Everyone is Secretly in Love with Me


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Lin Zhizhi, the proud son of a prominent cultivation family, accidentally obtained a system that can check the favorability of others. With a single glance, not only does he discover that his best friend wants to bang him, but the system also tells him he was chosen as its host due to his ultra rare Seductive Physique. Luckily, its powers are latent, but the seal will soon break.

He learns its effects can be suppressed with his own strength, and in order to escape the fate “everybody wants to be my cultivation partner,” Lin Zhizhi will pretend to be an iceberg and endeavor to improve his cultivation!

Passerby coming up to him with a cold face: We just met, can we get to know each other?

Lin Zhizhi glanced up [favoribility 90 and attitude is crush] on his head…

#Ruined my friends! #secretly in love with me, what should I do, anxiously searching online #In this world where everyone’s affection for me is full or almost full, I think my future can only be mu*der or death

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Everybody is Secretly in Love with Me
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Xian-laoshi rated it
August 31, 2020
Status: Completed
Although systems are pretty common in webnovels, this is the first time I encountered one with a genuine, ancient cultivator host.

Looking at the writing, the descriptive and narrative styles, as well as the translation, are great --not too wordy nor dry. Just enough of words to visualize, as other novels tend to be super duper long in describing a single thing.

Most importantly, what caught my attention is the harem tag as it was uncommon in yaoi.

EDIT (09/12/2020) :

About the MLs:

... more>>

Basically, they were just one entity.


Major Spoiler [Read at your own discretion]:

The elements of this story and the premise are, in fact, really interesting. It was just unfortunate and really disappointing that this whole thing is just an..


(Are you really sure you want to proceed?)





I don't know why the author ended it like that.

Basically, that illusory world was created by the ML in order for the stone-hearted MC to learn how to love again.


EDIT [10/26/2020]


According to the spoiler thread, the cultivation world was initially only an illusion

as mentioned. However, the author revised the ending. Based on what I interpreted during my MTL, they are still gods, but the world (lower realm) is real. The events truly happened.


For that, I withdraw my initial judgement on this novel and declare this story as worth reading! Come on, give it a try! <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm always a sucker for a cold MC and a Possessive ML.

Especially when its a cultivation setting.

Our MC, Lin ZhiZhi, angrily flies to his best friends abode after being scolded by his father for being fascinated by a secular woman.

... more>> As a proud son of heaven, how could he swallow this event of his bestfriend's "betrayal". However, on his way to settle the score, a favorability system attached itself to ZhiZhi. Thus starts his journey of trying to protect his chrysanthemum. Lol.

The story was fun. It was interesting to see how our MC had to become cold to suppress his physique and hopefully deter anyone else from falling in love with.

Obviously, that failed because even without his special body type, his face is enough to capture the masses.

In terms of plot, it was interesting, but nothing too heavy. Plus, as I've read similar stories before, so I wasn't too surprised about the big reveal about the ML.

I mainly had fun reading it and I enjoyed all the different "ML's" lmao. My entire feelings for the novel went like this before I knew the truth:

Brain: No! You hate harem! Think logically! You can only choose one!

My heart:... but... but!

Brain:... you're right. ZhiZhi should just gobble them all up! DP, hands, mouth, it'll all be okay!!!

Hehe, aaaaanyways. The story was enjoyable but it's not a big deal if you skip out on reading it. Its more of a past time story if you want some possessive gongs/semes.

Also, considering all the s*xual tension, I was disappointed that the papapa scenes weren't written.

Alas, we can't have everything.

Enjoi and Adieu!

P.s. don't worry its 1v1 HE. <<less
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MaeJinIang rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: c19
As for now..

I really love the novel, I like the MC very much, he isn't a 'damsel in distress' waiting for his knight and shinning armor.

I'm still waiting for update 😭

I refuse to read the mtl

I'll be back once this novel is completed.
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Severe rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I was engrossed in the story till the very last 10 chapters. That because I really hate this ending.

Anyway, the novel is totally worth reading.

Spoilers attention (though if you read this genre a lot, you may already get the ending, like 95% of it)

... more>>

I wish there will be an author who can get her\his balls together and write a clean and proper harem.

Yeah, you guessed it - this is not a harem but 7 personalities merging into one uber-great-god. Goddamn, wanna to throw up a bit. Because I do not understand the logic - is it against some morals to have a harem? But what about completely neglecting 7 individuals, erasing their existence just for a pairing? Yeah, that's TOTALLY ethical.

I mean, this novel has such a potential - cool plot, distinct and interesting characters, emotional love stories - and these all was damped into the tr*sh by the ending. Frustrating af

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June 27, 2022
Status: c51
I won't rate it because it really depends on your preferences.

Dropped it at chapter 51 when I finally remembered that I've read it before, it left no impression whatsoever, that's how mediocre it is.

To put it bluntly, it's very amateurish, a "checklist novel" because you can clearly see that the writer blindly included all novel-writing-tips.

... more>> It has everything, but all of it only in its most basic form.

Characterisation is flat, people have two characteristics and that's it, character development is sudden, no transition at all, worldbuilding basically non-existent, there's a general direction that really only serves as a stage, not a living environment the characters are integrated into.

There's comedy at the start that gets dropped halfway through the story, it's an ancient setting with lots of modern elements like hashtags, slang terms, and so on, it's extremely inconsistent with everything.

The novel lacks depth and soul, it reads like something the writer did solely for the lolz, not like a serious attempt at writing a novel.

Is it bad? Professionally, yes, totally.

BUT, it really depends on what you expect from it and like, I can see that it might be some people's jam, it's easy to read, you don't have to invest anything in it, the shallowness makes it a lazy experience that can be entertaining if you are into that or need a break from serious stories.

Go into it with the mindset that you are about to read crack and you'll be fine, just be aware that there's s*xual harassment/borderline s*xual assault from (one of) the ML that's treated very lightly, I found it really uncomfortable but I'm rather sensible when it comes to that stuff, if you aren't easily bothered by it then give it a try. <<less
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Darkness7913 rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: Completed
The MC acts aloof to avoid exposing his physique, I like how he isn’t a damsel in distress and can actually stand for himself in certain situations...

I like the plot of this novel.. although the ending was ehm.. in any case I preferred the first backstory over the revised one made by the author since the background story of the first made me shed tears... but the new ending was also okay 👌 for me so.. 5 ✨!
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May 17, 2024
Status: Completed
I really regret this story 🥲😭

Really :' ((

To be honest, I'm one of the types of readers who likes the 'excitement' of Harem stories. And I can say that our five Harem members have characters that I really 'like'.. They are possessive, obsessive, crazy, sweet, and sometimes innocent at the same time. Really, they are the 'dark' type that I really like.

but I think the author 'destroyed' our MC's character 😭😭 how to explain it, almost 90% of the story, our MC didn't 'show' the slightest interest in the... more>> ML, as it were?! Sometimes there must be reciprocity in every relationship 😭 I'm even tired, like!!! You don't like anyone? Really?!!

Thank you for the ending and extra story. Really, if it weren't for the ending and extras, I would really 'regret' this story. <<less
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veijun rated it
August 31, 2022
Status: Completed
First up a WARNING:

... more>>

Due to MC's special physique there is slight dubcon so some might be uncomfortable with it but the MLs generally stopped with a no from the MC except when being influenced by his physique


That aside: An enjoyable read! Although I didn't really like some of the MLs (just thought that QF and SY were kinda annoying 😂)

with QF acting like a child which in itself is weird for a love interest and being sticky like clue & with SY manipulating LZZ here and there... although it got better in the second half

I was actually rooting for all the others, especially CL. I couldn't help but like him more and more. But up till the last chapter I still didn't know who MC's gonna end up with since he was always kinda distant to all of them. Even after periods of cohabitating and/or love-making... 👀

The ending was something I really didn't see coming & I'm actually kinda dissatisfied with it. I mean, wow, what a plot twist and a really good idea but must be super confusing for MC and others

I mean, excuse me?? Poor LZZ having to cater to so many people with super unique personalities... I mean, how even?! Could have just gone back to normal or something 🤨 In the end it still kinda ended up as a harem 😮‍💨

Anyhow, all in all I enjoyed the read and hope you do as well. 😉 <<less
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