Evil Son


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Born with a body bearing both sexes, Mr. A developed a great sense of shame and self loathing, spending his childhood isolating himself from those around him. But he soon discovered, that just because he turned his gaze from the world, it did not mean the world cast its lustful eyes from him—even if the ones with their sights set upon him were birthed from were birthed from his own loins.

[Note: Not to be confused with the Taiwanese novel of the same name by 白先勇]
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4 Reviews

Nov 14, 2022
Status: --
This is utterly morbid. I warn anyone who wish to read this. I tell you the amount of pain the MC experienced, this is no joke.

I can't rate this. I don't even know why I read this. 😅 I checked the tags. I knew what I was getting into but I thought it could be a little sweet (?)... But hell no.

So WARNING to those who wish to read. I am loss for words. This is just messed up. 😑
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Jul 25, 2023
Status: --
I have been using NU for ~5+ years, but this is the first time I've ever written a review.

In those five years, I have read a loooot of weird shit, but this 100% takes the cake.

I thought this would be one of those straightforward smut stories where a father and son have s*x. You know the kind I mean--something like "Family s*x s*ave." I thought I would read this story, get my jollies, become instantly disgusted with it and myself afterward, and then pretend that this incident never happened.

But no.... more>> That is not what I got.

To be fair to the translator, they did try to warn me. They put warnings on the chapters, plain as day. But I was all like, "Man, whatever. I read f*cked up stuff all the time. This is nothing."

Nah. This was some Black Mirror meets Hannibal type shit.

MAJOR warnings for extremely graphic violence:


There is a scene where the MC is forced to watch their newborn child being burned alive. The MC is also tricked into eating the corpse of one of his (many) rapists. Both of these things happened while he was imprisoned by another one of his rapists for four whole years.


Now, I probably could have handled that if I had been expecting it. But my ass thought I was just reading some tr*shy p*rn story. I did not take any of the warnings seriously.

Imagine my surprise. I honestly felt sick to my stomach.

Needless to say, I did not get my jollies (I don't know if I'll ever be able to get my jollies ever again tbh), but I am disgusted with this story and myself. I hope one day I'll forget I ever read this. I have mad respect for the translator, though. <<less
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Jan 28, 2023
Status: Completed
It was a sad story, it shows how tragic the life of a beautiful inters*x guy can be in society, unlike what I read in other stories in here poor MC always wanted to be a normal man. I pity him.

I wished they showed more if his ending with MLs after all almost all of story was very sad he was suffering till he was in his 40th
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Mar 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Look, the story isn’t well written. The characters are generic. It’s basically p*rn and r*pe. BUT the author has extremely hot and interesting ideas that keep you captivated, even if they come out of nowhere like truck-kun in an isekai. I couldn’t stop reading and I had to know more more more! While I didn’t like any of the MLs, I did enjoy MC. He might come off as wimpy and s*upid but there’s a reason for his personality. His life is so tragic that any resistance has long proven... more>> futile and he just doesn’t have the energy or mental fortitude to fight against the constant r*pes and abuse he’s subjected to. I loved his internal frustrations and pain because they’re beautifully portrayed.

You can also get a good laugh at the story when MC makes legitimate points about how the MLs cruelty won’t win his love and their response is basically r*pe. Like omfg. I just started laughing at some parts because in the beginning you’ll think “why doesn’t MC just talk to them.” And when he does they’re like “I hear what you’re saying BUT” and proceeds to pull down MC’s pants to r*pe.

Just read it for interesting plot points, a strangely captivating MC, and the s*x. <<less
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