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During the flag-raising ceremony on a Monday, the principal who was speaking on stage suddenly burst into a cloud of blood.

The broadcast continues: “The first level of the escape game begins now.”

The two thousand teachers and students in the school were shocked.

“My name is Jiang Kuo, 20 years old, height 186, weight 150, and Aries. My biggest hobby in my life is sleeping. After meeting you, my biggest hobby is you. Of course, I don’t mind combining the two hobbies.”

“… Scram.”

How could it be a thorn in the eye, you are my sweetheart.

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rest in pieces gpa
rest in pieces gpa rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: Completed
There's an important thing to note if you're thinking about reading this: it says "128 Chapters (Completed) " in the description. It's been marked as complete on jjwxc, but it's actually on hiatus (if I understand correctly). The final chapter is an author's note, saying they plan on doing a re-write and that they've moved to a new account on jjwxc (浮白曲), where they've uploaded a cover and summary for "Escape Game", but no actual chapters. The note says they may upload this next year.

I've rated this four stars because... more>> I enjoyed the initial arcs, but found the later summaries of events and discontinuation disappointing.

First Arc:

The first arc definitely caught my attention and had it almost the entire way through. However, the last few chapters felt rather dragged out. Probably because I didn't really enjoy reading about Situ Yue or Feng Ming (it's been 80 chapters, I don't know if these names are right, I don't feel like checking). The first arc does give us a picture of the protagonist and his personality, although I feel rather mixed about it in retrospect. It does deliver on action and violence.


MC and ML:

It's very instalove. There's more to it than that, but it's my first impression. I'm pretty sure MC and ML were supposed to have met before when they're younger, and they both have a 3 year gap in their memories which is what the reader is supposed to assume when they've met.

Both ML and MC kind of slowly "recognize" each other by instinct during the 2nd arc, as they both know they're missing someone, but have no recollection of that person. ML kind of feels like the typical danmei ML, but where because the MC is OP, the ML must one-up him (ex. MC has battle royale with his high school, ML has battle royale with his entire top-tier university). Characterization wise, it wasn't too much of a problem on the first read through, though upon reflection, I'm not sure. I feel like ML's most memorable trait is his inability to cook, then his ML halo, then maybe how clingy he is to the MC. MC has a similar issue where his most memorable trait to me is being OP.


Final thoughts:

It's an enjoyable read, but I felt that Arc 1 had actual stakes and by the end of Arc 3/4 (probably because the author kind of gave up), it didn't feel as high pressure or intense. The side characters are interesting and hopefully we learn more. The world and the game aren't really explained, as the MC and ML have just left the "novice stage" by the end of the 4th arc, so they've barely scratched the surface.

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KaPi rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c74
This isn't exactly a review, so I'll keep it short:

  1. MC and ML definitely had some kind of past with each other, but it is yet to be revealed
  2. They're both OP
  3. NEVER get attached to any character besides the main CP because they will most likely die within 10 chapters
  4. The arc lengths vary: 1st arc is 42 chps, 4th arc is 10 chps, etc
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Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: c123

I'm loving this so far even though I know I'll be in a world of pain because this story has been discontinued by the author (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

I hope that the translator sticks this masterpiece (≧Д≦)
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1Sami rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: c128
This is a very interesting novel, it's just that a lot of things feel very unexplained so far. We learn fairly early on that the MC has an older brother that he idolizes almost, but even at chapter 128 we don't know anything more about him. ... more>>

And even when the MC wins the game and the other players are erased from existence (which is understandable and a plot used in many similar novels), the MCs brother is erased too! With no explanation! He was possibly one of the characters I was most looking forward to meeting but goodbye to that dream I guess... Another thing, is this an infinite flow? After the MC clears the game and gets his card of clearance, he's told that he gets 3 days of break and no more. So does that mean that every arc is going to last 120+ chapters? Or was the first one just special?

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applebeans rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Thrilling escape from death, draggy romance.

The first arc is definitely great. I especially like that ML is not around, the stakes are very high, we get to see MC in his full glory. Agree with 'rest in pieces gpa's review.

I don't mind the hiatus. I really get that all that brainy stuff exceeds the author's capability and I appreciate that they try to write a closure. The escape game concept, execution, elimination is done very well. The range of settings, villains, and game rules are not casually crafted.... more>> Author go deeper in the setting and makes the games really challenging. The game always feel serious and terrifying. I actually feel several times, MC is going to die now.

The romance is where it falls.


I care more about the players who have died than the main characters...... They meet and instantly ML is ready to give up his life. MC is pretty much the same. From the get go we're hinted something bad happened before, MC's brother helped him go block that memory. MC and ML met during that blank period of time. It's not lack of foreshadowing that makes it feel off, I can't really explain it, maybe it's just not my type? It feels like they keep declaring they love each other, but I just don't feel it??

I know the blocked memory was supposed to answer the Why they insta-love, but they keep being very Romeo and Juliet about it. Several times I want to drop just because I can't handle that kind of prolonged discussion of feelings...


But the game's setting is really fun, I love that part.


Even though everyone aside from the main team yay gay kinda dies.

In arc 2 when ML is introduced, there's a bit of pun I think where ML is number 1 (top) and MC is 0 (bottom). I thought it meant MC is stronger than ML but was disappointed to find he's a Joker.

Arc 1 is very exciting, I was expecting his friends to make it... The author writes death like it's supposed to happen, not like it's already planned. I only thought, 'Oh, now MC didn't have to kill them' after they are dead. I really felt MC's pain, I want him to succeed, I want those friends to live!

From the hospital arc, this novel starts to show its Big Brain element. I gave up thinking and just sat through the ride. Then the manor arc surprised me, I know it's partly to make MC call ML gege 100 times a day but the background story is also very deep. I thought, if only Gu Mo (rely on poverty, spring hotel arc) had someone to avenge her too.

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Nana24 rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: Completed
The translator translated arc 1 into so many parts, I thought that this novel is almost completed so I decided to read it. The latest chp is when MC finished his first game.

There is 3 completed arc, arc 4 and 5 not completed, but the writer did explain the plot. The writer is quite amazing in thinking of such a good plot. Arc 1 is depicting of MC's personality and his actions in completing the game.

-1 ⭐due to not completing Arc 4 &5.

... more>>

Arc 2 are when they finally met! ML is no.1 and MC is no. 0, quite interesting as ML wants to kill him to win the game!

In Arc 3, I find this sentence very funny. 你问我我也说不了啊,我说得了你也听不见啊,你要是能听见还至于问我吗?他们现在真是完美诠释了聋子问话,瞎子回答,哑巴憋屈。(In this case, BBR (白不染) is deaf, XCA (MC: 谢迟安) is blind, JQL (季青临) is mute, so when BBR ask, XCA reply but since BBR cannot hear, so he asks JQL who is mute about what XCA is talking about.) - causing JQL to feel aggrieved since he cannot speaks. (Rubbing salt onto the wound)

P.S: illness is only in Arc 3's game. MC illness is not blindness, it links to his main illness.


Overall, this novel is so good! Sad that there don't have any chapters in her new writer name, 浮白曲. <<less
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xxBlackRabbitxx rated it
January 15, 2021
Status: v4c114
Its really not bad, its engaging and funny. Despite the MC and ML being op, it was done it a way that its not annoying. They get hurt too and stumble on some problems so its not too op. I mtl it all the way to volume 4. Its not hard to read in mtl. Its just sucks that its in hiatus but apparently its gonna be back at 2021
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x._aga rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: --
First of all, I've been seeing this story for a long time now but I just started reading it yesterday and I can't put it down. If you love ‘The Earth Is Online’ you will also gonna love this.

This is my first time writing a review so please bare it with me. The story is good from the introduction of characters, the game and the plot, it's very interesting even though I can't somehow understand how they solve the problem, probably because it wasn't explain clearly or it's my brain.

The... more>> development of the main cp, for me it's not exciting or sweet, it happened to fast, like how they found out that they are each other missing piece you know? But they are still good can pass anyways and the side characters are also interesting. Although it's sad to see a lot of characters being killed but it's very realistic.

I really like the Arc 3? The “blind, deaf and dumb”, they were so funny. 😂😂😂 <<less
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