Eternal Adventurer


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Life after running away from painful reality.

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Towa no bōken-sha
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aPizza rated it
May 22, 2023
Status: c63
So I wanted to see what's this about with that one sentence description. All I can say is it's aight. Hit or miss really.

Here's the basic summary for anyone wondering what this is about:

... more>>

A student with a hard yet mundane life meets a fortune teller who gives him a special stone. The stone let's him experience another world that's similar to a game when he sleeps. After his normal life is turned upside down, he meets the fortune teller again who tells him he can be in the other world permanently, but he has to start fresh in the other world, losing all his experiences and connections with the people he met when he slept. Then, after he abandons his normal life, he becomes an adventurer in some rural town.


TL;DR a dude goes on a typical becoming an adventurer story in an isekai world. Truthfully, the beginning was really pointless... You could literally have him die by truck-kun and nothing would've changed.

The writing is super light. Nothing fancy, but POV is confusing since it can change each "paragraph." While the writing is super light, the story does get a little dark, but not too heavy (EDIT: okay, maybe a little heavy). Downside is there's no exposition whatsoever so it's up to you to figure out everything else. They never told us MC's experiences with that game he played so he's just OP for no reason. There's also a lack of direction so it's mostly MC reacting to whatevers happening.

Anyways, it's an aight read. A lite MC-is-OP-as-an-adventurer type of story. Can be a little boring if you're expecting a little more substance. If you want some spice to interest you then here's some info regarding the adult tag:


Not really full on h r18 schlurp kinda details, but explicit enough. His first companion is a dwarf loli. She's super thirsty for his d but he's no touch loli biz (I kinda exaggerated it here becuz the simple writing downplays it). She eventually locks themselves inside a shack and confesses with her body. Then seggs till the morning.


Edit: POV is super confusing. It doesn't say who's talking so you have to guess who it is. Also, the pacing is fast. Literally years passed after each major arc. <<less
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May 15, 2023
Status: c13
seems decent, I was shocked it was a Japanese novel, it doesn't have a beta male MC at all. The plot is slow, and there characters are getting developed decently. Worldbuilding is plain. The writing is very simple, and it leaves more to be desired, but its good, To early to tell anything about it, but give it a try.
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AlphaOC rated it
September 3, 2023
Status: c208
The chapters are short and the descriptions are often thin, but it's a surprisingly interesting read. There's mention of dragons and an ancient civilization relatively early that seems like a throw-away and neglected plot point, but it's actually important in ways that don't become clear until later. There's also more to the main character and his previous life than is immediately obvious, with the first sign of that showing up around chapter 81 (keeping in mind the chapters are short).

The story does include some nasty criminal punishments, torture, and s*xual... more>> violence. The MC's relationships with women are questionable at best (but at least they are all consensual and non-violent). I think both of those elements will probably put off some readers. They're not one-off elements but recurring ones, so it's not something easily skipped. I think the story offers some plausible reasons for why the world is that way, but that doesn't make the descriptions any more pleasant to read.

It's a strange novel about a strange world. It has many shortcomings, but so far i've found it interesting enough to keep reading. <<less
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