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Pei JiYu was about to die. However, those who previously detested him have a change in personality one after another. With one competitive and another sincere, they told him “Pei JiYu, I love you”. There are only a few who can have a life like Pei JiYu, with such twists and beyond expectations. Everyone loves Pei JiYu but it is a pity that he no longer loves anyone.

This is a dogblood xiaobai story of a shou who is dying, so the scum gong, nice gong, new gong, and the old gong show up one after another to confess to him.

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October 16, 2020
Status: Completed
(Note: I changed the status of the work because it's not marked as complete on JJWXC, but the work hasn't been updated since 2012, and it's clear that the extras have been abandoned. The main story is completed though, and the extras seemed to be an AU kind of thing that the author just never... got back to.)

Well, this was... um, something...

I'm not quite sure why I keep reading scum abuse novels when they bring me no joy (or even sadness), but I keep doing it. This was... more>> a relatively quick read, as most of the chapters were very short (below 2k, with the exception of the last one), and it wasn't the worst scum abuse novel I've read, but it certainly wasn't good either.

I think my main issue with this is that, while the author is self-aware enough to realize her novel is full of soap opera-esque coincidences (probably a little too self-aware, as Pei Jiyu constantly mentions how, "This situation is playing out just like a TV drama/soap opera!" ugh), she doesn't really... do anything to differentiate it? She plays the soap opera melodrama completely straight, and even overshoots enough at times that it becomes unintentionally comedic instead of tragic. (I legit kept laughing anytime He Li appeared in the novel, more on that later.)

All the characters too, didn't really feel like fully fledged characters, and were simply more like... cardboard cutout stock characters in order to introduce maximum drama/angst. All of them get a barebone introduction of how they met Pei Jiyu and their eventual falling out, and that's it. There's really not much interiority to any of them, and the one who suffers most from it is, unfortunately, my favorite ML -- Meng Siqi.

But let's backtrack a bit. So there's five "MLs" -- He Li, Lu Qingfan, Chen Erxin, Qiao Lang (Leo), and Meng Siqi. All of them, except the true, endgame ML (Meng Siqi), are scum to varying degrees, with two out of five also being Pei Jiyu's exes.

I appreciate the author actually having Jiyu end up with the only genuinely nice ML, which is a nice change from these scum abuse stories, but that's about the only upside to this story. Oh, and none of the MLs are physically abusive (there's no sexual assault!), just... emotionally abusive. So yay?

But, anyway, in a word, Meng Siqi has literally no personality. He's the milquetoast everyman who's only in the story in order to be good to Jiyu. He does everything Jiyu asks him to, without question, and he never even has the tiniest disagreement with Jiyu. And it actually honestly feels like he's sidelined in order to give the other MLs more screentime, as he seems to appear only when Jiyu needs cheering up after a particularly harrowing encounter.


For instance, there's a point in the story where Jiyu goes missing (he's locked up by one of his exes), and while the story briefly has Siqi tell Jiyu how worried he's been when the other returns, it's then... never mentioned again. Almost as if the entire event had never happened. While Jiyu never actually tells Siqi the real reason why he was missing, it still felt as if Siqi should be a bit more... I don't know? Anxious afterwards? Because what if Jiyu goes missing again? Or maybe even question Jiyu a bit more about the real reason because it's obvious that Jiyu is not telling the full truth. But, nope, nothing.

We also never learn anything about Siqi's personal life outside of Jiyu. I mean, Siqi is a doctor for pete's sake! Yet, he's able to spend so much time caring about Jiyu? (And clearly at the expense of his other patients too). That's not to mention that Siqi is also Jiyu's primary physician as well... Man, the ethics behind that is... shaky. And even putting that aside, doctors are actually usually greatly discouraged from being the doctors for their loved ones because it's not good for the mental health of the doctor in question (since they're so close to their patients, so they're less able to make unbiased judgment calls). The story never touches on this. Because the author doesn't really seem to give a sh*t about Siqi's mental state.


Like, if this was a coming-of-age story about Jiyu learning to love himself and stop loving scum boyfriends, then that'd be completely fine, but it isn't. In fact this story doesn't seem to know what exactly it wants to be -- one minute it's a scum abuse story, another minute it's Jiyu kicking these scums to the curb, and then it's about Jiyu maybe finding love at the end of his life. If the author focused a bit more on Jiyu's interiority (instead of the constant deluge of angsty one-liners like "Jiyu's heart is already dust"), or even any of the ML's inner thoughts -- especially Siqi! -- then maybe she could've juggled all these themes successfully. But as it is, all of them feel half-baked and unrealized. This truly is a "lightning text" since nothing feels remotely resolved at the end.

But let's talk about all the other MLs, since some of them are hilariously ridiculous.

The runner-up ML, who earns the scintillating title, "Not a complete piece of shit, at least, " is Chen Erxin, who's kind of the immature kid who only knows how to pull on the pigtails of the girl he likes. (Except with less pigtail pulling and more... uncalled-for name-calling.) He's also the one who I felt most redeemable out of the scum MLs. He's still scum, but I feel like a few kicks in the rear and an actual education could sort him out, while there's no hope for the rest.


I did laugh out loud (while also wanting to slap him a good one) at the end when he was baffled why his love wasn't reciprocated despite how long he waited when he has never even confessed to Jiyu. Did he think Jiyu was, what, telepathic or something? Literal kid logic right here.

But I did feel sort of sorry for him, since he's the only one that Jiyu blatantly lies to about the cancer at the end. It really drove home how the two could've never worked out, since Jiyu lies to him "for his own good" ([insert eye-roll]), while Erxin can't communicate for his life.


Oh, and his cousin was the best character in this whole dang thing. I hope she has a great and happy life in the future. And the whole story would've probably been 100 times better if it had been focused on her and Jiyu's friendship than... everything else it had focused on.

The ML with the least presence was Qiao Lang (Leo), who shows up for a few chapters and then kind of gets... put on the bus and never returns? I don't think the author liked him (lmao).


There was a brief stint where Jiyu is locked up in the Qiao estate by Qiao Lang, but that was the most... underwhelming house arrest I've ever read. Qiao Lang comes across Jiyu arguing with He Li and offers to take Jiyu home -- Jiyu agrees because anything is better than He Li (I agree) -- and then Qiao Lang just... drives to his house and refuses to let Jiyu leave. It's a shitty move, but Jiyu barely even freaks out which is like... are the readers supposed to feel something about this when the MC himself doesn't seem to?

And what was Qiao Lang even thinking? I don't think someone will magically fall back in love with you if you stop them from leaving your house until they do, bro... But, again, the author isn't really interested in her characters' motivations, more in the drama it can create. So once again we have a character who's a complete cipher, with no logic or interiority at all.


And now we get to He Li, who is the scummiest of all scums. But also the clowniest of all clowns. I hate him as an ML, but as a character? He's f*cking hilarious, and literally half the reason I trudged through the story was because I was having a blast just making fun of him.


He refers to Jiyu as a "pet" and then gets another pet that he flaunts in front of Jiyu all the time, and then when Jiyu requests to leave the relationship since He Li clearly doesn't like him, He Li then threatens to kill him?? Like, He Li is so over-the-top that he actually crosses the line from "scummy scum" to "hilarious clown", and I legit couldn't stop laughing everytime he appeared because he was the most clueless ML ever.

He consistently misinterprets Jiyu's words and actions, and he's also the only one who had no clue that Jiyu was actually the Pei family's (estranged) young master. He Li is so oblivious to everything that he feels like a (completely unintentional) running gag. Like, how did Jiyu fall in love with him in the first place? This guy probably doesn't even know how to use a can opener omg!


Finally, we have Lu Qingfan, who is, unfortunately, the most fully-fledged of the MLs, but who was almost a scum on par with He Li.


So Lu Qingfan is Jiyu's first love and adoptive brother, and he's also unfortunately given the most screentime of the MLs (yes, even including Meng Siqi) and also the most interiority for whatever reason.

In other words, his reason for rejecting Jiyu's love actually makes sense. The sense of inferiority he felt in the Pei family, the whispered judgment of his classmates, and his ambition actually all tie together really neatly and act as pretty good explanations for his behavior. Like, Qingfan actually feels like a legit human being instead of a cardboard cutout.

It's just too bad that he's pretty scummy, consistently treats Jiyu badly (until the end), and acts self-righteous as if he was in the right all along.

Like, in a better story, Qingfan would've been a pretty interesting antagonist that the readers love to hate, or that the readers could sympathize with while still not condoning his actions. But here? It just feels like he should've been the ML -- but then the author changed her mind because she had some morals and knew that Jiyu should end up with someone nice (except she misplaced nice with "no personality").

This also makes me kind of glad that the author never finished the extras? Because from the first chapter posted, it seemed that an alternate universe version might've actually have had Qingfan as an ML, and I really don't want him as an ML. I don't like him, but he's really the only legitimate human being in this whole farce, so it feels almost inevitable.


There's also a... really weird joke/parody chapter near the end of the story in which everyone just suddenly drops dead in increasingly ridiculous ways (yeah, seriously), and it was kind of funny? But also kind of exemplary of what kind of work this is. When the author herself pulls a mid-climax, "Haha, here's a joke chapter lmao, " you know that she isn't really taking this seriously. So go in with that kind of attitude and maybe you'll like it more than I did?

TLDR; story wasn't good, but I guess you might like it if you like scum abuse novels where the MC doesn't end up with the scum? But there are also better ones of its ilk out there. Well, if anything, I can at least say I had a whole heck of a fun time writing this review, so at least something good came out of reading this story. [puts on sunglasses and rides off into the sunset]

(Oh, and author wrote in the summary that she herself is embarrassed to even try rereading this story, and it shows -- there are quite a few typos in the text itself, but I don't think it'd matter so much to those reading it in translation, since I suspect the translators will fix them.)

EDIT: Having now read Before My Withering, I would have to say that that story is a wayyy better version of this one, even with the unevenness, so honestly that just makes this story even more disposable to me LOL. <<less
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4y4n4 rated it
January 29, 2021
Status: c32
I don't know about other preferences but this type of heart wrenching grovelling tragedy novel were just my cup of tea.. So I gave 5 stars ~ I come here mainly to suffer anyways... If you guys like love story that full of fluff and rainbow, then you come to the wrong place ~ you better skip this novel just to avoid giving some unnecessary low stars votes >< and thanks translator for translating thus novel!!! Pliss pick novel like the same premise as this in the future... There's too... more>> many fluffy novels out there.. I need something that could break my heart and make me on emotional roller coaster <<less
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October 15, 2020
Status: --
Yeah, prepare your tissues people.

This is the story about someone who is willing to give his everything for those he loves. Unfortunately, the ones he loves always has something else they prioritize above him, and always chooses that something over him, and each time leads to heartbreak.

Dying leads him to realizations, letting go and freeing him to fall in love for a final time. Maybe this last love is the true love he's been waiting his whole life for.
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October 29, 2020
Status: Completed
It was indeed a bit similar to A Decade of Deep Love, but this one is not as good as Decade of Deep love because in my opinion, the characters are all shallow, with no realistic action at all seriously.

... more>>

Especially, our last chosen ML among the 5 ML, he’s the least realistic of them all. He’s seems like a gentle person and concerned over MC but it seems to me like he’s not concerned enough, not from his heart at least. He seems so fake, honestly his entire being is so fake in this story lol. I don’t know why but I have this feelings when reading about him.


Its a big soap opera story just like the other reviewer said, but it’s still good in its own ways.

Though it didn’t give me as much extreme feelings like Decade of deep love but it’s still good enough to abuse one’s heart sometimes, just to past free time lol. <<less
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Han Orris
Han Orris rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c39
This is the first time that I write a review here in novel updates.

... more>>

All I can say is the novel itself is really good and it was similar to A Decade of Deep Love which is my cup of tea but always finding myself burst into tears. I find the ending quite satisfying because the MC has grown tired of waiting for his loved ones since he was young until his adulthood and believing that sacrificing can found him, true love. But it was really sad when he finally found the person who can truly love him which is the ML, they found each other when the MC only has half-year/one year left to live. The only thing that I'm not satisfied with is there are no other chapters, I honestly want to read the POV's of the other characters when the MC died (I WANT THEIR REGRETS!), I'm really sad for the ML : (.

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Suliana rated it
July 7, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a great novel. I definitely shed some tears even though some parts are unrealistic. The MC would give up everything he has to love and receive love, but all the mls prioritized their own greed/pride rather than admitting to their feelings for him. Then they expect the MC to wait and turn around after several years for him to love them again?

... more>>

MC loved the 1st ML (his adoptive older brother) for 10 years and waited for him for so long only to be told that he needed to stop dreaming and wake up, when obviously the ML was in love with him, but bc he felt inferior to the MC he acted arrogant and cruel towards him.

MC then studied abroad in England and happened to pick up the 2nd ML off the streets where the ML takes advantage of the mc's kindness and somehow returns to China only to abandon the MC for his s*upid revenge. By this time the MC had cut ties with his family to be with the 2nd ml, but bc the 2nd ML selfishly abandoned him, he was left on the streets.

MC then meets the 3rd ML while he works as a waiter in a club. The 3rd ML was the cruelest, he first treated the MC with care in the beginning, but during those 4 years of the MC hoping to be loved affectionately, he was instead cheated on, mentally abused, and kept as a pet to play with.

Finally the MC, meets the wonderful and kind 4th ml, a doctor. He is the true ml! MC meets him at the hospital where he is diagnosed with cancer and only has about 6 months to a year to live. MC gives up on living. In his entire life he just wanted to have a loving relationship like his parents, but chose all the wrong people to love. The ML saves him from giving up his life and persuades him to get treatment to live longer. MC later finds out the the ML has been on love with him ever since they were children and he cries tears of joy. I only wish there were more fluffy stories of these two.


Read for more details on how the MC throws away the cruel mls and all their crappy regrets. It's a bittersweet revenge-ish. <<less
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Crescent rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Really enjoyed reading this story, there are multiple MLs and I like how the author was able to tie the knot or finish each plot line with each ML. MC is very earnest in his love and approach to the extent that people may deem it 'foolish' or 'naive'. But in a way his love is very pure and he would do everything for the ones he loves, you can't help but feel for him.

He suffers a lot with the other MLs, devoting all his love to them, but due to various reasons, they end up hurting him and leaving him in the dirt. He meets the final true ML at the end and ends up very happy with him while the past MLs pine uselessly after him and tries to win him back. He chooses to stay with the true ML and deals with the past MLs pretty well and basically kills off any hopes of them getting back together which I liked. As mentioned in the tags, there is terminal illness and we don't know if MC recovers from cancer. The last chapter is open-ended where he falls asleep in ML's arms, he could wake up or it could be an implication he passed away. I want to believe in the miracle that they wished for and believe he recovers and ends up with a HE :)

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RickyTracy rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: c39
It's just MC's difficult love life with three scum gong and two men crushing on him. Despite of saying MC is s*upid tho he didn't choose scum men to love but the person whom will love him just MC being unfortunate. One of the review is so harash and it look like totally victim blaming.... more>>

Tho I wish MC can finally be happy with Meng SiQi....... still he can't win his cancer. It broke my heart.

All the thing MC did was gave heart to ppl who gave him heart but he can't just judge that's sincere or not. <<less
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endel rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: c30
I can't stop reading this novel, although reading it makes me angry and sad.

I feel so bad for the main character, he is filled with so much sadness and regret. And his current ML is suffering with him; at least this one seems to be a genuinely good guy, and I hope they find happiness together in the end.

But all the MLs from MCs past are ridiculous and childish, and seem to push all the blame on MC. I honestly get angry every time they act all high and mighty,... more>> not listening to the feelings and opinion of MC and just making decision for him. I really hope that they notice how sh*tty they are acting, but the way the author is writing everything... I wouldn't be surprised if they would believe themselves in the right until the very end. I have no idea how the MC can even put up with them anymore, it's really frustrating haha.

Anyway, if you like feeling melancholic and angry over characters in a novel, this is a read for you :') <<less
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fudanshii18 rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: c31
I don't know how I can describe this novel, but it is definitely not good. I wanted to read this because I want to feel emotional, which I can say the novel was a bit successful. However, it is just too much. Like every character is so plain and boring. Out of all the angst BL Novel I have read, this is the most boring. I just can't finish the novel even though I'm already close to the ending. Giving 2 stars for the effort of the author.
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wired.eye rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: c39
I probably didn't read this novel at the right time, and certainly overrated just because of the MC.

the stories with each ML struck me as quite unrealistic. But anyway, it was the solution found by the author to embody a wife-chasing-crematorium novel.

even so, I cried buckets of tears. The MC's indecision to follow the treatment or not seemed very realistic to me. The decision to go back to chemotherapy and radiotherapy after only a few years is not a simple one. Imo, his death, without pain and without resentment, was... more>> the best end. <<less
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Rlackbabbit rated it
February 3, 2022
Status: c39
Eh, dogblood tragedy.

Pacing is very eh

Cant really connect with the characters. I guess its understandable since it's a short story, relative to how many characters there are. Would've been much better to cut a few and focus extrascenes onhe remaining ones. None of the characters were really likeable, again, from screentimes being divided between so many ML's. None of the characters have been developed enough.

Main Theme is Tragedy not romance. This isn't a bad thing.
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yaoi.danmei.bl rated it
May 18, 2021
Status: --
Everyone is saying that they feel bad for the main character but tbh, there's nothing to feel bad about. He was the one who loved the other person, just because he loves him doesn't mean the other person have to love him back. The other person is a scum as well but that doesn't make the MC any better. Also, although I've just started, 3/4 of the novel is just him criticizing himself and feeling bad for himself. At this point, I actually find him annoying. Even when he KNOWS... more>> the other person doesn't love him, he still says he wanted to live the rest of his life for him, other people might find him pitful and feel bad for him but I just find him s*upid. Really s*upid. Live the rest of your life for yourself idiot. <<less
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Sporadic Mentality
Sporadic Mentality rated it
October 22, 2020
Status: Completed
After reading this, I find it similar to A Decade of Deep Love in terms of MC having a terminal illness, tragic plot, etc. Well, I would say similar to a certain extent as there are differences such as having 5 ML and the MC being determined to break his ties with his past lovers. In terms of the plot, it is fast-paced and simple to read. However, the short numbers of chapters did not really help in developing the characters as a whole. As we could only view the... more>> MLs from the MC's eyes, the characters introduced seemed to only skim the surface. Some of the characters are also only in contact with the MC briefly and sometimes I find it lacking dimension. Overall, I would say that this story is ok if you are just looking for something quick and sad.

Summary: sad + concise and quick read + 5MLs with dying MC + characters lacking dimension <<less
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Preet rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: --
I gave it 3.5 star, site won't let me fix it. Its a short story, and sad one at that. Our MC loved to much and but never got that love in return. Only later on does the people he loved and gave so much for, realize that they want him by their side but little to late for that.

At one point MC realizes that thinks could have been very different but past the can't be changed. So all the men who say they love him, can only live with... more>> what they have done. <<less
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qyura rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: c4
Not my cup of tea. I'm only in chapter 4 and I already can't bring myself to keep reading it. Some things were very rushed and therefore were unrealistic and unbelievable. MC's character felt like it was forced, it didn't came as normal. I just can't read this.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
okaykyra rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: Completed
This was so good but a tradegy - I agree with all people below.

I wish you luck reading this!

(First time writing review, Idk what to put but I just know I had to write for this novel)
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J.A.M. rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
What a heart wrenching novel.

This novel is full of misunderstanding and heartache.

The misunderstanding is not irritating to the point that you'll be mad and said "Why are you misunderstanding something like this?!". The misunderstanding is all because of youth love then become big when they grow older.

But what I felt heartache was MC is the one who suffer the most. He was kicked-out, left behind, etc. It was so unfair to him since he didn't do anything wrong. He just love them but they failed to reciprocated his feelings. They... more>> did reciprocate at the end but it was too late. <<less
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December 17, 2021
Status: c1
I truly enjoyed this book.
i’m really angry with the side characters. None of them put the MC first. Its always about their feeling, what they want and what they need.

I’m glad the MC met the ML and able to really enjoy the feeling of being loved.
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darkchocolatesan rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c1
I think it's important going into this novel realizing the importance of the synopsis' last line: "Everyone loves Pei JiYu but it is a pity that he no longer loves anyone."

This novel is really about healing, where the MC goes from feeling numb from the pain of his past regrets and heartbreaks, to gradually letting go and finding a way in which he can live freely and happily. It has a certain similarity to a bildungsroman from the plot and MC development.

There is some romance to aid in this process,... more>> but again the focus is primarily on letting go. It's not focused on revenge, face-slapping, or anything like that, which makes sense because our MC is too tired to waste his energy on these kinds of things.

Overall, I went into this novel in the mood to cry and wouldn't have minded annoying dog-blooded plots that bounce between love and hate without a ton of reason, but I honestly was surprised how human all the characters seemed to me. Of course it's unlikely that in real life it would go down exactly the same way, but it was easy to see how similar a lot of these character dynamics are to real life people.


The characters are idealistic, petulant, numb, disdainful, prideful, and unreasonable in ways that felt pretty realistic to me. There are definitely parts that aren't developed as much, such as why they are in love with Jiyu, but honestly it doesn't really hurt the plot because that isn't the focus. And I'm really impressed that the author managed to create so many scum gong that all felt like pretty separate individuals with their own motivations.


Got my crying session in and also got a pretty good novel. Happy with what I got :). <<less
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