Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch


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I have a quite unusual hobby, which is visiting antique shops. One day, I got my hand on a suspicious item called 「Instant Love Switch」 at a shop I visit by chance.

Let alone feeling dubious, I totally doubt the effectiveness of the tool, but I still try it anyway. I used it on a random bishoujo on the road and it was surprisingly effective.

From that day on, I will be living an erot*c life with its various girls such as the pure beautiful girl and her friends, the voluptuous neighborhood young wife, and various other women.

I will live this erot*c life.

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Daredemo Kantan! Soku Ochi Suitchi
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04/14/19 LeWd Translation c10
04/07/19 LeWd Translation c9
03/31/19 LeWd Translation c8
03/23/19 LeWd Translation c7
03/16/19 LeWd Translation c6
03/12/19 LeWd Translation c5
03/09/19 LeWd Translation c4
03/04/19 LeWd Translation c3
04/17/18 Mayonaize Shrimp... c2
12/25/17 Mayonaize Shrimp... c1 part2
12/24/17 Mayonaize Shrimp... c1 part1
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December 24, 2017
Status: --
Pure love ero. If you liked Parameter Remote Controller, you'll like this... they're the same kind of smut. There's really not much else to say; it's just a horny guy getting an "Instant Love Switch" and using it on various kinds of women.
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