Eternal Burning


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The human body is a representation of the world, controlled by internal desires. Desire is driven by will. The will communicates desires through the body and governs our world. 

When your world becomes dazzling and shining like never before because of the arrival of a person, you should be alert. That is the collapse of will. 
Shang Muxiao x Bei Jie
Indifferent college student gong x cold and rational associate professor in a wheelchair shou

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Endless Burning
The Fall of Rationalism
Thiêu Bất Tận/Chẳng Cháy Hết
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jiang ying yue
jiang ying yue rated it
April 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Finally got translated!

As Hui NanQue is my favorite author, I am a bit biased when I rate her novels. I've read all of her novels more than once, and while this one isn't my favorite, nevertheless it's still really good! I've actually read this novel 2 times lol. I'm not going to describe a lot since it's been quite awhile since I've read this and my memory is a bit hazy.

Moving on, our MC is a disabled cold and rational professor while the ML is a indifferent, yet quite playful... more>> university student. We are able to witness how both the characters get to grow and how the rocky relationship starts and ends. It's angsty, bittersweet, with hints of fluff. Yes, there are times where the ML will disappoint you and the MC, and it takes quite awhile for the ML to grovel and for the MC to forgive him, but trust me, it's worth it. The love and understanding they show and how they both support each others dreams and aspirations is honestly very sweet. Also dont worry, it's a HE.

Another aspect I love about Hui NanQue's novels is how shs also shares some of the spotlight to the side characters. While I have to admit the side characters in this book aren't my favorite, I still quite like them. There's also a side couple which get some screen time in the extra's as per HNQ usual style lol.

Is this perfect? Again no, but it's really good and not to mention the writing (and translation) is stunning. It's worth to check out 100%, well honestly ALL of Hui NanQue's novels are top tier! <<less
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rimirinrin rated it
August 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Bei Jie (MC) is a wheelchair bound lecturer at a university teaching philosophy. He is known to be strict and never smiles. He seems to be a rather good looking man but people are just afraid of him. As the novel uses a first person's view to tell the story, I can deeply feel his emotions as a disabled person. Can't help but pity and also cry for him. Shang Muxiao (ML) is a son of a famous movie star inheriting his father's striking looks. He attends MC's class in... more>> the university and due to his attendance, MC who originally wanted to give him a chance rather than just flunking him ended up with some misunderstanding with him which kicks start their interaction with each other. I like the 12 years difference between them, MC (32) and ML (20). ML is not a scum and is just another silly kid who does things and don't tell others. He's so hopelessly in love and gentle towards to the MC. At first, I was wondering how would the smut work between a handicapped person and a healthy and strong ML but wow, it is really satisfying. <<less
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FrostyDragon rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Not my favorite HNQ novel, but I did get super emotional over certain parts. The ML is a stubborn idiot who doesn't know how to communicate properly, and his careless attitude does allow the MC to get hurt quite badly. I wouldn't call it a real crematorium novel though, since

... more>>

the ML isn't a scum - one of the extras show that he was attracted to the MC from the first time he saw him, and both him misunderstanding the MC's original intentions and the bet seems to have been just a childish immaturity partly based on his own unconscious wish to get close to the MC. He called off the bet as soon as he realized the MC was a good person and that he himself was seriously interested in dating him. So it's more about the MC discovering the ML's true feelings than the ML having to redeem himself - which he also does.


The MC is a well-developed character. He's paralyzed since he was in a car accident 12 years ago, and has shut himself off from romance and connecting with most people because of that. The ML changes his attitude towards life, but due to the MC's rational nature, which partly comes from his philosophical teachings, partly because he's scared of opening himself up after countless disappointments due to his disability, he struggles a lot with his growing feelings for the ML.

The ML is a cute brat. His family is serious messed up. The love story between the father and his 'wife' in the extras was okay, but due to him being such a terrible dad, I didn't feel much invested in that side-CP. <<less
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Ppkk85 rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: --
Overall a good read. Story started out as teacher and student, but that's actually a very minor part of the storyline.

MC very patience, calm, and logical man. MC wheelchair bound due to a car accident 12 years ago. Even though he tried to be independent and appears not to be bother by other people's judgement of him, he's actually very insecure and lonely. ML reckless, young, and quick tempter. ML traumatized by his mom's su*cide and family issue, his only love and support is from his sister, which he'll do anything to protect. They started their relationship off on the wrong foot mainly because ML was reckless. Then there are part of the story where OMG I just HATE HATE, hate ML with a passion because he was being so petty!!! However, being together they grew stronger as an individual person and as a couple.

It's a short story filled with bitterness, heartache, but most of all sweetness.
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Ariella97 rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: ---
I first listened to the audio drama. The audio drama is still ongoing, so I continued where I left off from the audio drama by reading the back part of the novel.

Great story, but warning: there are characters that deal with mental issues, including the MC. MC had PTSD of ... more>>

a car accident that happened 12 years ago

. I like and dislike the ML, because he can be so sweet and touching, but when he's hurt, he can hurt the MC a lot.

Overall, this story is worth a shot! <<less
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Onelazygirl rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: Completed
I read it a while back but wasn't in the mood of writing a review then suddenly today I remembered this book and wanted to write a review so here it goes

When I was reading the reviews I read someone saying that ML was not a scum but some silly kid

After reading the book I realized he is not a silly kid but a bratty kid

... more>> At the start of the novel he is insufferable. He says such mean things to MC without any god-damned reason

There is one instance MC is driving a car and he stops somewhere or something my memory is a bit blurry and ML says something to MC which equates to him telling MC that he should attach a card to the car so that other people know there is a disabled guy driving and he will drive slowly

His mannner of speech was him completely looking down on MC

Because of this MC one's again gets reminded of his disability. Actually specially at the start of the novel ML never left a chance to remind MC of his disability

There is this instance when ML has to help MC pee (much to MC'S mortification). At that time poor MC literally cried. And after some time in one of their arguments ML threatened MC that he will tell the WHOLE COLLEGE THAT HE HELPED MC PEE

Please ✋✋ he is in know way a silly kid. Whether he will tell everyone or not is different matter but him actually threatening MC with this was so low that anything he did afterwards didn't change image for me

ML might be a good kid in heart but being with him is exhausting

He won't value you much. He would use your disadvantage to his benefit. His words are so freaking mean to MC.

Anyone thinking that being in relationship with a disabled person makes ML an amazing guy or that he respects the MC is wrong

After losing his 'gem' he just wanted another one. Actually MC being disabled was an advantage to him. After all if doesn't want MC can never leave any argument because he will move aside MC's wheelchair so that MC can't leave (yes that did happen)

Actually till the end things got better but I disn't feel that much pity for him

If ML is a bastard whom I want to beat then ML's father is the biggest bastard of the century who according to me doesn't deserve the good ending he got in the novel

Aside from all this, this book is actually freaking addictive and well written <<less
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Rthdnc rated it
March 4, 2024
Status: Completed
I was really looking for an emotional novel with like a mature vibe. One that would hit my core. After looking for so long, at best I tried to read some high ranks on NU (but none interests me, others I already read) I finally found this, and I felt like I was reading bl novel for the first time again. The roller coaster of emotions from simple dislike to giddyness to being in love, the pain, the struggle, that overwhelming feeling. I felt it all again. I believe this... more>> was very well written, just MTL-ed and it was easy to understand. I love all the characters.

Where can I read about fang Qing Niyan & Shang Lu?


PS. But they did the vet dirty... why he has to be like that.

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