Even Posing as a Hero is Easy–Why? Cause I’m a God–


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One of the 8 million gods, Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto failed at gaining believers in Japan.

He got thrown off to another world when he was going back to Heaven in disappointment.

That other world, Alexsild, had been mostly seized by the demon king.

Mysteriously, Keika who should have been invisible to other people could be seen normally like a normal human.

And then, a princess knight told him that he could ascend to Godhood if he piled up achievements as a hero.

Keika decided to defeat the demon king and become a God in that world.

By the way, unlike other people, Keika can see the ability values of people.

He can also see Skill Tree.

Why? Cause he’s a God.

The travel journal of God Keika as a hero begins–

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai–Riyuu? Ore ga Kami dakara–
勇者のふりも楽じゃない――理由? 俺が神だから――
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14 Reviews

Nov 30, 2016
Status: Completed
Similar feels to Death March. Lolis, OP MC, adventures (not cooking). But this one with actual romances (albeit only fulfilled on the latter half) No billions skills like Sugar so the chuuni factor is reduced (is that a good thing?) But there's oyakodon goin' for ye, which is nice~

Oh btw, the "hell" in this novel is sooo terrifying~~~
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Feb 09, 2017
Status: c21
Your typical power fantasy Isekai story. From reading the synopsis you can more or less guess how things usually go down: the protagonist is overpowered and can basically have the ability to do anything if the plot demands it. "Why? Because he's a god--" is an explanation used a lot and I know it's supposed to be a joke but it's not funny. Merely pointing out that something that shouldn't be, is, doesn't excuse its lack of a reason to exist. There's no sense of tension either because of how... more>> astronomically powerful the main character is and it's not even done in an entertaining or unique way.

None of the characters have any depth or individuality to speak of. The main girl, Celica, has basically done nothing but fawn over the protagonist and constantly get saved by him. Villains are one-dimensional. They have no names and backstories, exist solely as obstacles for the hero to overcome and come out on top on. You can find them in any other by-the-numbers story. Common plot threads you see in Isekai are there, like the bandits in a bar making a scene so our righteous protagonist can solve the problem and come out a hero. People will cheer and praise the protagonist in the cringiest way. Reminds me of those stories of things that totally happened where people call out a racist on a bus and the everyone in the bus stands up and cheers while the racist guy who was ugly by the way, walks out in shame and the storyteller gets showered in p**sy. That kind of thing. It's supposed to make the reader feel amazing but it's just so f*cking cringe especially in the one of the most recent chapters.

The protagonist is a god that has a long history of doing god-things yet acts like and seems to ever only reference Otaku culture like games and manga. Makes you wonder what type of audience this is aimed at, huh? This all probably sounds familiar doesn't it?

There's nothing unique or original here. Just a cut by the numbers power fantasy harem Isekai with an overpowered protagonist. If you're looking for something unique that doesn't tow the line, look elsewhere. If you don't mind cliches or are actually looking for exactly the same thing you've already read before, then go right for it. <<less
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Mar 24, 2018
Status: c-
Okay. So the author overestimated himself/herself and thought they could write a decent OP MC story but quickly realized that he/she was wrong. Now, this could easily be fixed by toning the power down a little but no, plagued by narcissism, the author decided that s/he could find a way to work around it. Hence we have a disappointing story, where the plot elements force the MC to appear not like the god he actually is but like a typical Japanese MC, which the what the author was trying to... more>> avoid, judging by how this started.

Tl;dr : If you came for a well planned, well written story, this is not for you. If you are just tired of the good stuff out there and just want to enjoy a dumb story. Have fun. <<less
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Xiao x2
Xiao x2
Dec 01, 2016
Status: v1c1
The novel looks promising, but somehow there's this feeling that this novel would become like death march who's harem are just there for the slice of life and comedy.
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Jul 03, 2018
Status: c13
Typical Japanese novel should I say.

MC is God (OP acquired), otaku (game element acquired), hypocrite to the core, dense as black hole, yet conscious when he touches opposite s*x.

There are many more efficient ways to deal with the problem, yet he chooses the troublesome way.

... more>> The term God here is also vague, there are true Gods, and there are also many human titled as gods. MC is aiming for the earlier, yet chooses the path for the later.

As for the setting, well, it's simply a fusion of several typical settings plus simple tweaks here and there, so there's nothing worth mentioning here.

As for the plot, I don't know, up to this point it's already irritating enough and I can't bear to read it anymore. <<less
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Jun 25, 2018
Status: c35
If you want plot go somewhere else, if you want s*x go somewhere else, if you want good characters and world building go somewhere else. If you can settle for soso writing and want everything together this might be the story for you.

there is a spot for isekai with casual s*x and light action, interesting world building and actual plot merged together, this webnovel tried to solve this, and thats why its a nice read
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Jan 20, 2017
Status: c13
So far looks pretty promising.

MC failed to gain believers on earth and later was mistransported to another world with a tipical gamelike fantasy setting.

MC as a God is introduced as very OP beyond all mortal. But then the author went full ret*rd by trying his best in making up whatever nonsense to prevent MC from using his OP power.

... more>> e.g:
Walking instead of flying because he wants to chat with his noob companion.

Trying his best to hide his power from public because blablabla.

Trying his best to do things by human rules such as taking exams, making hero license, etc etc. (Seriously, this one is very s*upid if you think logically)

Don't expect a romantic development soon, he doesnt have any romantic feeling to his companions at all.

Well anyway, it's very shallow and light but I still see potential. <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia
May 23, 2020
Status: c4
All story goes with this f*ucking ability theory is so dumb sick
Hundred times stat than average and run like a bi*tch

Don't have any plan & don't know how this world works? Even I can tell this world ruled by demon lord/god
Demon lord probably had light element or they fooled people, tell someone with light element is a sinner. Maybe all the Heroes have light elements so that's why the Hero hasn't appeared in 100 years
Oh God why Japanese people lack common sense

Literally just a bit story with... more>> badass MC with common sense
Even im prefer anti-hero MC than this Fu*cking dumb sick zero common sense

Sorry im in bad mood cus im holding back to read 10 different story with MC lack of common sense
Better re-read Arifureta~ <<less
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May 21, 2018
Status: c90
I was attracted by the summary and premise, but it's not as awesome as expected.

There are not blatant errors, but the writing isn't very good. The characters can't be considered developed. The plot is good, but the writing and characters are lackluster.

The MC doesn't really feel godly beyond having godly powers. The system is interesting, but the numbers are slightly wonky. Also, the MC can be slightly pe*verted at times (not too bad, but slightly annoying for me. I don't like harem members being rubbed in face multiple times).

The harem... more>> members aren't annoying, but the way the author constantly mentions them is.

Interesting plot/premise
Fun System
Not too annoying harem members

Feels flat after a while
OP in a boring way
Harem Members get rubbed in your face

Basically, it's a generic JP story of decent quality. <<less
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Feb 08, 2017
Status: c21
It is your typical Japanese story, God or not, I didn't know Gods also act like an otaku.

So far the story has been stretched out with half of the content of the chapter is them flirting in this common platonic harem route like all other web novels from Japan. The plot barely moves and you get these segmented chapters (part 1, 2, etc.) which make me think why make it longer than necessary when half of the content is unnecessary?

What bugs me about this story is that he does not... more>> make any effort to anything that doesn't have any split in between its legs. The people with "Light" attribute is already a clue that he should at least gather or plan them out but nothing is yet happening. He even ignores that one person who has that attribute be imprisoned and implied to be executed because it's a he, let's be honest here if it were a woman we would get another chapter for its background then another for its POV and another for... hey wait a minute.

Overall I would rate this somewhat ok, I will wait and see how the main character goes about. This really feels another Death march in the making which I really hope doesn't happen but its very close. <<less
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Sep 12, 2017
Status: c32
The story starts kinda interesting as a forgotten japanese got venturing some isekai world. Unfortunately the flow went downhill around chapter 30+ as it becomes more useless fanservices and lack of interesting interaction between the MC and his 'follower'. Possibly because of the author's lack of experience on story telling.

i dont think I'm interested to know much more on what will happen to this type of god. Dropped.
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For Academic Purposes
For Academic
Apr 28, 2017
Status: c33
Typical OP MC with the joke that he's a god so he can do anything.

Nice story but the characters aren't really likable say for the loli and that's just in a small cute animal kind of way. MC is dense as hell, and at first I gave him a pass for it because he's a god so he might not see humans in a romantic interest nor s*xual way, but every freaking chapter he's got to describe how soft or delicate someone's breasts/thighs are. It's inconsistent, and I thought he... more>> was a god and would see humans as humans but no, he didn't save a person who seemed like a nice dude, protagonist characteristics, but I bet he would have if he was a she. (He might rescue him later but I'm not getting my hopes up) That made me dislike the MC even if his interaction with the Naga was refreshing.

Main heroine is bland, all she does is fawn over the MC really, nothing interesting. I would have even welcomed a little yandere and that's saying something.

There was a review comparing it to Death March but between the two just read Death March, it's got more lolis, more harem, MC actually goes to brothels and he's not dense. (He just wants to wait until they're older to make them waifu) <<less
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Oct 16, 2018
Status: c15
Okay before you scream at me for 3 stars I have to explain myself.

First of all I dislike the harem genre, despite its passable plot and character development I can't give it a 4 stars because it's a harem genre, a genre I always avoid reading.

But to those who enjoy the harem genre I would recommend this for reading if you have nothing else to read.
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Feb 05, 2017
Status: v20
Eh, it's okay so far. Unfortunately the main character's personality is a bit boring; he comes across as a very stereotypical protagonist so far (being ignorant about others' feelings towards him, etc.) Also, the side characters are similarly uninteresting, as they lack the ability to be any kind of challenge to the main character or, really, to provide him with much of anything that he needs. Their only real purpose is to show off how strong the MC is, making for a typically shallow and juvenile story.

There's some potential for... more>> brainless entertainment, though, and the world setup of a 'Hero' system set to preserve the status quo is interesting enough to cover the weaknesses of the interpersonal dynamics for now. <<less
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