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He had four disobedient disciples, who now achieved success, won recognition and established their own sects.

The embarrassing thing is that it was him who drove those four out of his sect to make them independent.

But one day he had an incident and lost his cultivation. His life was hanging by a thread. Wandering around, he walked into his third disciple’s territory.

What should I do?

Mountains and seas can be tamed, days and nights can disappear.

Only you, the exceptional you, refuse to give up.


A man blessed with fortune, the best in his generation, had an accident and started anew; broken in body but firm in spirit, he now uses his wisdom to guide his evil disciples back to the right path.

Notes :
The title 参商 (Shēnshāng) has two meanings:
1) Constellations Shen (ch. “Three Stars mansion”, eu. Orion) and Shang (ch. “Heart mansion”, eu. Antares), which never appear at the same time.
2) Two friends/relatives who are separated/estranged and irreconcilable.

Associated Names
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Shen Shang
Tham Thương
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23 Reviews

Jun 15, 2021
Status: Completed
As a fan of slow burn, I love this.

The plot is very engaging. I think I binged this novel without sleep for 2 days and now it borderline feels like a fever dream.

As mentioned in another review, the ML is:


the eldest disciple >;)


梦溪石 is definitely one of my favorite authors and I strongly recommend you give this one a shot!
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This person is dying
This person
Dec 14, 2021
Status: c89
Somehow there are fewer reviews (and readers) than Thousand Autumn, so I'll add one more and edit it as I go.

Firstly, excuse my English. Secondly, this is quite subjective. Thirdly, a bit harmless spoiler.

Plot & Characters

Quick summary:

... more>>

The story starts with the return of Jiufang Changming, the world greatest cultivator (yet also infamous), from dead through the yellow river.

Actually it's not clear whether he's actually dead, it's closer to badly injured (so it's not reincarnation or transmigrated into another body).

At least the world thought he had died for a long time, along with many other great cultivators when they were sealing the demon world boundary together.

The sealing obviously failed, and moreover the world thought that JFCM was the cause of it.

Confused why his shizun suddenly became the traitor, the first disciple, Yan Weishi, who has long lost contact with him, came to the site to investigate it.

The sealing site became a realm of its own and called Nine Layers of Abyss and somehow Yan Weishi became the lord of the ninth layer. He has been safeguarding the place for a long time, and he also sacrificing his memory to guard the place.

Anyway, when JFCM returned from the yellow river, he didn't know all this and only wanted to recuperate his injured body. He first wanted to find his natal sword who hold part of his power.

His search led him back to Nine Layer of Abyss, met his amnesiac first disciple, and discover bit by bit the big conspiracy behind the failure of demon world sealing. In this adventure he is also accompanied by his other disciple's subordinate, a badass but relatabale female demonic cultivator.


So, as expected of the writer of Thousand Autumn, Estranged has huge plot and huge casts.

They also all well writen and fairly interesting.

However, the plot is kinda slow in the beginning,

because the author has to create the groundwork first.

Although JFCM's motive is quite clear since the beginning, I only really get into the story when I discover that there's a big scheme happened (around chapter late 30, and the chapters are quite long.)

Actually this pattern is kinda similar to Thousand Autumn. However, maybe one of the reason why it has so much more readers (before it has donghua) is because Yan Wushi is more interesting than Yun Weishi in this story (I just discovered their name is quite similar, YWS). His dynamic with Shen Qiao is also quicker to get more interesting than Changming and Weishi. So although the plot is too thick sometimes, various type of readers can still continue reading until they became more immersed with the plot too.

Compared to them, maybe Jiufang Changming and Yun Weishi felt a bit ordinary at first, although obviously they aren't flat. It took more time to get to know them, to get into the most interesting part about them.

Here's a bit spoiler about them:

Jiufang Changming


Jiufang Changming is really cool and kinda dandy character imo. He is calm, collected, my-own-pace and quitely-slap-you-in-the-face type of character. He is a fun characters on his own. He is shamaless not for the sake of being shameless, but because other just have too much shame. He is the biggest motivator to continue reading in the initial stage.

For me the most interesting point is that he used to be really cold and strict teacher, but he was still the same unruly man who go against the common beliefs.

He just happen to pick up disciples whenever he changed his life course in the past, so his disciples ended up from being different community and even one of them was mortal and didn't know that his teacher was a cultivator. He only knew that his shifu died of old age.

It's a bit disappointing that throughout the story he constantly spit blood because of his injury, giving him a feeling of damsel-in-distress. But since he's not ashamed of being one, I'm not ashamed either!


Yun Weishi (big spoiler) :


Yun Weishi is the first disciple of Jiufang Changming. He is of orthodox cultivator. When JFCM left the path of orthodox cultivation, their relationship became (drop title) Estranged. Because he couldn't accept part of himself related to his shizun, Yun Weishi split his personality into two: Yun Hai and Yun Weishi. This happen when he stayed in Nine Layer of Abyss. Yun Hai doesn't have any memory of his shizun meanwhile Yun Weishi only remembered that JFCM's death is beneficial for him, so when they meet later he only wanted to kill his shizun (not because hatred).

When JFCM arrived in Nine Layer of Abyss, he first met with Yun Hai who doesn't remember him. Anyway Yun Hai's personality is mischievous, sometimes childish, but still cool and capable. His dynamic with JFCM is not boring, but it's quite generic and not interesting enough to motivate through the initial story.

Only later on, when he finally realized who JFCM is, and started to want to remember, that the story also began to be more exciting.

Compared to Yun Hai, Yun Weishi's character is more generic. At first he is kinda like a mad dog who only care to kill his Shizun, but he slowly has more stable personality. And his longing towards his Shizun made me want to hug him.

Oh and as the ML he appeared quite late too and he kinda come and go compared to story where ML quickly became mainstay.


Anyway the big idea is that Yun Weishi is mostly interesting as characters in relation to JFCM. Actually it's kinda common for a male lead to be like this. Morover


His life itself began with his shizun. I meant his whole purpose of living/existance is his shizun. Initially it wasn't like that though.


Anyway, conclusion: their personality and dynamic at the start might not enough to motivate you through reading if you're not used to cultivation story with heavy plot (on action/adventure) and barrage of casts.

Personal opinion on plot of first book


Actually maybe I just don't like the plot in nine layers of abyss because it felt like they will trapped there forever. The setting suddenly felt so small although the scheme is so big. Fortunately it's only a small part of their journey (which actually span one and half a book volume). It felt like it'll take so long to meet another disciple or characters that aren't destinied to die a canon fodder


But as I said, the story became more interesting after the whole picture revealed and when Yun Weisi becoming a permanent member of MC party guaranteed. Some flashback, characters development, and I got to know more about them.

I also became more interested and sympathize more with other side characters and even passerby. Previously, I have big problem with memorizing names and their background. As expected of Meng Xi Si's world building and foreshadowing. She also like to inroduce names in a (small) list and I wouldn't know which one to remember. So only after thirties chapter or after not many new names introduced, I finally became much more comfortable reading this, not that much afraid of forgetting people. I mean, if I forgot, I expect author to remind me (haha). I also intend to reread this to get a better picture of the plot or just who is who.

I actually recommend this if you don't mind plot-based story and big xianxia setting. I also recommend this if you are patient and can wait, because the story did get much interesting. It's a story that I'll remember for a long time. If you are a writer or want to write, you gotta learn from her plot and characters. I'll definitely use her if I need reference.

Summary (not all, just mention a bit)

    • good plot, maybe a bit too thick for some people
    • random adventure at the start but actually interlinked
    • ML showed up comparatively later
    • big xianxia setting, a lot of names and background
    • great themes/premises, great expectation
    • amazing side characters
    • not just plot-sake antagonists
    • good female character in the MC party
    • master-disciple, what else?
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Mar 09, 2021
Status: c8
the writing and translation is just gorgeous. The premise is interesting too. Really excited for this!!!
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Apr 09, 2021
Status: Completed
I accidentally stumbled upon this novel, and I fall in love with it. I especially love the translator work. It's really good. And the story line is also interesting. It's about the number one person in the cultivation world, and his disciples, and how he slowly regained his honor and prestige and how he slowly fix his relationship with his disciples

This novel has slow building romance. Romance may not be it main focus, but MC and his love interests (or you can say, his future dao companion), has a beautiful... more>> relationship. They balance each other well, devoted with each other, and trust each other more than anything

MC has 4 disciples, and all of them has some problems with his master and their relationship estranged. Slowly, the author will tell us what happened between them, and the reason why the master and disciples relationship was broken

At first, I was mtling it, because I am curious. Who is the love interest of the MC. I thought it is the 3rd disciple, and I think most of the reader will guess that too. Because even after more than 10 chapter, all we meet is his 3rd disciples. But no. He is not

It's the 1st disciples, and that makes it more interesting!!

I actually kind guess it. Because his 3rd disciple always complain about how partial his master toward his 1st disciple. Even the way he give dao name to his disciples is different 😂. And his disciples always complain about how much master love to compare them with the 1st disciple. Even though MC doesn't admit it, but his inner monologue in later chapter, make me think that mc's 3rd disciple jealously definitely not unreasonable 😂


All the cultivation world know that the first disciples swear that he will kill his despicable master who betray his school

Plus, in the early chapter, the 1st disciple and the master has amnesia, so, if you want to see and guess their real relationship, you have to read under the lines

I love how author slowly revealed the truth behind the tragedy in the past. And the ending is also quite satisfactory

If you are tired of reading a usual danmei, then reading this will give you a fresh breath


I love the plot where MC and his disciple travel to the past and future. So interesting

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Mar 17, 2021
Status: c9
The novel is unputdownable!! (Which is to be expected though from such an author). Special thanks to the translator, without whom I could never enjoy this story. The footnotes are really helpful!
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waiting for it to rain
waiting for
Jun 04, 2023
Status: c103
It was good! Until it wasn’t...

Let me elaborate! In the beginning, the premise and introduction of the story was actually quite intriguing - and my expectations were quite high, considering MXS also wrote Thousand Autumns - which is a very coherent and straightforward story. Compared to TA, I feel like Estranged falls a bit short in terms of story cohesion. As I said, the beginning was high quality and straightforward. This “neatness” was upheld til’ the Nine Abyss Arc... that is when things start to get confusing and Oh... more>> My God I wish we had a character list or a short reminder because even though I read this in one go (up to chap 103) there were simply too many sects, clans and characters that even I got confused. (I am quite familiar with CN names so it’s not even because of the cultural differences...) Another thing that irks me is that the story is like 60% MC and 50% other characters POV which is MAD! To be honest, I don’t mind multiple POVs as it gets to explore other characters but it is crazy how Estranged can go like a few chapters and mentioning MC just a few times. And to add to that, although I am not one to easily notice plot holes - I found so many in Estranged. So many questions left unanswered - they were mostly implied, but in a very VERY and I mean VERY subtle way. LIKE WHEN DID MC EVEN RECOVER???

Anyways, I was kind of disappointed and will be dropping the novel - as the story has become too convoluted and incomplete for me. Although I must applaud the translator for their fantastic job (for the awesome TL and the detailed footnotes.) They made the experience less difficult! <<less
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Jul 13, 2022
Status: c104
I gave this a 4 but it's more of a 3.5.

There are already so many reviews of the positive things about this novel so I'll won't repeat those. As for the negatives

1) This is like a carbon copy of A Thousand Autumns but it was far more interesting and well written. The plot is similar and even characters are similar. You have the naive little girl, the aloof ML and the forever wounded MC. If maybe I haven't read ATA first, maybe I wouldn't be so critical of this.

2) The... more>> story constantly repeat things to a point where it was unbearable to read. How many times do you have to write that if it weren't for xxx grass, she would not been xxx.

3) Even after a 100 chapters I do not find ML interesting, he felt so dry. He was constantly playing the broody ML would felt sorry for himself because his shizun doesn't care about him. Like grow up..

4) The MC always injured... like every chapter I'm wondering how he is still standing. I swear to god he 'almost' dies like a 100 times. And why is no one trying to find this guy a healer. Everyone literally pretends he is okay when he isn't—even the ML. <<less
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Mar 29, 2021
Status: c16
I already have some other novels of the author in my reading list but didn't start them yet.

They all have high ratings and most of the reviewers say the same:

"Great story, beautifully written, interesting characters and slow romance."

... more>> I really love cultivation novels and hell yeah I don't mind sweet sweet BL added to it. This is about a master that had such a way of words and handling matters that every single of his 4 disciplines hate him to their cores. (Or do they?)

This begins when the oh so charming - in my opinion at least - master gets "lost", loses his cultivation and some of his memories and notices a lot of time (50years) has passed and everyone thought him dead. End.

Haha, ofc not but not much has happened till now (13 chapters) and I don't want to spoil much other than that the MC is really charming, seems shameless (which I personally love) and has a way with words. It's also shown that even though he lost his cultivation and is working hard to earn it back he still has a way to fight - with his words and wit most of the time.

I really enjoy this novel because its written (and translated & edited thanks guys for your work!) really well and even mundane things are written in a way that you don't want to stop when you start. Also great explanations for the idioms and footnotes. (Your English isn't bad at all :P)

So yeah we have 4 disciplines - most important question is: Who is the ML? Or at least its the question that drives me crazy and unable to sleep at night. Or not. But still I'm very invested and with what I read from her other novels it's probably gonna be the last chapter when we finally achieve divine enlightenment. I'll await it with bated breath.

Till then I guess I'll have to be satisfied with the first one we met. I call him little tsun-tsun inside my head - because that's exactly what he is.

Also our beautiful protagonist seems somewhat changed - what 50 years can do to you haha - and also a bit mellowed so I can't wait how his disciplines act to his "new me" ;)

So TLDR: Interesting story, BL yees, MC is objectively and subjectively the best thing, probably (sadly) no smut

And nvm Chapter 16 in my opinion makes it pretty clear who the ML is.

4, 5 shiny stars <<less
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Sep 16, 2023
Status: Completed
★★★✩✩ [2.5/5 stars]

probably the most inferior among the meng xi shi novels i've ever read, in my opinion. I was excited at first when I saw that it has some time paradox/time travel element because I always loved some good time travel (the danmei titled 'Mist' is a pretty good one, highly recommended), but to be honest, this isn't it. Thought meng xi shi's recipe for her novel is still here, I felt like this was written by other people.

the start was actually good, but the more the story goes... more>> on, the more I detached myself from it. My interest gradually lessen and it's kinda sad since I actually liked the power couple. There's also this random perspective from some minor characters that was very detailed when it doesn't need to be, and that took me out of the story. If I'm being honest, there are a couple of parts that I skipped. Even the climax itself is kinda dull and I was wishing for this novel to end as soon as possible. This ended with so much plotholes and questions left unanswered, I really wasn't satisfied

very disappointed because I assumed that i'll like this as much as meng xi shi's other three novels, or even more, but I didn't. <<less
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Feb 27, 2023
Status: c45
I really wanted to continue reading it but the side char is sometimes very annoying. Specially when she forcefully inserts her between the MC and ml.

Like something could've been a peaceful ML and MC scene but she is always there..

Like halfway through the novel, I had to come back to check the Shounen AI tag because this novel has more of a groundwork for a hetero ship.

I really can't keep reading it.. Specially ... more>>

after she goes into detail how she'd mol*st/feel up/ take advantage of the MC like a voyeur in what could've been a scene where some significant improvement in MC and ML's strained relationship finally takes place. Like here you have ML who hates MC initially trying to help him by applying medicine on his back. But she just had to be there, and go on about her thirsting needs to feel up the MC and what not.

There are multiple ways to include a side char into the story but this wasn't done very well.. <<less
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Oct 01, 2021
Status: 65
I thought the reviews are exaggerating but they're right!!!!!! It's been a while since I read a novel this good. The writing style is fluid and almost poetic without sacrificing personality and humour.
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Sep 20, 2021
Status: --
Just the premise alone makes me like the MC a lot. I can't decide if he's an omnist or an agnostic philosopher. The mystery behind the day of his downfall is interesting, and I like how the author uses references to Daoism and Buddhism (translator does a good job explaining succinctly as well) during battle moves which are from the respective schools of religion/thought.

ML becomes known in chapter 13, seems like a cold guy but not really, and his relationship with the MC turns out sad when you find out... more>> he

became that way cause learned the Heartless Dao following his teacher's last instructions and in doing so, threw away his emotions and memories, except the one about his teacher which gets twisted into the idea that he has to kill him to finally be free of him.


MC's disciples seem like interesting fellows as well, and their given names are hilarious. I didn't check the Chinese original version so I was wondering how Zhou Ke Yi's name was pronounced thinking it was some cool name, until the translator specified it's seriously the 可以 'can do' in Chinese.

Also, Xu jingxian is one of my favourite side characters here. She's one of the rare female characters in BL that are funny and well-written. <<less
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Feb 10, 2023
Status: c15
This novel is so good! So good! So f*cking good I'm surprised I haven't seen people talking about it before! One more chapter I read, the need to run and shout out to everyone just how GOOD this is rise five more levels!!! The writing style is so fine and smooth! The translation is one of best I've ever seen! The translator put notes and explained everything in depth but not excessively, it feels like reading an original work and not a translation at all! And the plot! Oh God... more>> the plot is so engaging and interesting you just can't stop reading!!! The characters are so well portrayed and every aspect is top notch!!! This MC is such a good mind gamer already and I think further chapters are going to portray how much of an worthy Grandmaster he is!! I'm so regretful this novel has nowhere near the recognition it deserves!! It's a f*cking gem!!!

Mini Spoiler

The summary just says it's shizun-disciple relation and our MC is the Shizun. So you'll keep guessing which of his disciples is his ML and
And Damn!! That just made everything waaaaaaayyyyyy better and more exciting!!! 👁️👄👁️ I wish I could let more and more people know about this! It's really so good but has such little reach! I feel frustrated just thinking about it!

Please give it a try if you like cultivation, mystery solving, good and in-depth plot, slow burn, mind game and power couples! This novel is also a Tale of MC regaining his former glory back so I'm expecting lots of face-slaps too! <<less
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Nov 09, 2022
Status: c24
One of the best translations I've ever read. The note help so much.

The story itself is engaging and I like the female characters in it, which is rare for a chinese webnovel, nevermind danmei (since they are not the main characters).

The world building is mysterious and engaging. The plot is interesting.
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Jan 14, 2024
Status: Completed
Actual novel: 3-3.5 stars

+1 extra star because Jinyu's translation is some of the most careful and thoughtful tl work I've seen around. The little asides explaining all the idioms and references (especially in a story with some advanced cultivation concepts) are SO nice. Thank you to Jinyu & team!

As for the actual story: this was overall a fun ride, typical MXS slow burn with lots of jianghu scheming where everyone is trying to out-play each other. It's not a standout like Thousand Autumns, but it is a solid entry.

In my... more>> opinion the first half of the novel is the most fun; it does a great job setting up the world, the characters, and taking you through each cultivation method as you get introduced to each disciple. This is where I SUPER appreciated the detailed translation work, because having fight scenes where people are using three different schools of cultivation AND geomancy AND incantations would have been really challenging to read with a less informed translation.

The pacing in the second half seemed a little rushed to me, especially with the time travel (which was particularly tricky because it would occasionally undo something that had been established before), and time skips within the same scenes. It felt like MXS had a handful of scenes/moments that were very clear to her and was in a hurry to string them together, if that makes sense? I also thought the characters slipped into "tell not show" (instead of "show not tell"), like the MC and ML just suddenly had an innate understanding of each other and no longer needed to actually communicate. The implication with all the time skips was that those conversations WERE happening, just not on-page; MXS likes to keep things behind the curtain so that she can pull out plot twists, which I get, but also like. I'm reading an entire novel about these two people. Please let me see them talk to each other lol.

And as usual I love a whole bunch of side characters and wish we'd gotten to see more of them: Xu Jingxian (my terrible wife), Sun Buku, Linghu You my beloveds. <<less
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Oct 22, 2023
Status: Completed
glad how everything turned out!! I've read many of Meng Xi Shi's novels, and she does not miss!!! I'm especially glad how xu jingxian's life turned out. I would highly recommend reading this novel. The plot was intriguing.
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Sep 11, 2022
Status: c130
3.75 stars!

This is one story that I definitely cannot read if it wasn't translated so many thanks to the translator and the effort in explaining all the terms!

The story definitely had a slow start and like many reviews stated, ML appeared fairly late. The story took a while to really pick up but there's a deep mystery from the very beginning on what happened to MC and his past connections. If there's one thing I didn't like, it'll be the prose and flow of the story. The author used many... more>> idioms and descriptive language that isn't a bad thing but made it just that much harder to read (so again, thank you to the translator!). There were also parts of the story where the story seemed to abruptly flow slower. The pacing just felt a bit choppy at places between each arc. This might be partially due to the amount of people involved because I did not keep up with them. I could barely remember who was who, who was appearing, people splitting up and rejoining.

In terms of character, MC is just the perfect model shizun MC in this typical setting. He is aloof, cold, stern with his disciples, wants their success but more focused on his dao. There's really not much character flaw to him to comment on.

Now for the disciples:


The ML. I know he's also the model ML but I actually liked him. Because he is more flawed in his desires compared to the MC. That, typical again, it becomes a heart obsession. Also, the romance as of c130 is almost non-existence so this is really just a mystery action book.


The rest:

Not much to say about the rest except the 2nd had a falling out with MC, the 4th willingly left to fulfill his goal and the 3rd really hates MC too. In fact, I felt that the most pitiful one was the 3rd. Because MC was so cold to him when he was young in a tough love way that made him go astray. Like that is not the way to communicate with a child. And MC would have had experience with 2 disciples by then so have no idea why he could neglect the 3rd to that point. And all 4 disciples do not train together because they were each under MC when he practiced each dao and left when he pursued the next.


Side character:

I think it's a personal preference but half the time I can't stand XJX. Like I quite liked her at the beginning because of her strong attitude. But when she began the coquettish act of trying to self-insert herself as MC's disciple, it kind of got a little irritating.


At the point I'm reading, most of the big mysteries got solved (unless there's more that I'm unaware of). I'm surprisingly not that into the romance because it's so slow cooking that I'm like the frog being boiled so slowly that I don't even feel it. I did enjoy the mystery and journey and the fact that it's finally a story with 4 disciples but not all of them wanting to salivate over their shizun. <<less
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Jun 28, 2022
Status: undefined
this is my third meng xi shi novel after qianqiu and wushuang. well the plot is good but as is typical for meng xi shi for romance very slow... but actually some things are revealed implicitly like when MC first came back from huangquan he has forgotten everything but the only thing he remembers is ml... maybe this feels a bit sweet... but romance really isn't all there is here. the story focuses more on the plot, even though I want there to be a lot of sweet things from... more>> MC and ML but never mind when it comes to a little sweet thing it still makes me a little happy... especially during pov MC at least it feels sweet, and when MC states the feeling and the promise is also sweet... <<less
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Mar 22, 2022
Status: prologue
This is my 4th MengSiShi novel aftet QianQiu, Wushuang, and Beidou. I like the plot, characters and the relationship. But, I kinda feel disappointed that there wasnt enough content about the main couple relationship.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 18, 2023
Status: Completed
This will not be a long review as several others covered in detail many of the main points. I just wanted to write it to support this great novel. This is yet another exceptional book by Meng Xi Shi. The main and side characters are three-dimensional and so interesting. It is a shame that we do not get more of some of them.

Some reviews tend to compare this novel with Thousand Autumns. I don't think this is a valid comparison in any sense except that both are cultivation novels. And... more>> in both cases we have the main characters experiencing personal growth beyond cultivation.

The romance in this book is strong and moving, however it is not in the foreground as intensely as in other novels of this author and I think this is a point that some readers dislike. A completely different couple dynamic that in the rest of the novels of this author I have read, and this is something I like in her. Comparing Yan Wusi and Yun Weisi is unfair to both of them.

The plot is straightforward enough, however there are many characters that appear and then re-appear at different parts and it requires attention on the part of the reader. So it is important to start reading it with these key points in mind and don't expect a danmei with a plot who is there simply as a backdrop to the romance development.

Many thanks to the excellent translator for making this a wonderful reading experience in english <<less
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