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“Is this man not going to divorce me? Why does he still ask me to warm the bed every night?”

A certain man said this was due to the winter being too cold. However, when summer finally arrived, she still needed to warm the bed, thus a certain girl could not take it anymore:

“I want a divorce!”

A certain man only smiled wantonly and said, “Divorce? Sure, as long as you agree to two conditions of mine.”

“What conditions?”

“Either you pamper me or I pamper you, the duration is ten thousand years…..”

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alyrose rated it
March 29, 2017
Status: c366
I started reading the raws because the premise seemed interesting and the female lead seems level headed and reasonable. The MC is a former imperial concubine who was reincarnated immediately after her death into the body of a 21/22 year old woman who died in a car crash. In her former life, she fought side by side in the army with her childhood friend and lover, assisting him onto the throne. Up until he ascended the throne, he promised eternal devotion and that she would be his Empress. However, after... more>> he gained power and authority, he made her a concubine instead and allowed the Empress, his cousin to torment her, eventually throwing her into the "cold palace." Ultimately, he conferred upon her death by suicide and the extermination of her entire family line. Now living in modern time, the MC retains the memory of the former owner of the body. The woman was deeply in love with her husband but widely regarded as being a useless bit**, spoiled, willful, annoying. Her husband, the MC seemed to hate her and wanted to get a divorce from her. The former Song Wu You desperately did not want a divorce so she drugged her husband and got pregnant but she miscarried (and died) in the car accident. This is where the story picks up.

The story is light and fluffy on the surface and readers are continually gratified by the heroine triumphing over her adversaries. The villians (stepsisters) are pretty idiotic and monotone up to where I've read. The author's writing style fairly easy to read and I appreciate the subtle ironic humor in her writing. However, there are inconsistencies with how they act vs their motives/personality, particularly in the beginning. For example-- why doesn't she simply just give the man a divorce instead of living with him when she wants nothing to do with him? Its explained that she wants to get revenge for the former Song Wu You but I find the argument somewhat unconvincing.

The MC is definitely not OP-- in fact, she injures herself time and again (and risking death) because of the crappy weak body into which she's been reincarnated. I am not sure if its in there for comic relief but it does make the otherwise graceful and talented MC seem a bit idiotic. The male lead is pretty standard fare, starts from cold and autocratic but swiftly becomes bewildered and captivated by the MC. In fact, the ML turns from cold to laser hot fairly quickly, insofar as the MC questions his intent/sincerity. I find the ML pretty cute, he acts severely henpecked and yet still wicked in some regards. The MC's feelings are slower to develop as she was betrayed pretty thoroughly by her love in her previous life, who happens to be a spitting image of the ML. She yo-yos between toying with him to get revenge for the former owner of her current body, revenge on her former love and being lured by the depth of her love for that man who betrayed her.
There is a deeper undercurrent to the plot, the true background of the former Song Wu You and to where I've read, the story only begins to touch upon this. There's also the mystery of why her former lover betrayed her, and there are signs that he was compelled against his will to do so for one reason or another.
UPDATE: I'm caught up to the latest raws. The plot thickens but the author interjects with episodes of romance and character development. I particularly enjoy the banter between the leads and the ML is wicked, carnal and darn cute. Will keep reading!
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NastyOlRoshi rated it
May 22, 2017
Status: c216
I rarely read novels with female leads but surprisingly you barely notice that's the case since there's a lot of dialogue taking place and main male lead is constantly around.

Now about the story, it's okay nothing crazy original but I guess it could keep you on your toes if you're searching for a story with a modern setting. Story is very easy to follow, in fact you can jump into mtl by yourself without terms or glossary and it's gonna be 100% understandable. Plot is mainly focused on female-male lead... more>> interactions and certain people around em that want to destroy her and get him at all costs. Not sure what else to add since I rarely add reviews but I should also warn you that there's lots of illogical plot developments happening and that author is repetitive af. It's worth reading if you're into that kind of drama-romance combo though.

Scratch that, I dropped it after all. Too much forced-drama and bs. Another case of a brainless author with no imagination or goal. How can you go and kill characters all of a sudden?

Below are my complaints and reason I dropped this novel.


Firstly, our female lead dies in her world. Surprisingly it was Ancient China and I guess she leaped in time after death? That's underwhelmingly dumb and lacks imagination.

The body she took control of belonged to a girl, that even though being hated by her whole family for being a bastard child she somehow managed to marry the guy she liked. That same guy was pursued by both of her older half sisters and he never really liked her, in fact he hated her because she was a brainless pig with no talents, education, manners or anything going for her. He was even disgusted by her looks although later we find out she's maybe best looking girl around? She was supposed to be an annoying woman that bothered him.

Meanwhile she cut her wrists once in front of him and he gave zero f*cks. Then she was in an accident and miscarriaged their child. He wouldn't even touch her and she had to drug him to get prego. He still didn't care about her or their child (later though ret*rded author is trying to make male lead more likable adding that she was a drinker and kid would be a ret*rd so he didn't want it but still was fond of it). Nonetheless it's apparent that male lead is a lacking prick with just money and looks.

But after the transmigration and our female's change in personality he falls in love with her because she ignores him. Author is still trying to fix male lead's image by saying he didn't just marry her because his grandfather liked her but he also got interested in her because she stood outside his door for 3 whole days when he was little and his parents died. A thing which most likely happened when he was 13-15 and she must of been 5 or 7. Like wtf?

Moving on, there's not actual plot it's just evil sisters scheming against her. Which also doesn't make sense, how did all 3 sisters fall in love with him? Also the repetition is ridiculous, female lead is described as if she was Xena The Warrior Princess or Gabrielle in past life but in this one she keeps getting hospitalized every 10-20 chapters. And what makes it worse is that author keeps adding that she should workout but it somehow gets forgotten each time and she keeps getting injured.. Now let's focus on 2nd sister and the reason I dropped this novel, it starts off with her being mildy annoying and bad and all of a sudden you have her setting death traps and gang r*pes for female lead-her sister. At the end she is caught by male and female lead and is put into a factory prison owned by male lead but next day somehow she has syphilis, is r*ped and dead in that prison cell that was guarded by 2 people.. I'm honestly speechless with that. Finally both jealous sisters (before one dies) keep being neglected and keep thinking that they are envious of their sister (even when male lead is scolding them) and that they hate female lead. Honestly it's not worth reading.

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Narutolvr rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: c500
I tried really hard with this novel. Read past chapter 500, just hoping the plot would improve, or we would see some of the MC's so called "strength", but that certainly doesn't happen. For any readers like me, on the fence about the 1st couple hundred chapters and hoping things will get better, just do yourself a favor and find another novel. With the exception of 1 character, there's basically no character development. The story goes from 0 to 100 in terms of drama multiple times, and those instances don't... more>> seem to serve any purpose other than to draw the story out.


Case in point:

-evil step (half) sister #2 arranges for MC to be r*ped and killed for no reason other than the fact that her husband loves her. Is kidnapped, r*ped, given some STD, and killed. And, all of a sudden, the supporting male is some drug specialist who pretty much has medicine to do anything; a fact which never pops up again after this. Was there a point to any of this, then? Nope. sister #2 never had a chance in the first place.

-basically any scene involving the supporting male's sister. She's not a particularly likeable character, nor does she undergo any character development, or even impact the larger plot at hand. The secondary plots involving her are all so dramatic and don't seem to fit into the tone of the rest of the story. And, frankly, I just dislike her character.


Male lead is definitely in the top five of insufferable asses in a light/web novel. He's selfish, entitled, and hypocritical enough to be angry when his wife (who he tried to divorce when she was in the hospital after a car accident) doesn't want to make him dinner. He's supposed to be intelligent and ruthless but keeps jumping to idiot conclusions while missing the point entirely, and can't seem to make up his mind when it comes to his personal life. Other than his money, there's really nothing appealing about him. Still not sure why the MC would pick him over a stray dog, but she has her own slew of issues...

And now the MC... honestly, I feel like the author conned all of the readers. Because the person described in the summary is nothing like the one in the story. She reincarnates from her past life, yet still gets bogged down with ML who pretty much drove the original body to death, who also looks the exact same as the man who killed her in her past life. First off, why? As the fearless woman among women we're supposed to expect, why doesn't she go and start a new life on her own? But let's just say her emotions couldn't be so easily escaped and move on. Even if she must be with the male lead, why us she so incapable of taking care of herself?!!! She literally has to be rescued by every guy in the novel because she basically breaks a bone when the wind is too strong. That one's a bit harder to get over but, fine. But I can just pretend her current body is weak and the novel will focus on her outwitting people and/or getting stronger. Things follow in this vein for a while, with odd or just shoddy situations popping up and me trying to excuse them..

But then why?!!!! Why does the author turn our useless MC into superwoman without explaining anything? How is she suddenly a business prodigy despite being from ancient China and having no experience with selling anything? Why is it that her body that was so weak before, can do illogical stunts from cultivation novels without her ever working out? Why do the initial villains exit the scene only to be replaced by psychopaths who exist for no reason other than to be crazy (and fill chapters) and who are strangely not bound by the limits of modern day law/common sense/human rights? It's like the author woke up one morning and decided the laws of common sense/physics/continuity weren't necessary in the story and turned it into some weird lala land in an alternate universe where anything is possible if she writes it in.

I don't know what the author's intentions were, but she takes a not so good story and turns it into a hot mess. I only give it 2 stars because the premise seemed interesting, though the execution certainly left much to be desired. <<less
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CE-NEX rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c178
This is one of the better written female transmigration novels with some minor twinges of originality. It's an interesting twist; instead of the main female lead traveling back in time she travels forwards.

Essentially, the premises is that the Song Wuyou (Female Lead) is an ancient Chinese noble who's lover to an imperial prince. She was entirely devoted to him, fought with him on the battlefields and helped him seize the throne. As it were, as soon as he became emperor, he betrayed her by taking another woman as his empress... more>> and kept Song Wuyou around as a concubine.

Years go by, the Emperor eventually kills Song Wuyou for reasons I will not disclose (spoilers). Song Wuyou wakes up some three thousand years into the future in the body of her future reincarnation who died in a car accident and now she has to live in the modern world with the memories of her future counterpart and, much to her shock, her super rich CEO husband. And yes, you've guessed it, moneybags looks identical to the Emperor and even acts exactly like him.

Now, one thing I must stress; for the first 50-60 chapters or so, you'll be strongly inclined to hate Gu Yanhao (Male Lead) however, the reader must realize that everything we know about him is learned from Song Wuyou's point of view.

It's a brilliant piece of deceptive characterization from the author's part. Very well done, in fact. Future Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao did not have a happy marriage due to her being a paranoid and possessive woman. She acted as if everyone woman in China was out to steal her husband (to be fair, they were) and her severe jealousy badly damaged their relationship. Past Song Wuyou can only see him as the bastard Emperor who ruined her life. So the narration paints Gu Yanhao through colored glass from the Female Lead's perspective.

It's only later down the line, at the 90-100 chapter mark, the author will truly begin to depict Gu Yanhao's personal thoughts and feelings and the main reason he even married Song Wuyou in the first place.

Towards the romance itself, it's a decent balance between cute and sexy. The story isn't exceptional, but it's well written. You have the usual jealous, scheming half-sisters, the asshat of a step-mom and a few other love rivals. The real screw against the cliche is that the main leads are already married. Ergo, the dynamics of their relationship are a bit more original, especially since it's in the modern setting.

Translations are phenomenal as is the formatting of the story. It's easy to read and easy to stay focused on. I can tell that the translator put in a good amount effort, so shout out to Novitranslation group and Woodear for the much appreciated job.

As of me typing this review, it currently holds a 4.3 rating on NovelUpdates, which I find to be fairly deserving. However, I'll be generous and give it a little boost.

Solid reading material: 4.5/5 <<less
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Ritu rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: c122
I dislike both the MC and ML. I have no idea what sort of idiotic things goes on in their mind to lead them to do such idiotic actions. Too much BS and unnecessary drama full of plot holes. I could handle it for a few chapters but I wasn't enjoying reading it. This novel had huge potential. I have been following it since the first chapter and after each chapter I felt disappointed. Tbh I cannot see myself supporting their pairing. Rather, they should have a divorced already !... more>> Why stay when the relationship is so poisonous ! The MC just cannot seem to move on from her past life. In fact it seems that she doesn't even wants to. She clings to it. Lady you need to move on ! It may seem hard but she isn't even trying ! This has been hindering her life in the present. And yet such an obvious thing she is slow to realize. She hates the ML yet doesn't do ANYTHING to get divorced. You know where the problem lies yet you do nothing to solve it. In my books, that's an idiot. she wants to lead a peaceful life, I don't see her doing much to achieve it.

Both the characters have sh*tty personalities. Let's not even talk about the side characters and the 'villans'. At this point it seems as though the villians are forced to be the most villainous. The only reason they exist is because of the s*upid ML's s*upid mistakes. There is poor character development. even the main characters are not properly developed.

100 chapters in yet nothing substantial happened in the plot. The only main thing I learned is that the MC doesn't mind being suicidal to get revenge. Also that the ML has the lowest emotional quotient in the world. How is showing love to your beloved and cheating on them is the same thing ?! I don't get his thought process. His actual intelligence shines through at some points but most of the time I'm left baffled by his actions. He has SOME good morals (they are few in between though). Their mind works in ways that doesn't involve common sense. How is one a CEO of his own company and another a war princess in her previous life, I don't know !?. Like literally looking at her actions currently, not doing anything to get a divorce, I'm not surprised that she was betrayed in her previous life. She probably saw the problems arising in her previous life, but she didn't do anything and hence got betrayed by that sh*tty lover of her previous life. She supposedly is a strong woman with strong personality, but I've read chu wangfie, The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage, the MCs of these novels are what we call woman with strong personalities who have stood strong through wars. The MC of this novel unfortunately seems to be a broken person who was maybe someone strong in her past life.

Maybe I'm being too harsh. And I'm venting out my frustrations with this novel. I followed it from chapter one hoping that it will get better, but it didn't get much better. The translation is okay.

Anyway, I dislike this novel. but if you like this type of plot, then please go ahead and read. Maybe you'll like it better than I did. Maybe it gets better in the future. Many people have rated it a five. Some call this story cute.... It's your choice whether you want to read it or not. :/ <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
allusivelogic rated it
March 26, 2017
Status: c3
Very interesting concept. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have picked this one up if it wasn't mentioned in the forum about the premise, as the summary really doesn't introduce the characters well enough. The set up is an abandoned consort of an Emperor who is transmigrated to the modern day spoilt wife of a CEO. The CEO happens to look exactly like the Emperor who abandoned her in the cold palace, killed off her entire family and sentenced her to death. She wakes up in a hospital bed to her cold... more>> husband demanding her to sign the divorce papers. With a new demeanour and hatred for her 'husband', she confidently agrees to the divorce providing the terms are good.

Definitely an interesting perspective on the transmigrating genre, but the CEO husband does seem to be more on the brutal end of the spectrum of the 'cold male lead'. <<less
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keima rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: --
It was good at the first chapters but when I heard ML's s*upid reasoning why he was cold to the previous MC, I was like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) but I was a sucker for reincarnated and cold female protagonist so I continued and went to the raws and then boom the plot! The plot was argh made me drop this!

... more>>

The ML asked for divorced but when the MC soul 'died' and was replaced and agreed to the divorce, he suddenly dont want to divorce anymore. He also said he wouldnt marry the previous MC if he didnt like her but I call that bullshit! He treated the MC coldly and caused the miscarriage then now that the MCs soul changed he was saying he always loved her!

•Mc's real body owner (the previous Mc) soul is still alive and moved on another body! They all met! The ML was argh!! He said he loved the previous MC and he knew that the soul of the prevMC was in front of him but he chooses the newsoulMC I mean thats how you say you always loved the mc??

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Xixi rated it
April 13, 2017
Status: c358
I found the plot quite interesting, very different from the usual female transmigrations, the first hundred chapters were quite sweet, but recently, there's been more action in the chapters and a lot more blood spilled. I'm a little cautious about the path it's going to take from now on, because although the starting plot was very unique, it's beginning to follow a lot of the cliche storylines that many of this genre of books have and it's getting a little boring with the conflict. How the past and current events... more>> collide is very interesting, one of the reasons why I enjoyed this book, but I can already tell it's going to be a hell of a rollercoaster from now on. The plot is only beginning at this moment, there's a lot to come still. <<less
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KichiX rated it
October 25, 2019
Status: c230
I'm dropping this book, probably never to pick it up again. I will condense my reasons using spoilers - there probably will be some spoilers in there though.

The Male Lead

... more>>

He's someone the original owner of the FL's body (hereafter the OFL - original female lead) has loved for many years - followed, lusted after, tried to appease and eventually married. In that time he treats the OFL horribly - purposefully trying to arouse the OFL's jealousy, never showing any care or affection, and telling her to get an abortion after she gets pregnant (by raping him??? I can't be bothered to go into the politics of that so we're just going to gloss over it).

Fine, whatever, this genre is not devoid of unfeeling, callous men just waiting for the true female lead to melt their stony hearts.

But then the author pulls out of the hat this juicy little fact - the ML apparently loved the OFL all along.

All those things he did - ignoring her, purposefully trying to make her jealous, telling her to abort the baby - were because he cared. By ignoring her he hoped to make her behave, by making her jealous he was trying to get her to relax and get over her temper tantrums, by telling her to abort the baby he was saving her from giving birth to a potentially deformed/mentally handicapped child.

I'll go over the other in a bit, but in which world is it okay for a guy to force a woman to have an abortion just because the baby might not be "normal". Sure, if he discussed it with her and after medical counselling they decided that it would be better to have an abortion, that's fine, but there's something so callous in the way the author presents the ML as being right and that because the baby might not be "normal" having an abortion is the ethical and morally correct thing to do. This is at best a grey area where there are no right or wrong answers and it's a very personal choice. The way it's used as a plot device is disgusting.

And the way the ML justifies his other behaviour as coming from a place of love... If he had shown even an ounce of care in a normal way I'm convinced the OFL would not have behaved in such "disgusting" ways.


Conclusion: we who read this genre are used to disgustingly callous male leads - it's an occupational hazard - but trying to white wash them and turn their uncaring behaviour into a virtue is a turn off. It's even worse than being callous in the first place.

The Female Lead


Cue sad past, betrayal by her lover and reincarnation in the present with a husband who looks like her past lover. You would expect given what she had been through, for her to be cold, unfeeling and full of hatred towards the ML. And she is, except when she isn't.

The OFL's feeling towards the ML are "too strong" so that she is "affected" by them. What rubbish. It makes her seem weak and feeble minded, unable to stick to the decisions she makes. Even if she assumed that the ML wasn't a reincarnation of her past lover, his behaviour towards the OFL up until now is bad enough that she has every reason not to like him.

But then when it comes to divorce, she refuses to sign because "she will do the exact opposite of what the ML wants" so that she will "infuriate" him. What a weak plot device. Just sign the darn documents and wash your hands of him! - is what I was shouting internally.


Conclusion: Either make you FLs strong or normal, don't tell me they're strong and them have them be weak. It's even more disappointing that way.

The Reincarnation (s)


So there are hints, and from what I've read of spoilers, a full blown plot, the extends past the FL to include most of the main characters as people who are reincarnations of people from the FL's past life. Sure, fine, whatever, but I drew the line when I read that the OFL is also reincarnated. Honestly, this plot line moved so slowly and was pushed aside to make room for the "romance" that what should have been an intriguing mystery instead becomes a drawn out crawl to a known conclusion.


Conclusion: when the romance is lack-lustre the other plotlines need to shine, not be pushed to the side.

Final conclusion: what really did this in for me was the ML and his attitude towards the OFL and FL and his supposed "reasons" behind his actions. Not interested. At all. There's some other things that I feel like I've missed out but this is all I really care to type out for a story that was infuriating. <<less
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klaxir rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: c41
Enjoying this story! The translations are good and easy to follow.

The story so cute. The beginning is also very interesting and a twist from the usual transmigration stories. Even though I didn't really like the main male character at first, I'm definitely warming up to him. Their interactions are so sweet. The recent chapters have been getting a bit heavier in tone though.

Can't wait to find out what happens next!
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LostMySoul rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: c298
So this is actually my second time reading this novel. The first time, I liked it, spent a night binge reading it. Saw some flaws but still continued reading because I had hopes for them. But honestly, now that I've read this for the second time, I fully realized how annoying the MC and the ML are. The ML is your typical good looking rich guy who treats his wife horribly but then later on, he explains it in a way that apparently he was doing it for his wife's... more>> sake?


he wasn't fond of the original because apparently she was childish and she disgusts him. Whenever she cries, he never felt anything. Just looked at her like she was nothing and treated her like tr*sh. When she was jealous of his closeness to her sister because he always brings her with him in public but not the original, instead of comforting her, he got irritated by her childishness, he hugged her sister in front of her own eyes. When she got into a car accident, had a miscarriage and was in the hospital bed for days, he only visited her to show her their divorce papers and apparently, later on, it was mentioned that he only meant it as a 'threat' because she was childish. Basically, lacking in his opinion so contributed more to her suffering? Not to mention, all those verbal abuses, showing her how she was basically nothing in his eyes


So, anyway, the ML is an as*hole whose only good points is his looks and his money.

Now on to the female lead.


So she starts of as this badass woman who is brokenhearted by her experience in her past life but she still remains strong. It just so happens that when she possessed the body of the original, the husband looked like the man who betrayed her and caused her to kill herself in the past. Now, of course, she hates him. She also knows they're different. So she starts all aloof. Proving how she's changed. Didn't give him any attention. But then when the guy shows her some kindness, in the later chapters, she actually blushes or feel something 'strange' in her heart and she is so emotionally weak af. What good is a strong font if the inside is a weak woman just begging to be loved? Ok that was a bit harsh. But it just irritated me how she always says that she doesn't like him anymore but in the next chapter, she shows some shyness, desire and even asks questions that makes it seem that she's jealous. When the guy even tries to take advantage of her, like kiss her, she just blanks out and stops moving but how many times can you actually blank out? And when she fights back, the effort is so weak. In the early chapters, she kicked him in the nuts but that's it. At least, try to curse the guys! Show him how you detest him! But no, she has to be polite and aloof when she rejects him. As to the divorce papers, the fact that it took her too long to think of signing it and how in the end, the paper became void was also irritating af. She acts so dumb sometimes. Ugh.


However, if you just wanna read some strong female transmigration novels without caring too much of the plot, then this is for you. Cliche scenes are all here. Especially, the idiotic concept where the ML never suffers because apparently, he had good intentions from the start so the author tried to absolve him of his horrible treatment of her. <<less
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ValSkye rated it
September 26, 2017
Status: c165
Normally, transmigration stories characters will go back to a different world/ back to the ancient time, but this time is the MC is reincarnated in modern world (which to be honest it makes sense because you are supposed to be reborn to the future, not backward). After reading this up till chapter 300+, I decided to change my review because the story is absurd and some changes are really hard to comprehend. It is sort of OP cinderella version of MC with flawless ML that changed from a cold man... more>> to a yandere without proper explanation. The plot is messy and too many things left unexplained. I don't think I can continue with this novel anymore. <<less
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Suyo rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: c101
Usually I’m a fan of tr*shy ML in the novels but not in this level. I really hate the ML. It’s the first time ever I wish the FL will abandon the ML.

I will let the ML tell you himself why.... more>>

“Gu Yanhao’s thin lips pursed, and his unfathomable eyes darkened profoundly. Since she married him, he was indifferent to her. He forced her to abort the baby because it had a high risk of being deformed. To make her converge that arrogant attitude, he threatened her with divorce. To make her reflect on her own ignorance and naivety in front of others, one time, he deliberately hugged Song Jiuyue in front of her to anger her.

Because her wayward attitude kept making trouble, he purposely did not visit her in the hospital...

Other than these, he had never done anything wrong to her. Should she hate him so much to look at him with this kind of gaze?”


all that and he still wonder why she hate him so much. So funny <<less
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devil_cyborg rated it
October 4, 2020
Status: c298
I seriously am disappointed in this novel.

I know the original MC is shown to be rude, arrogant and shrewish in nature but ML said he liked or loved her before marriage but dude, I didn't see it anywhere. You didn't give her any sense of security in a relationship, you didn't gave her a wedding ceremony and not even the wedding ring, you forced her to beg for money to meet her needs, you didn't even performed your basic duty of a husband, infront of her you hugged and met another girl she hates to bone, and when she had miscarriage and "died", you didn't even visit her at hospital and even went at the right time to hand over the divorce paper.. You are seriously a blot in the name of husband. If this is love, when at the most critical moments of a person you leave them venerable, then my eyes are opened to a whole different level about it. Though author have found a lot of excuses for his behaviour, I simply cannot buy it. And then when she ignores him later on, he even has the audacity to ask what wrong he committed 😡

And girl what is the problem with you. In previous life, he killed your nine familial generations (even though he had his reasons). Why do I think all your resistance towards him is too fake to be true and in this life too, original owner only got hatred from him so why not for the sake of Ori MC you just get away from him and live happily but no, you are in the mood to do hanky panky.

The only thing that kept me from dropping it is the mystery behind MC birth. But now enough is enough, I am not gonna delve into it any deeper. My heart is bleeding to have wasted so much time on this novel


Sorry for this but I was in need to rant these feelings out as I was feeling stuffy after reading this one.
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17117 rated it
June 15, 2017
Status: c715
This has a pretty good plot, and it's easy to follow. The ML seemed like a violent jerk at first, but he ends loving the MC a lot. There's so many loving scenes (not completely 18+) between him and the MC. There's so many s*x jokes... but that's not a bad thing...
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owlzeyes rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c196
It was interesting at first but I stopped after 196. Just got too overdramatic. Plus the male lead was crap. I feel nothing from the female and male lead interactions. Only dragged it out because I was somewhat curious as to what would happen. Also, there were so many bullsh*t parts to the plot and character.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aizy rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c63
A great novel. One of the novel which I always wait for the new update. MC is not like those MCs who always wants to get revenge first after transmigrating.

She aims for a peaceful life away from her family and husband that doesn't seem to care for her.
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strongandindie rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: c343
Would’ve given 4-5 stars for the first 200 and so chapters - refreshing setup/premise, exciting and satisfying plot, compelling push and pull between the FL and ML, interesting flashbacks to her past life (some very touching and beautiful), lovely fluff and tension and bickering... but the plot line gets more messy and contrived with tropes that I don’t like, characters that I really don’t like...
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
gryffinpuff rated it
April 2, 2020
Status: c293
Story started out decent, but quickly fell into nonsensical category...

Illogical romantic reasons and decisions aside, don't understand why the author is so dedicated to bridging the past and present... the MC transmigrates to the future where the old lover's face and soul (?) are two people, causing confusion and whatnot, like what!!??
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lacerem rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c163
Is a basic time transimigration novel. But the plot is full of holes you will never be able to understand why ML is doing what he does in any life time. I believe there author also doesn't know. It sometimes gives the feeling that author wishes readers could forget other chapters and don't question the developments.
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