Eternal Night


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“Welcome to a world of endless warfare.

“You’re a blade. It’s your destiny to kill and conquer for God.

“You must win every battle. Regardless of whether you’re a defender or trailblazer; whether you’re an impassive weapon or impassioned ammunition; whether your identity is a commander, soldier, or prisoner.

“Remember that your merit is his merit, and your glory is his glory.

“Victory or defeat, fresh flowers or a tombstone, you only have one end.

“Walk through that door, and you are war incarnate.”

“No.” He said, “I am victory.”

He stood before the door. “One last question.”

“Please, ask.”

“How will he reward me?”


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Fang Jian Bei
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dissociated rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: c159
MTLed this until chapter 159 (it's still ongoing) and really liked it.

The title from MTL is Obelisk, but Eternal Night fits it too since most of the novel takes place during the time he stepped past the gate.

If you've read novels under the "infinite" genre, this novel has a lot of similarities like fulfilling a set goal or some tasks for the protagonist to completely deconstruct the world. The first few chapters are just an introduction so it might get confusing, but I hope you stick around for at least the start of the first trip into the gate. It is an interesting take, especially since these novel types (infinite) rarely go into such an area.


Our protagonist's first arc in the gate is basically in a dimension with a Holocaust-esque concentration camp with folds of time (night is a different "time" from day and shows the direct results of the protag's plan). He is a prisoner and has to find a way to rescue all prisoners and flee to the neighbouring countries. His powers are limited to human physical limits so he has to use tactics such as becoming the pseudo group leader of the prisoners, pressuring the guards til they respect him, and coordinating a breakout plan with other inmates.

The shou is a visiting officer from headquarters, but since his real identity is more mysterious, he is "cold" to the protagonist but he eventually assists the gong in escaping.

This arc felt very stifling as the depressed atmosphere from the subhuman treatment given to the prisoners is just a reflection of what happened before during the Holocaust. Major props to the author as I decided to follow the novel because of the strong atmosphere.

Dont worry, this is only the first arc, the next arcs are nowhere near as depressing and are more lighthearted since the shou and gong get closer over time.


Another thing to note is that this protagonist is the gong/top/seme. His personality starts off cold, then warms up over the times he is with the shou. The little glimpses we get of his mental development and thought process as chapters go by is hilarious, since we can see him falling deeper and deeper for the shou and becoming more willing to do things (aka be gentle/enjoy life) with the shou since it makes the shou happy.

The shou is super OP, but has to go through restrictions so he gets debuffed every arc (lethargy, etc). Even so, he is very strong and only shows his weakness to the gong (they have a long history, but gong is sealed and can't fully remember, so he only thinks shou is a familiar character to him).

Overall, great novel and I was very pleased in how their dynamics played out. The side characters are also hilarious and have their own background story (they are also always in shock/gossip mode whenever they see gong act nice or show a gentle expression to the shou). Try the first arc and see if it's your cup of tea. If it's not, then it's okay.
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ApolloAresZues rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: c170
Knowing this was the author for Little Mushroom, I was curious but had low expectations due to the other works I had encountered from them that didnt suit my taste. Some authors only have one really good book in their repetiore and that's ok. I would just keep my hope's low and reread Little Mushroom again. But this book was actually really damn good. The plot, the unique setting, the romance, the set ups. All of it felt fresh, well written, and interesting. I'll explain now.

If you've ever heard of... more>> unlimited flow/world hopping etc then this is basically what this book is plot wise. Except the settings arent randomly chosen by some higher power, they're actual worlds or world fragments that the players need to challenge/understand as to allow their "Eternal God" to take it under its power and bestow order and laws onto it, so that it is no longer in chaos. The players all live in paradise, a place free of all things terrible, they are able to be revived so they dont fear death, and they all (except MC lol) believe in and revere the Eternal God. They all come from different worlds that the Eternal God has taken control of, either by accident or by being taken out by a player that came to their world.

MC is one of those players that was taken out by someone from his world and found himself in paradise. Forgot to say, MC is gong/seme. He is top. So just letting you all know before you read this. Hes been in paradise for a short time, but by the present time he is already a well known name for helping teams successfully doing perfect clearance no deaths (for a fee ofc). Hes cold, doesnt like to explain his plans, doesnt trust others, and doesnt like to be oppressed, which makes him want to leave paradise and escape the Eternal God power. Until then, he accumulates wealth and experience aplenty.

To better explain the worlds they go to, only players of a certain level are able to challenge real worlds, which are beyond the Eternal Gate. Everyone else that are low level can only challenge the tower, which is basically what I would refer to as practice mode for the actually worlds that the Eternal God sets up (aka baby steps). When you reach a certain level I guess, you are then able to challenge outside the Eternal Gate, which has all the real worlds and if you die there, you will not be able to be revived as it is outside the Eternal Gods power.

Now that the explanation is over, back to plot. The story starts right when MC finishes his last practice mode (very brief zombie arc) and reaches the level to challenge outside the Eternal Gate. And this is when things get absurdly good. Man, this arc. This arc right here was too good.

On his first world, he enters a world fragment at war. Hes a lawyer being taken to a concentration camp as a war prisoner. Him and hundreds of other people are loaded onto a train and sent to do labor in the middle of winter. This was really on some Holocaust level terrible. The author completely doesnt hold back on the details, they show the whippings, the power plays, the prisoners fears and hope's, the cruelty of the soldiers, human experimentation, gas chambers. Theres also a hint of time manipulation going on, which seems random but gets explained and just made everything seem crazier and worse. Yall, this author doesnt play!

MC is an ordinary human too, no powers beyond some decent strength and being able to shoot accurately. He doesnt even get a mission. Hes just left to deduce the mission himself. In the end, he breaks out of the camp and frees all the prisoners. But the process to get there, jesus. This was a very cruel arc.

In this arc, we are also introduced to the ML (shou shou shou) who we later learn appears in every world MC goes to. In this world, his role is a visiting higher officer that eventually helps them escape. His character is one that is gentle and calm in the face of everything. In every world, he has some disadvantage (in this one he has lung disease) and the reason for that will be explained later.


I really enjoyed the introduction to the worlds via this arc. It was absolutely amazing, the ominous atmosphere, the sense of doom, the stark cruelty. I was breathless honestly. It might be too much for some people, just because it was so... human. No ghosts or weird mu*derous creatures here. Just humans with guns and whips and cruel intentions. It almost had a psychological vibe to. This author does this genre best I wish she'd stick to it (sigh). Back to the plot.

So the worlds after this are no where near as cruel or violent. But they are still interesting and well written. I'll give some brief descriptions of them;

Arc 2:

A western style arc with a religious cult group that places emphasis on light/darkness. This arc is pretty creepy in that even your shadow can be your enemy. It's kind of a fantasy world (the MC plays a knight, ML is a pope) and has a lot of mystery. I am proud to say I figured it out right before they did so my brain must be good for something.


Arc 3:

This is one that involves magic and technology. They regress in age and end up going to a "magic" academy managed by robots. I liked this arc because it was so unique in setting like imagine a robot teaching humans about itself so that they can maintain it? Alas, this is not as cute as it sounds as it will kill you if you fail to perfectly learn how to work the technology. MC and ML are both students.


Arc 4 (least interesting arc, would be worst if it wasnt for that ROMANTIC DEVELOPMENT) :

This arc probably would be better if the author hadn't wanted to focus on the romance. As a romance lover, I was completely ok with that. This was an omegaverse world but like without heats and stuff. It had to do with energy values and mechas and religions. Alphas have positive energy values, betas are neutral at 0, and omegas have negative values. Alphas and omegas will go crazy by 25 if they dont bond with someone of the same numeric value as them. MC is an alpha heir to the throne with a high value that makes it hard to find an omega. ML is omega in disguise but also a terrorist organization leader out to destroy the Pope (real leader, king is puppet head). I didn't care much for the plot in this one cause romance was developing rapidly due to circumstances (ML was bout to turn 25 and was going through alot of emotional upheaval due to his body that required an alphas help. Yall know what that means.) So in that way it was enjoyable.


Arc 5 is the one I'm currently on:

Think Alice in the Wonderland. To be honest it's really hard to explain it's so chaotic but it's still enjoyable.


Now for the romance. The relationships between MC and ML is interesting in that they obviously have a shared past and we get to know about it very gradually. I could figure out what they were to each other in seconds and probably so can you but it's fun watching the roll out and the flashbacks. As for ML identity, I would spoil it... but I genuinely think that would be no fun. Just read the novel.

I've left it at a 4 because I'm still reading and it's an ongoing novel, plus the 4th arc could've been better. I will change the score later as it develops and it might be a 5 or might stay a 4. We will see. But this is definitely enjoyable. Easy to MTL too. <<less
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Daoist_TeA rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: c15
I want an update sooo bad, even if there's no update, I would like to read the MTL. But the thing is, I can't seem to find the MTL?? 😭 This is the second time this happened to me and I'm so frustrated rn 😭😭😭

I love the story, lubadubalove, I wanna read this until the last page of the book, but I don't know what to do 😭😭 I've been searching for like an hour but I can't find anything useful 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

The story is amazing, MC is cool, not sure... more>> about the ML yet though. But thank you to the one who translated this!! At least now I'm aware of this stunning book and I might (probably) return one day heh 🔥💖🥳😍💖💋🔥💋💕💋 <<less
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Kikiji rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: c13
The writing is top notch, the world building is intricate but not overwhelming, the plot is engaging. What else can I say? It's goddamn good - 5 stars across the board.

The only part that should make anyone hesitant is that so far the first arc has a few... horrifying things in content, committed by the antagonists of that world. So brace yourselves. As only part of the first arc has been translated at this point in time, who knows what the other arcs will hold. But I wouldnt be surprised... more>> if similar content comes up again in future worlds. <<less
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Realvnv rated it
December 5, 2021
Status: c32
Finished the 1st arc and 2 chaps in the 2nd arc... Suddenly I felt my strength leaving me lmao. Dunno man, it feels like sth is missing.

Maybe it's the humor? Yeah yeah, it's probably it, feels so f*cking bland without it. The new rescue MC got at the 1st arc was supposed to fill that aching hole but nah. He's just annoying. MC is also blender than flour, yeah he's super strong and cool and all, BUT WHAT DA POINT IF HE CAN'T MAKE ME CHUCKLE A LIL BIT?

Without humor,... more>> I was just left feeling like a dehydrated fish.

Like, the atmosphere is grim all the time, how did they manage to stay sane without even sum dad jokes?

Maybe jokes are just unfunny to me idk.

Anyways, with MC being bland -and from what we see from ML he doesn't seem that much different- and humor severely lacking, I hereby put this into my "to read or not to read" list.

Up to ch 21, the translation was pretty good btw, like their other translations lol, check 'em out. <<less
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gdbvny rated it
November 1, 2022
Status: --
Can't remember which chapter I've last read, probably around 50. I put aside this book since it's not completed yet, but from what I've read it's very very very well written. The plot is intricate and you can tell the author put a lot of thought in it, the story is something I would happily read even if there was no romance, it's just that good.
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