Evil Doctor Princess


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Bai Junzhuo wakes up to smoke, realizing that she is surrounded by fire. But didn’t I just die? She thinks to herself. And now she’s been reborn. Before she died of an infection by an ancient bacterium, she was a microbiologist. After being saved by a servant, she learned that she was the daughter of Dr. Bai Gonglu. However, her concubine mother, Lin Bailian, took away all of the Bai Clan’s property after Dr. Bai Gonglu’s death, leaving a huge debt behind. When the debt collector came to ask for money, they set everything on fire. Before Bai Junzhuo could catch her breath, two men carrying knives found her.

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February 5, 2021
Status: c10
2 stars for the first 10 chapters. I stopped reading after 10 chapters.

The grammar is alright and the dialogue is not childish. But the story does not seem to flow well.

I don't find myself being carried into the world of the novel. It's lacking life.

Feel free to try though. It might so happen that the writing style just does not fit into my preferences.
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March 7, 2021
Status: c48
FL is kind of mediocre and soft hearted that it annoys me. She is not that smart and scheming like in other novels. Sure, she is a medical expert. She can't really fight or defend herself well, yet goes running around everywhere. She always says she can handle this or that person who is scheming against her, yet she still falls into traps easily. Despite getting out of these situations at the very last moment which could have been awful, her revenge doesn't really amount to much. I would've long... more>> just killed them and get rid of the trouble altogether. Even the ML wants to kill em when he gets dragged into one of the schemes, but she says not to and just send them away or something very unsatisfying. It'll have you saying that's it? That's all your going to do? /Sigh then in end they just keep coming back. Quite frustrating. I probably won't come back to read this though. I need some good face slapping to get over it. <<less
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