Everywhere in Jianghu is Wonderful


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At 22 years of age, Shen Qian Ling won his first Best Male Lead award.

Afterwards just as he, holding the award, was moved to tears, a piece of the ceiling fell down loudly, and accurately hit his head without mistake.

And afterwards he just…..traveled through time!

Qin Shao Yu: If Ling-er is willing, the Dominion of Shadow Chasers can have the wedding anytime.

Shen Qian Ling: To be honest, I am extremely reluctant about this.


Everywhere in Jianghu is Wonderful is the first book in Yu Xiao Lan Shan’s Jianghu/Strategy series. Each book is standalone, but there are character cameos and mentions that don’t disrupt the flow of the main story of each book.

1st book: Everywhere in Jianghu is Wonderful
2nd book: The Jianghu is Full of Local Tyrants
3rd book: The Bandit’s Strategy
4th book: The Emperor’s Strategy
5th book: Return Together

Associated Names
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Everywhere in Jianghu is Bizarre
Giang hồ biến địa thị kì ba
Jiānghú biàndì shì qípā
There Are Weirdos All Over Jianghu
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New bluedrop
April 7, 2024
Status: c130
I hope this gets retranslated. I came from reading the author's "Strong Winds Return Home" which had fantastic writing and good translations.

This one has a similar humorous tone that's shining through despite the MTL, but I think it would really benefit from better translations.

It's readable, and still kinda enjoyable, but a lot of it has jumbled up context which makes it a bit messy to read.
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rakuu-en rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: Completed
I came here after reading 帝王攻略 (The Emperor's Strategy), which is the 4th novel set in this universe. Conversely, this is the author's first novel, and it shows- 帝王 demonstrated a maturity in writing by maintaining an excellent balance between hilarity and heartbreak, and this novel is in contrast heavily, heavily skewed towards the former. Nevertheless the humour- though primarily very slapstick, occasionally downright cringy, and sometimes repetitive, with an over-reliance on the same few jokes- ultimately made this a very fun, lighthearted read, which I breezed through in a... more>> few days.

Humour is probably this novel's greatest selling point, though if you're not used to it at first the style can be a bit of a turn-off (I read the raws- so. many. exclamation marks). I confess- it took me about 20 chapters to really get into it, and prior to that I had half a mind to drop it, but I'm really glad I didn't, and I urge everyone else giving this novel a shot to give it that same chance.

The star couple of this novel is Qin Shaoyu and Shen Qianling, the latter having transmigrated from modern society into the novel's feudal setting after an unfortunate accident, and deeply regrets his whole life after finding out that his body's previous occupant was engaged... to a man. (That's in the blurb, by the way, not a spoiler.) This couple is basically a bona fide idiot pairing- no other way to describe it. The mischief they- and their equally nonsensical bodyguards- manage to get up to- keep the book lively, such that I never really felt it was getting too draggy at any point. That aside, I feel it important to highlight that the author did an amazing job of portraying the gradual evolution of their attitudes towards each other and the nature of their relationship from barely tolerating each other at the start to being madly in love at the end. Both in 帝王 and here, she managed to skillfully pen these developments in a very organic manner that one scarcely sees in BL novels, where the change of heart is often jarring and unnatural.


Unlike 帝王 which heavily centred on one couple alone, in this book we are also introduced to a second couple along the way, one of whom mega-tsunderes the other all the way to their wedding night, so that's something to look forward to as well.


TLDR: don't take this book seriously. This book doesn't take itself seriously. But if you're looking for something lighthearted, heartwarming, and laugh out loud funny- this is it for you. <<less
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Sisithatlikestoread rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: -
I just started but I REALLY dislike the characters, especially the ML rn. The "funny cute bullying/misunderstandings/pranks" aren't funny and cute to me at all. It's just as another reviewer Readd99 pointed out, it's irritating and suffocating. Especially since we're reading from the MC's pov.

I am also very protective over the MCs I read about and can't stand someone bullying them like this. I'm talking about this sort of bullying that supposed to be funny (but it's really not)

I also find it VERY annoying when in novels there's a... more>> huge misunderstanding/"prank" (on MC) and it doesn't get resolved for at least 20 chapters or something. It. Is. Not. Funny. It's irritating. The "we already copulated and you're pregnant" prank ML pulled on MC should have been just as quickly resolved. Maybe even in the same chapter.

The MC is also kinda sus to me since he's supposed to be a great actor who got a reward but he isn't exactly acting like it? Even so, that doesn't bother me that much because I don't have any problems with a main character like that. What I DO have a problem is how people constantly have misunderstandings about him and how they act towards him (ML I'm looking at you....)

I never liked those sorts of MLs who "bully the MC so much because they love them". Ew, no. Grow up and STOP. It's fine if there's a prank here or there, MUTUALLY, since I think every couple needs a few of those relaxing playful moments. But this is just straight up emotional abuse. If I was the MC, and the ML constantly bullied and pranked me like that I would definitely feel uncomfortable and full of grievences. I would feel like he doesn't love me since he's basically not showing any respect nor love to me. I wouldn't be able to trust him at all. And I would also feel insecure and irritated because nobody is taking me seriously and they don't trust me when I try to clear out the misunderstanding. So many bottled up feelings I would probably simply start crying (yes, I'm a crybaby and I can't control it. I dislike that about myself too :/)

Many people said it gets better but honestly I don't wanna sit through all that. Unless you tell me the exact chapter it gets better or the exact chapter from where the ML starts respecting and loving the MC PROPERLY, then I'm not reading it. It just makes me too uncomfortable and annoyed. <<less
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Readd99 rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: c17
It is quite irritating. The so called humor is quite abusive. Those pranks, misunderstanding and forceful situations are not fun at all. even public opinion pressure is used too. Reading from MC pov, it feels suffocating.

The quarrelling type couple is actually kinda fun. Yet that's not when one side is always at disadvantage.... And the side of pov too : (

The first prank could actually be funny if no other annoying so-called- humor got mixed on the way and if the MC finds out after only 2 chapters or so... more>> of hilariousness

I think it should get a little better moving on as MC already knows ML bullying side and shouldn't be as passive. Other reviews did tell that the story is better later on but I am not sure if I will continue. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
November 14, 2019
Status: c31
i totally agree with the reviewer above, the best selling point of this novel is its humor and comedy! you don't really need much brain cells to process the plot, LOL, just read it, and succumb to the comedy and sweet romance the idiotic couple in this story offer. if you think that the MC here is too weak easily fainting then I want you to imagine yourself, as a pampered rich superstar in modern life, then suddenly got thrown out in a harsh life where muscle do the talk... more>> rather than skills and brain. what can you do?? imagine yourself in this modern life who always took car, bus, train etc. to go everywhere, rarely working out, and suddenly thrown out to do sword fight. what can you do??? absolutely nothing, right? LOL. so I understand the weak MC here and the comedy it offers with how weak he is.

i really want the translator to pick up this gem again... don't abandon it please <<less
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rhianirory rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: c18
I'm not liking the MC very much. Even for someone with "memory loss" he a bit too idiotic. And the MC makes a much better girl then me, too delicate and too much fainting and pampering. It was ok for a chapter or two but now its getting irritating. The MLs manipulation was kind of funny though.
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MagicalAnacardo rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: c52
The last translation was taken off and the new translator is purely mtl so read at your own risk.

It's just a funny little story that's good when you want something silly to read. Not very complicated or boring.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
justanotherpasserby rated it
November 22, 2020
Status: --
I dropped this novel a bit early tho, if you want some light reading then maybe this is for you. I don't really like the MC very much, he's supposed to be a veteran actor, I mean, I get it if he was confused at first with his situation. But overtime he's like degrading himself into a middle schooler mentality (?) Like he fainted and cried a lot. Maybe that's just how he cope with his situation but I don't really want to read the story with this kind of... more>> MC. Maybe there'll be some character development with him later but idk, I don't have enough patience to wait XD anyway so far, I like the ML character, in my opinion MC should treat him better tho. <<less
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zahram99 rated it
March 2, 2023
Status: --
Oh I really love it 😂😋

Actually I haven't read novel completely but had read manhwa to last update but I really enjoyed it that I wanna read novel too 🤤❤

Oh I wanted to say my oppinion on one of comments 🙋🏻‍♀️ it is not exagrated that MC fell for ML tricks everytime because that is my reallity 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ even if I know that person is tricking me or lying I would still doubt and always forget that I am being tricked everytime 😪 haaas and it's actually quite fun for... more>> my friends that I will be tricked again and again 😪🤦🏻‍♀️

Well everyone plz read and enjoy it 🤩😍 it is really fun and cute ❤🧡 <<less
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Chinatsu rated it
October 28, 2020
Status: --
This novel is very good! I love all the novels by this author. MC and ML are very annoying at times, but I like them both together. This is the first book of a series of 4 interconnected novels.
For those who don't like this couple, I recommend not reading the second book, since the romance is about the two again, but MC and ML are married.
Anyway, it's really a light story with a lot of humor.
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Wanderingson rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: c35
A step above the rest. The dialogue is absolutely heavenly, with every few sentences unique and complimentary to the characters characteristics making for some very memorable moments (... more>>

emphasizing Lady Shen's shamelessness, for example

). The humor is great and suffuses the story with a very upbeat feeling.

Fortunately, despite being satire it doesn't hesitate in comparing serious topics such as the progression of technology, home sickness and politics

such as the second young master's mother threatening su*cide to be seen as a separate party from her seemingly unfilial son


Characterization is consistent but still allows good progression of character development. The romance is a slow burn but it's very rewarding to see the MC and ML progress from barely tolerating each other, to treating each other affectionately.

The plot has the weakest presence, but there are many important plot points present that arrest the reader's attention as well as creates a sense of mystery to the jovial story

such as the secret behind MC's transmigration, whether or not Lady Shen knew she was poisoning her own son, his relationship to nine tailed demon foxes and his relationship with a few choice individuals such as the Demon Sect Leader and even the ML himself


A star was deducted, though due to the seemingly unhealthy portrayal of the relationship between ML Yu and MC Ling. Though no r*pe appears,

Yu insists on mol*sting the, as of this chapter, straight MC despite being firmly rejected, even using such tactics to further his goals in enraging his political opponents.


The MC is luckily not a holy White Lotus type to take such abuse lying down and compromise is shown to be an important part of their relationship, but I personally feel uncomfortable seeing a grown man being being forced to break down because he was sexually abused in front of his buddies (though of course, it was also mentioned this was due to *certain external factors).

Not to mention, the ML is rarely reflective of his actions, and continues to do it despite MC's clear unwillingness. As much as I love this story, consent is a thing and I for one don't find these kind of Stockholm syndrome-esque, 'whittling down the will' pseudo romance stories very appealing especially when the aggrieved party, despite his struggles, has no genuine way to stand up for himself.

* Edited to avoid spoilers. <<less
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ElianaDiana rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: c11
Hilarious! Totally recommended for the funny family drama and rom-com!
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izayaYY rated it
November 6, 2023
Status: Completed
Note: I read the MTL by Onigiri, which is a better MTL than the others... it is readable and understandable, especially if you are familiar with chinese idioms.

Although the first quarter of this story is mostly parody, comedy and slapstick humour, the rest of the book focuses more on their adventures as they travel south, fighting some evil sect and helping the emperor along the way. Yes, it is the same emperor who is the protag in "The emperor's strategy", another novel by same author and adapted into a cute... more>> old-school anime.

This is quite a 'realistic' wuxia, in the sense that none of the characters are OP, and there are no magic pills to cure poison, injuries or wounds instantly and each disease/injury takes time to heal. Also, none of the characters is a one-man army and all rely on each other's skills and abilities for pretty much everything. Same reality check when planning an all out attact on the evil sect... everything has to be prepared in advanced, detailed and meticulous, with everyone knowingly taking calculated risks.

I liked the comedy but of course, not everyone has same sense of humour. The MC always made me laugh with his cute jealousy and his internal monologues when he is cursing everyone in Jianghu lol... The ML is a typical wuxia character with great skills, but he is not OP. He is an ML who likes to laugh a lot and tease a lot. I love their couple dynamic, how they take time to be silly together, say silly things to each other, talk nonsense and often tease and laugh together. There is quite a lot of fluff (and sex) between them. There are also a lot of yaoi stereotypes but if I minded, I would not be reading yaoi or danmei. One of my favourite moments was the protags' sweet time together in a mysterious village, away from all the Jianghu troubles.
The bored shadow guards were also quite funny with their fixation on gossip and romantic dramas. And the side characters all had interesting romance as well. <<less
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MXTXFAN rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: c50
Everyone, I recommend you to read this! This is actually great!

you know why MC keeps fainting, crying, or etc, of course, who in the transmigration world is not going to do that? Like you are not adapted to the new world you've transmigrate, everyone of his family is good at acting, Just try to understand his feeling, guys, even ML tried to, til he's succeed. But tbh, that's normal for a transmigrator like MC.

... more>>

Indeed, MC tried to annul his marriage with ML, until he knows the truth why he's engage with ML (due to the cold poison in his body)


You know what's more cute? ML keep teasing MC, until MC told him 'I'm going to have my divorce with you!' (Yeah this is not the original line, but the divorce thing is real)



You won't know MC's feelings for ML until MC reveal his jealous of the vix*n XD LMAO that was cute of him btw



Side CP: MC's Eldest Brother, Shen Qian Feng (Gong) and ML's friend, named Jin (Shou) (??? I forgot his name, sorry Xd)

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 18, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s really a fun read. Both MC and ML were funny and bit realistic. No super op (only ceo dominating) Love all the side characters, they were all lively and makes the plots interesting. Especially those melon eating dark guards and shadows guards. The way they competing, wing man, and rich imagination is just wild and hilarious. Even the common people all brain dead fans. Lol. The only bit downside this is a edited mtl. So there maybe abit knot here and there, but it’s doesn’t effect much of... more>> all the hilarious events. I hope someone picks up all the others book, I really enjoy this series. Thank you recommended read. <<less
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September 12, 2023
Status: c172
Ok.. So I have finished reading this novel and I started it after reading DWGL.... So now, I finally understand other side characters (which appeared from time to time in DWGL), especially the humor related to Shadow chasing palace's dark guards... Initially, when I saw its reviews, I was not sure if I should read it, but then once I started reading I realised this novel must be taken lightly. Some of the reviews were little harsh, which made me wonder what will happen if you read really tough novels... more>> like the Husky and white cat shizun!!! ML's pranks are little overboard in the beginning, but as the novel progresses, the characters develop eventually and you start to like the romance and pranks between them.. Of course, DWGL is at whole another level. EIJW novel is like a light rom-com, where the graph is linear.. Both main characters are always together with each other in every ups and downs, and there is no particular curve to the story.. basically it just follows a straight path, without any special adventure... DWGL, on the other hand, is very intense. The feelings and separation of Chu Yuan and Duan Baiyue will make you cry.. DWGL is a roller coaster of all emotions, and you truly anticipate what is coming next... So guys, if you want something light, this is good enough for that... But dont compare it with DWGL... <<less
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amikyun rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: Completed
Ugh.. actually this kind of comedy romance with cultivation (?) setting was good.. and I really hope it was good but, the translation is too confusing, I tried to read it and in conclusion I hate the ML, now I'm on ch 19, his bullied tendency is too much for me, somehow I want to jump in, and be the MC then I will just stay still let the ML do the shiet and ignore him until his agenda is done but after I saw the spoiler I really want... more>> to read it again.. so let's review it,.. ch 44 the fffk why did MC

so sttpid, I mean.. they mention that he is on entertainment industry as an actor did he really that s*upid? Idk as far as I read the MC just get bullied bullied bullied until I want choke a blood then he feel kind of jealous? Did he developed Stockholm syndrome or something? Now he already know that ML just want to use him to do something, ML always bullied him or distracted him if MC asking about this.. what the point? It kinda pissed me of..

ch 55 omg.. I want to applause our MC mentality if I was him I really gonna hate the body and the world.. better just give up hais..

ch 69 here.. well I take a break, adjust the mentality this is not some serious BL story... the comedy is to overwhelming to give it cultivation-comedy.. it more suitable to call it comedy-cultivation with CEO vibe :)

ch。92 here

they actually play the build the house and had a pet lmao... what a wide story development


ch 120 I don't care my babies are the guards they really are bunch of lovely fudanshi and matchmaker that working at the secret matchmaking agency

End.. hmm after long journey, I finally finished it, the ending actually.. just average, the problem solving for villains is anti climax, my final ratings is 3.7 I still hate the ML way to tease MC tho <<less
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GrilledSquid rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: --
To answer this review:

""It is quite irritating. The so called humor is quite abusive. Those pranks, misunderstanding and forceful situations are not fun at all. even public opinion pressure is used too. Reading from MC pov, it feels suffocating.

The quarrelling type couple is actually kinda fun. Yet that's not when one side is always at disadvantage.... And the side of pov too : (

The first prank could actually be funny if no other annoying so-called- humor got mixed on the way and if the MC finds out after only 2... more>> chapters or so of hilariousness

I think it should get a little better moving on as MC already knows ML bullying side and shouldn't be as passive. Other reviews did tell that the story is better later on but I am not sure if I will continue.""

The author does address the MC's stress about the situation and how het gets through it with the help of others, it's not only for comedy, it does contribute toward the story.

The story is mostly comedy but the seriousness undertone is great too, it's not really just brain-rotting comedy, you won't regret reading this. Most of people I know enjoy the other books about other couple in this series more (like Di Wang), but to me, this couple will forever by my most favorite. <<less
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Amani101 rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: Completed
MC: comedic, nurturing, charismatic, damsel-in-distress, and loyal

ML: swag, charismatic, skillful, doting, horn dog, and accommodating

Antagonists: forgetful

side character interactions: 7/10

story: 8/10

world building: 9/10

Chemistry: 10/10

overall: entertaining read, best thing is the couple’s interaction, second couple gets some screen time too, some plot holes that leaves room for a sequel
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Orenge rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c90
Honestly surprised with how much I enjoyed this novel so far and I can't help but laugh at this bickering couple.

MC and ML have great chemistry and you can just see how they came to fall in love with one another. Usually I find weak MCs difficult to read about, however in this novel it just adds to the humour and complements well with the personality of the ML and I don't find him annoying at all.

ML knows that MC is keeping a secret from him, but I like that... more>> he doesn't try to pressure him into saying anything and completely trusts him.

In regards to the possibility of returning to his world


I look forward to seeing how the drama will unfold. Will he choose to stay or go, and will the ML feel betrayed knowing he unwillingly collected the items to return home for the MC? Dun dun


The MC does seem a little static at the moment and I hope in the further chapters he becomes stronger and stronger. <<less
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Sasanz rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: c33
Light story with more on humour. MC & ML is a perfect blend together.. Push & pull romance strategy. Side characters are funny too! Wish the translations are more regular.. And hope it wont be dropped!
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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