Eternal Log


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Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Haru!

As long as I can remember tou-san and kaa-san weren’t around so jii-chan and baa-chan raised me!

And I noticed that I seem to be different from everyone else!

As it is because my future is insecure, for the sake of having a stable income I will try my best to become a great adventurer!

By the way, I’d like to give marriage a shot so let’s say I have marriage aspirations!

Though whether someone will take the me who is different from everyone else…

Ah! Being negative is no good!

Well, even though I’m starting with a minus I’ll try my best!

The current target is the lowest line of the requirements for marriage: stable income!

From here on how will my life turn out? Please watch over me!

….eeeehm “Below is a rough summary of the story” seems like!

Then, my best regards!

Eternal Log

The ancient race’s treasure.

Long ago.

Superior physical strength.

Overwhelming magic power.

Those who carried knowledge of the principles of the world were called the Ancient Race governed the world.

The Ancient Race were said to be the descendants of the God of Creation.

The Ancient Race used their knowledge to invent machines, by means of magic and machines they achieved a never before seen degree of growth such that the people lived without discomfort.

However, the civilization of magic and machine that developed the world suddenly faces its demise.

Sent from the distant past to the future, Haru, whose parents were gone, was raised by his grandparents.

However, Haru noticed that he was slightly different from everyone else.

And so, a certain event envelopes the boundary of the world, and the gears of fate start turning.

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PoshMafia rated it
September 22, 2016
Status: c5
For the sake of being first, I read this, it is pretty bad. OP beta that doesn't have to work for anything in his life, at three years old he decided to train hard? Lolz

Not reincarnation or godly blessings just an absent father, time travel and a book that has everything known to an ancient super race.
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