Evelyn, The Red Moon


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On a red moonlit night,

A maid of a noble family was beaten and abandoned in a dark mountain valley.

The maid desperately prayed to God even at her last breath.

Pleaded for another chance.

To be able to take revenge for her life and unjustified death.

Her desperate prayers came true. She was reincarnated with all the memories of her past life.

The child, who had no name, and was called ‘Red moon’ by others, received the name ‘Evelyn’ when she’s 5 years old.

Evelyn, who grew up to be a beautiful woman, and approached Theodore to fulfill her stepmother Rasmania’s orders to seduce the Crown Prince.

Evelyn and Theodore united for their own benefits, and this way Evelyn has started getting her revenge step by step.

Evelyn and Theodore, tried using each other, but got attracted to one another.

Sweet and hot love!

And revenge thoroughly!

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붉은 달의 에블린
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