Eternal Country


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In the early morning of September 23, 2019, a natural disaster arrived. The Dao of Heaven and Earth has changed, the desire of all souls have completely filled up the Heavens.

The Dao of Heaven can no longer bear it. Evil thoughts, good thoughts, obsessions, and desires entangled endlessly, making the Heavens reach its limit, this shift caused an extreme change in the world, making fantasy come to reality.

All worlds fused together, and all things compete for freedom in this cruel new world. This is the beginning of a new era, one filled with destruction and rebirth. This era is called the Eternal Era.

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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
September 28, 2019
Status: c15
Anti-hero it says. No, no... it's instead a novel about Heaven's chosen. A Heaven's chosen will have the laws of the universe bend itself for her/him.

  1. Chinese government somehow authorises tonnes of cold weapon being delivered. Mind you, this is the type of cold weapons which can cut through bone with ease. All delivered to the house of an ordinary family.
  2. The protagonist's abilities are shambolic. Rules are established he can only use the Yin and Yang lock (instant kill for any dark-type creature ability basically) only 2 times a day. A few chapters later, that's thrown out of the window.
  3. I've read around 15 chapters so far, there's already 3 harem candidates, and one of them is his step-sister. I don't mind this much, what I do mind is that the harem from what we've seen so far are useless sheep. They have supposed personality, and skill. But no, it'll never really be of use. Instead the shepherd will just feed the harem his hard-won prize to fatten them up so they could get stronger.
  4. The scale of the apocalypse described is crazy yes, but the author completely forgets technology. Unlike in other apocalypse novels, this one, somehow has functioning technology. Goblins, Direwolfs, Undead, Hades' Crows can only melt in the face of gunfire. Let alone tactical weapons. The security apparatus according to the flimsy system can become Gods in a matter of weeks...
  5. Constant bloody repetition of how much the protagonist wants to save people, because y'know, he's a great, good guy and all.., but he can't because he's powerless. If you're going to be selfish, stop sugarcoating! Is there really a need for repetition of morality in this situation!
  6. The protagonist for reasons unknown has an underground bunker which he has built, with a loyal retinue of security guards. Again, no one knows how, or why. He just does. Mind you, his cheat other than the Yin and Yang eyes is that he went back 3 days in time. Where in all of that does it make sense for an ordinary excorcist to have a basically cult-like following of security guards, and an underground bunker with enough space for 10, 000 people for a year.
I'm only in chapter 15, and there's already so much rubbish. What's worse is that the writing style is plain, sure there's description of long-legs and other features of women at least thrice every chapter. But everything else... more>> about the world, the surroundings is just empty. It's all up the read to imagine. Great writing!

I got scammed by the anti-hero tag. Damn you tag scammers! <<less
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naani rated it
April 9, 2020
Status: c643
Eternal world is fomred from human desires, hopes, dreams intenstions, history (tv series, anime series, past history, . Ancient sects-are locked by heavens at the beginning. Since they are very strong)

At ch643 all characters MC meets are from ancient China (generals, hero ministers, craftsmen).. And he also found one star dragonball.. Maybe in future he may find anime characters..

Similar to lords empire (in regards to different races- orcs ogres humans, wing humans, rat men, scorpio men, total 10, 000 races)

... more>> Magical powers and magical treaseures are unique..I like them.

MC helps for humans (weakest race) to survive

Pace of story is good..u won't feel bored..

For me only downside is that all most all villains are not dead but escape and form schemes later to which MC doesn't care but just keeps solving them.. <<less
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