine.

ML although severe, and inflexible seems pretty sensual (physically demanding) is tolerable, as he is not a vicious rapist sour**** and is still in the middle of sorting out his emotions with this arranged marriage and unwanted package. For now He is like a big lion/ king of his territory, but who was dumped with an airhead kitten and doesn't understand what the heck to do with it. Play with it, kill it, abandon it or since it's so cute, raise it?? <<less
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Aruthea rated it
October 8, 2018
Status: c460
I read for a few hundred chapters and dropped it because I wasn't interested in reading more drama and the MC isn't really that appealing to me. She's really dumb, and this does give me more laughter and all but I don't think I will feel compelled to read it after the similar roller coaster I read that's being TLed by the same TLer.

The only good thing is that ML may apologise to her for what he did compared to some romance novels where male leads just don't apologise, but... more>> that doesn't mean that there are lesser misunderstandings. At least there is more communication for this couple.


MC does try not to rely on ML and this accidentally made him jealous and it became a pride contest hen second ML joins in. And it took 400 chapters for MC to find out that ML took her first time. The revelation was funny though... ML wonders why she takes so long to accept him for 'she will be the only one' he will let into his heart. Betrayals and what not seem to happen I guess.

I dropped it at the point where the white lotus that bullied MC joins the new company MC is in, and second ML's sister is potentially becoming another drama queen when ML is involved. So initially, second ML is a superstar that MC met when trying to get someone on a program. ML was not happy that she chose to ask second ML over him, as he was the other option. She did try by the way, but got shut down by the assistant so... Bad timing. Yeah...

Second ML's sister seems to have something for ML, but yeaaaaaaaaaaah I don't want to watch that bomb explode. At least ML tries to respect MC's wishes so there's that... MC is going to have a looooong way ahead.


Maybe I'll come back to give it another chance. <<less
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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: c2
Is it really so hard to write a romance where the ML isn't a rapist? I only bothered to look at this garbage because the top rated review said that he wasn't. But guess what? I read 2 chapters in and, surprise surprise...

I just don't get it. Why is it such a high bar to clear
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stoplightgodess rated it
March 7, 2019
Status: c99
I have re-read this story twice to its current chapter and am amazed anew at the quality of the writing. I find myself enjoying the brash devil-may-care attitude that Ning Xiaofei has and her relentless optimism even in the face of her setbacks! I want that personality for myself! Her reaction to the male lead and the newest secondary are also really fun to read. I am definitely looking forward to more from this translator and will be on the lookout for more from the original novel's author. Would definitely... more>> recommend this to someone else for an egnaging story. <<less
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julaihajamahat rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: c78
I give 5 star for the story line. By I give 3 star to the MC behavior. For me as a woman even when we are being bully by other we must use our head to bully them back. Smooth and beautiful style. The MC so hot temper. Speak without think and then get into more big trouble. Luckily you are the MC if in the real world you're doomed and you will sent to anger management to control your anger. This character maybe look beautiful but actually she think... more>> she was the best other people can defeat her. <<less
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Trouvaille rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c17
Still to little chapter to conclude, but to sum up 17 chapters, MC is unbelievable, not that smart, sucker, and dependent to ML, the classic cliche background of MC family doesn't suprise me even a little, ML is really arrogant and selfish,

There is no romance I found here, gave this a 3 star because it was nice to pass 15 minutes


ML rape MC from the firt chapter, and then decided to keep MC forher body

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