Even Though I’m a Former Noble and a Single Mother, My Daughters Are Too Cute and Working as an Adventurer Isn’t Too Much of a Hassle


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The noble class that treats those born with white hair or heterochromia as treacherous snakes, Shirley was born into the family of the most powerful duke in the land adorned with stunning hair the colour of snow, and non-matching red and blue eyes.

Hated by her own family, and having the only man who she ever loved snatched away by a jealous younger sister on her wedding night, she is imprisoned on false charges.

Enduring torture and humiliation, she vowed to take revenge against those who wronged her. But, even though she escaped, in her belly there was the child of her former fiancée.

Even if the man himself is hateful, an unborn child is without sin. After giving birth to healthy twins, she thought to leave them at an orphanage for safekeeping, but…

“Ah, what to do, my daughters are just too cute.”

Shirley was floored by the feelings she held for the two girls she had brought into the world. Choosing motherhood over revenge, she fled the Empire and settled in a remote town in the neighbouring Kingdom. In order to support her children, she found herself entering through the doors of the Adventurers Guild. It would be nice if they could live a nice quiet life out here, where the empire won’t think to look for them…

“Miss Shirley! Calamity-class monsters are appearing in the Kingdom! Can you help us!?”

“I’m very sorry, but I have to decline. I’m helping my daughters with their homework today.”

After ten years, she had somehow become known around the world over as “The Demonic White Sword”.

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Moto Kizoku Reijou de Mikon no Haha Desuga, Musumetachi ga Kawaii Sugite Boukenshagyo mo Ku ni Narimasen
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Hylidahlia rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: --

I had high hopes for this one, and then it ran off the rails.

I liked the premise, and I thought this series had a lot of potential until the author somehow decided it would be cute to publicly humiliate the mother and daughters by forcing them to wear maid costumes against their wills and act in a servile fashion towards the guild members that had always treated Shirley horribly.

News flash, being forced to wear risque outfits that expose your body in front of a bunch of hostile men is a traumatic event, not a cute prank that will improve your community relations. Having your beloved daughters be forced to watch/participate just adds insult to injury. If Shirley was real she would have killed the guild master and/or fled rather than letting that happen. The whole "she got embarrassed and it was cute thing utterly destroys all suspension of disbelief.

Furthermore! The guild master "helped out" a struggling single mother only to turn around and use that obligation to **deceive them in to being trafficked**. That's not a harmless prank. That's not cute. It is sick and appalling, and I'm pissed.

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Eristol rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: --
Hmm? I don't see any R-15 tags? I mean the villainess of this novel that is Shirley's sister is literally a 'whore' in real meaning. I've seen many novels with a white lotus who goes around seducing a bunch of good looking and high status guys while sticking to the foolish prince in the broken engagement trope but this is my first time actually seeing one who actually goes sleeping with all of them even decades after her marriage, that grossed me out truly.

Anyways, the antagonists are twisted and hopelessly... more>> s*upid like most other novels so I don't particularly care about that. I rather like the mother and daughters time together but seriously, I'm a little pissed that Shirley doesn't act her age. After all her struggling and being a mother for 10 years, I had expected her to act a bit mature and calm, but to my chagrin, she is a muscle brain. She like goes "I'm gonna cut em to pieces with my swords' over every single trivial matter. Being a protective mum is fine but acting idiotically like that isn't, I mean even her daughters realize their mum is a gone case in this regards.

Well, an OP adventurer is fine and all but there is nothing interesting in seeing a protagonist who doesn't have to struggle or face any difficulties, the apparent struggles and difficulties of 'gotta return from the quest before dinner to spend more time with my daughters no matter what!' or ''this opponent is difficult then usual well no matter, I have an arsenal of crazy weapons' are totally shallow and superficial and sounds rather lame. What I mean is I find Shirley's life as an adventurer downright bland, no intrigue no interest no nothing, I'd rather read her time with her daughters.

Then comes this. I don't like the 'potential ML' Kyle. Well, even aside the fact that this guy is only 5 years older than her daughters and 15 years younger than herself, it's just that his personality doesn't look desirable for being Shirley's partner. Considering Shirley herself acts mentally immature, this guy is even more immature, I'd rather have someone more mature than Shirley take that role.

Finally, I'm not fond of fan-services, those revealing maid costume instances and getting caught by Kyle while wearing a revealing bikini don't exactly make things look any better? I'm not talking about my taste here, what my point is why should Shirley, who adheres to propriety as a former noble and has her own principles regarding dressing up, has to be forced into this kind of situation by the author just for the sake of fan service, not only it feels unreasonable, her reactions also don't fit the case like some other reviewers mentioned.

Well, given the translation quality is pretty decent, and the beginning premise of the story was unique and interesting compared to other novels, I'll give it a 2 star. I've already read till volume 3 but honestly speaking, only how Shirley became a mother and how she came to accept her new life was worth the read, the plot that starts 10 years after the prologue was bland, not interesting also full of shallow stuff. <<less
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shinidoshi rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c21
If you are worried about the fact that the MC is OP, fret not my friend, because the author had the decency to add balance to meta. For example, the guildmaster has space-time powers and controls 30% of the economy. Meanwhile, the MC is a dual wielding swordswoman who is very hayai and can instantly regenerate to full health. Don't worry about that second part because, if you break her will to live or keep hitting her vitals, she will eventually die.

The MC's personality so far is driven from maternal... more>> instinct. If I had to describe it in two words, she is a "yandere mom". For example, she killed a horde of goblins and a dragon because they stole a present her daughters made. She has bloodlust strong enough to make fully grown muscle men pass out, all because she found out some boys confessed to her daughters.

That being said, she isn't a Mary Sue either. A lot of her motives stem from her desire to raise and protect her daughters. In return this opens up a lot of criticism and diaogue between the MC and the rest of the cast. The guildmaster wants to monopolize her; the background adventurers fear her; and her daughters want to be like her when they grow up, etc.

So far I enjoy this because the author does a good job on the world/lore building department. The fact that there's both relationship and character development equally shared between the cast is the cherry on top.

Overall I rate this: Wholesome out of Fluffy <<less
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bRabbit rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: c8
Good quality translation, but unfortunately the author seems far more interested in writing a story about an [ OP adventurer], and has little interest in the [single mother] and the [cute daughters].

The story has a strong, emotional start to get you invested in the protagonist [Shirley] and her newborn twin daughters... Then a 10 fuxking year timeskip.... okay... maybe it makes up for all the fluff potential it just wasted.. Not really, it’s just Goblin Slayer knockoff. 1 start for the decent opening, and another for translators efforts.
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Silver Reading
Silver Reading rated it
January 2, 2019
Status: c48
I find this story pretty enjoyable. It bugs me when people read only a handful of chapters and comment on the story having lack of progress or whatever they expected. Read through the first volume at least, then share your thoughts. The volumes aren't all that long. Ch48 as of this post and we're getting into volume 3 already.

The MC is a former noble, overpowered, slightly yandere daughter-con. I feel like that's a decent enough description of her.

If I have one complaint it's how big of an idiot the Emperor... more>> is.


So much trouble could have been avoided in the prologue turning point if they brought a Theocracy priest over. You know, those people with a spell that can detect lies? That are in residence of pretty much every town/city with an adventurers guild? They are the ones that determine if a request was properly completed by a guild party, so it's not like grabbing one of them for a national level issue is hard..

21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Algoz rated it
November 24, 2018
Status: c17
I had high expectations for this one. Unfortunately, the author just decide to make the MC more and more OP, and to try and create drama, he keeps throwing more and more powerful enemies so that his MC can kill them easily with another power.

seriously, how much different powers does she has?

... more>>

eternally young, immortal (as long she doesn't have head injuries), super strong, unlimited blade works (she has something that sounds a lot like archer and shirou's tracing and unlimited blade works), mystic eyes of death perception (this one is so bad, when I read the translation, I almost thought the translator simply mixed a phrase from a nasu book accidentaly).

all the enemies she defeated until chapter 17 are monsters like dragons or dragons that have an immortality similar to the MC that other people either would die immediately, or need an immense party of powerful adventurers to even try and kill, and she kills effortlesly. And what is the new enemy she needs to defeat? Dragon kings. Because the other monsters were just "scouts"


this is just another power fantasy trying to mascarade as a slice of life.

the only thing I feel bad is for the translator, since his translation is really good, but unfortunately, the story doesn't even come close to being good. <<less
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Lanboy rated it
December 5, 2018
Status: c28
To start with, the translation is very good. The story (minus the weird maid filler) is very good as the MC at first was driven to ruin and became obsessed with revenge and moved accordingly. Then the her pregnancy and child birth made her question what's more important to her: revenge or the unborn child. The mother's thoughts take a disturbing turn with her thinking of aborting her kids (via knife). And she decides to protect the innocent lives of her unborn children over her revenge. Why would I talk... more>> about this? It shows the author's great ability. The author's worldbuilding and character design is also very impressive. Hence I give it a five star (minus the weird maid scene, with the weird witch creating it)

Welp I have read what's to come for this story and honestly it's the same stuff and it's bland mombo jumbo just like the stuff after the prologe. I was really hoping the author would return to the style and story telling of the prologe but it wont (which kinda sucks) <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
March 30, 2019
Status: c9
I am being honest when I say that I am a bit sad with how this novel turned out. I love the idea, A mother hated and exiled out of her country, Her Fiance hates her and tortures her. Then having to live while taking care of two children with their father being your Ex-Fiance. It sounds like the start to an awesome story, right?

Well, it is a pretty good start of the story. I find it interesting seeing the MC's childhood and the hate and disdain they were shown... more>> by their own family. But the issue is that this ended way too fast and we are immediately getting time jumps with the Mother now being accused by her fiance of being disloyal and being a scummy person. Then she's being tortured into getting a false accusation. The issue here is that the King and Queen are said to love/Like the MC. So they are perfectly fine letting this happen. I do kind of wish we got two or three more chapters of this though. It was a nice build up that ended really soon.

Then we get some scenes after the torture arc of the story and then we get a sudden time jump of 10-Years. I really am not a fan of this. I was and would've loved seeing the mother travel, Find a place to live, Have the kids then raise them. But now we already have the MC being an established OP Adventurer and the two kids have really basic and one-note personalities. One girl is a more serious girl that doesn't act her age and the other girl is more of a laid back character. Kind of cliche but not the biggest deal.

I am now gonna tell the two biggest issues for me and what resulted in me dropped this story sadly.

The first one being the really bad Guild system. There are so many issues with their system that it's a wonder it even works. Things like for some reason the Countries allow them to exist even though they go against a countries law. Why doesn't the country make their own guild system so they can still enforce these laws I really don't know. But then there is the fact that if you are a rank A or S class adventurer then you basically give up your freedom as the guild can declare an emergency for anything and you HAVE to respond for some dumb reason. They even bring up the fact that so many adventurers that are really OP but are stuck at Rank B because they want to keep their freedom. I can't see any reason why they would have a system to discourage people from ranking up. They don't even say what benefits exist besides a nameplate color change. All this and it doesn't even include all the scummy and annoying things they do and also did to the MC.

Now we have what I would say is probably the most annoying part. Anyone that has read this will probably know what I am talking about. I am of course talking about Kyle. I... Why? This is one of those stories where they decide to add a thing/person into the story that tends to be pointless and ruins the atmosphere of the story and in the result tends to ruin the story. Not even kidding when I say that Kyle might be one of the most pointless characters I've come across in these stories. He has a bear bones personality and comes across as nothing more then a horny teen that is obsessed with the MC. And, Yes, The story suggests at a romance between this 15-Year-old annoying boy and the 30-Year-Old Mother. Kyle is just not likable. The story insists on having entire chapters dedicated to him but it's boring. I don't feel like I can properly explain why wetting himself Kyle is a bad character and ruins the story for me really.

It's just a disappointment really. The Mother and Daughter relationship feels really shallow and we don't get much time just being a family. The two daughters I kid you not, They're barely in this. Whenever they are it's just the Mother talking about them. It doesn't feel nice and cozy watching this family together but feels more like side characters appearing every now and then to get the plot going.

Sad to drop this but what can you do? I probably would've given this a 2.5 - 3.4 <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: c8
Its a japanese novel, so I was expecting some level of ignorance and lets-all-be-friends, but I am impressed by the sheer s*upidity of this one. The MC gets betrayed, tortured and possibly r*ped in prison, but because she is pregnant she just lets go of her grudges and moves on - for me, this paints the picture of an utterly mindless, hormone-driven zombie. Furthermore she doesnt utilize her OP powers to secure a stable live for her family ("her one and all") but instead stays in the same adventurer's inn... more>> for 10 years - a place filled with strange, rough and dangerous men. Truly the perfect place to safely let ones kids stay when one has to fulfill their 9-to-6 obligations. If this wasnt enough brainlessness, the author tries to paint the MC as someone who would let the kingdom fall to stay with their kids, but every choice the MC makes is the complete opposite of this. I dropped this novel faster than I could drop an ugly baby. <<less
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Alice Slaughterdoll
Alice Slaughterdoll rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c42
I think this story is good. At first MC is filled hatred and only thinking about revenge, but after she think about future of her child in her womb she chose to prioritize her child future.

I think story get better as more time passed.

Some people say this tip off goblin slayer, but it only beginning. And her power is similar to another novel, do some don't like it.

... more>> But, it really a problem? This is story focused in how MC raised and protect her daughter.

And people who only say mislead thing only see surface of story and not really read it.

I know people have different taste, but please don't say bad thing just because you don't like it.

Because there some people who read novel after seeing review, like me in past.

Anyway this story already good, if someone who like fluffy story I think you like it.

And sorry halfway became my rambling. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
redheadtn rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: c10
I'll agree with the others in that this feels like a bait and switch. Instead of being a family story with adventuring interrupting, it's the other way around. Also, the blatant rip-off of goblin slayer from 3-6 or so is pretty obvious.

It's probably a bit too early to call it, but I don't feel like reading another OP adventures story. I'd feel better judging it at the end of vol 1, but I really can't be bothered.

Edit: Read Hylidahlia's review. I was entirely right in that it's just your typical... more>> not actually strong OP character who gets played by the guildmaster and doesn't actually amount to anything. Feel entirely justified in dropping it early now. <<less
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December 3, 2018
Status: c23
It's pretty good. Author overdid it with making protagonist a special snowflake, but otherwise it's a nice, easy to read novel about OP adventurer's life with a few sub plots.

I've read through some of the negative comments and the common thing among them is they expected it to be a fluffy slice of life kind of novel and present it as a fault. I for one hate slice of life, so good thing it isn't.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shiraori_ rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: c20
Contrary to what you might assume by seeing the title and how little imagination or thought was put into it, the author certainly puts more effort into world-building and details that you might think. It's not ground-breaking stuff or amazing or anything, but it certainly hits the baseline for what you'd expect out of a novel. Skill explanations and fight descriptions don't drag on excessively long and are coherent and world-building is sufficient. The translation for the novel is good as well, so that definitely goes a long way towards... more>> making the reading experience actually tolerable.

There seems to be a sort of sub-plot featuring a young adventurer that the protagonist saves who goes through his own positive development, along with some other inexperienced adventurers. It's a nice contrast to have in case it gets tiring or starts suffering the Tensei Slime effect where everyone starts getting so high on the power scale and it keeps escalating that fights later on barely resemble what was present early on, where action and combat was more grounded instead of incomprehensible. There is a nice portion pretty early on wherein the adventurer that Shirley saves takes on a subjugation mission alone (while very clearly having PTSD over the situation) and it was just a really nice segment in general that fleshed out what people lower on the power scale tackling less dangerous situations is like. Moreover, there's character development! Wow, character development exists for once! Incredible!

The monsters and creatures that exist in the world consist of common fantasy fare like goblins and dragons as well as other unique creatures that have their own behaviors and habits that adventurers take advantage of to come out on top. It avoids boring descriptions and fights like "I moved forward and slashed the enemy and then dodged and then attacked again and then they died" or unimaginative shit. More focus on stuff like "in this cave, if I use a strong light source I'll be noticed more easily, and by being attentive you can discern the location of enemies around the corners through shadows on the wall, I should take out/isolate the mage/healer first" etc. Etc, stuff like that, at least when it comes to stuff lower on the power scale. Ignore the guy below saying it's a rip-off of Goblin Slayer just because the adventurer at the beginning goes through a similar situation. Slaying goblins isn't the only thing low-ranked adventurers do and there's potential for future encounters to be interesting, but I suppose you could take the route he did and read 8 chapters before prematurely declaring it a rip-off.

Overall the story is more about the adventuring side of the synopsis rather than wholesome mother-doting-on-daughters slice of life stuff. That kind of stuff is still there, but not as much as it could be. I imagine there'll be more of it to come sooner or later. This story does feature an overpowered protagonist but the daughtercon shtick (at least so far, to me,) hasn't been tired to death and the author doesn't neglect to shine a spotlight on some more grounded combat and adventures. It's a pretty solid read so far and there are still some solid hooks like, as far as I know, almost nobody in her former kingdom really being aware of where Shirley is or what she's doing, so I'm looking forward to her meeting some of the people from her former life as a noble. <<less
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dajorobda1st rated it
January 31, 2019
Status: c68
This story contains Gore, sexual content that are not suited for younger audience viewers discretion is advised.

After starting to read the novel from start to the current completion I can easily say this novel surprise me if you are expecting a 100% story about a mom and her daughters you might be disappointed (but that's still in there). The first 20 chapters I found the hardest to complete but after getting past that, the story seem to get better there were things like mistranslation involving characters age and details... more>> on events that not knowing aggravates you because it makes it seem more sudden and out of nowhere then I think it should be that completely ruined an infuriated the me. After that the story was more well translated and consistent and I realize what kind of story this was which I won't talk about here but I do encourage you to read this if you can get pass the first 20 chapters you will enjoy this if it is for you. (And there are heartwarming things sprinkled throughout there are problems but most of them are in the first 20 and they get cleared up later on.) <<less
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Snowman256 rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: c60
This is a pretty fun novel, overall. It has a nice twist that a "fake villainess" noble woman gets betrayed before settling in a remote village raising two daughters, and the first three volumes do a good job of expanding on that plot. The plot is linear and characters are pretty one-dimensional, but to be honest nobody was expecting great character development and moving dramas given the plot description. It's a fun novel for time filling, and it does a better job IMO of conveying a realistic "daughterly" cuteness than... more>> other similar works.

That said, I do have my own grievances with this novel, which is why I docked a star. I have no idea what the author was trying to achieve with the "male lead" Kyle. Maybe I'm just internally biased against age-gap couples, but when a guy who's barely a teen tries to romance a woman in her thirties raising two daughters I honestly can't really support him. If the author made him 25-35 years old, and rather than a newbie adventurer a more grizzled adventurer who was trying to settle down and found solace in looking after the daughters I'd totally love to support a slow mid-age romance. But with Kyle as barely a teenage, he and the FL are just at two very different life stages, and many of the "romance" events feel forced.


At the end of volume 2, Kyle punches the prince (now king) who betrayed the FL. There were a half dozen people who also wanted to punch the prince, but they were held back by their own comrades in order to prevent an international controversy. Why wasn't Kyle restrained by his comrades? Because he was supposed to be kinda mature for his age. Turns out that he wasn't really, so he got a free "romance" event that (a) half a dozen other people were physically restrained from doing before him and (b) at the expense of an international dispute.


Moreover, even though I said earlier that I don't expect too much character from a novel like this, the enemies honestly are kinda poorly put together, and the author doesn't really care about putting together an argument against them because the enemies are just masses of everything you're not supposed to do.


A conversation between the knight commander (a baddie) and the princess' knight (a goodie two shoes) goes like this:

Princess' knight (a natural genius) : "Even though you're the knight commander, you don't train at all! If you had someone who you would dedicate your life to protecting, you'd be stronger!"

Knight commander (someone who originally worked his way up with hard work) : "You're right! I haven't been training at all these past 10 years (and yet I'm still supposedly really strong?) ! But I honestly serve the queen and would lay my life down for her!"

Princess' knight: "So what if you're trying to protect the queen? You're a weakling!"

... which is why I can't help but feel some sympathy for the poor baddie here.

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N0r rated it
June 12, 2019
Status: c72
The plot is interesting but certain parts of the story suffer from cliche or childish writing. The author tries to appeal to a fluff niche, but the sections used to convey fluff are forced. The setting doesn't fit the grittier parts of the story, but those parts are what drive the story for the most part. The story often meanders away from the central plot line, making for a tedious read.

Still, the story is very interesting. If the author focused more on the main plot without the extra filler and... more>> kept toward a more suitable serious setting then this novel would be bumped up to 5 stars. <<less
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Armorpiercer rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: c34
I've waited so long until the trigger!

... more>>



The story is quite cliche and full of fluff, and although seems small and not top-of-the-line story building is not boring

Our mommy---I mean MC is OP (yeah, again with exiled scapegoat become MC and OP) and use her full power to dote on her twin daughter to the point that she kill the dragon in one day for that purpose

The male antag is a$$h%le as always, prideful and foolish. Does his action going to lead his empire into demise?

Character building...... not that we have to built MC's but we still have adventurer's

The story is not good or bad. But I recommend it <<less
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aratacchi rated it
November 24, 2018
Status: c12
This LN seem promising, interesting story from the first chapter. The MC herself has a good personalities which doesn't want to get tied with anything else for the sake of her daughter. MC was a s*upid good girl in the beginning who won't fight back afterall those harrassment and the bad thing that those ppl do to her, but after experienced all those hardships, she's become more mature than before and now she will fight back if someone do s*upid thing to her or her daughter. Moreover she's obtained a... more>> new power which help her to protect her own life and her daughter.

From the prologue only, this LN has a good concept but the more you read the more you'll notice that this LN lack of good plot. Well, since it still a few chapters here, there might be a good plot later and because of that 4 stars for now. <<less
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Davidh2o rated it
November 6, 2018
Status: c9
Just read the the story up to chapter 9 and gotta say it got a lot of rewritten stuff from Goblin slayer in here. It does focus on an over protective (and overpowered) mother and her twins but with some better enemies that still die pretty easy.

Heck some of the characters here as espy of Goblin Slayer's characters but with names and some gender-swapping.

There are some points here and there were it was either mistranslated or the author forgot what was previously written in the same chapter (example: a... more>> character cast as spell for a light source but later it mention he was using a torch instead).

Still a good story so far so 4/5 for now <<less
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Nyamu rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: c118
Minus 1 star for all the sexual harassment. Why only 1 star for that? That's because this is generally a baka-oya (idiot parent) story that has a perverted witch instead of a super-authoritative figure. It's "normal" (considering the s*upid "curse" placed on semi-immortal beings) but doesn't really do much for this series is supposed to be, a "Family story"

The male "lead" is likeable because he is NOT the male lead. He is a guy with a crush and he is not being creepy about it. An absolutely normal occurrence... more>> which gives more "life" to the fluff.

The OP MC is OP and the battles are quick. If you are looking for Shounen Jump stuff, you won't find it here.

The plot? Its about a single mother trying to raise her daughters. Naturally, it would have to touch all the boring stuff people take for granted like Exams, Sports Meet, Child's Ambition and all the more interesting stuff you'd expect from shitty in laws. Basically, these aren't "side plots". They are the main thing.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a revenge story, walk away. This isn't it.

TLDR statement: This is a decently good series for what it's selling itself to be. Ask your preferences. <<less
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