Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm


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Jiang He might have transmigrated to a world of Qi and martial arts, but the System that he got only provided him with… seeds.
“Hold on, System. Aren’t these just… peas? Not only are they inedible, but I’m supposed to throw them far, far away?”

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Incompetence Hunter
Incompetence Hunter rated it
March 26, 2021
Status: c411
Jiang He walks into a Walmart. The managers all greet him respectfully at the entrance, terrified.

"Lord Jiang He, what may we do for you?"

"I'm here for compensation." Jiang He pointed to an employee, who has turned white in the face. "All I did was kill his wife and kidnap her sons. Yet she was spying on me and even had killing intent toward me. How dare he? I can't sleep at night because of him, scared that he might mu*der me at night."

"Sir, please have mercy. He is just..." A... more>> manager was pleading.

Jiang He harrumphed, and a sword Qi at 20 times the speed of sound instantly penetrated that manager's head.

"Hmmpt! I'm just here to ask for a little compensation. I simply want him dead, and 50 of your stores as compensation for mental stress!" Jiang He felt ridiculous. All he wanted was a bit of compensation. How dare these people be so arrogant.

The Walmart could do nothing but agree to his demands. They killed the employee on the spot, and gave Jiang he his rightful compensation.

Damn, Jiang He thought. I was hoping they'd argue a bit more. Then I could have asked for more compensation.

Jiang He was annoyed as he left the store. Where will he get the 200 spirit meat he wants now?

Hmm. That employee has a father who is a big shot in Cosco. He is definitely going to kill me if I don't kill him. I guess I will have to pay a visit to Cosco and destroy that franchise! Hmmpt. How dare he think about killing me. Does he think I'm easy to bully? <<less
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Gorgeously Large Panda
Gorgeously Large Panda rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: c351
The first 300 or so chapters were good, quirky and funny (minus the maids which are just the MC's glorified s*x dolls). The MC then becomes a thug and literally starts robbing and killing people for no reason. Destroying an entire sect, even people unrelated to his conflict, cutting down and killing anyone who tries to reason with him (e.g. Some elder asks for forgiveness on behalf of their disciple, but the MC just kills the elder and everyone in his sect instead).

Could have been great but suffered from Chinese... more>> novel syndrome. Dropped. <<less
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DaoistHarvey rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: c360
You can choose to read this or not, I don't even think this is a good review lol

At the start, the novel is good (alteast for me) but as the time passed, the mc's id becoming an idiot and also becoming a villain, he killed an entire sect just because he felt that they can be as strong as him (lol). You say that it's not bad right? He was the one that finds fault at them. Well you can say it's justified but for me, it's not (I've read... more>> Mc's destroying sects but I still find him too arrogant). <<less
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TheOnewhoScoursTheNovelList rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: c177
I ain't that really good at describing things over text but IMO this novel is hella good. It starts of with funny scenes where MC would first start to adapt, and one thing I really like about this MC is that he can be kind of dumb and clueless at times and be like Godly the next second.

He can literally farm anything.

... more>>

He got this dog that evolved and is intelligent and when his dog died. He simply planted him and top that with some Mysterious Soil, the doggo evolved and got even stronger and smarter.

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omgitsaray rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: c242
This novel is average at best and I felt like I was losing brain cells from reading it. Translation and editing is decent, and the MC's cheat is pretty overpowered.

Spiritual energy has started to increase on earth a few decades ago and it's getting stronger and stronger. Now, humans are evolving on a daily basis and so are the animals. The current world has a mix of ancient martial arts clans and awakened humans with their superpowers. Our MC has a farm system where whatever he plants, it becomes a... more>> strengthened version of itself. Like cucumbers would become antidotes to poison etc. MC grows very strong very quickly because of this cheat of his. The background of this story has a lot of potential but unfortunately, the author messed up the whole thing. He/she made the MC super ret*rded or maybe autistic in order to put comedy into the story. The problem is the attempt at comedy falls flat on the face, and then breaks the ground and keeps falling into an abyss.

Some reviewers say the MC has low EQ but that's an understatement. It's like the MC would ask a random stranger why are you so ugly? Random stranger gets pissed off and MC is like, I'm just asking why you are so ugly, why you getting angry and want to fight me? You want to hurt me? That's it, I'll have to kill you and your whole family to protect myself.

The novel then repeats itself with s*upid reasons on why MC would go about killing this and that. It was so s*upid that I had to take a break from this novel or else I'd go crazy. In my opinion, you should give the novel a try and see how far you can read without going nuts. <<less
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Valixiant rated it
March 4, 2022
Status: c9
I can't be bothered to give an in-depth review. Novel has a breakneck pace, zero worldbuilding at the start, immediately jumps into the whole novel. Not even ten short chapters have gone by and the main character has encountered someone who was in love with him and she also can read minds. Plot is garbage, if even a village knows about people having superpowers I'm sure people in cities do as well, so why is the government keeping it a secret? It makes no sense. Main character is super unlikeable... more>> as well.

Overall, poor novel, can't be asked to read this anymore. <<less
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Lawl rated it
October 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Meh, not great but it was a decent timewaster.

the MC is unreasonable and the System if far too OP, he never ahs to do anything himself but acts as though he is great. His knowledge ofcultivation is very limited, for example he has an ... more>>

extremely OP array, but knows nothing about arrays themself, same with Pill and Treasure Refinement, because he can write down some bullsh*t and plant it to turn it into an OP technique,


The MC has absolutely no redeeming qualities and would be nothing without the system and his farm, if this system was given to anyon eelse than him the story would be way mmore interesting.

Also I don't understand the transmigration thing since his previus world was the exact same as the world he transmigrated in (both are Earth), could have just made it a reincarnation story or something like that.

Despite all that if you just turn of your brain and read it it can bring you some enjoyment, so it is a decent time waster in my opinion. <<less
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ddesfables rated it
April 10, 2023
Status: c148
MC is a Narcisisyic Sociopath with pretty much zero EQ and completely delusional "high IQ" (meaning his is hella dumb and his plans shouldn't go through in a million years, but plot armor makes it so they work).

There is no worldbuilding, and everything is centered around thr MC getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

And he always wants the most basic, primary-instinct things. More food, more expensive stuff, more (self-asserted) awessomeness, more pleasure.

It was acceptable to read while I kept the illusion that everyone around the MC could see clearly... more>> through his mentaly-handicaped-levels of social inadequacy and inability to understand basic societal concepts, using him as an unstable-but-efficient means of dealing with problems....

But then the author made people actually admire him and look up to him.

Yeah. I can't do it. It's not even "funny bad", it is "neuron-killing" and "common-sense warping" bad. <<less
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cloud28884 rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is actually not too good. The MC is not likeable and just playing around, he doesn't strategize or whatsoever and just punch the enemy after he's got stronger with the system helps. The good thing is that it ended :) and it mainly just to fill your time when you're bored (but better yet to read other..)


  • The system is actually OK and so OP, the leveling system is also good
  • the world building is good, I dont quite understand why the necessity for MC to transmigrate to other world that exactly like earth
  • The ending is quite happy enough, at least not sad

  • MC character is not likeable

    after he's got stronger he just kill whenever he liked, even other human : (

  • the romance is shit
  • the pace the MC leveling up is so exagerated which is sooo fast compare to other and does not make any sense (although the system itself is not make any sense because it's too OP)
  • the system origin is not clarified until the end (maybe this is for season 2 ?)
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Epythymy rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: c510
A hidden? Gem?

Pretty good among average and average amongst good novels.

The main things that make this novel worth reading are as*hole MC with eccentric personality and his quirky cheat.

... more>> Protagonist here is a self-righteous villain who has a very low bottom line. If given a chance he will go and bother people who have offended him when he feels bored. Any excuse will do.

Mc's cheat is a farm. You reap what you sow! Just that you get an improved version of the thing. He can plant basically anything except living organic creatures. Some results are really hilarious.

You don't need to take this story seriously. Other than these things it's your most standard modern-time chinese cultivation novel with usual flaws like racism, nationalism etc.

I will give it 5* cause its current rating is really too low, but objectively it's ~3.7/5. <<less
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Sad Immortal
Sad Immortal rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: c475
"Incompetence Hunter" is completely right about this, but that happen later on in the novel, The start was actually really good, but that end around the part where he kill a king beast. It then went down hill, all because of the MC personality, no matter how the Author sometimes make it sound like he do all that killing for the Hua people it just make it worse.

About the MC IQ, the author sometime make him super smart, sometime make him an arrogant young master. Thing that all people want... more>> to point out is that he is a villain.

Yes, he have to kill other to protect himself when he was weak, but that stop happening and it turn into he wanting to find excuses to rob other, making small problem into big one and just kill everyone who try to reason with him, why? Because he want to rob them why would he talk reason then.

And the talk about him being young, yes the is reasonable but that is what ruining the story, his personality, and we would assume transmigrator to be mature, and not act like an arrogant young master, especially since he was born a farmer.

Two more point I want to make is that

    • The author sometime glorify his Hua too much, At first it just looking down on Japan, that is reasonable, but then around 450ish when the western part was added, the author just plain tr*sh talk them and make all foreign nation a second class country that need Hua support to survive. Glorify Chinese mythology and tr*sh talk Greek mythology. They make Westerner into the typical Chinese villain, no personality at all. Most of the time villain because they think they can talk on equal foot with MC.
    • The author talk about gender equality but make all female character fell for MC, the first 100 chapter was very well written, with actual feeling of each person, then the MC just start to just ignore that and F his maid which he plant to cook for him, then the author just add a harem of planted female partner who just there to serve the MC lust.
I hate the fact that such good beginning was all ruin by the MC personally setting by the author.

Something that a similar novel do that is better then this novel is Cultivation Chat Group, fast growing MC, urban setting, and is the recommended for this novel as well, is that:

  • There are interesting side character and they stay interesting even for almost 1.5k chapter now
  • No excessive killing, make us look forward to when the villain face the MC when he is stronger
  • The MC personality, although not too righteous he is not too ruthless and quite carefree. In fact most people are looking for novel with carefree MC because most novel have the MC pressure for revenge too much. Most long time reader would agree with me.
  • Going for comedy and make that your main goal not a side dish. From the Title of the story we would assume that the MC are less well known but has system cheat, but it turn out to be a one man tyrant who would kill easily and no hesitation.
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April 22, 2021
Status: c406
TL;DR - The MC is basically a more "whimsical" protagonist with lower EQ.

I made this review mainly as a response to the others' description of the MC. At the time I was at ch200~ and braced myself for some kind of 'nonsense' around ch 300~400 since that's where they stopped. Surprisingly (to me at least), the MC isn't as 'bad/evil' as they say.

(Though ch 270 can be a big turnoff but I'd say to ignore it as it seems to be a one-off)

... more>>

He plants a One-Piece character but thankfully the rest of the novel doesn't seem to have anything else similar and the character becomes a side note near immediately


Jiang He is kind of like 'The Gamer' whilst everyone else is cultivating. His farm-cheat ability allows him to strengthen or multiply various items via planting and growing them on his farm. It starts with typical seeds growing into plants that improve one's strength, qi, etc and then turns into growing bullets, missles, cultivational stuff (e.g. medicine, pills, equipment) into multiples or strengthened versions of themselves. He can even plant a self-created fabricated cultivational manual and it grows into an actual and strengthened cultivational manual that he can 'auto-learn' by spending farm points.

As such, while he gains 'knowledge' of cultivation and grows stronger, he doesn't become any wiser or more mature. His seniors barely teach him anything before they are surpassed within days to weeks of farming and he doesn't care to learn about actual cultivation since he can just 'fake it and make it'. His personality is kind of like Kang Woojin from Seoul Station's Necromancer - Wilfully taking things and doing as he wants without caring about other people except his friends, family and home.

While I can understand people not liking him because he isn't your usual kind-hearted protagonist with justifications against bad people, his actions are still reasonable from a certain perspective. Especially when you consider how unreasonable everyone else is, being the 'typical arrogant sect/clan cultivator with centuries of history & heritage and their big daddy elders and masters backing them up'. (So why can't he be just as unreasonable either?)

It is a bit weird though if you consider that he starts at 20+ years old and not a lot of time has passed (ch 400 = less than 6 months) but I guess it's easier to think in terms of 'How immature would normal people act if they were suddenly given superpowers?'.

It's easier to look at the novel in a slightly less serious tone as the story isn't about some protagonist having to struggle and fight against some evil hidden grand scheme plot, but (at least so far), is just a 'huge misunderstanding' of Jiang He just wanting to farm and level up in peace but everyone comes to disturb him whilst being too 'weak'.

Also with regards to him killing people unjustly... it's partially his fault of trying to act arrogant (but the opponent is too weak so a simple slap/punch insta-kills them) and partially their fault (typical cultivator-nonsense of "You insult me? I'll send my elders after you! They were killed by your auto-defenses?! It's war now!") <<less
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gottafly rated it
October 30, 2021
Status: --
Although the idea is novel, the author is still a chinese wannabe writer. When it comes to chinese wannabe writers, they got the cultivation curse and cannot get away from it.

Even when the idea starts out with magic, it somehow ends up with cultivation. This story is another one of those. Heck, if you can plant a made from a toy, why don't you just plant a bunch of awesome figures with powers like Gundam?!?!?

Any case, it started out interesting until the wannabe writer ran out of ideas and words.... more>> Thus, he started to copy ideas, copy and paste, and reiterate bunch of crap later on. Thank goodness this story was only about 600 chapters. Yea, this guy probably couldn't resists writing out pe*verted stuff as well even though at the start he tried so hard to be a good. LOL

If you read the first 100 chapters to relieve boredom, then it's all good. Don't read past that as it gets s*upid and ret*rded later later. <<less
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Thurmac rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: --
I really liked this novel. It's crazy from chapter 1 and runs with it. He has a way overpowered system that is a farm and has an easy time raising his cultivation level. Contrary to what everybody around him thinks, he's not some genius cultivator. He basically cheats his way to new power levels and skills by growing them in his farm. If this stuff happened in a serious novel, you'd probably think the author had ruined it.

The novel and its protagonist never take themselves seriously, so all... more>> the crazy stuff works just fine. This novel lets you have a fun time as he finds crazier and crazier ways to get stronger and deal with his enemies. It's nice to find a well-written story that lets you blow off steam from time to time. <<less
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nirvana971 rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: c600
The novel ended at chapter 600.

The books is quite funny to read, and great way to waste time.

Kinda sad that it ended in such a way, as it seemed to hint higher levels beyond the saint level.

... more>> MC follows the concept of "a body for an eye", focusing on getting rid of current problems that is detrimental to his survival.

The tags related to s*x is fake, it doesn't delve into it after the first time happened. Simply put, a sentence or two, spread out in a couple of chapters, and then focused on the MC being harassed/harassing others back. <<less
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