Eternal Martial Emperor


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The old Martial Emperor revived into the normal world. He practiced by himself, made new friends and tried his best to protect his beloved girl… till regaining his former powers to overthrow the heaven!

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08/06/17 Zenith Novels c8
08/06/17 Zenith Novels c7
08/05/17 Zenith Novels c6
08/05/17 Zenith Novels c5
08/05/17 Zenith Novels c4
08/05/17 Zenith Novels c3
08/05/17 Zenith Novels c2
08/05/17 Zenith Novels c1
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RTS rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: c8
I'll be honest here. It's extremely generic, full of cliches, too predictable, too easy.

If you still want to read this novel, please by all means try.

The MC is quite stupid and I can't believe that he was able survive in that Gods Domain of his (it's name of the world where he used to live in his previous life) and what is even more ridiculous is that he was able to rule over other gods.

So, we a have MC who was betrayed and killed by his lover and so-called... more>> brother because of a treasure.

Then his soul transmigrates into the body of "waste" young master (sounds familiar, doesn't it?). When the MC's soul takes over the young master's body, the first situation he finds himself in is that he is sleeping with the young master's stepmother (who's half naked), but he doesn't get flustered at all and the reason for that is:


[After seeing such a confusing scene, Lin Yun wasn't frightened but immediately calmed down.

Because Lin Yun was the peerless emperor of the God Domain, known as "The Eternal Martial Emperor."]


..... (I choose to dissemble my response.)

Then there's that usual plot where the MC gets framed; beats the hell out of his enemies with a cheat level artifact; everyone's dumfounded by seeing the 'waste' young master easily killing his powerful enemies.

[I don't know why but the author (or maybe the translator) seems to love the word 'however'. He/She uses the word 'however' five to six times in every single chapter. You will know what I mean by this when you read the novel.]

Overall, this novel isn't my cup of tea. <<less
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Yoburi rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: --
Worst novel ever just terrible MC got kill by his wife and best bud because of treasure and all of them were Empeor level or something you would think these people could control there greed heart and the MC would marry someone that loves him when he reach that realm.

Then reincarnates and the mortals around him are just garbage they want to burn him alive after framing him and he is the son of the mayor with cirple cultivation of course and then a bunch of nonsense plot and horrible... more>> characters show up. This novel looks good on the decripiction and thats all stay away from it. <<less
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August 5, 2017
Status: c1
Somehow, I know the protagonist would be reborn into a "waste" before even reading the first chapter. *Sigh*

And then it turns out the protagonist's new identity recently got his engagement with his fiance broken off.
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