Every Day, the Marshal is a Love-Struck Fool for Me


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Three years ago, Marshal Heinz Lyons was almost killed during the Century War between the Gars. Unbeknownst to him, he was saved by a young man named Chen Bai.

Completely opposite of the straight-laced Marshal, Chen Bai is from a group of underground assassins. During his mission, once he found out that Heinz had an accident, he used this opportunity to escape from his handlers and save the Marshal at the same time. But, with his high-level ability, Chen Bai erased Heinz’s memory and ran away to create a life for himself.

Three years later, Chen Bai would never guess that one of his subordinates caused an error that turned him into Marshal Heinz’s arranged marriage partner. Returning after three years, the young man dons a fake face and enters the world where Heinz lives as his fiance. Heinz wants to please his little fiance and turns to a book claiming to guarantee a one hundred percent success rate in wooing someone. This causes this big, loved Marshal to become a love-struck fool, always wanting to please his little fiance.

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NotSoProud rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Summary of my thoughts on this story:

  1. The description made me feel like the Marshal being a fool in love will be greatly displayed throughout the story, but it was mostly visible at the beginning; (I guess it was at the very end of the description for a reason;)
  2. The story is mostly about the plot, less about the emotional development (which is not greatly displayed, only slipped in between the plot.)
  3. Chapters were a bit... wobbly? near the end. It felt like there were short parts missing (the author skipped some explanations? ex. MC fighting -> chapter ends, new chap -> suddenly in ML's arms??? last time we saw him on a different planet and on his way to MC's planet. But how he popped up there so suddenly and that he was even heading there is omitted and made me feel like I missed sth;; But maybe it's just because of MTL...
  4. What happened to the girl and the bodyguard? We don't know (0_0) / (Also his old colleagues???)
  5. It felt a little bit rushed near the end, but it was still an ok ending (HE of course :)).
  6. Quite liked MC's mysterious vibes but sometimes felt like he should actually talk with ML more;
It was not the best story I read but still quite interesting. It's actually between 4-5... more>> stars for me (probably closer to 4), but I'll leave it at five cause I don't like giving less than 5 unless I really have a problem with sth, or there is a more glaring problem in the story; So yeah; Give it a try if you like some plot xd But if you need a bomb ending then maybe look 4 sth else; (>_0) / <<less
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shadow1716 rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: --
Really quite boring, with logic thrown out the window. The author is trying to be mysterious about the past but does it to the point that ALOT of what happens makes no sense. Which makes it all irrelevant.
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